Monday, August 13, 2012

the government setting a word limit of 500 words for filing an application under the RTI Act

Sushil Kumar and India's record Olympic tally are splashed across all newspapers today. 'Six cheers for India' beams the Mail Today headline." Sushil Kumar adds silver lining to India's best Olympics show", says the Indian Express, as he becomes the first Indian to win back -to- back individual medals. The Hindu writes 'Sushil steers India into a silvery sunset' also reporting his 'Delhi village erupts with joy for its favorite Pehelwan son'.
The Hindustan Times reports on the Chinese State media focussing on athlete Choeyang Kyi, who won the bronze medal in the 20 km race walk-event on Saturday, as the first ethnic Tibetan to win an Olympic medal and an example of the community making rapid progress in sports.
Many papers report on the Mumbai riots having probably been premeditated, with the Indian Express saying, an Intelligence report warned, of the Mumbai violence and 10,000 strong crowd.
The Indian Express notices West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee coming under intense attack on Sunday over the arrest of a man who asked her a question at a rally, and being called 'undemocratic'.
Papers also report on the untimely death of ace photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta who passed away at 55, on Sunday, due to a sudden heart attack on the way to the airport.
The Times of India notices, the government setting a word limit of 500 words for filing an application under the RTI Act. The same paper also reports on water levels in Nainital, depleting to unprecedented levels this year, with underground boring by builders affecting natural springs which sometimes burst out of the floors of newly built houses.

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