Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The 'whistle blower' in the Bofors case has finally made his identity known after 25 long years


Congress President Sonia Gandhi planning major changes in the All India Congress Committee, amidst reports of at least four Cabinet Ministers saying that they are willing to shift from the Government to work for the Party, is found on the front pages of the day's papers. Hindustan Times writes that the changes will probably be carried out after the Budget Session of Parliament.
The fate of abducted Collector Alex Paul Menon continues to hold headlines. The Asian Age reports that hours after Maoists sent a virtual SOS to the Government through the local media, indicating the Collector's critical health condition, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh rushed his emissary Manish Kunjam, with medicines for the IAS officer.
On the forthcoming Presidential Election the Asian Age writes - "Consensus or contest? Politics begins", with regional players and the BJP not in the mood to oblige the Congress. The Indian Express reports that the Samajwadi Party is learnt to be lobbying for its Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav for the President's post.
The 'whistle blower' in the Bofors case has finally made his identity known after 25 long years! writes the Times of India. Former Swedish Police Chief, Sten Lindstrom, has owned up to being the 'Swedish Deep Throat' who had leaked over 350 documents to an Indian journalist, says the paper.
"LoC, Stock and Barrel! (the lock there is spelt as LoC) as Indian Banks to Reach Pak", writes the Economic Times. The paper says that State Bank of India can look forward to crossing the border, 47 years after it had to shut its branches in Pakistan in the wake of the Indo-Pak war.
And finally, the Asian Age writes that the famous Parijat tree at Kintur village in Barabanki District, believed to be over 4000 years old and possessing magical powers, appears to be in danger with its leaves wilting. The paper writes that a senior Botanist who examined it recently said the tree needs treatment for termites. But the villagers won't allow any one to touch the tree.

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