Monday, August 20, 2012

NE exodus: Govt orders blocking of over 250 websites

NE exodus: Govt orders blocking of over 250 websites


Alarmed by the recent grid failure that left half the country without power, the center is planning to enforce harsher measures like higher penalties on states violating grid discipline and chief Secretaries being jailed for overdrawing power. The Financial Express, Hindustan Times and most other news paper have highlighted this story on their front pages.

People from the North east leaving Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh for their homes makes the headlines in all News papers this morning. 'Five Lakh refugees in Assam, India's biggest internal exodus' writes, the 'Times of India'.The Home Minister conveys his anxiety over mass SMS originating from Pakistan spreading communal hate. 'Proof mounts but Pak in - Denial' says, the Pioneer.'Pak denies hand, demands Proof' writes, the Hindustan Times.

Mail today has an exclusive story about the Prime Minister's office, approving of a new set of standards for the automobile industry and car manufacturers to ensure that every car delivers more per drop of fuel. The auto fuel efficiency is proposed to improve the car performance by 20 to 25 percent.

Photographs of festivities associated with Eid celebrations are displayed by most newspapers this morning. In a related story, Doctors at the Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi performed a life saving liver transplant operation on a Pakistani woman giving her a new lease of life on Eid-ul-Fitr. The Hindu, Asian Age and most of the papers have reported the story as well.

And finally, Spanish Researchers in Madrid have found that human urine can be used to reduce pollution as it absorbs green house gases specially carbon dioxide. The Times of India and Pioneer further add that the Ammonium bi carbonate produced by the urine after absorbing Carbon Dioxide can be used as Nitrogen fertilizer. China has been using this technology for the last 30 years.

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