Monday, April 30, 2012

Indian child returns after staying in Bangladesh jail


Defence Minister A K Anthony's meeting with DMK chief M Karunanidhi to discuss possible nominees for the forthcoming Presidential polls grabs front page attention in many papers. "Congress sounds out Karuna on Ansari, Pranab for President"reports the Times of India in its front page lead. Commenting on this meeting, the Pioneer says "Congress marshals allies to checkmate Kalam as Prez".
Most papers take note of the denial issued by the Advisor to the Prime Minister, T K A Nair, that there was any irregularity in the allotment of residential plots to a niece and a friend in Bengaluru. "No illegality in allotment of plots, says PM's advisor" writes the Hindustan Times.
Protests over the suspicious death of 19 year old Manipuri student, Richard Loitam in Bengaluru get wide attention in the papers. The Indian Express writes "Manipur student's death: Protests in Delhi, Bangalore"  "Ensure justice to Richard's family, North East students urge Manmohan" reports the Hindu. 
The return of a five year old boy and his grandparents after being released from a jail in Bangladesh is widely noticed by the press. "Indian child returns after staying in Bangladesh jail" writes the Tribune. The Indian Express reports that young Ariful Sheikh and his grandparents, who had gone to Bangladesh to visit an ailing relative, were arrested for not having valid documents to stay in the country.
In a front page exclusive, the Mail Today reports, that the HRD ministry has questioned the Comptroller and Auditor General's estimation of 1.16 Lakh crore of unaccounted funds in the ministry. The Ministry contends that the CAG figure is hundred times the real figure, says the paper.
And finally, the Asian Age and the Tribune report that in London surface to air missiles may be placed on rooftops of residential buildings close to the Olympic Park as a security measure for the forthcoming Olympic Games.

Disgrace Bangaru, deify Q | Bangaru Laxman | Bofors | The New Indian Express

Disgrace Bangaru, deify Q | Bangaru Laxman | Bofors | The New Indian Express: "Sten Lindstrom, the former Swedish police officer who blew the whistle on the Bofors payoff, has again recalled the issue with his latest interview. Lindstrom has again named Ottavio Quattrocchi, the infamous Italian fixer, as the main player in the loot."

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Know Your Gmail Stats using Gmail Meter

Know Your Gmail Stats using Gmail Meter:

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bangaru gets 4-year rigorous imprisonment, plans to appeal


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's remarks on 'fuel prices' during the inauguration of the Guru Gobind Singh refinery at Bhatinda, Punjab, a joint venture between HPCL and Mittal Energy of Singapore, receive attention on the front pages. 'Manmohan hints at another fuel price hike' is a headline seen in the Hindu. 'Oil price hike soon, but won't affect poor' - is the top headline in the Hindustan Times.
The BJP's Bangaru Laxman getting a four year jail term is seen on the front pages. 'Bangaru gets 4-year rigorous imprisonment, plans to appeal' is the top headlines in The Hindu.
The appointment of new Governors has been noticed prominently by many dailies. 'Qureshi appointed Uttarakhand Governor' reports the Hindustan Times on its front page.  The Hindu says 'former SPG Chief Wanchoo is appointed Governor of Goa'; Margaret Alva shifted to Rajasthan. 
The Government denied the allegations by the Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy that Home Minister P Chidambarm delayed the Aircel-Maxis deal to help his son has been noticed by the Indian Express. The paper says government pulls out records, says PC in the clear. 
'Off with your tinted windows' - writes Mail Today. Motorists across the country have to remove black films or any other material tampering with the original form of the windscreen or side windows of vehicles before May 4, or face action.
AND FINALLY; The Tribune informs us that Indian art and antiques fetched record prices at a London auction, with a 16th century Mughal dark green jade ink-pot selling for rupees 43 lakh, and a portrait of Mughal emperor Jahagir fetching 1.23 crore!.

Telangana Congress leaders may float new party - The Times of India

Telangana Congress leaders may float new party - The Times of India: "Caught between a party high command that appears to be indifferent to the separate state demand and complete political isolation in their region, Telangana Congress leaders are veering round to perhaps the only option open to them: Floating a sub-regional political outfit. "

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Malaysian Prime Minister singing 'Kolaveri Di'


Bangaru Laxman held guilty of taking bribe figures on the front pages of most newspapers. "BJP ex-chief convicted in graft case" is the Tribune headline. "Tehelka filmed him taking money in sting operation in 2001", writes the Hindu. The Indian Express has a picture of him being taken to jail yesterday. 
The President giving up her Pune retirement home is covered by almost every paper. "Media stung prez gives up defence land" is how the Pioneer puts it. "Pained prez gives up Pune home plan" is the Hindustan Times headline. 
The Statesman and the Mail Today have a picture of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon at Jamia, where he was conferred the honorary degree of doctor of letters yesterday.
The Arushi murder mystery continues to be in the news. "Surrender on April 30, Supreme Court tells Nupur Talwar" writes the Hindustan Times.
"MP Sachin makes a forgettable debut" is the caption of his photo on the front page of the Times of India, as he was dismissed for just 7 runs in yesterday's match.
"High Court orders N.D. Tiwari to undergo DNA test" says the Hindu. "Tiwari DNA a must, force him if needed - Court" is the headline in the Pioneer. 
ICICI recording a 31% jump in earnings is the lead in the business dailies.
"Samsung ends Nokia's 14 year run as the largest phone handset maker" writes the Business Standar.
The Asian Age has a picture of the fiesty actress Zohra Sehgal, cutting the cake on her hundredth birthday yesterday.
The Malaysian Prime Minister singing 'Kolaveri Di'? Strange but true. The Statesman says that the leader confessed to being a 'Kolaveri Di' fan.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday Special: Zohra Sehgal turns 100! - Movies

Birthday Special: Zohra Sehgal turns 100! - Movies: "Like most memorable stories, this one too, begins long, long ago.

On April 27, 1912, to be precise when a naughty little girl was born. She loved to climb trees and engage in all sorts of antics to amuse herself and anyone who'd bother to watch in her hometown of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. Although she was one among six other siblings and her parents were fiercely conservative, her vivacity, candour, wit and spark made her both -- unique and agreeable. "

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Little Master turns Elder


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the first active cricketer to be nominated to Parliament - is the special focus of newspaper headlines. 'Little Master turns Elder' writes Mail Today. The Times of India writes - a Bharat Ratna might still be distant - but he will soon have to choose between his duty to the team and his job as a Parliamentarian.
Photographs of Jhina Hikaka - walking free after 33 days in Maoist captivity, in good health, are seen on the front pages of The Tribune, Asian Age, Hindu, Statesman and The Pioneer.
'Bofors Boom disrupts Houses', headlines The Asian Age. The  paper writes that both houses witness adjournments, with the Opposition wanting a fresh probe on the matter, which had first hit the headlines 25 year ago.
"Election Commission relaxes model code of conduct" reports the Indian Express. The paper writes - In a move with far reaching implications, the EC will, on an experimental basis, 'rationalize' the model code of conduct. 
India successfully launching its 'eye in space', the Radar Imaging Satellite - RISAT 1, is covered by Times of India. The paper writes it can monitor our borders 24x7, irrespective of weather condition, thanks to a 'cloud penetrating radar'.
The Hindustan Times writes of an auto driver, who returned over 200 navy identity cards, left behind in his vehicle. Auto driver Shafiqul Hasan's quick thinking, not only helped restore more than 200 identity cards belonging to the Indian Navy but also prevented them from landing in wrong hands.
AND FINALLY, the Hindu carries a ring side view of Jack Canfield, best selling author of 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series. Some nuggets from his talk - * take 100 % responsibility for your actions and become solution oriented. He jots down 'victory notes' at the end of each day and follows a 'gratitude ritual'.  

Zohra Sehgal: A hundred magical years (Part -2) - Yahoo! News India

Zohra Sehgal: A hundred magical years (Part -2) - Yahoo! News India: ""If there is one tragedy in my life today, it is that I can't read and write (due to a problem with her vision). I used to do crossword puzzles night and day. I used read books, one after the other, especially detective novels with a lot of sex in them (winks), my daughter-in-law Seema (grand daughter of Munshi Premchand) used to bring them for me...but now I can't read. I accept it. Its ok...after all I have lived a hundred years.""

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#UnfollowSachin ? Good Lord, what has he let himself in for? | Firstpost

#Unfollow Sachin? Good Lord, what has he let himself in for? | Firstpost: "God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. But does Sachin Tendulkar aka God know what he’s let himself in for by accepting a Rajya Sabha nomination from the Congress-led government?"

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Regressive bill on legal age for sex gets Cabinet nod - The Times of India

Regressive bill on legal age for sex gets Cabinet nod - The Times of India: "The Union Cabinet on Thursday cleared a Bill that seeks to raise the age of legal sex from 16 to 18, provoking sharp criticism from child rights activists, who called it a regressive step. "

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Social Media 1, Indian Government 0 -

Social Media 1, Indian Government 0 - "The futility of the Indian government’s attempts to control what is posted on Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites was thrown into high relief this week, after a video purportedly showing Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singvi having sex in his office resulted in his resignation."

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boobathi Babu-Honest officer amid corrupt masters - The Times of India

Boobathi Babu-Honest officer amid corrupt masters - The Times of India: "He is a quiet and low profile officer, his name unheard of in public till lately. But D Boobathi Babu, the boss of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), who has become a thorn in the side of the administration, is a determined police officer and always has been so in his three-decade career. Zealous, honest and hard-working, the 1983 batch cop who also has a PhD to boast of can never be accused of not trying, his colleagues say."

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The 'whistle blower' in the Bofors case has finally made his identity known after 25 long years


Congress President Sonia Gandhi planning major changes in the All India Congress Committee, amidst reports of at least four Cabinet Ministers saying that they are willing to shift from the Government to work for the Party, is found on the front pages of the day's papers. Hindustan Times writes that the changes will probably be carried out after the Budget Session of Parliament.
The fate of abducted Collector Alex Paul Menon continues to hold headlines. The Asian Age reports that hours after Maoists sent a virtual SOS to the Government through the local media, indicating the Collector's critical health condition, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh rushed his emissary Manish Kunjam, with medicines for the IAS officer.
On the forthcoming Presidential Election the Asian Age writes - "Consensus or contest? Politics begins", with regional players and the BJP not in the mood to oblige the Congress. The Indian Express reports that the Samajwadi Party is learnt to be lobbying for its Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav for the President's post.
The 'whistle blower' in the Bofors case has finally made his identity known after 25 long years! writes the Times of India. Former Swedish Police Chief, Sten Lindstrom, has owned up to being the 'Swedish Deep Throat' who had leaked over 350 documents to an Indian journalist, says the paper.
"LoC, Stock and Barrel! (the lock there is spelt as LoC) as Indian Banks to Reach Pak", writes the Economic Times. The paper says that State Bank of India can look forward to crossing the border, 47 years after it had to shut its branches in Pakistan in the wake of the Indo-Pak war.
And finally, the Asian Age writes that the famous Parijat tree at Kintur village in Barabanki District, believed to be over 4000 years old and possessing magical powers, appears to be in danger with its leaves wilting. The paper writes that a senior Botanist who examined it recently said the tree needs treatment for termites. But the villagers won't allow any one to touch the tree.

Andhra Pradesh: Church priest rapes minor girl and sets her ablaze : Cities News - India Today

Andhra Pradesh: Church priest rapes minor girl and sets her ablaze : Cities News - India Today: "A Christian priest has been arrested for raping a 16-year-old girl and setting her ablaze in his house at Nadendla village of Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh."

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CD row silences Singhvi


Abhishek Manu Singhvi resigning as Congress spokesperson and quitting as chairperson of Parliamentary Committee finds place on the front pages of most papers. 'CD row silences Singhvi' writes Mail Today.
As the race for the Presidential poll gathers momentum, the Hindustan Times says, 'Government for consensus in President poll, SP puts Kalam in mix - Pawar shifts from non political to 'agreed' candidate.
The Supreme Court rejecting the PIL against the army Chief designate figures in all papers. The Tribune headline reads 'SC puts seal on Bikram Singh's appointment as Army Chief'.
A Norway court finally giving custody of two Indian children to their uncle is the lead story in the Hindu. 'Bhattacharya kids handed over' writes the paper.
TRAI's call for a steep hike in spectrum price is the lead story in the Business Dailies. '13 fold hike in base price for 2G Waves' is the Economic Times headline. As a consequence, your phone bills may go up by 10 per cent, warns the Hindustan Times. 'Get ready to pay more for talking' writes Mail Today.
'Round One - Sarko trails Hollande' writes the Asian Age, of the first round of French Presidential poll results.
'Bond must for USA bound docs' says the Statesman, quoting the Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad. 'Docs going to US to study must promise to return' writes the Indian Express, adding that those who don't return, will not be able to practice in US.
'Medical Marvel' is how the Times of India refers to the new synthetic anti malaria drug which India has developed.
The Tribune reports of Amit Garg, a Haryana boy, who has created a world record in mental division, by dividing a 10-digit number with a 5 digit number in 34 seconds.
Scientists at New Castle University have built an emotionally intelligent electric car writes the Times of India. 'Driving just got easier' says the paper - Hi tech car allows grannies to drive - navigation tools and health monitors ensure safety and boost confidence.

#IfItWasntForTwitter I may not be similar to @rameshsrivats @pankajpachauri @calamur

Monday, April 23, 2012

Punjab's best village for girls


Efforts for release of abducted Sukma Collector Alex Menon are prominently covered in today's papers. The Asian Age says, "Maoists want eight freed by April 25", "Demand to end operation Green hunt".
"10 French Nationals on Red turf deported", under that headline Hindustan Times reports that the Bihar Government deported 10 French nationals out of the State on Sunday for their alleged involvement in Maoist activities.
The papers also covered the French Presidential elections. The Hindu says, "Early exit polls put Hollande ahead". The Tribune reports "France votes, mood in Sarkozy camp sombre".
Papers report the rift in Team Anna. The Statesman headline says, "Meltdown in Team Anna", "Kazmi found 'recording' proceedings, expelled". The Indian Express headline reads,  "Muslim face out, slams Team Anna".
The Times of India opines that a second innings for special economic zones could be in the offing, with the Government mulling "new norms, tax sops to revive SEZ boom".
The Tribune carries two stories highlighting India's changing face with regard to international relations. The paper reports that China has finally allowed import of Indian Basmati rice into its markets, in a move expected to curb India's trade barrier with its neighbor. Another story says, "EU looks beyond trade-only ties with India" and offers to join hands on defence and security-related issues. 
The Hindu on its back page reports, "Six scientists of Indian origin elected Fellows of Royal Society", Britain's premier science academy, joining the ranks of the likes of Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.
And finally, the Times of India has a report on "Punjab's best village for girls". The paper says Bijlipur, a village in Punjab bucks the trend with something most of Punjab cannot boast of: a sex ratio in favour of women.

Sheila Dikshit is a 'saviour' for booked politicos | Mail Online

Sheila Dikshit is a ¿saviour¿ for booked politicos | Mail Online

Delhi's maverick chief minister Sheila Dikshit has played the magician more than once during her 14-year-rule - making criminal prosecution against a host of Congress and BJP bigwigs disappear.
An RTI reply revealed that the CM, who has been ruling the national Capital continuously since 1998, had exercised her clout to force the government to withdraw criminal cases against late Arjun Singh, former UP chief minister Narayan Datt Tiwari, Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Haryana minister Randeep Singh Surjewala and her cabinet colleague Raj Kumar Chauhan.
The list of beneficiaries includes Syed Ahmad Bukhari, the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid. This she had done with the lieutenant governor's benevolence.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

tea would be declared the national drink by April 17th next year to coincide with the 2012 birth anniversary of the first indigenous Assamese tea planter - Mani Ram Diwan


Maoist rebels abducting the collector of Sukma district - Alex Paul Menon yesterday while he was in the middle of a meeting with villagers is reported extensively in the Press. Hindustan Times writes, the 32 year old IAS officer was at a 'Gram Suraj campaign- part of the state government to wean away locals from Naxalism. 
The Mail Today, the Tribune and the Pioneer report that Mamta Banerjee the Chief Minister of West Bengal has given the Centre a 15-day ultimatum to decide on her demand for a three-year moratorium on the interest for central loans, calling it a legacy she inherited from the Left Front Government.
Speaking at the inauguration of the Civil Services Day in Delhi, the Prime Minister urged Civil servants to take bold decisions, assuring them that the government would not indulge in with hunting in the name of fighting corruption, reports the Indian Express and the Business Line.
At a Washington based think tank, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said, India is committed to economic reforms and has initiated changes on a number of issues that would benefit the economy, writes the Economic Times. 
On Indo-Pak ties, the Sunday Times writes - 'of late hope has replaced doubt with the two Countries agreeing to set up the India-Pakistan Business Council easing visa rules, peaceful gestures by the Pakistan army and moving closer to granting India the Most Favoured Nation status.
AND FINALLY, The Hindu writes that Planing Commission Deputy Chairmen Montek Singh Aluwalia has said that tea would be declared the national drink by April 17th next year to coincide with the 2012 birth anniversary of the first indigenous Assamese tea planter - Mani Ram Diwan.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bloody 50 per cent Indian smokers don't know it can kill

Today's Newspapers Headlines

The Pakistan air tragedy figures on the front pages of most dailies.  Papers show the mangled remains of the aircraft and rescue workers at the site. "Pak Jet crashes, all 127 on board feared killed" is the Hindustan Times headlines. "Boeing 737 runs into bad weather near Islamabad", says the Tribune.

The Times of India has taken the case of the Italian ship Enrica Lexie, which is in the custody of Kerala police, as its lead. "Kerala wrong in detaining Italian Ship : Centre to SC" is the paper's headline. The Hindu and the Indian Express have also given prominence to this story. "Amid Centre's flip-flop, court lets ship leave" is the Hindu headline.

Chief Economic Advisor Kaushik Basu's clarification that his reference to major reforms was about pay back of European Central Bank loans and not elections, finds place in the Asian Age, the Statesman and the Economic Times. "As opposition feast on his remarks, Basu eats words" is the Economic Times headline.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi is in the news for wrong reasons. A controversial video featuring him, goes 'viral' writes the Indian Express, adding that lawyers are trying hard to block it, but it keeps popping up on You Tube and Facebook.

"50 percent Indian smokers don't know it can kill" says the Hindustan Times on its front page and informs that 40 percent of the world's tobacco users are in India and China.

Planning to go to Shimla in the summer months? "Drive to Shimla just got one hour quicker", writes the Times of India, adding that the new express bypass avoids Kalka and Pinjore.

AND finally, the question, whether the egg or the chicken came first has been answered. The Times of India writes- that in Sri Lanka, a hen has produced a live chicken.

Here’s why Abhishek Singhvi’s sex video isn’t shocking -

Here’s why Abhishek Singhvi’s sex video isn’t shocking - "Politicos may speak of values, and come across as people who are extremely devoted to eradicating fraudulent activities that exist in the world. If you thought they grab headlines solely because of their political work, you are mistaken. There are many politicians whose sexual romps have generated more interest than their political agendas."

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Blackmailer threatens Congress: Expel Abhishek Manu Singhvi or will post another sex video -

Blackmailer threatens Congress: Expel Singhvi or will post another sex video - "Abhishek Manu Singhvi"

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Abhishek Manu Singhvi legal safeguard falls through the Net, 'video' surfaces - Indian Express

Singhvi's legal safeguard falls through the Net, 'video' surfaces - Indian Express: "The efforts of the legal team of Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi to keep the contents of an alleged controversial video away from public reach were frustrated by social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook today. Within hours of Singhvi's lawyers obtaining a permanent injuction from the Delhi High Court against the publication or broadcast of the contents of the reported video -- allegedly containing sexual acts -- on Thursday, the video was out on YouTube and had been viewed, commented upon and circulated by many across the Internet."

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Friday, April 20, 2012

'You, Mr Bachchan, are really a champion' - News

'You, Mr Bachchan, are really a champion' - News

India's High Five moment


India joining the elite group of five nations- the US, UK, Russia, France and China, with successful test firing of the 5,000 KM range Agni-V missile, is justifiably the top story on the front pages. 'Missile Muscle' - headlines the Indian Express. 'India's High Five moment', writes Hindustan Times. The Mail Today has a reportage that, however, says - we have some years to go before the missile can obtain full operational capability.

"India cool to Kayani's call on Siachen" highlights the Times of India - as a break through is seen as 'elusive' unless Islamabad agrees to authenticate the ground level position on the glacier. 
The Asian Age reports that the Law Commission has sought 'special focus' on cases involving influential public persons, to avoid long delays in investigation and for trials to be held without hindrance or hurdle. 

The Finance Ministry has agreed to amend the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) to allow FDI from Pakistan into India, reports the Indian Express. Citing security concerns, FEMA currently bars investment from Pakistan, the only country to be singled out.

Business Line of the Hindu informs us that even though IPL-5 ratings may be down and out, SET Max, the official broadcaster, has decided to up advertisement rates for the final match. It will charge 12 lakh rupees for 10 seconds of airtime during the last four matches. 

Hindustan Times writes that Pakistan has made fresh offer of buying or taking on lease about 100 locomotives from India to restart its defunct train services. The offer was made by Pakistan President Zardari during his April 8 visit.

AND FINALLY, The Asian Age tells us that the Delhi Police have arrested a smart-alec 20-year old boy, for allegedly staging his own abduction, to extort 2 lakh rupees from his own father.

All is not well


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BJP strikes gold in MCD elections, Congress stunned


BJP sweeping all three corporations in the MCD polls is splashed across the front pages of most newspapers. 'BJP strikes gold in MCD elections, Congress stunned' is the Times of India headline. 'Painting the capital saffron' writes the Hindustan Times, adding that 'price rise and graft were big poll factors'. 'Reflects country's anti Congress mood' says the Hindu.

The Reserve Bank of India slashing the repo rate by 50 basis points features prominently in the business dailies. 'Subbarao stuns with giant repo rate cut' is the Economic Times headline. The Pioneer writes that this will 'reduce the Aam Admi's EMI burden'. 'Home, auto and corporate loans set to be cheaper' writes the Financial Express.

There's relief for the Maharashtra government. Most papers write that according to the Adarsh report, the land belongs to the state. 'Adarsh land doesn't belong to army' writes the Tribune. But the Mail Today calls it an 'elaborate whitewash' to pave a safe passage for a string of politicians, bureaucrats and retired army officers.

Some other news items which find place in the dailies are the Lavasa project coming under CAG fire, the US placating Indian authorities for easier security norms at airports and an imminent rise in petrol prices.

Would Mahatma Gandhi have ever thought that his distinctive steel rimmed round spectacles would fetch a fortune? Well, that's what has happened. At an auction yesterday in London, they went for a whopping 39,000 pounds. And hold your breath - even his humble charkha went for 30,000 pounds, writes the Asian Age.

Are you an avid golfer? And would like to tee off the world's highest golf course? Well, you won't have to go to Bolivia now, where the highest course is presently, but play in Leh, where a course at an altitude of 11,562 feet is coming up.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Noam Chomsky, Aruna Roy and Nikhil Dey have written to Dr Manmohan Singh, seeking his intervention on such similar arrests


Yesterday's Chief Minister's Conference on Internal Security, which discussed the proposed National Counter Terrorism Centre, and the opposition it drew from some Chief Ministers, is a top story in today's Press. "Non-UPA Chief Ministers join hands to fight 'overbearing' Centre" - writes the Times of India. "Non-Congress CMs hit out at Centre" reports the Statesman.
The cartoon on Mamta Banerjee and her colleagues that was recently posted on the net, resulting in the arrest of a Jadhavpur University Professor, also gets prominence. The Asian Age writes that leading scientists and world activists, such as Noam Chomsky, Aruna Roy and Nikhil Dey have written to Dr. Manmohan Singh, seeking his intervention on such similar arrests.
The recent coordinated 18-hour-long Taliban attacks in Kabul receive mention in the press. The Times of India, quotes Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who said that the attacks show a failure by Nato and Afghanistan Intelligence. The paper adds that captured militants confessed that the assault was carried out by the Haqqani network, operating along Afghan's Border with Pakistan.
Regarding results of the Civic body polls for 3 Delhi Muncipal Corporation; the Asian Age writes that the trends of the results are expected by 12 noon and the final tally should be out by 3 pm.
The Indian Express writes that India's youngest-ever pugilist to have qualified for the London Olympics, Assam's Shiv Thapa has been promised a reward of rupees Ten lakhs from Assam Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi.
 The Times of India reports that the Union Ministry of Envoironment and Forests has banned the use of live animals in experiments and dissections in educational and research institutions, and has urged the use of alternatives, like computer simulation.

Texting while walking claims another victim, woman falls off pier

Texting while walking claims another victim, woman falls off pier: "While texting over cell phones continues to become a more popular communication method around the world, the number of accidents attributed to texting while walking is increasing as well."

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Andhra Pradesh High Court objects to transfer of IPS officer who was probing liquor mafia

Andhra Pradesh High Court objects to transfer of IPS officer who was probing liquor mafia
The Andhra Pradesh High Court has come to the rescue of the liquor syndicate probe in the state. Less than two weeks after Indian Police Service (IPS) officer K Srinivas Reddy who was heading the special investigation team was transferred out, in a major embarrassment for the state government, the court has asked it to reconsider the transfer and inform the court by next Friday, saying honest and upright officers should be given confidence and security of tenure in public interest.

50,000 malnourished kids died in 8 years in rural Maharashtra - Mumbai - DNA

50,000 malnourished kids died in 8 years in rural Maharashtra - Mumbai - DNA
The lack of food is rapidly killing tribal children even before they reach six, leaving 51,461 malnoursihed children dead across rural Maharashtra between 2004 and 2012.

CBI cracks racket of fake IT returns, IT refunds


Taliban Militants unleashing a wave of coordinated suicide and gun attacks in Afghanistan is the lead story in many papers. 'Taliban bombers strike with impunity across Afghanistan', writes the Pioneer. 'Kabul under siege as Taliban blitz rips through diplomatic zone', says the Times of India. The Asian Age says, 'Taliban spring shocks Kabul'.

In another story, the Indian Express writes, 'Taliban attack Pak Jail, militants escape'. The Asian Age reports that nearly 400 militants were freed from a Jail in Pakistan's Bannu district in a Taliban attack.

The Delhi Civic Polls have also been widely reported by papers on their front pages. 'Delhi makes its vote count on Sunday, 58 per cent turnout', writes Hindustan Times. 'Delhi divided', states Mail Today, saying that the capital's elite was, unmoved by the historic MCD polls, but common man gave a thumbs up with higher voter turnout.

'CBI cracks racket of fake IT returns, IT refunds', under that headline, the Indian Express reports that the agency has found at least 1,100 cases of allegedly fraudulent refund cheques issued by the IT department that has resulted in the illegal withdrawal of more than 6 crore rupees over the last 3 months.

Referring to the Chief Minister's conference on internal security called by the government, the Statesman writes, 'Meet on internal security today - Mamta to give it a miss." The Hindu, the Times of India and the Tribune have also carried the story. 

In a special report, Hindustan Times writes, 'Pakistan trusts India more than ever, says Khar'. The paper further reports the Pakistan foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar as saying that although the Kashmir issue needs to be resolved, it need not be the point of start.

In some expensive news for air travellers, the Times of India writes, 'Planning Vacation? Budget for steep air fare', writing that low cost flying has virtually become a thing of the past as domestic air fares have gone up by 25 to 40 per cent in the past one month.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kargil was tit for tat


The Attari border becoming a trade hub between the Indian and Pakistani business communities, is highlighted by The Hindu. The proposed road map will allow a whole spectrum of items for trade and the number of items that India could export has gone up to nearly 7,800 from the present 150.

The Indian Express writes that Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal has appealed to opposition parties 'with folded hands', to support the passage of several education bills that are stuck in Parliament, saying the future of India's children is at stake.

Former UP Chief Minister Mayawati came down like a pile of bricks on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday, writes the Mail Today and warned him to stay off her parks and memorials. The Pioneer writes- 'Maya raises statue bogey; Akhilesh says - no vendetta'.

The Sunday Express writes - the Nationalist Congress Party, an ally of the UPA, has come up with Purno A Sangma's name as candidate for the next President of India. 'He is a Catholic and a tribal from the North East and we have never had an occupant of Rashtrapati Bhawan with such deions', said a senior NCP leader.

'Kargil was tit for tat' writes the Asian Age, quoting former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, who stated that Kargil was a legacy of warring with India and he hated what happened in East Pakistan and in Siachen in 1986.

And finally, fans of author J.K. Rowling of the Harry Potter fame, can look forward to her comic adult saga, The Casual Vacancy, which targets an adult audience and should be out  by September.  

15 grammar goofs that make you look silly [infographic] - Holy Kaw!

15 grammar goofs that make you look silly [infographic] - Holy Kaw!:

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Corruption confession: Government paper admits institutionalised graft plagues entire bureaucracy and plays havoc on the citizen | Mail Online

Corruption confession: Government paper admits institutionalised graft plagues entire bureaucracy and plays havoc on the citizen | Mail Online

The truth is out. What we always knew, but were afraid to say aloud, has been documented by the government for the first time - corruption is institutionalised.

Govt. paper admits graft plagues entire bureaucracy


Most dailies today have covered actor Shahrukh Khan's detention yet again at a US airport, prominently on their front pages "Khanned Again" exclaims the Mail Today in it's headline. The Asian Age reports" SRK detained at US airport, India fumes, Delhi rejects apology as "Mechanical". The Indian Express notes "SRK stops at US, airport, SMK flies off the handle" in a reference to the foreign minister's protest.
A cartoon forwarded by a Jadavpur professor alluding to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee has also received extensive coverage in the dailies. "Cartoon Mamta' exclaims the Indian Express - Her cops arrest university professor for forwarding joke email" The Hindu adds " Professor earns Mamta's wrath, - charges of defamation, outraging modesty of a woman and hacking slapped on him".
In its front page story "Corruption Confession" the Mail Today reports on a background paper prepared by the Union Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions and states "Govt. paper admits graft plagues entire bureaucracy" and "Institutionalised corruption plays havoc on the citizen".
In its lead story The Hindustan Times reports "Delhi schools" say, Right to Education, will trigger fee hike, seat squeeze- but govt says reimbursement will take care of it" In a related story The Times of India adds" Centre needs Rs 2.3 lakh cr to fund RTE initiative".
With reference to the new thaw in Indo-Pak relations The Times of India reports " India throws open FDI window for Pakistan as warmth sets in'.
And finally, The Times of India reports that the capital city Delhi is set to get a world class cultural multiplex of its own called the National Centre of Performing Arts which will host grand Shows from India and abroad and will have auditoriums and performance spaces of varying sizes.

I’m a Brahmin & Congress’s general secretary: Rahul Gandhi to party - The Times of India

I’m a Brahmin & Congress’s general secretary: Rahul Gandhi to party - The Times of India: "Post Congress's poor show in UP, recrimination has been mixed with the hunt for a stable vote bank in a state where caste remains a key arbiter of power. "

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'King size bailout for the maharaja


The Supreme Court upholding 25 percent seats for the poor under 'Right to Education' Act makes front page news in most newspapers. The Times of India calls it 'revolution in schooling' and explains that this would mean free schooling up to age 14 for poor students.
'Rs.30,000 crores to keep Air India in air' is the Hindustan Times headline, of the beleaguered national carrier. The Business Standard calls it a 'King size bailout for the maharaja.
The Hindustan Times, the Pioneer and the Statesman have a picture of the freed Italian Paul Bosusco. 'Bosusco says was treated well by rebels, time to head home' writes the Hindustan Times.
18 people getting life term for killing 23 muslims in Ode, during the Gujarat riots of 2002 features prominently in the Hindu and the Indian Express.
New York Life exiting India and selling its shares to a Japanese insurer is featured in the Economic Times as 'Mitsui to buy 26 percent in Max'. The Hindustan Times business page reports that as a consequence, Max India shares have jumped 8 percent.
With the threat of arrest looming large on Nupur Talwar, the Pioneer writes 'Nupur moves Supreme Court against NBW, hearing today'. 'Aarushi mom knocks at SC doors for bail' writes Mail Today.
The Hindu has an interesting picture on its front page. Captioned 'Chopper on roof', it shows a helicopter, which made an emergency landing on the terrace of a 5 storey residential building in Bangalore. 
The Times of India reports of scientists in Toronto who are close to developing a blood test that would detect breast cancer at a very early stage, and could make mammography obsolete.
Looking forward to attending a wedding or two this weekend? Well, there is a dampenar, 'MCD polls dry up Baisakhi shadis' writes Delhi Times, adding that no liquor licenses are being issued starting today.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lionel Messi: all 234 of his Barcelona goals | Football |

Lionel Messi: all 234 of his Barcelona goals | Football | "Do you have 15 minutes to spare? You could do worse than sit back and enjoy this video, collating all 234 of Lionel Messi's goals for Barcelona. Starting off from his very first, against Albacete, right through to his hat-trick against Granada on Tuesday night, when he beat the 57-year-old milestone held by César Rodríguez.

"Messi doesn't score goals, he scores incredible goals," the Barcelona manager, Pep Guardiola, said. He certainly scores a lot of chips. "You have few players who dominate like this, but he does it. You can compare him perfectly to [Michael] Jordan.""

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

J.K. Rowling's New Book "The Casual Vacancy" Out 27th September 2012 - The Leaky Cauldron

J.K. Rowling's New Book "The Casual Vacancy" Out 27th September 2012 - The Leaky Cauldron: "Hold on to your hats, people: the publisher Little, Brown has just put out a press release giving us the title of JK Rowling’s new book… The Casual Vacancy! The book will be out on the 27th September 2012 (worldwide release date) and Little, Brown also provided a plot summary:"

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Guntur to New York. Aboard the Titanic - News

Guntur to New York. Aboard the Titanic - News: "Allen Oliver Becker's family journeyed from Guntur to London and boarded the Titanic on April 10, 1912.

Vaihayasi Pande Daniel pieces together what happened next. A Titanic centenary special.

The little girl with the white bow in her hair and the toddler boy in the lap of the young woman were both born in the Madras Presidency in British India, at Guntur and Kodaikanal respectively. So was their elder sister.

The children of American Lutheran missionary parents, they are posing in this photograph at the ceremony for the laying of the foundation stone of a nurses's home at the mission hospital in Guntur in present day eastern Andhra Pradesh.

The photograph, taken in July 1911, about nine months before the three children with their mother -- their father, far right in the white shoes, stayed behind -- journeyed to England and then boarded the RMS Titanic for New York on April 10, 2012.

All three children survived the great sea disaster, five days later on April 15. As did their mother."

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The end of Swiss bank secrecy « The Daily News Brief

The end of Swiss bank secrecy « The Daily News Brief: "I don’t really know what to expect from a day on which “Party for baby whose birth saved father from tsunami” is a frontpage headline on Reuters, but here we go anyway…"

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clean chit


Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and others getting what the papers call a 'clean chit' from the Special Investigation Team in the Gulbarg Society massacre case of 2002 dominates the front pages of most papers.
Defence minister A K Anthony's interaction with the media on the sidelines of the biannual Air Force Commanders conference is highlighted in many papers. The Hindustan Times quotes him as saying "no ammo shortage, India is fully prepared". Similarly the Times of India reports him as saying "Ammo crunch reports are false".
The Army Chief General V K Singh filing a written complaint with the CBI regarding a 14 crore rupee bribe that was offered to him to clear the supply of substandard Tatra trucks finds mention in many papers like the Tribune, the Indian Express and the Times of India.
The inauguration of the India Water Week by the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh yesterday is widely noticed in the press today. "Water resources: PM seeks 'national legal framework" reports the Indian Express. The Hindu quotes the Prime minister as saying "Its time water is optimally priced".    
The Hindu highlights a unique move to usher in green banking and greater transparency in public dealings of the Central government. The paper reports that all payments above 25,000 rupees will be credited directly to the bank accounts of payees from this fiscal.
In international news, there is great speculation over the continuation of Hina Rabbani Khar as Pakistan's foreign minister. "Argumentative Hina may face the axe" reports the Mail Today while the Asian Age speculates that Interior minister Rehman Malik might replace her. The Hindu carries a clarification from the Pakistan Prime Ministers House that no such change was in the offing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

increasing the duration of maternity leave and forbidding the sacking of a pregnant employee on any ground


A Gujarat court finding 23 persons guilty of murder and conspiracy in the massacre of 24 persons at Ode in Gujarat in the post godhra riots of 2002 dominates the front pages. "Gujarat riots: 23 held guilty for Ode carnage" reports the Hindustan Times. The Indian Express, highlighting the conspiracy charge, writes "Conspiracy charge upheld for the first time, 23 convicted for Ode killing".
The granting of bail by the Supreme Court to jailed Pakistani virologist Dr Mohd. Khaleel Chisty in a 20 year old murder case is highlighted on the front pages of many dailies. "SC breather: day after Zardari visit, bail for Chisty" reports the Times of India. The Asian Age writes "Pak scientist Chisty,80, is granted bail".
The re-election of Prakash Karat as general secretary of the CPI(M) is widely noticed with the Hindu observing "Karat at the helm again" and the Pioneer writing "Karat gets fresh mandate from diminshed CPM".
In a front page exclusive, the Mail today writes that a recent input by the Intelligence Bureau pinpoints two refineries, one in Jamnagar in Gujarat and the other in Bathinda in Punjab as possible terror targets for the Pakistan based terror group Lashkar e Tayyaba.
The Times of India highlights the recommendations made by  a working group of the Planning Commission which has reviewed the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. The paper writes that the panel has suggested increasing the duration of maternity leave and forbidding the sacking of a pregnant employee on any ground.
The return of cricketer Yuvraj Singh to Delhi after successfully completing a four month chemotherapy course in the US for treatment of lung cancer is widely noticed with many papers carrying pictures of him with his mother. The Tribune calls it "A triumphant return" while the Hindustan Times writes "Yuvi returns home a winner"

Autism Linked to Obesity in Mothers -

Autism Linked to Obesity in Mothers - "The obesity epidemic may be contributing to the rising number of children diagnosed with autism, according to a study published Monday.

Researchers said mothers who are obese are significantly more likely to have a child with autism or another developmental abnormality. The finding adds to the increasingly complex picture of possible factors that contribute to the disorders."

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Life term could mean divorce too


Pakistan President Zardari's India visit dominates newspaper headlines today. Hindustan Times writes, 'Terror tops PM - Zardari lunch menu'; 'Pak Prez bats for cricket'; 'Bilawal, Rahul bond at Meet'. The Asian Age reports, 'PM - Zardari talks constructive'; 'Rahul accepts Bilawal invite to Pak'. Papers also highlight Zardari's 5 crore rupee donations to the Ajmer Shrine.

The Maoist hostage situation in Odisha is also covered prominently. The Tribune reports, 'Maoists want 30 men freed in exchange for MLA'. The Pioneer says, 'Maoists play hardball, suspense continues'.

The Times of India reports of another hostage crisis, with the families of 17 Indians, among a crew on 22 on a Nigeria - bound oil tanker, being told that the ship was captured by Somali Pirates, more than a month ago.

The Run-up to the MCD polls in Delhi is another story in the papers today. The Pioneer headline reads, 'Candidates hard sell themselves, to connect. The paper adds that 'BJP promises virtual tax-free regime'.

The Statesman reports that the potential job losses in the Indian telecom sector could be enormous, in the wake of the 2G license cancellations, as many of the affected entities have started trimming their work force.

The Indian Express writes that in response to a call by the Air India management, employees have come up with 545 ideas to help the airline, a few of which have already been implemented.

'Life term could mean divorce too'. Under that headline, the Times of India reports the Karnataka high court's view in a case that life imprisonment could signal the end of a convict's married life too.

And finally, the Asian Age's Delhi Special puts the spotlight on the 'Tihar Idol', a talent hunt for jail inmates. The paper says that the inmates of Tihar are soon likely to get their own version of 'Indian Idol'.

'Universal' cancer vaccine developed - Telegraph

'Universal' cancer vaccine developed - Telegraph: "The therapy, which targets a molecule found in 90 per cent of all cancers, could provide a universal injection that allows patients' immune systems to fight off common cancers including breast and prostate cancer."

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CNN Reporter Says ‘F***ing N****r’ on Live TV | Digg Topnews

CNN Reporter Says ‘F***ing N****r’ on Live TV | Digg Topnews:

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

UP may get nation's first frozen zoo


The visit of Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari to India today dominates the front pages of most papers. Many speculate about the possibility of the countries discussing Hafiz Saeed, the alleged mastermind of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. 'All eyes on Zardari visit; PM likely to raise Saeed issue', reports The Tribune. Writing about the likelihood of India offering to help Pakistan's energy starved industry, The Hindustan Times says, 'Power, petrol offer awaits Zardari'.

The twentieth party congress of the CPI(M), currently on in Kozhikode is widely noticed in the papers with most focussing on the debates around the model of socialism to be adopted by the party. 'CPM deliberates on native socialism model', reports The Hindu. The Indian Express writes, 'CPM won’t follow China, Russia model'.

Many papers like The Pioneer, The Times of India and The Indian Express report that the Jammu and Kashmir government has decided to constitute a Special Investigation Team, SIT to probe the anti-national activities of US-based national, Ghulam Nabi Fai.

In a special front page story, The Hindustan Times writes that this year's IIT joint entrance exam, which is being held today, will see 30 per cent more women applicants sitting for the exam than last year.

The Centre is close to finalising the long pending HIV-AIDS (Prevention and control) Bill and The Times of India, highlighting some of the provisions, writes that testing for AIDS cannot be a prerequisite for employment or for access to healthcare, education or public places.

In interantional news, the closing down of Yemen's main airport after it was attacked by gunmen loyal to the ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh is highlighted in The Indian Express, The Times of India and The Asian Age.

And finally, in a special story, 'UP may get nation's first frozen zoo', The Asian Age writes that a cell bank may be set up in the state with the cells of endangered species and this can help in saving endangered species of animals.

BREAKING: Curfew in two areas of Hyderabad after communal clash

BREAKING: Curfew in two areas of Hyderabad after communal clash

By G S Vasu The great Congress comedy | Andhra Pradesh Congress | TRS | The New Indian Express

The great Congress comedy | Andhra Pradesh Congress | TRS | The New Indian Express: "Welcome to the Great Congress Comedy (GCC). The show is on in the great council halls of Andhra Pradesh — the Secretariat, the legislature, the chief minister’s office and ministerial chambers. For those who cannot make it to the theatres, live as well as recorded shows are telecast on all Telugu TV channels."

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Apple to become world's first $1 trillion company, predicts Wall Street analysts : Corporate News - India Today

Apple to become world's first $1 trillion company, predicts Wall Street analysts : Corporate News - India Today: "Apple will become the world's first trillion-dollar company when its shares top $1,000 each, Wall Street analysts have predicted.

The technology giant's shares were worth $633.38 last week as its stock price rose above Google's for the first time, the Daily Mail reported on Friday."

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

World Health Day: A test to detect onset of Alzheimers, as simple as an MRI, has been developed in India


Maoists rejecting the government swap offer to release Jhina Hikaka and Paulo Bosusco features on the front pages of most newspapers. 'Ultras threaten to execute Italian', writes the Statesman.

Pak President Zardari's visit figures prominently in the papers today. 'Ahead of Zardari visit, Pak, India spar over Saeed's 26/11 role', is the Tribune headlines. 'No aides in room when Manmohan and Zardari talk', is the Indian Express headline. 'Bilawal to visit India with dad Zardari', writes the Times of India.

The lead of the Times of India focusses on Defence Minister A.K. Antony. 'Antony in crosshairs for taking on arms lobby', writes the paper, adding that 'fresh rows may be bid to oust minister', as he has antagonised arms lobbies, foreign governments and armament firms.

Gold traders calling off their 21-day strike finds place in most papers. 'After meeting Sonia and the FM's assurance of Excise Duty rollback, stir is withdrawn', is the headline in the Financial Express.

Mamta Banerjee removing all mention of Marx and Engels from history books is mentioned as, 'on your Marx, get set, go', by Mail Today. 'Bengal schools get ready to dump Marx for Mandela', writes the Pioneer.

Are you a BBM user? 'No secrets on Blackberry', writes Mail Today on page one, adding that the government has got its way on tapping the popular messenger service.

Good news for car lovers - 'Toyota to assemble Camry in India', writes the Hindustan Times.

And finally, a test to detect onset of Alzheimers, as simple as an MRI, has been developed in India, writes Mails Today.

Mr Zardari, will you protect Hindus in Pakistan? - India News

Mr Zardari, will you protect Hindus in Pakistan? - India News: "The Zardari visit has created so much of noise on the television news channels and chatteratti addas in other media that this hype defies any logic.

Since he is coming to India on a private visit, and badly bruised at home, he is naturally seeking some solace. He must be welcomed and given all honours due to a foreign head of State. Period."

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World Health Day: Sedentary lifestyles affecting health of India's elderly - The Times of India

World Health Day: Sedentary lifestyles affecting health of India's elderly - The Times of India: "As WHO focuses on healthy ageing as its theme for the World Health Day on Saturday, experts say sedentary lifestyles and growing psycho-social factors are affecting the health of India's elderly."

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Coup report was stupid, says chief


"Coup report was stupid, says chief", under that headline today's Hindustan Times reports Army Chief Gen. V.K. Singh calling 'asbolutely stupid' the report that the government was jittery on January 16-17 night due to troop movements not notified to the Defence Ministry outside Delhi. Gen Singh said it was an attempt to 'throw muck' at the government and the army, writes the paper.
The Statesman and the Tribune report, that "Rahul holds meeting on UP debacle". The Stateman elaborates that a month after the crucial UP defeat in Assembly elections, a two-day formal exercise in curretly on to review the party's poor performance, and learn lessons for its revival, and rejuvenation for future campaigns.
The new-born baby girl in Jodhpur, who remained unwanted for several days, finally got to nestle up in her mother's arms. But the parents accepted the infant only after a local court ordered them to do so, on the basis of a DNA test. Mail Today covered it under the headline "Parents take disowned  baby girl back." "Jodhpur hospital drama ends", reads the Hindu headline.
According to the Pioneer the BRT corridor is capital's new gas chamber where the idling time at an intersection is double the time vehicles spend idling at the busiest intersection anywhere in the city.
Hindustan Times, on its business page reports that telecom tariffs could rise by at least 30 per cent, if the government fails to conduct auctions for 2G telephony spectrum by June 2, when licences of operators who got them in 2008 will be cancelled following a Supreme Court verdict in February.
AND FINALLY, Get ready for internet connected glasses, which will place a small see-through, display screen above a person's eye that will show maps and data. The Asian Age says that the wearer will use voice commands to give directions or send a message. This futuristic device is called 'wearable computer', says the paper.

Exclusive! $20 bn Rafale deal was manipulated, says MP - News

Exclusive! $20 bn Rafale deal was manipulated, says MP - News: "'There is an evaluation committee which is involved in these matters. The committee comprises six persons and there are persons from the armed forces and also the finance wing. My information suggests that two persons in this committee have allegedly manipulated this deal,' MV Mysura Reddy, member of the parliamentary defence standing committee, tells Vicky Nanjappa

The defence ministry has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late. While the allegations made by the Army chief about the poor state of India's defence preparedness and the bribe offer made to him in a defence deal continue to dog the ministry, here comes another shocker regarding the evaluation process that led to the emergence of the French Rafale as the lowest bidder for the supply of 126 fighter aircraft."

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ben Rattray - 2012 TIME 100 Poll: Vote for Nominees Now! - TIME

Ben Rattray - 2012 TIME 100 Poll: Vote for Nominees Now! - TIME: "Rattray is often compared to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg: they share a dweeby intensity and introverted genius. But Rattray told TIME he'd rather win a Nobel Peace Prize than have a big-ticket IPO. The site is a platform that allows ordinary folks to launch petitions against inequity and gather support from all over the world. With nearly 10 million members, it packs a big punch: witness the incredible success of the Trayvon Martin petition, which attracted nearly 2 million signatures."

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How to write

Lists of Note: "On September 7th of 1982, advertising legend David Ogilvy sent an internal memo to all employees of his advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather. The memo was entitled "How to Write," and consisted of the following list of advice."

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who named Mahatma Gandhi Father of the nation, has Babudom stumped


The Possibility of Osama-Bin-Laden playing a key role in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, is covered by Hindustan Times. The paper writes 'Hard evidence that Pakistan based LeT chief Hafiz Saeed was communicating with Osama-Bin-Laden through a courier, points to the then Al-qaida chief having played a key role in the blast's.
On the same issue the Tribune reports that India has whole heartedly welcomed the US placing the bounty on Hafiz Saeed, and has asked Pakistan to speedily act against the master mind of the Mumbai attacks.
"Chief seeks more time from CBI", reads a headline in the Hindustan Times, adding that army chief General V K Singh has asked the CBI more time to privide details on the 14 Crore bribe offer to clear the Tatra trucks deal.
"Separate Chief Minister's Meet on 'National Counter Terrorism Center' on 5th May" - headlines the Statesman. The paper adds - following pressure from three State Government's that the NCTC would infringe on the federal rights of States, the Center will hold a Chief Minister's Meet exclusively on the proposed NCTC.
"Facebook on mobiles in 8 Indian Languages soon", report the Asian Age. On Tuesday the social network gaint announced the Launch of - 'Facebook for every phone' mobile application - in Hindi, Tamil, Gujrati, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, and in Kannada.
And Finally, a school girl's RTI query - "who named Mahatma Gandhi Father of the nation, has Babudom stumped reports Hindustan Times. Though a National Archives of India official replied that there were no specific document, a Gandhian scholar has said that around 1942 Jawahar Lal Nehru referred to Mahatama Gandhi as father of the nation and the tittle became universally accepted.

Taller women at greater risk of ovarian cancer

The Hindu : Health / Medicine & Research : Taller women at greater risk of ovarian cancer: "Taller women are at a greater risk of ovarian cancer, a research led by scientists at the University of Oxford has found after bringing together all the evidence from clinical studies carried out worldwide.


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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

70 per cent infants die in first month


US announces a 10 million dollar bounty on LeT chief - Hafiz Saeed, is the top headline in the Times of India, terming Hafiz Saeed ( head of Pakistan's deadliest terror group - Lashkar-e-Taiba) India's "tormentor - in - chief", Hindustan Times writes that the 51 crore Rs. reward puts the Pakistan based 26/11 plotter on par with Taliban founder, Mullah Omar.

"Procurement get a push after Antony, Gen meet" - reports the Indian Express. The paper writes that amid the uproar over the army's depleting war - fighting capabilities, triggered by a letter from the Army chief, the Def. Ministry announced 'in principal approval' to three pending policy issues relating to Procurement.

"New details emerge on Tatra truck deal" as the CBI questions London Millionaire Ravi Rishi again, headlines the Hindu. The CBI will next question Defence PSU - Bharat Earth Movers Ltd boss -VRS Natarajan in the course of the ongoing prove.
"Dawn of a new era for Burma" headlines the Asian Age, with a photograph of Aung San Suu Kyi on page one, as she called for a show of political unity after her party claimed a major victory in landmark by - elections.

British media baron - Rupert Murdoch's Star Group has won the television and digital rights for all domestic and international cricket matches in India for six year from July this year, informs Hindustan Times.

"70 per cent infants die in first month", reads a Times of India headline, reporting that nearly 70 per cent of infant deaths (within the first year of birth) in the country in 2010 took place during the first 29 days of life.
A pair of Mahatama Gandhi's round-rimmed glasses, his charkha, a pinch of soil from the place where he was assassinated in 1948 and a prayer book in Gujrati are among the several rare items to be put for auction on April 17 in Ludlow in the UK, writes the Statesman.

Woman raped by goons she hired to kill husband - The Times of India

Woman raped by goons she hired to kill husband - The Times of India: "Police have dug up a fact more bizarre than fiction in the gangrape of a 39-year-old woman in Hooghly's Polba, 60km from Kolkata. Investigators say she was raped by the killers she had hired with the help of her lover to murder her husband. "

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Improbable research: the German beer belly is misunderstood | Education | The Guardian

Improbable research: the German beer belly is misunderstood | Education | The Guardian: "A team of scientists has attacked the idea that beer is the main cause of beer bellies in Germans. As with many biomedical questions, an absolute, indisputable answer may be impossible. To obtain it would require continuously monitoring and measuring, over a span of years, every sip and morsel drunk and eaten by a vast number of people."

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Monday, April 2, 2012

How Much is Each Facebook User Worth?

How Much is Each Facebook User Worth?: "Facebook’s latest valuation just reached over $100 billion, and for some reason that struck a chord with me, especially considering the number of users on Facebook. So, just because it’s an interesting thing to think about and not a serious calculation, we decided to do some math:"

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Amazing: The Poorest Households Spend 9% of Their Income on Lottery Tickets - Derek Thompson - Business - The Atlantic

Amazing: The Poorest Households Spend 9% of Their Income on Lottery Tickets - Derek Thompson - Business - The Atlantic: "The Mega Millions jackpot makes this the week to talk about lottery economics, so here's a whopper: Households earning less than $13,000 a year spend a shocking 9% of their money on lottery tickets, Henry Blodget relays from a PBS report.* Are they clueless? Are they desperate? Are they economical? Maybe, probably, and possibly."

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AIDS 'could be eliminated in our lifetime' - Features - Al Jazeera English

AIDS 'could be eliminated in our lifetime' - Features - Al Jazeera English: "When Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, Director of the Louis Pasteur Institute in France and winner of the Nobel Prize in 2008 for her discovery of HIV, first isolated the HIV virus in 1982, she had no idea she had stumbled onto the greatest epidemic of our time.

"Initially, we thought only a small group of people were affected by the disease," Barre-Sinoussi told Al Jazeera. "Very naively, we did not realise the magnitude of the epidemic.""

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How billionaires destroy democracy - Wall Street -

How billionaires destroy democracy - Wall Street - "There are many words that could be used to describe Barack Obama, but one adjective decidedly doesn’t fit: Aggressive. So it was more than passing strange when a prominent member of Wall Street — Stephen Schwarzman, chairman of the private equity giant Blackstone Group — compared actions by President Obama to one of the most notoriously aggressive acts by one of history’s most aggressive villains. Speaking to the board of a nonprofit group, Schwarzman fiercely denounced initiatives by the Obama administration: “It’s war. It’s like when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.”"

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India boasts of being the worlds third fastest growing economy, but does not have toilet facilities for 65 per cent of its households


The Times of India says on its front page that there is a shortfall of five lakh cops against sanctioned vacancies in India, but 3 cops protect each VIP as against just one cop for 761 citizens. The data released by the Home Ministry shows that Punjab deployed the maximum number of cops for VIP security followed by Delhi and Andhra Pradesh, reports the paper.

Graft check: DDA will not allot houses: writes Hindustan Times in a headline story. According to the paper, In a major decision to check corruption, the government has proposed a move that will ensure that the Delhi Development Authority will no longer have a role in allotment of land or property to individuals and institutions. A regulator will oversee auctioning and allotment of land and property.

The Pioneer in a front page story writes that it is ironical that India boasts of being the worlds third fastest growing economy, but does not have toilet facilities for 65 per cent of its households. Keeping this in mind sanitation is likely to see an exceptional hike of 675 per cent in the 12th plan, says the paper.

Being bilingual may protect your brain from dementia writes the Asian Age. According to the paper learning another language rewires your brain and slows the onset of dementia. Researches in the York University Canada found that learning two languages makes the brain work harder and more resilient in later life.

And finally, a study conducted by two professors claim that a vaccine against heart attacks is being developed which could be available in the market in 5 years. Prof. Prediman Shah at the Sanai Heart Institute in the United States and professor Nilsson from Lund University Sweden claimed that the antibodies could reduce the build up of fat and stop the clogging of arteries. The Times of India, the Asian Age, the Pioneer and the Indian Express have reported this story.

IPL 2012 Match Schedule | Fixtures & Timings Indian Premier League (IPL 5) 2012

IPL 2012 Match Schedule | Fixtures & Timings Indian Premier League (IPL 5) 2012:

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Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in upcoming indie film | Edible Apple

Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in upcoming indie film | Edible Apple: "First there was Noah Wyle, and now there’s Ashton Kutcher.
We’re not sure what to make of this but Variety is reporting that Ashton Kutcher – who you likely recognize from That 70s Show, Punked, and Two and a Half Men – has been tapped to play Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in an indie film titled “Jobs”, based on a script from Matt Whiteley."

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‘Modification’ of politics By Karan Thapar - Hindustan Times

‘Modification’ of politics - Hindustan Times: "Narendra Modi’s stunning victory will change Indian politics decisively, perhaps dramatically, possibly desperately. I have no doubt it’s a turning point. Actually, it will amount to several turning points. For the Congress and for the Left, just as much as for the BJP and the NDA. First

related stories
A Modi temple in Gujarat
the BJP."

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Myanmar votes today in historic by election


Army Chief Gen V K Singh's complaint to the CBI, naming Lt. Gen Tejinder Singh as the person who offered him a bribe, to clear 600 substandard Tatra trucks for the army, is given prominence in the Press. Hindustan Times, quoting CBI sources writes, the Chief's sketchy communication is not convincing enough and that more details are needed.

On the issue of the quality of the trucks under question, The Indian Express quotes DRDO chief, VK Saraswat, who said that the Tatra trucks were outstanding and that there was nothing substandard about the vehicles.

"Myanmar votes today in historic by election", is the top headline in The Hindu, along with a Photograph of the iconic Aung San Suu Kyi. An opinion poll finds wide support for Suu Kyi, but says that Army dominance will remain. A student leader, however said that Aung San Suu Kyi's presence in Parliament is important for further political, economic and media reforms.

The Indian Express writes that plans are underway for Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari to make a brief private visit to Ajmer Dargah Sharif in India. The day long visit is likely on April 8th. The paper writes that the Government is learnt to be looking at the possibility of converting the trip into a state visit.

And to conclude the Press Review, Hindustan Times tells us of Nirmal Varma, a daily wage earner in Indore who dreamt of sending his daughter Dhanvantri to the same school as his employer's child. The Right to Education Act made his wish come true. Dhanvantri has turned out to be a consistent topper in the same school.