Friday, April 6, 2012

Coup report was stupid, says chief


"Coup report was stupid, says chief", under that headline today's Hindustan Times reports Army Chief Gen. V.K. Singh calling 'asbolutely stupid' the report that the government was jittery on January 16-17 night due to troop movements not notified to the Defence Ministry outside Delhi. Gen Singh said it was an attempt to 'throw muck' at the government and the army, writes the paper.
The Statesman and the Tribune report, that "Rahul holds meeting on UP debacle". The Stateman elaborates that a month after the crucial UP defeat in Assembly elections, a two-day formal exercise in curretly on to review the party's poor performance, and learn lessons for its revival, and rejuvenation for future campaigns.
The new-born baby girl in Jodhpur, who remained unwanted for several days, finally got to nestle up in her mother's arms. But the parents accepted the infant only after a local court ordered them to do so, on the basis of a DNA test. Mail Today covered it under the headline "Parents take disowned  baby girl back." "Jodhpur hospital drama ends", reads the Hindu headline.
According to the Pioneer the BRT corridor is capital's new gas chamber where the idling time at an intersection is double the time vehicles spend idling at the busiest intersection anywhere in the city.
Hindustan Times, on its business page reports that telecom tariffs could rise by at least 30 per cent, if the government fails to conduct auctions for 2G telephony spectrum by June 2, when licences of operators who got them in 2008 will be cancelled following a Supreme Court verdict in February.
AND FINALLY, Get ready for internet connected glasses, which will place a small see-through, display screen above a person's eye that will show maps and data. The Asian Age says that the wearer will use voice commands to give directions or send a message. This futuristic device is called 'wearable computer', says the paper.

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