Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunanda case: Tharoor faces cops, will have to answer over 100 questions

Sunanda case: Tharoor faces cops, will have to answer over 100 questions


    "US worried at make in India rule - Kerry had raised the issue at Vibrant Gujrat Summit" is the Hindu headline. The US administration is irked over the government's clause of mandatory inclusion of India -made PV cells and modules for solar power projects.
    The Hindustan Times in the Bottom spread reports of the Modi government's plan to make Cabinet meetings paperles by moving them to an online portal called     e-Cabinet.
    Sri Lankan election won by the people "not by RAW is another Hindu headline that quotes the country's new foreign minister, as his sharp response to a reuters report that RAW station chief in Colombo had helped the opposition to victory.
    The Indian Express headlines :- " After petrol and diesel, government may deregulate urea-" Imports to be made duty free. Right now urea imports attract five percent customs duty.
    Most papers are agog with the  intimidating security arrangements being made for US President Barack Obama's visit to India.  A seven layer security cover, the US president to use his own vehicle called "The Beast" which will fly the Indian flag, 100 face recognition cameras to be used for the first time are some of the features.
    The Asian Age also reports of Jack Sim founder of World Toilet Organization as saying the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a historic opportunity to create toilets which is the cheapest medicine for many diseases and, that, in Singapore the rank of a toilet cleaner is that of a technician".
    The Hindi newspaper, Amar Ujala talks about a 65 year old Buddist monk carving a 13 kilo meter long road through a snow mountaion.
    Rajasthan Patrika reports of about 11 children getting admitted into Madrasas and 140 Muslim children into RSS run schools in Rampur.
    Finally Here's a good news for people suffering from Haemophilia B. India has approved a medicine RIXUBIS for control and prevention of bleeding in adults- reports the Asian Age.

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