Friday, August 31, 2012

Earphones as bad as noise from jet engines


The meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistan President Zardari on the sidelines of the 16th NAM Summit in Tehran has been prominently reported by most papers of the day. The Asian Age's headline reads, "PM to Zardari : Expedite 26/11 trial".
The Supreme Court has directed Magistrates in the country, to discharge their constitutional duty by providing the accused with a lawyer (if the person is not represented by counsel). A bench of the apex court gave this direction while upholding the death sentence handed out to Ajmal Kasab, the key accused in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack case, reports the Hindu.
In perhaps the first ever mid-air collision between two MI-17 helicopters in India, 9 Indian Air Force personnel were killed in Jamnagar, Gujarat. This story with photographs of burning remains of the choppers, has been carried by almost all papers.
The Hindu reports that Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams and her Japanese colleague on board the International Space Station, on Thursday ventured outside the Lab to perform maintenance tasks of their 'home in orbit'.
Hindustan Times, as also other papers, have noted that help has arrived for Unmukt Chand, Captain of India's world cup winning junior cricket team, who was barred from taking his BA second semester examination because of inadequate attendance. Delhi University Vice Chancellor got a call from the Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal asking him to resolve the matter on priority, say the papers.
And finally, the Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has threatened to disrupt 'Sur-Kshetra' - a TV music show featuring artistes from Pakistan and India. MNS has written to the channel and jury member Asha Bhonsle that they respected art but Pakistan did not reciprocate the sentiment when it summarily banned Salman Khan's "Ek Tha Tiger".
Eating a small bar of chocolate every week can dramatically slash the risk of stroke in men, claims a new study, reports the Times of India.
And finally, here is one warning that you wouldn't want to turn a deaf ear to. New research shows that earphones people use with their personal listening gizmos may result in hearing loss and temporary deafness, reports Mail Today, under the headline, "Earphones as bad as noise from jet engines".

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oops! More than 600 million people in India have no routine access to bathrooms


Sonia tells Congress; Stand Up and Fight


A combative Sonia Gandhi taking the ongoing Coal Block allocation controversy to the Opposition camp, on the 6th day of disruption in Parliament, is highlighted by the Press. 'Sonia tells Congress; Stand Up and Fight', headlines the Asian Age. 'Sonia accuses BJP of Blackmail', writes Hindustan Times. The paper adds, at the Congress Parliamentary Party meeting she said the Opposition attitude of 'our way or no way' makes a mockery of our Constitutional framework.
On the issue of Coal Block Allocation the Times of India, quoting sources reports, the Comptroller and Auditor General is likely to make a strong pitch for scrapping all controversial allocation of coal mines, during its presentation to Parliament's Public Accounts Committee likely next week. Hindustan Times reports that the CAG has hauled up the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation for inefficiencies in developing oil and gas finds and tardy exploration, a charge that the state-run firm said was not reflective of its achievements.
The Hindu reports, Riot-hit Assam, which has slowly been limping back to normalcy, suffered a fresh jolt on Tuesday when one person was killed and 30 injured - with some minority organisations calling for a 12-hour state-wide bandh - to protest the failure of the government in curbing recurring ethnic violence.
'Taking Dowry bigger crime than Giving', writes Hindustan Times. The country's Dowry Laws look set to be overhauled, inviting a jail term of one year for giving dowry and five years for accepting it.
The Asian Age informs us that two important judgements are likely to be pronounced today, the first - to be delivered by the Supreme Court on Ajmal Kasab and whether he deserves death for his crime in the 26/11 Mumbai Terror attacks, and the second by a Special Trial Court on the Naroda Patiya case - the biggest massacre in the post-Godhra riots, in which 97 persons were killed.
And finally, The Indian Express writes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is rumoured to be among to world's wealthiest men & Heads of State - with 4 luxury yachts, 15 helicopters and 20 residences available to him.

Hard working mom


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Land a Dream Job When You Lack Certain Skills

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#coalgate PM attacks CAG, BJP refuses to relent


The Prime Minister's counter-attack on Monday against the charges of 'impropriety' against his government on coal block allocation, is given prominence on the front pages. 'PM slams CAG's coal report, takes full responsibility' is the top headline in the Times of India. 'PM attacks CAG, BJP refuses to relent', headlines the Statesman.
Another important story this morning is of the Supreme Court directing the Government to complete fresh auction of the 122 cancelled 2G Spectrum Licenses, by January 11, 2013.
'Diplomatic victory for Iran', opines the Statesman. The paper writes, 'The Non - Aligned Movement Summit at Iran is the largest international conference being hosted by that country in 33 years, giving Iran an opportunity to showcase their country to the world'.
'Mobile Base station radiation limit will be cut from September 1', is to be read in the Hindu. The paper reports,' The Centre has told parliament that the exposure limit for radio frequency fields will be brought down to one tenth of the existing level, to prevent health hazards from mobile tower radiations'.
The Times of India informs us, 'Delhi to ban Gutka sales by next week'. The Delhi Government is set to ban sale, manufacture, distribution and storage of all Gutka products. The ban will also be imposed on pan masalas containing nicotine.
The Hindu writes, 'Effecting the second major reshuffle of her Cabinet, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has divested senior Minister A.K. Walia of the important portfolios of Revenue and Urban Development'.' Walia loses, Lovely gains in Delhi Cabinet reshuffle', is the papers headline.
The Tribune carries a photograph of the 'Ridge' in down-town Shimla with a large crack running in the road. 'Cracks reappear on Shimla's Ridge following incessant rain' is the headline.
And Finally, Hindustan Times informs us that students planning to obtain a loan for higher education have to make sure they obtain higher grades to access a loan with a lower interest rates.

Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Dominates In State With Highest Teen Pregnancy

Sunday, August 26, 2012

won't give an escape route through debate, at times obstruction in House benefits Country


The war of words between the Congress and the BJP, over allocation of coal blocks continues to be given prominence by the Press. "Coal Row: Govt dares BJP to move No Trust", headlines the Asian age. The Indian Express quotes Arun Jaitley - "won't give an escape route through debate, at times obstruction in House benefits Country". And the Mail Today opines "BJP speaks in conflicting voices on the coalgate logjam in Parliament".
The Sunday Times reports that the CBI is set to move against 10 cases where companies fudged facts to qualify for getting coal blocks, through the allocation route.
The other major story in the Papers is of technology giant 'Apple' winning a massive victory in its patent case against South Korean major Samsung. "Apple bites Samsung, wins 1 billion dollars in patent case.' writes Hindustan Times. " Apple wins patent suit, but Samsung set for bounce back", writes The Financial Express.
"Judges should not govern the Nation, cautions the Chief Justice of India", reports the Tribune. The Times of India -quoting the Chief Justice - writes 'Judicial activism was permissible when it came to extending human rights principles, but not on policy and legislative domains - which belong to the executive and legislative.
Exactly a week after the arrest of 26 year old Anees Pasha and two of his colleagues (who allegedly sent out hate texts to thousands of people in Bengaluru), the police have now arrested Moosa, said to be the mastermind. He forwarded hate SMSs to nearly 10 thousand people that created the panic in the city.
And finally, Hindustan Times writes - 'if you buy a new model mobile handset that comes to the market after September 2012, rest assured it will emit much less radiation thanks to the new norms.

The world is better off with Twitter


available as a tool for protest - The Express Tribune, Pakistan ----------
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

He beat cancer but Quit this battle


The government's rejecting of the CAG's estimate of a presumptive loss of rupees 1.86 lakh crores on coal block allocation is a front page story in almost all papers.

The disruption of Parliament proceedings and related stories have been taken up by papers too. "Monday parleys to make or break this session" writes the Pioneer while the Indian Express says, "Silenced in the House, PM may address nation on coal charges".

"SC clears Chidambaram in 2G", says the Indian Express. Other papers covering the story report that this ruling has come as a major relief to the UPA.

Cyclist Lance Armstrong being stripped of his unparalleled seven Tour de France titles by the US Anti Doping Agency, after he declared that 'he would stop fighting the drug charges the organisation had laid', has been reported by most papers. "He beat cancer but Quit this battle" writes the Times of India in a related story.

"No free excess baggage on Air India" writes the Hindustan Times, reporting that Aviation Minister Ajit Singh has directed Air India to completely ban the allowing of free excess baggage on both Domestic and International flights.

Under the Headline " Norway killer sane, jailed for maximum term", the Times of India writes that Anders Behring Breivik was denied the insanity ruling, which prosecutors hoped would show that his massacre of 77 people was the work of a madman, not that of an anti Muslim crusade.

And finally, the Times of India writes that the origins of language as diverse as Hindi, Russian, German and English have been traced to Anatolia in present day Turkey, with researchers' saying that this Indo-European family of language spread out from the Western Asian region about 8000 to 9500 years ago.

No rain no gain


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Narendra Modi response
My hangout question for Modi
Milind Deora Twitter account suspended
Ironically, let me clarify on Twitter that there is absolutely no intent of the government to curb freedom of social media platforms

Friday, August 24, 2012

BJP again blocks House, all eyes on Monday Meet


The storm set off by the CAG report on allocation of coal blocks continues to dominate the front pages. "BJP again blocks House, all eyes on Monday Meet", is a headline in the Indian Express. Hindustan Times writes - the Monsoon Session of Parliament faces the threat of a washout, and the casualty could be key pending legislative business - at a time when the economy is looking good''.
Regarding the government asking twitter to immediately remove webpages from its website that incited communal tension in the North East and other parts of the country, the Times of India writes 'Social Media Site Twitter relented in its confrontation with the government, promising to act against pages and postings the government feels are communally inflammatory.
"Growth may be back on track next year'', writes Business Standard, quoting RBI Governor, D. Subbarao. 'The government's promises made in August this year should result in growth picking up by the end of the Financial Year, and the trend growth could be restored next year.
"Beaten at Chess, teacher thrashes kid', reports the Times of India. The paper writes, a teacher at a Gurgaon school allegedly slapped and twisted the nose of a 9 year old student after the boy beat him at a game of chess.
"New Season, New Hero" headlines The Hindu on its front page with a photograph of Chiteshwar Pujara (said to be one of the countries most promising batsman) on the opening day of the Hyderabad test against New Zealand.
The Times of India writes gold prices soared for the 4th day in a row on Thursday, to touch a record high of Rs 31,035 per 10 grams in the bullion market - on aggressive buying by investors, driven by a strong rally overseas.
And finally, the Asian Age writes Nasa's ''Curiosity'' Rover has captured a strange white light dancing across the horizon of Mars and 4 'blobs' hovering in the sky - which UFO hunters claim are alien ships and photography experts insisting are nothing more than blemishes picked up by the camera lens!


Monday, August 20, 2012

NE exodus: Govt orders blocking of over 250 websites

NE exodus: Govt orders blocking of over 250 websites


Alarmed by the recent grid failure that left half the country without power, the center is planning to enforce harsher measures like higher penalties on states violating grid discipline and chief Secretaries being jailed for overdrawing power. The Financial Express, Hindustan Times and most other news paper have highlighted this story on their front pages.

People from the North east leaving Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh for their homes makes the headlines in all News papers this morning. 'Five Lakh refugees in Assam, India's biggest internal exodus' writes, the 'Times of India'.The Home Minister conveys his anxiety over mass SMS originating from Pakistan spreading communal hate. 'Proof mounts but Pak in - Denial' says, the Pioneer.'Pak denies hand, demands Proof' writes, the Hindustan Times.

Mail today has an exclusive story about the Prime Minister's office, approving of a new set of standards for the automobile industry and car manufacturers to ensure that every car delivers more per drop of fuel. The auto fuel efficiency is proposed to improve the car performance by 20 to 25 percent.

Photographs of festivities associated with Eid celebrations are displayed by most newspapers this morning. In a related story, Doctors at the Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi performed a life saving liver transplant operation on a Pakistani woman giving her a new lease of life on Eid-ul-Fitr. The Hindu, Asian Age and most of the papers have reported the story as well.

And finally, Spanish Researchers in Madrid have found that human urine can be used to reduce pollution as it absorbs green house gases specially carbon dioxide. The Times of India and Pioneer further add that the Ammonium bi carbonate produced by the urine after absorbing Carbon Dioxide can be used as Nitrogen fertilizer. China has been using this technology for the last 30 years.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birth control pill successful on mice, men next?


The CAG's reports highlighting favouritism and irregularities in the coal, power and aviation sectors dominates the front pages of most papers. CAG indicts Centre on coal blocks, Reliance Power says the Statesman in its front page lead. The Financial Express reports "CAG puts coal loss at 1.86 lakh crore rupees, blames both Center and States".
While the migration of people of northeastern origin from some cities in South India is widely covered in the press, there is also speculation as to the forces fomenting this trouble. Quoting intelligence sources, the Asian Age writes "Exodus is ISI plot". The Hindustan Times reports that some Muslim groups in Assam are blaming perfume baron and All India United Democratic Front chief Badruddin Ajmal for the unrest.
The recommendations made by the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council in its Economic Outlook 2012-2013 are highlighted in all the papers. The Financial Express writes "Rangarajan bats for diesel subsidy cut, easier FDI in retail and aviation." The Hindustan Times reports "PM's men see lower growth, fewer jobs".
The Hindu, the Pioneer and the Statesman inform that the Cabinet has cleared a bill to protect street vendors against harassment and regulate their activities in public areas.
The Asian Age in a special story reports that after the United States mandated that drinks containing a certain level of carcinogens must carry a cancer warning, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has asked its scientific panel to study the contents of beverages in India to see if the same warning is required here as well.
Police firing on protesting miners in South Africa is prominently noticed on the international pages. "South Africa cops kill 36 striking miners" reads the Times of India headline. The Statesman writes "Mine bloodbath shocks South Africa".
News that cricketer VVS Laxman might retire soon is widely noticed in the papers. Highlighting that he was hurt by adverse comments made on him by former players working as commentators now, the Asian Age writes "Laxman might just retire, hurt".
And finally, some news that could bring a smile on women's faces as news comes about how men could share the burden of birth control. The Indian Express reports "Birth control pill successful on mice, men next?"

Friday, August 17, 2012

Assam backlash rumours hit Karnataka, hundreds flee


Almost all papers have carried the story involving people from North East leaving Bangalore and Pune. They have also shown photographs of them crammed into trains. The Tribune reports the story, under the headline,'Assam backlash rumours hit Karnataka, hundreds flee'.
The Times of India reports on its front page, that a combination of weak power transmission system, a toothless regional grid operator and excessive consumption by Haryana, triggered the world's biggest blackout that left half of India's population without power for up to 24 hours on July 31.
Mail Today has front paged under the headline, 'Fortress Maruti set to reopen', the story, that India's largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India Ltd has decided to lift the self-imposed lockout at its violence-hit Manesar factory on August 21. It will also sack 500 employees who were believed to be involved in the violence, the paper reports.
Capital market watchdog SEBI has come out with the set of norms for protecting the small investor. Besides making sure that every investor gets some shares in an initial public offering, SEBI has seen to it that financial advisers are controlled through a regulatory structure. This story has been carried by the Hindustan Times.
'Mamata dragged to courts on remark', is the headline story of the Statesman. It adds that the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was dragged to Calcutta High Court which took up an oral plea for contempt action over her allegation that many judgements are 'delivered' for money.
'Government backs AI: Can't make money, won't let others try' - the Indian Express reports that months after the government decided to end Air India's monopoly on select international routes and threw them open to private Indian carriers, the state owned Airline is hoping to regain this privilege through the back door and get the first choice to fly these routes. The paper also reports on its front page that embarrassed by its reports getting frequently leaked, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has issued new guidelines to plug holes, including confidentiality oath, protecting computers with passwords and using sealed envelopes within the organisation.
In a move to help promote trade and bilateral ties with Pakistan, the government is set to slash 30% items or 254 products from the sensitive list under the South Asian Trade Agreement, with the cabinet set to consider the proposal today, reports the Times of India.

What this traffic cop doing in sweet shop?


It happens only in Hyderabad

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Horoscope Analysis of Praja Rajyam Party

Horoscope Analysis of Praja Rajyam Party -
Mega Star Chiranjeevi's party was established on August 17, 2008 around 2.30 pm on Sunday that was telecasted a TV Channel. According to the time of announcement, it is our endeavor to analyze the prospects of the party. On the day the ruling star is Dhanista up to 3.10pm. It indicates that the party was established in the 4th pada of Dhanista.
However, Sani is in the enemy's house may cause some complicated problems to the party and the native will face some hurdles also.

Monday, August 13, 2012

the government setting a word limit of 500 words for filing an application under the RTI Act

Sushil Kumar and India's record Olympic tally are splashed across all newspapers today. 'Six cheers for India' beams the Mail Today headline." Sushil Kumar adds silver lining to India's best Olympics show", says the Indian Express, as he becomes the first Indian to win back -to- back individual medals. The Hindu writes 'Sushil steers India into a silvery sunset' also reporting his 'Delhi village erupts with joy for its favorite Pehelwan son'.
The Hindustan Times reports on the Chinese State media focussing on athlete Choeyang Kyi, who won the bronze medal in the 20 km race walk-event on Saturday, as the first ethnic Tibetan to win an Olympic medal and an example of the community making rapid progress in sports.
Many papers report on the Mumbai riots having probably been premeditated, with the Indian Express saying, an Intelligence report warned, of the Mumbai violence and 10,000 strong crowd.
The Indian Express notices West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee coming under intense attack on Sunday over the arrest of a man who asked her a question at a rally, and being called 'undemocratic'.
Papers also report on the untimely death of ace photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta who passed away at 55, on Sunday, due to a sudden heart attack on the way to the airport.
The Times of India notices, the government setting a word limit of 500 words for filing an application under the RTI Act. The same paper also reports on water levels in Nainital, depleting to unprecedented levels this year, with underground boring by builders affecting natural springs which sometimes burst out of the floors of newly built houses.

In Vinod we trust: India’s unlikely anti-graft tsar speaks his mind

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Man publicly questions Mamta, branded maoist, arrested


The violence in Mumbai during a protest demonstration against the recent violent incidents in Assam is prominently noticed in the press. The Times of India reports "Centre asks states to be on guard, keeps forces ready".
All the papers highlight Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's comment on the possible entry of Rahul Gandhi into the government. The Statesman quotes the Prime Minister as saying "Will welcome Rahul entry in Cabinet".
In a front page exclusive, the Hindustan Times reports that the government is readying a 4 step plan to boost growth which will focus on boosting investor confidence, reducing inflation, reining in fiscal and current account deficits and steps to boost the rupee.
The arrest of a farmer in West Bengal as he questioned Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee at a rally in Junglemahal, gets wide attention in the papers today. The Tribune reports "Man publicly questions Mamta, branded maoist, arrested". The Indian Express highlights the fact that the arrested man is a Trinamool Congress worker.
Defence Minister A K Anthony's comments on the relationship between officers and jawans in the armed forces are keenly noticed. "Anthony says officer-jawan face-off cause of concern" writes the Pioneer. The Times of India says "Anthony worried over officer-jawan scuffles".
The Mail Today, in an exclusive story, reports that the discovery of a tunnel at the Indo-Pak border, has prompted the government to acquire unattended ground sensors or UGS which will be installed at the border. These sensors can detect any movement on or under the ground.
And finally, what could be a boon for people with kidney problems, the Times of India reports that the Government is planning to set up a stand alone dialysis centre in each district of the country to tackle chronic kidney disease.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

E-books overtake paperbacks in UK


Mary Kom, who did India proud at the London Olympics yesterday, features on the front page of almost every newspaper. "Assured of Bronze, but wants more", says the Times of India.

Finance Minister P. Chidambaram seems to be a man on a mission. The Hindu lists the various measures the minister has taken to put the economy back on high growth track. "FM flags war on high prices, woos investors" is the Hindustan Times headline.

Anna Hazare disbanding his team finds place in the Hindustan Times, Times of India and the Hindu. "Anna sets himself free' writes Mail Today, adding that he has disassociated himself from the movement that is being steered into politics.

Many papers show a picture of the first image taken by NASA's Curiosity rover, which landed on Mars Sunday evening. 'Curiosity to demystify red planet' writes the Pioneer .

The Tribune and the Asian Age feature prominently the Gurdwara shooter in the US, who has been identified. 'Headed a racist band, FBI launches probe' is the Tribune headline.

The death of Fiza, the estranged wife of former Haryana deputy chief minister is covered by almost all newspapers. 'Mystery end to turbulent life' says the Pioneer. 'Suicide or murder?' asks the Hindustan Times.

The supreme court pulling up Delhi and UP governments for failing to stop pollutants from flowing into the Yamuna finds place in the Indian Express.

Gopal Kanda, a Haryana minister, who quit, after an MDLR airlines airhostess committed suicide, finds space in the Tribune, the Indian Express, the Pioneer and Mail Today.

And finally, are you one of those who likes to snuggle in bed with a good book? Bad news for you. Days of hardbound and paper backs could soon be over. 'E-books overtake paperbacks in UK' writes the Times of India.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Delhi's grand scheme to keep beggars off streets


Haryana Minister Kanda's resignation is prominently covered by most newspapers of the day. Booked for former staffer's 'suicide', Haryana Minister Kanda resigns', reports The Indian Express. Hindustan Times's headline reads 'Ex-airhostess kills self, Hooda minister quits'.

The incident of firing inside a Gurdwara in the US also dominates the headlines today. 'Six killed in Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting. Shooter also presumed dead in what appears to be a hate crime', reports The Hindu. The Times of India says 'Kids taken hostage after US Gurdwara shoot out'.

Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Asian Age, and The Statesman highlight Mr. L.K. Advani's prediction on the post-2014 election scenario. 'Post-2014 polls, non-Congress, non-BJP PM likely: Advani' reads a headline in The Times of India. The Statesman says, 'Advani for next PM from allies', with the Congress and SP saying, 'he has conceded defeat even before the race has begun'.

Five-time world champ, Mary Kom being just a win away from an assured bronze has been covered by almost all papers. Hindustan Times writes, 'Mary packs a Punch on Debut Day'. The Pioneer says, 'Mary Kom shows Pole the ropes'.

The Financial Express reports, 'At least 3 to bid for 2G spectrum: TRAI '. The paper adds that TRAI chairman dismisses the view of incumbent operators that the high reserve price would increase costs and that it will have to be passed on to customers.

Hindustan Times carries a story on Government taking a u-turn on a 16-month-old recommendation by a Group of Ministers to review cases pending for over ten years, which the CBI considered a drain on its resources.

And finally, the Delhi Government proposes a stipend of 30 rupees daily to beggars who are willing to quit begging and have opted for skill training. The Pioneer reports it under the headline, 'Delhi's grand scheme to keep beggars off streets'.

Pak police parade man, woman naked through streets - India News

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fast ends, politics begins


The second medal winner for India, Vijay Kumar, seems to be the man of the moment, with his picture splashed across the front pages of most dailies.  'Vijay Kumar gives India a silver lining' is the headline in the Tribune.  'Vijay diwas for India at London' is how the Pioneer puts it.
'Saina runs into China wall' writes the Indian Express of her losing in the semi-finals.  'Golden hopes dashed, Saina targets bronze' says the Hindustan Times.
The cabinet fixing 14000 crore rupees as base price for spectrum auction has not been received well 'Leaves operators fuming' says the Business Standard.  'Mobile companies disappointed, say high price will lead to increase in tariffs' writes the Business line of the Hindu.
Many dailies show Anna Hazare with former Army Chief Gen. V.K. Singh, as the social activist called off his ann-shan.  'Fast ends, politics begins' is the Hindu headline.  'Team Anna to float political party, draws 2014 battle lines' writes the Hindustan Times.
With scanty rainfall, 'a third of the country faces drought like scenario' says the Business Standard.  'Deficient rains lower growth forecast to 6 per cent' writes the Asian Age.
Sanjeev Nanda, of the in famous BMW hit-and-run case getting reprieve figures in most dailies.  He now has to pay 50 lakh rupees and do community service for two years, report the papers.
Two fully grown teeth in an eye tumour?  Sounds impossible - but it's true.  Doctors in Chennai have successfully operated a lady, for this rare disease called orbital teratoma, writes the Times of India.
And finally, call it emancipation of women, or whatever you want to.  The Times of India on its front-page reports of 800 requests in just 2-years, from the fairer sex, for arms licences.  A cartoon shows a trigger happy woman saying 'Now I'll be calling the shots.'!