Thursday, April 30, 2015

Debt-ridden Maharashtra farmer feels abandoned: Rahul | Business Standard News

Debt-ridden Maharashtra farmer feels abandoned: Rahul | Business Standard News


    Protests and anger in Nepal on aid not reaching affected areas, Rahul Gandhi's offensive against the government over farmers' distress and the Union Cabinet clearing one of Prime Minister Modi's most favoured project-100 smart cities spread across the country are some lead stories in papers today.
    "Centre plans zero tolerance for graft ", says the pioneer, writing that the proposed amendments to the prevention of corruption will hike the maximum jail term from 5 to 7 years but plans to build in a safeguard for retired bureaucrats.
    "Government plans Bharat Mala, a 5000 km road network" writes the Times of India, adding that the Rs. 50 crore project will connect all untouched areas in the hinterland to push development and economic activities.
    The Asian Age writes that with a string of farmer suicides shocking the country, a Haryana Minister has whipped up a row with comments that farmers ending their lives are cowards and criminals.
    The Indian Express reports that the Bombay High Court yesterday refused to stay the provision of the new beef ban law which restricts people from procuring beef from outside Maharashtra, but directed the State government not to take any coercive action for its possession for 3 months in the state.
    The Hindu opines that in a signal indicating that Afghanistan was upset with Pakistan over its refusal to allow direct trade with India via the Wagah border, President Ashraf Ghani has said that if the deadlock continues, Afghanistan will not provide equal transit access to central Asia to Pakistani trucks.
    And Finally, in interesting news for science and tech lovers, the Times of India writes that Yahoo has unveiled a new technology that would replace finger prints and retina scans or the usual four digit security number to unlock your phone. 

Gold smuggling cases on the rise at Hyderabad airport | Business Standard News

Gold smuggling cases on the rise at Hyderabad airport | Business Standard News


The aftermath of the Nepal quake continues to dominate newspapers with several stories of miraculous survival.

The Times of India reports of an Indian Army expedition to the Everest turning into a rescue mission, saying the 30-man team survived the quake and will now be the last to come down. Another story is of an Indian team saving a woman after an amazing 33 hours under the rubble of a building.

The paper also reports, humanitarian help in Nepal, Iraq, Libya and Yemen gives Delhi 'White Knight' reputation.

The Hindu reports Nepal's Ambassdor to India appreciating the "unbelievable support and assistance" from India and saying, the assurance of help from the Indian Government has been like a "blank cheque".

The Pioneer and Tribune report, a portion of India slid about one foot to 10 feet northward and Nepal in a matter of seconds during the devastating quake on Saturday.

The Indian Express reports, 120 cases were filed in courts across the country till the 31st of March this year against those named in the HSBC black money list.

The paper also mentions the World Bank pegging India's growth rate at 7.5 percent in 2015-16. In a related story, the Economic Times writes the World Bank expects India's economic growth to climb 8 percent in 2017-18.

The Indian Express states the Finance Ministry plans to encourage mobile payments to curb cash use and also incentivise banks to promote transactions through credit and debit cards.

And finally, "after Golden Quadrilateral, here's Mother of all roads", says the Economic Times, reporting the Modi government plans to build a road from Gujarat to Mizoram and link it to coastal states from Maharastra to Bengal, with the name Bharat Mala.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Incredible moment earthquake rescue team pull woman from the rubble after spending 50 hours buried alive in Nepal | Daily Mail Online

Incredible moment earthquake rescue team pull woman from the rubble after spending 50 hours buried alive in Nepal | Daily Mail Online


 The fall out of the devastation caused by the Earthquake in Nepal, the NDA government's crackdown on NGO's that failed to file their annual returns, and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India facing flak from netizens after releasing around 1 million email Ids on the web are some lead stories in papers today.

"Fear rules Kathmandu Streets - Geologists say entire city has shifts 3m South - India keeps up momentum of operation Maitri" writes the Hindustan Times.

Asking how prepared are we for handling Earthquakes as the Northern part of India lies in a high seismic zone and urban growth has been largely unplanned, the Tribune point outs " Jammu sits on major fault line," " Himachal's stilt Buildings fraught with danger," " Punjab's Disaster response caught in fund crunch" and "Gurgaon's 1,100 high rises are at risk."

The Hindu reports that in a major embarrassment to the Aam Admi Party led government, the Tilak Manjhi Bhagalpur University of Bihar told the Delhi High Court yesterday that Law Minister Jitendar Singh Tomar's law degree was fabricated and did not exist on its records.

Putting the spotlight on the land bill row, The Hindustan Times says, "Parties oppose bill to gain ground- apart from opposition parties, NDA allies such as Shiv Sena and Akali Dal to voice their dissent."

The Asian Age reports that according to the International Olympic Committee, India will not bid for the 2024 Games as it's too soon for India to host a successful Games.

The Indian Express reports that a deadlock on the National Judicial Appointment Commission could lead to a constitutional crisis after it emerged that the Chief Justice of India had informed Prime Minister Modi that he would not join the panel until the Supreme court decided on the validity on the new system to appoint Judges.

And finally, In good news for empowering the individual for greater  privacy, The Times of India writes that in a ground breaking development, Britains first legally approved HIV self-testing kit went on sale online yesterday.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Trai publishes email IDs of netizens, site hacked

Trai publishes email IDs of netizens, site hacked:

'via Blog this'


The Nepal quake dominates headlines in all the national dailies today. "The day after, a second shock stalls rescue, dead cross 2,400 as living begin to pick up the pieces" headlines the Indian Express. The paper adds, " Hospitals overflow with dead and injured, run out of supplies, thousand spend rainy Kathmandu night in  the open". "Indian Herculean effort's writes the Pioneer adding, "IAF presses 13 military aircraft for operation Maitri, 10 helicopters air lift injured , drop food packets in Nepal."

Writing on the Prime minsters "Mann ki Baat ' programme on All India Radio on Sunday, the Pioneer quotes the PM as saying "will wipe tears of every Nepali".

"22 Mount Everest climbers buried under avalanche triggered by earthquake" States The Pioneer. The Asian Age carries a photograph on its front page of people being examined for injuries and prepared for evacuation at the Everest base camp in Nepal on Sunday.

Writing on the power equations within the Board of control of cricket in India (BCCI), the Hindustan Times headlines"Srinivasan targets BCCI's Thakur, but is in snooping soup of his own". While the Tribune writes,"ICC takes note of complaint accusing Anurag of having links with 'bookie' ".

The Times of India and The Hindustan Times write on their front pages of Ratan Tata becoming the first Indian to take stake in Chinas largest smart phone maker, Xiaomi.

The Times of India reports that Aadhar has emerged as one of the largest bio metric identification programme in the world, with the unique identification authority of India issuing nearly 82 crore cards covering nearly 67% of the population.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Nepal Terrorized by Aftershocks, Hampering Relief Efforts -

Nepal Terrorized by Aftershocks, Hampering Relief Efforts -


The worst devastating earthquake in 80 years finds top mention in all the dailies today. "Devastating quake leaves Nepal Shaken India stirred,"  headlines the Business Standard. With you in grief  Nepal" headlines the Mail Today. The paper adds that "India reacts strongly and swiftly to head global relief and rescue as killer quake claims over 1450 in the region. 'Himalyan tragedy' headlines the Indian Express.

The Hindustan reports that the termors have Delhiites running scarred.  They were felt twice, first at around 11:42 am and an after shock 12:18pm on Saturday. Almost all the papers carry photographs of the death and devastation caused by the killer quake.

'US asks India to explain action against 2 NGO's headlines the Asian Age, adding that 'Washington seeks clarification over crackdown on Greenpeace and Ford Foundation".

"United Spirites (USL) asks Mallya to step down' headlines the Financial Express. The subhead reads "Mallya refuses to resign as Chairman, says charge of fund diversion "Unjustified and fake". The Times of India and the Financial Express also carry the story on their front pages.

The Asian Age on its front page carries a photograph of Mr. Modi on his first Delhi Metro ride. Mr. Modi had to go to Dwarka for an official function and took the Metro to avoid inconvenience to the public on the route because of security arrangements.

The Hindu in an exclusive story reports that inspired by China's Conficus Institute, the RSS (Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh) think tank has now proposed that Union Human Resource Development minister Smriti Irani establish an Indian Institute of classical studies to promote Indian languages abroad.

And finally, The Times of India reports that abusing in -laws and not allowing them to reside in the matrimonial home by a woman amounts to cruelty to her spouse, ground enough for grant of divorce.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

More than 1,500 killed by 7.8-magnitude quake in Nepal - The Washington Post

More than 1,500 killed by 7.8-magnitude quake in Nepal - The Washington Post


Arvind Kejriwal's volte face by tendering an apology on Rajasthan Farmer's death has been widely covered by today's national dailies. "Kejriwal says he's sorry, again" headlines The Hindustan Times. The paper writes that Aam Admi Party changed track, going from confrontationist to apologetic in the space of a day. The Asian Age writes "Kejri's apology finds few takers". It further reports that the farmer's family seeks an investigation by CBI.

The Prime Minister's appeal to end the Sarpanch-pati Culture in Panchayats has been covered by many News papers. The Statesman reports that Prime Minister Modi called upon women Panchayat members to exercise their powers more efficiently. The Hindustan Times writes that the PM called for an end to the practice of the husbands of women sarpanches acting as de facto sarpanch.

The Government telling the Delhi High court that a plan to curb air Pollution in NCR has not been created yet, is reported in The Indian Express. The newspaper opines "No plan so far to check NCR air Pollution: Govt to High Court."

S C calls urban shelter scheme 'a big scam'  writes the Times of India about the Supreme Courts finding that only 208 shelters for 9 lakh urban homeless were built in 14 states, though the center had released Rs. 1078 crore to all state and UT's.

And finally, The Mr. India fans would be pleased to know that "Invisible Man is fact now, not just fiction" The Times of India reports that in a first, scientists have created a perceptual illusion of having an invisible body among humans in the lab.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Armenians mark 1915 mass killings

Armenians mark 1915 mass killings


    The confrontation brewing between the Aam Admi Party and the Delhi Police over farmer Gajendra Singh's suicide at an AAP rally in the Capital gets top billing in the papers today. "FIR accuses AAP leaders of instigating farmers suicide" reports the Times of India. On the magisterial probe set up by the Delhi government to inquire into the incident, the Tribune states "Delhi cops refuse to join magisterial probe". Highlighting the Prime Minister's intervention in a debate on the issue in the Lok Sabha, the Pioneer quotes him as saying " Cant let farmers die, will act together".
    The Center's submission to the Supreme Court on the appointment of new judges by the National Judicial Appointments Commission or NJAC, which is to be constituted by May 11, is widely noticed in the press. "Govt wont appoint judges till SC resolves NJAC issue" reports the Indian Express.
    The decision of the National Human Rights Commission to inquire into the killing of 20 woodcutters in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh on April 7 is keenly tracked by the press. "NHRC asks for phone records of STF men" reports the Indian Express.
    The heated debate in the Lok Sabha after Speaker Sumitra Mahajan expunged AAP MP Bhagwant Mann's remarks criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi by referring to his monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat is highlighted in all the papers. The Hindu questions "Is Mann Ki Baat unparliamentary?". The Pioneer says "Speaker promises to reconsider AAP MP's remarks".
    In a front page exclusive, the Hindustan Times reports "RBI gives PMO list of top bank frauds worth 17.5 thousand crore rupees".
    The Indian Express takes note of the Obama administration's admission that hostages from America and Italy had been killed in a US drone strike on an Al Qaeda compound in Pakistan.
    And's a village like no other...."Damadon ka Purwa" in Kaushambhi district of Uttar Pradesh follows a unique practice. Bridegrooms come here on horseback and live the rest of their lives at their wives' homes reports the Asian Age.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Farmers suicide issue rocks Parliament; PM open to suggestions

 Farmers suicide issue rocks Parliament; PM open to suggestions

    The farmer hanging himself at Aam Aadmi Party rally is the front story in most newspapers.
    "Horror of farm suicide visits Delhi- Rajasthan farmer ends life at AAP rally is the Hindu headline.
    The Hindustan Times reports, about the running of a powerful Sand mafia in Madhya Pradesh. The lucrative trade worth 30 lakh rupees per day had also led to policeman Dharmendra Chauhan's death who had tried to stop a sand laden truck, earlier this month.
    The Asian Age reports that according to a UN study US and China top the list of countries dumping - e waste and only 6.5 of the 41.8 million tonnes gets recycled. The discarded materials including Gold, Silver, Iron and Copper are over worth 52 billion dollars.
    From now on, the wages of Tihar jail convicts would be transferred to their Jan Dhan Yojana bank account. Even the products made by them would be sold through e-commerce reports the Pioneer.
    The Hindu reports that India ranks second among nations after the US, that were targeted for cyber crimes through social media in 2014.
    The Financial Express reports that the Indian passport has been ranked second out of the 50 most powerful travel documents in the world according to a Sweden Survey.
    The Pioneer carries a beautiful picture of devotees carrying idol of goddess AMMAN on the occassion of Chithirai festival at Thandu Marianmman temple in Coimbatore yesterday.,
    Here's some good news for all those who worried about children getting addicted to Junk Food. The Economic Times reports that Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds have reported an 11 per cent dip in sales growth.

El Nino impact looms over monsoon, India likely to get below average rainfall - Firstpost

El Nino impact looms over monsoon, India likely to get below average rainfall - Firstpost


The Aam Aadmi Party war turning murky, with the expulsion of four AAP rebel founding-members and the consequent internecine battle, is covered extensively by today's Press. The Times of India headline reads "AAP rebels' ouster opens up a dirty linen factory". Hindustan Times says that AAP removed Patiala MP Dharamvir Gandhi as head of the party in Parliament, after he spoke out in favour of expelled leaders Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav.

"3 States seek 10,000 crore rupees farm relief"- headlines The Asian Age. Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana have sought  this amount from the National Disaster Response Fund, for urgent relief to farmers.

Indian Express writes on a 're-rating' in market expectations by the UBS Bank, with the global brokerage firm cutting its nifty target for Dec 2015 from the projected 9,600 to 9,200 and many financial houses adjusting their expectations and coming out with subdued revised projections.

Hindustan Times writes that Chinese President XI Jinping departed Pakistan after what observers said was a hugely successful visit, and Nawaj Sharif terming the two nations as 'Iron brothers".

The Prime Minister's address to bureaucrats on the Civil Services Day, is noticed prominently by the Press. The Asian Age writes that Mr. Modi advised bureaucrats 'Not to live like robots, and to spend quality time with their families, as a life full of tension cannot achieve anything". He asserted that political intervention is necessary in a democracy,  and should not be seen as a hindrance to good governance.

In a headline The Pioneer writes  "Japan train breaks speed record ". The paper reports that Japan's state-of-the-art maglev train hits a top speed of 603 kilometres an hour.

And finally, The Times of India reports that the traditional role of 'Gold' as a store house of wealth has been usurped - and the two greatest stores of wealth today have become 'contemporary art' and 'luxury apartments' in cities such as New York and London.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

US: No reason to think IS leader wounded | Daily Mail Online

US: No reason to think IS leader wounded | Daily Mail Online


The Aam Admi Party expelling its dissident leaders, the Supreme Court backing the national green tribunal ban on old vehicles and Rahul Gandhi making a comeback in Parliament after an unexplained absence of 56 days are some main stories carried by papers today.

"Rahul leads charge on " Suit boot ki sarkar", writes the Hindustan Times while the Hindu headlines "Opposition rallies around Rahul but government in no mood to relent."

"Stocks on the slide", says the Economic Times writing " Dalal street loses grip as a Mountain of worries looms- concern over dip in corporate earnings, Chinese trading curbs and tax on foreign funds".

In good news for fiscal discipline, the Indian Express writes that the next time you delay that phone or electricity bill payment, there is a chance it could end up denting your over all credit worthiness. The paper reports that the RBI has backed a proposal by the Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited to utilise people's bill payment history to help banks assess their credit worthiness.

"Liquid biopsy" being tested in US may be a boon for cancer patients " says the Times of India. The paper reports that in a potentially transformative innovation, a simple blood draw in place of  the cutting out of a patients tumour will enable oncologists to figure out if a treatment for cancer patients is working or not.

The Hindu writes that the May 3rd deadline set by the Centre for mobile number portability is likely to be breached and consumers may have to wait till July for this facility.

"Cricketer dies after freak mishap", says the Asian Age writing that Ankit Keshri, a promising Bengal batsman, succumbed to his injuries yesterday three days after suffering a freakish on-field collision with another player during the Cricket Association of Bengal's senior one-day knockout match.

And finally in relieving news for taxpayers, the Times of India writes, "After out cry, review of Income Tax form begins", The paper says that the finance Ministry has formally launched an exercise to make the 14 page income tax return form more taxpayer friendly.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Will keep raising farmers’ issues in Parliament, says Congress chief

Will keep raising farmers’ issues in Parliament, says Congress chief


Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address to BJP MP's on the eve of the Parliament session beginning today and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi's speech at an anti- land bill farmer's rally in the Capital dominate the headlines. The Times of India provides a perspective as it writes "Congress, BJP on warpath over land bill, jostle to be seen as farmer's messiah". While the Indian Express quotes the Prime Minister as saying "All decisions I take are for welfare of poor", the Hindustan Times highlights Rahul Gandhi as saying "PM wants to repay industrialist pals with land".

The election of Rajya Sabha MP Sitaram Yechury as the general secretary of the CPI(M) is prominently noticed in the press. Putting the spotlight on what he needs to do as the new party chief, the Tribune states "Pragmatic Marxist Yechury needs to attract youth, middle class". The Pioneer writes "The general secretary hints at CPM-CPI merger, stronger ties with democratic forces".

Most papers take note of the suicide of a 31 year old doctor from AIIMS alleging that her husband was gay and was mentally torturing her for dowry. "Upset by husband's gay relationships, AIIMS doc kills self" reports the Hindu.

Recent amendments in the All India Service Rules that make prior permission necessary for  IAS and IPS officers before they accept gifts including free transportation and boarding and lodging worth more than 5000 rupees is widely reported. The Mail Today writes "Babu's need govt nod for accepting gifts over 5000 Rupees".

In a special front page story, the Indian Express cites statistics compiled by the National Health Mission to say that India is facing a debilitating shortage of health specialists, even in basic disciplines such as surgery, gynaecology and paediatrics.

The name Hari Singh may not strike you as being particularly exceptional. But you just might have tp sit up and take note now because the Times of India writes "At 747 years, Hari Singh is Meerut's oldest voter". The paper states that the electoral roll prepared by the Meerut Cantonment Board has other voters who are 200, 540 and 549 years old.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Narendra Modi says govt will not dilute land bill amendments - Livemint

Narendra Modi says govt will not dilute land bill amendments - Livemint


The unrest in Kashmir following the killing of a teenager during clashes with protesters makes for front page news in almost all newspapers. "Kashmir unrest at boiling point' headlines the Pioneer.

"Saffron bullies cautioned" says Jaitley" headlines the Hindu quoting Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in Washington adding that the alleged church attacks brought a bad name to India and was based mostly on erroneous reporting.

In a front page lead story The Sunday Express reports, "GoMs back, in "informal" avatar" and adds that atleast 16 informal groups of ministers have been formed since March to clear proposals of ministries before being sent to cabinet.

The Pioneer reports that soon audio-visual warnings at unmanned railway crossing may be a reality going by the plans by the Railways. The device uses geo-spatial  technology and ISRO will also be a part of the consulting team.

The Times of India reports that the latest data by the MeT department revels all India rain from 15 march to 15 April was double of normal - sadly 601 farmers have killed themselves in Maharastra between January to March this year.

Soon Sadhu's in India will be issued official ID cards by an umbrella association of 13 akhara or monastic orders-this is being done to take care of some greedy imposters posing as Sadhu's and thus mallinging the reputation of genuine ones. That's a reports in the Hindustan Times.

The Times of India reports that unemployed youth will be hired to keep a 500 metre area in 118 towns of the Ganga river bank as ulitter free zone as part of the National mission for clean Ganga.

The Financial Express reports that the coffee is seeing a very slow growth rate resulting in many coffee chains in India shutting down, also due to high real estate costs. Well, perhaps its time to go back to the good old "Chai".

 And Finally  The blockbaster film Sholey was released in Pakistan after a good 40 years reports the Asian Age and these are huge cut-outs of Gabbar Singh, Jai and Veeru where the audience can also get photographed with them.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why #ZameenWapsi could well lead to #CongressWapsi - IBNLive

Why #ZameenWapsi could well lead to #CongressWapsi - IBNLive


News of clashes erupting in Srinagar yesterday over the arrest of Hurriyat leader Masarat Alam Bhat, appears on most front pages this morning. The headline in the Hindu reads,  "clashes erupt after Alam's arrest: Hurriyat Chairman Geelani calls for shutdown today".

Mail today writes that, The National Green Tribunal has asked all States and Union Territories to submit a status report on 'air quality' and suggest ways to curb pollution in big cities. The Hindustan Times also reports that the National Green Tribunal has asked the South Delhi Municipal Corporation to fine vehicles Rs. 5000 for offenses such as wrongful parking and stopping and waiting in restricted areas.

"First Germany, now UK object to India's 'breach' of secret bank data," is the lead headline in The Indian Express. The paper writes, while German authorities objected to the manner in which 18 names of Indian account holders in a  bank in Liechtenstein were disclosed to the Supreme Court and the public, the authorities in UK have made similar protests after details of some transactions also appeared in the public domain.

The Hindu reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping is heading to Islamabad on a two-day visit, with billions of dollars of likely investments which would be used to build the Pakistan node of Beijing's ambitious Maritime Silk Road.

Hindi Daily Dainik Bhaskar has reported about an incident in a village in Chhattisgarh where a bride refused to marry her bridegroom as he was found drunk.

Several papers carry the story of the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) recruiting its first woman driver - 30 year old Saritha - who hails from Telangana. Saritha will be hitting Delhi roads on Route 615 from Monday.

And Finally, The Asian Age tells us that the historic Red Fort will, reportedly, be restored to its Mughal era glory in the next three years. The Archaeological Survey of India has excavated the original water channels and plans to make all the 230 fountains functional over the next few years.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Separatist leader Masarat Alam remanded to 7-day police custody | Latest News

Separatist leader Masarat Alam remanded to 7-day police custody | Latest News


The front page stories today include Obama penning a tribute for Prime Minister Modi, Rahul returning after 8 weeks and separatist leaders in Srinagar put under house arrest to prevent them from leading a rally.

13 Indians in Time 100', reports the Hindustan Times, of Narendra Modi, Chanda Kochar and Vikram Patel, who have done India proud by being featured in the annual list of 100 most influential people in the world of the Time Magazine.

Mail Today writes, In a gesture that seals Modi's status as a global statesman, U.S President writes a eulogising piece on him for Time magazine. 'Obama hails 'Narendra' in personal tribute', says the Times of India.

The Asian Age, Indian Express and The Pioneer show Prime Minister Modi with his Canadian counterpart. The Hindu headline reads 'Nuclear energy turns saffron', referring to the 350 million dollar deal with Canada, which will ensure supply of reactors and Uranium to India.

A day after Geelani and Masarat raised pro Pakistan slogans and flags in Srinagar, The Statesman says, "House arrest for Jammu and Kashmir separatists". Mufti acts after Rajnath prod' is the Tribune headline, adding that the Tral march today has been halted.

Two leading newspapers have given different predictions for monsoon. The Hindustan Times writes, "Fresh farm worry as El Nino sets in, cloud over monsoon", adding that the weather glitch would cause drought, while the Times of India says 'normal monsoon this year'.

Keen on a home coach, the BCCI seriously considering Ganguly and Shastri to coach team India is reported by the Hindustan Times.

And finally, "want to buy a hill or lake" ? asks the Times of India, 'come to Faridabad and Gurgaon, it says, reporting of major parts of land being privatized here.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Telangana Govt. Launches Free Wi-Fi In Hyderabad Tank Bund Area From Today

 Telangana Govt. Launches Free Wi-Fi In Hyderabad Tank Bund Area From Today


    The new strategic partnership between Canada and India, wherein India is to get 3,000 metric tonnes of Uranium from Canada - under a five year, 254 million dollar deal, is prominently noticed by the Press.
    Yesterday's merger of six parties of the erstwhile Janata Parivar under the leadership of Mulayam Singh Yadav, also receives prominence. Hindustan Times writes " Alarm bells ring for BJP in Bihar", as a direct fight between the BJP and the new national secular alternative in the Bihar assembly polls might hit the saffron party's political efforts.
    As a preliminary step for a possible declassification of files on the mysterious disappearance of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, as well as to deal with various documents covered under the Official Secrets Act, the Centre has formed an inter-ministerial committee under the leadership of cabinet secretary Ajit Seth, reports the Pioneer.
    Defence Minister Manohar Parikar has said that India's multi-billion tender process to buy 126 advanced Rafale warplanes - was doomed from the start because UPA defence Minister AK Antony had put a 'question mark' on the deal, reports Hindustan Times.
    The Pioneer reports that China's economy has slowed further, dipping to 7 percent in the first quarter, the worst slump since the 2009 global financial crisis.
    Mail Today reports - A four member team of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs swooped down on the registered offices of trusts run by Teesta Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand in Mumbai for an inspection of their records. The raid was preceded by a letter by the Gujarat Government alleging violations of the Foreign Exchange Management Act.
    And finally the Times of India tells us that scientists at the Duke University of north Carolina have broken new grounds in the search of an Alzheimer's cure, discovery a new potential cause of the disease.

Net Neutrality: Facebook defends platform; Cleartrip logs out - The Economic Times

Net Neutrality: Facebook defends platform; Cleartrip logs out - The Economic Times


Aam Admi Party rebels Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan deciding to stay in the party and vowing a clean up from within, Pakistan's Punjab government challenging the Lahore High Court's decision to suspend the detention of Let operations commander and 2008 Mumbai attack master mind Zaki ur-Rehman Lakhvi and Flipkart walking out of the Airtel Zero deal are some lead stories in newspapers today.

"Flipkart bats for Net neutrality, logs out of Airtel Zero Deal, " writes the Tribune while the Hindu says "Net Neutrality wins as Flipkart does a U turn".

The Hindustan Times reports that a week after it was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Air Quality Index seems to be failing in its task of effectively calculating air toxicity in the country.

"RSS proposal shot down- centre advised anti conversion law is untenable", writes the Asian Age, adding that according to the Union law Ministry the centre has no jurisdiction over the subject.

In a jolt for govt servants by the supreme court, The Hindi daily Rashtriya Sahara writes that the apex court has decided that prosecuting corrupt government officials does not need government approval anymore.

"Six people to check 16 trucks per minute :NGT must look at own monitors' reports" says the Indian Express.

And finally, The Times of India reports that according to the Archaeological survey of India, the mounds at Bhirrana village on the banks of the Ghaggar river is the oldest Harappan site, older than the site at Mehrgarh in Pakistan.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Net neutrality debate rages

Net neutrality debate rages - The Hindu


Sharp decline in retail inflation, widespread concern over Net neutrality, Setting up of the National Judicial Appointments Commission by the government, the Naxals striking on armed forces again and NGT's two week hold on the diesel vehicle ban in the Capital,  are some of the stories that dominate the front pages of the Dailies today.

"Retail Inflation dips to 5.17 percent in March", headlines The Hindu Business Line reporting that despite unseasonal rains food inflation is sharply down. "March CPI at 3-Month Low", headlines The Financial Express.

"Centre likely to extend support to net neutrality" opines The Times of India while The Business Standard writes, "Govt Panel looking into net neutrality".

The Hindustan Times on its front page features a tribute to Nobel Laureate Gunter Grass Headlining "Loss of a Nobel Author". "Gunter Grass passes away" writes The Statesman.

The Pioneer in its Headline writes "Finally, it dawns on NGT; ban deferred" while The Hindu reports "Diesel vehicles get a two-week breather".

The Asian Age reports "6 killed as Naxals hit Bastar again", "Central, State forces launch all-out war against Naxals" while The Hindustan Times Headlines "Maoists kill 6 on third day of bloody rampage".

And Finally, another wonder in genetical engineering, "Spider silk may help grow human hearts in future".

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Govt may favour net neutrality; panel report in May 2nd week

Govt may favour net neutrality; panel report in May 2nd week


The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's visit to Hanover where India is the partner in the World's largest trade fair makes for front page news in all newspapers.

'Rafales done, Parrikar wants Apaches' says the Hindustan Times.

"Jindal, Adani Power, GMR come under government-scanner" - their coal block bids are likely to be referred to Competition Commission of India headlines The Business Standard. The paper also carries a report that less than 20 per cent farmers have crop insurance.

The Hindu reports of the Chennai Police having banned the DMK's Thali or Mangalsutra removal and beef eating festival scheduled for 14th April apprehending law and order problem and hurting sentiments of some people.

Each village in Haryana will now have its own Secretariat and people will not have to visit district headquarters. The Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar inaugurating the first such secretariat at HAIBATPUR village in Jind, with 17 rooms and modern amenities has been covered by most papers.

The Indian Express reports that 2 witnesses of the Tirupati killings where 20 people were gunned down, will meet NHRC (National Human Rights commission) today.

Supreme Court ruling that 'couple living together will be presumed married" reports the The Times of India.

52 per cent Indians indulge in self-medication according to a survey reports The Hindu. And this does them more harm than food. The Internet has also worsened the situation.

And finally, The Tribune carries a colorful picture of teachers and students performing gidda in a Patiala field on the occasion of Baisakhi as 3 day Baisakhi cellebration begins at Sri Anandpur Sahib. It was on Baisakhi in 1699 that Guru Gobind Singh founded the Khalsa Panth at Anandpur sahib.

Monday, April 13, 2015

PM Narendra Modi uses soft power to hardsell 'Make in India' in Germany

PM Narendra Modi uses soft power to hardsell 'Make in India' in Germany


French company Airbus's plans to increase Indian outsourcing to 2 billion dollars, Rafale Jet deal, Killing of 7 jawans by Naxals in Sukma and Delhi CM's announcement of Rs. 20000 per acre relief to farmers are some of the stories that find place on the front pages of the major dailies today.

"Airbus supports Modi, ready to make in India" headlines The Financial Express. The front page of The Tribune headlines "Make in India: Airbus to invest 2 billion dollars".

Highlighting the Rafale deal The Hindustan Times quotes the Defence Minister "Rafale deal oxygen for IAF". The Times of India writes "Direct purchase could help end dogfight on pricing", while with a different perspective The Hindu Opines "Rafale purchase a setback for 'Make in India' pitch".

On release of top LeT terrorist Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi The Asian Age says "Pak divided over Lakhvi jail release" reporting that it has led to sharp differences within the Pakistan government.

Naxals kill 7 Jawans in an ambush reports The Asian age in a front page news. The Indian Express reports the incident as "Ambush STF party in biggest attack this year".

"Kejriwal woos farmers with 'hefty' relief" writes The Times of India about the 20000 Rs per acre relief announced by the Delhi CM. The Asian Age quotes the Delhi CM endorsing his relief saying "Have not forgotten poll promises".

And Finally, having difficulty sleeping after watching TV? Try orange glasses for better sleep reports The Times of India citing studies that say orange glasses can block certain wave lengths of light emitted by electroninc screens and make it easier to sleep.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Seven policemen killed in Sukma encounter | Eastern Mirror Nagaland

Seven policemen killed in Sukma encounter | Eastern Mirror Nagaland


Almost all newspapers carry the Prime Minister's visit to Paris on their front pages and on the 36 ready-to-fly Rafale jets deal.

If the government approves, the Aviation Ministry's proposal, Union Minister of State, former Vice President, Deputy Chief Minister's and the Cabinet Secretary will be among those who will be frisked like ordinary passengers, at the airports- reports the Hindustan Times on the front page.

The Economics Times reports that India's foreign exchange reserves have surged for the third consecutive week-dollar inflows are expected to escalate after Moody's revised India's Baa3 rating outlook to 'positive' from 'stable'.

'Cloud over monsoon gets bigger; Longer El Nino is new forecast' is an Indian Express headline - There is 70 per cant chance that El Nino event will continue till summer of northern hemisphere.

Sunderbans tiger reserve holds the highest economic value says a survey after studying 6 tiger reserves- Corbett, Kanha, Ranthambore, Periyar, Kaziranga and Sunderban- says a Pioneer report.

The Hindustan times reports that several American museums have begun returning possibly stolen artifacts to India - many were smuggled out by dealer Subhash Kapoor.

And finally, The Times of India reports of a dowry seeker banned for 2 years by a Khap Panchayat in Meerut and another story of tribal women near Nashik and Ahmednagar being given 'IODINE BINDIS' to fight the deficiency.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Pakistan sets free 26/11 mastermind Lakhvi, India protests 'insult to victims'

Pakistan sets free 26/11 mastermind Lakhvi, India protests 'insult to victims'


    Satyam 'founder chairman' B Ramalinga Raju and nine others being handed out seven years in jail for their role in one of the biggest corporate frauds, is a prominent news item this morning. The Statesman writes that the scam saw the erosion of 14,000 crore rupees of shareholder's money.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi choosing France as the first European country to visit is reported by Hindustan Times. The papers says, his visit has been widely noticed in the Paris Press, with Le Figaro publishing an interview in which Mr. Modi said his goal was to completely 'eliminate' poverty in a generation.

    The Times of India writes that Global ratings agency Moody's on Thursday raised India's outlook to 'positive' from 'stable', citing recent governmental steps to enhance the country's economic and financial strength.

    "Farmers group challenges Land Ordinance in Supreme Court" - headlines the Hindu . A petition challenging the re-promulgation of the Land Acquisition Ordinance was filed on behalf of the Farmers Associations by former Additional Solicitor General, Indira Jaisingh.

    Mail Today reports of the Supreme Court clearing the decks for the execution of Yakub Razak Memon, the sole death row convict and fugitive Dawood Ibrahim's co-conspirator in the 1993 Mumbai blast case, by dismissing his review plea.

    Hindustan Times reports that China plans to build a 540 KM high-speed rail link between Tibet and Nepal, passing through a tunnel under Mount Everest to boost bilateral trade and tourism. The project is being considered at the request of Nepal and could be completed by 2020.

    And finally Times of India informs us that the UNESCO Director General has said that Yoga,  a unique living tradition of India, may soon be declared an 'intangible cultural heritage of India' and will come up for 'inion' in front of the Inter-governmental Committee for 2016. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

In the News January 2009: Ramalinga Raju

Headline News Jan 2009

SEBI moves Supreme Court seeking permission to interrogate Ramalinga Raju (Times of India)

Derailed goods trains damage houses in Malkajgiri (sakshi)

Defeat leaves Roger Federer a broken man (Times)

I've never had a boyfriend: Asin (NDTV)

Maytas Infra accepts resignations of 3 directors (Economic Times)

Gary Barlow voted ‘Greatest British Songwriter’ (topnews)

Mirza, Bhupathi win mixed doubles title (ap)

Nadal ousts shaken Federer in 5 sets in Australia (ap)

Nadal beats Federer in epic final (bbc)

Naxals kill 15 policemen in Maharashtra (Times now)

Tarun to launch a pub (idlebrain)

Lalu opposes self-choice marriages (msn)

KK warns Lagadapati on Telangana issue (TV5 News)

Kate Hudson loves to watch hardcore porn! (spicezee)

BloggersBase Review - A Different Kind of Social Media Site

14-times Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps caught with cannabis pipe (newsoftheworld)

Amitabh bags World Economic Forum award for excellence (msn)

Vijayshanti merges her party with TRS (Indiainfo)

Close shave for actor Govinda, son in Amritsar (msn)

Obama's half brother arrested on charge of marijuana possession (cnn)


South Africa win Perth ODI; displace Australia as no.1 (cricketnirvana)

Tsotsobe helps SA grab No. 1 ranking (cricinfo)

CEC recommends removal of Navin Chawla (rediff)

Tata Motors posts Rs 263cr loss; Nano launch to take a year (Economic times)

Yuki Bhambri wins Australian Open junior title (Hindu)

Prison employee sentenced to prison for having sex with inmate (cnn)

KCR flip-flops, returns to Naidu (Times of India)

SHEYLA Hershey’s massive 38KKK breasts have been declared the world’s biggest boob job (daily star)

Renuka Chowdhury barges into CEC's house over poll dates (rediff)

Now, NCW blames Mangalore pub for attack (Times of India)

Man tries to reclaim breast implants from ex (sify)

Jennifer Aniston splits from John Mayer (screen)

Iraqis vote in landmark elections (bbc)

Goa blogger battles Rs.5 bn defamation suit (theweek)

South Africa beat Australia, win series 4-1 (Times of India)

South Africa beat Australia, claim No 1 spot (TOI)

S Africa top rankings after win (BBC)

Economic woes boost library use for job resources (AP)

IPL: Pietersen set to become highest paid player (ibnlive)

Shreya's 6 crore jewellery for a song!in Mallanna (one india)

Chand-Fiza marriage on rocks? Fiza says husband pressurised (Hindustan Times)

Man dies masturbating at work (

Sania-Bhupathi to play Australian Open mixed doubles final (livemint)

Aus Open: Sania-Bhupathi storm into mixed double finals (samaylive)

Sania-Bhupathi cruise into Australian Open finals (newspostonline)

Bhupathi-Sania in mixed doubles final of Australian Open (thaindian)

Shiv Sena to field Vengsarkar for Mumbai Lok Sabha seat (ians)

Shooter Rana quits govt job to contest LS polls (sify)

Lily Allen vows to stop drinking (NDTV)


Ailing Castro throws first punch at Obama (AP)

U.S. Economy Likely Shrank at Fastest Clip in 27 Years (fox news)

Williams sisters win 3rd Australian Open title (zeenews)

Govt set to make available computers @ about Rs 500 (Financial Express)

Masturbation May Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer (livescience)

IPL bans Pak bowler Asif for 1 year (ibnlive)


Roger Federer advances to the Australian Open final (Times of India)

Priyanka Gandhi is the sexiest woman in India: John Abraham (Hindustan times)

Cong rules out national level alliance for the LS polls (zeenews)

Seven suitors line up for Satyam: Tarun Das (Economic Times)

Sublime Federer eases into final (BBC)

Hrithik becomes the first patient in Ambani's hospital (oneindia)

Rahman and Sukhwindar to perform at Oscars (Hindustan Times)

Apple gets censory on iBoobs'... ass

We don't think you're ready for this jelly (theregister)

3 powerful bombs found in Bihar cinema hall (India times)

Raju created 300-strong network of cos to divert funds: Gupta (Economic Times)

Bhupathi-Knowles romp into Australian Open final (rediff)

ILO: 51 m global jobs may be lost this year, South Asia outlook grim (Financial Express)

It shameful to have liquor baron as head of TTD: Baba Ramdev (Eenadu)

India and US are natural friends and allies: Obama (DNAINDIA)

Haryana ex-Dy CM’s wife Fiza attempts suicide (zeenews)

We won't allow pub culture in Karnataka: CM (rediff)

UP tops atrocities against SC/ST: Meira (dd news)

Actor Balakrishna to launch TDP’s poll campaign (screenindia)

Lily Allen’s ex-beaus become nicer to avoid being in a song (spicezee)

Praja Rajyam is not casteist: Nagendra Babu (Eenadu)

Serena screams through to Safina final (rediff)

Nearly half of all Americans want to live elsewhere, study finds (cnn)

Sun, sea and sewage in the playground of the rich in Dubai (Times)

Aishwarya to contest polls? (India times)

Lindsay Lohan’s dad wants to free her from Samantha Ronson’s ‘bondage’ (topnews)

US keen to deepen ties with natural ally India: Obama (IANS)

Alba schools Fox’s O’Reilly in WW II history (msnbc)


Satyam liabilities too large to merit amalgamation: Experts (moneycontrol)

Rajus directed diversion from jail (Times of India)

Telugu actor Pavan Kalyan marries live-in partner(thaindian)

Serena spoils Russian sweep to claw into semis (thaindian)

'Ghajini' nets Rs 104 cr in first 25 days of release: Producers (screenindia)

Andhra CM welcomes CBI probe into Satyam (NDTV)

Open to CBI probe into Satyam fraud: Reddy tells PM (pti)

AP Govt. open to CBI probe into Satyam fraud (newsonair)

Andhra CM open to CBI probe into Satyam scam (India today)

Open to CBI probe into Satyam scam: Reddy to PM (myirish)

Hyderabad court dismisses bail pleas of Rajus, Srinivas (Times of India)

Bail plea of Raju brothers, Srinivas dismissed (Hindu)

Court rejects bail plea of former Satyam chief Raju (Hindustan Times)

Satyam case: Rajus bail plea dismissed (ibnlive)

Bail plea of Raju brothers, Srinivas dismissed (newsx)

Raju bail plea rejected (businessline)

Bail plea of Raju brothers, Srinivas dismissed (NDTV)

YSR bats for himself in Satyam scam (Times now)

India beat Sri Lanka by 6 wickets (Times of India)

Chiru's brother ties knot with long-time live-in companion (PTI)

Man kills wife, five kids, himself after being fired (cnn)

General Elections to be held between April 8 & May 15 (Times of India)

10 employees of Satyam, other Raju firms in police custody: Counsel (Economic Times)

Employees exiting Satyam may have to give up gratuity (ET)

Gautham Menon interested in Allu Arjun! (sify)

‘Shrek’ voted ‘Best Children`s Film Ever Made’ (spicezee)

Shilpa, Jayaprada learn Odissi for India-China film (spicezee)

Sienna Miller was too toothy for Vogue cover (spice zee)

Study reveals 'shocking' kebabs (bbc)

Pawan Kalyan ties knot to Renu (Eenadu)

Ajay Devgan to play Haji Mastan (NDTV)

Court directs Pepsi to compensate for condom in bottle (Times of India)

Obama gives first interview to Arabic network (MSNBC)

Jessica Alba Calls TMZ, Bill O'Reilly the Stupid Ones (yahoo)

PETA's Veggie Sex Super Bowl Ad Rejected By NBC (huffington post)

Open to CBI probe into Satyam fraud, Reddy tells PM in a letter (Times of India)


CNBC awards Aamir as Entertainer of the year (glamsham)

US hit by 60,000 job cuts (telegraph)

Indian H-1B visa techies in US may lose jobs in Microsoft (Economic Times)

Filmmakers to unveil world's first 3D sex movie (indiatimes)

Omar asks scribes not to loose sight of truth (indiainfo)

Tainted Illinois Guv compares himself to Gandhi (rediff)

IBM cutting about 2,800 jobs, documents show (reuters)

Drug waste creates highest disaster zone in Andhra (Times of India)

Bhupathi-Knowles in doubles semi-finals (TOI)

Tens of thousands lose jobs as recession bites (cnn)

RBI keeps key rates unchanged, signals at future cuts (moneycontrol)

Ramalinga Raju bail plea hearing today (Eenadu)

Satyam board meeting starts, new CEO and CFO soon (ibnlive)

More Pain Ahead: About 55,000 in Job Cuts Announced (fox news)

Girlfriend of Obama's Speechwriter Is a Maxim Model (fox news)

Unfaithful Wives opt for Prenatal Paternity Tests (australian news network)

I-T department begins probe into Satyam scam (Times of India)

South Australia offer their own 'dream job' (

Google's GDrive Could Replace your Hard Disk (Techtree)

Woman gives birth to octuplets in SoCal hospital (AP)

Jessica Simpson's a bigger star than ever as she shows off her new curvier figure (dailymail)

Disgraced Raju still gets star treatment (Economic Times)


NCP hold talks with Praja Rajyam (NTV)

Satyam's Rs 5,000 cr cash disappeared in a quarter (Economic Times)

Sri Lanka wants to capture Prabhakaran 'dead or alive' (rediff)

Advani refuses to comment on Slumdog (NDTV)

PM watches R-Day parade on TV from his hospital bed (UNI)

Andy Murray ousted in 4th round at Australian Open (newsweek)

India grapples with high maternal death rate (reuters)

Padma Vibhushan for Kakodkar, Madhavan Nair, Nirmala (Hindu)

Tension between Raju brothers over Maytas control (Times of India)

Tollywood hero Raja joins Congress (rediff)

India has no better friend than US: Obama (Indian Express)

Michael Clarke set for 1.7 million dollar IPL windfall (ANI)

Bindra awarded Padma Bhushan, Dhoni, Harbhajan to receive Padma Shri (IANS)

World's highest drug levels entering India stream (AP)

'Slumdog' emerges as Oscar favorite after SAG win (reuters)

Kalyan Singh not responsible for Babri demolition: Mulayam (zeenews)

Husband's kiss woke 'sleeping beauty wife' in coma after heart attack (dailymail)


Sarkozy promises bail-out for French press (sify)

Satyam Computer's HR dept starts employee verification (PTI)

Antony to perform PM's duties on R-day (rediff)

PM's operation successful, say sources (rediff)

India’s Singh Undergoes Second Heart Surgery as Election Looms (bloomberg)

Singh in hospital for surgery; Mukherjee to stand in (dawn)

India PM Singh to miss months of election campaign due to heart bypass (telegraph)

India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh undergoes heart bypass surgery (Times)

People across the country pray for Prime Minister's health (pti)

Indian PM Singh to have heart surgery (CNN)

CID searches Maytas offices (newsx)

Special prayers for PM in Assam (Hindu)

here's no need to worry: P Venugopal (NDTV)

PM may be out of action for a month (livemint)

Disgraced pastor faces more gay sex accusations (AP)

Bourret’s Valentine's Day lingerie treat (spicezee)

We are open to strategic acquisition of Satyam' (rediff)

Advani, Modi to take part in Vijay Sankalp Yatra in AP (DNA)

American Express sacks more Indian employees(Times of India)

Broken penis episode in Grey's Anatomy sparks frantic internet search among men (telegraph)

Rusty' Serena cruises; Azarenka ousts Mauresmo (rediff)

Pranab, Cong's troubleshooter but not PM candidate (ibnlive)

24 pc Indians want war with Pak over 26/11 (ibnlive)

Docu on Mirzapur girl at Oscars too (Times of India)

Fiance of Brazilian model: 'Where there is a heartbeat, there's hope' (cnn)


UN places contracts given to Satyam under review (Economic Times)

Morkel blasts South Africa to 2-1 lead (cricinfo)

Police demand most bribes: Survey (Financial Express)

Jennifer Love Hewitt's fiance dismisses split rumours (DNA)

SEBI petition to question Raju rejected on technical grounds (Economic Times)

Dita Von Teese to perform striptease at Paris revue (spicezee)

Anna Kournikova engaged to Enrique Iglesias? (topnews)

China closes 1,250 sites in online porn crackdown (ap)

Deepika Padukone is the most searched celeb (Indiatimes)

Doctors amputate Miss World model's hands, feet (cnn)

"Slumdog" gives India a shot at Oscar glory (reuters)

Satyam: close to securing funding, top management (reuters)

Wife murdered for Facebook status (bbc)

Sarkozy's Secret: Exercise Improves Sex Life (abc)

Satyam had Rs 3,319 cr bank FDs till Sept 30 (Economic Times)

Masand's Verdict: Watch Razz if you have time to waste (ibnlive)

Govt to unveil interim budget on Feb 16 (FC)

Prime Minister admitted to AIIMS for bypass surgery (ndtv)

Suspect arrested in burning death of LA vagran (AP)

Dr Ramakanta Panda will perform heart bypass surgery on Dr Manmohan Singh (rediff)

Satyam scam is the outcome of economic liberalisation: CPI(M) (newkerala)

Open to buying Satyam, but awaiting board nod: iGATE (moneycontrol)

Rajus sold land worth Rs 1000 crore (Economic Times)

'Slumdog's' Mumbai premiere a celebration (cnn)

Natalie Dylan has put her virginity up for auction; says top bid is $3.8 million (cnn)

Deliver pizzas, wife tells laid-off hubby (cnn)

Naidu has no right to criticise Praja Rajyam: Chiru (tv5)

Grand alliance in Andhra Pradesh in tatters (rediff)

Satyam may name new chief; bidders circle - reports (rediff)

Slumdog sweeps Oscar nominations (keralanext)

Satyam Board may decide on CEO, CFO today (zee)

NetApp tops list of Fortune the 100 best companies to work for (reuters)

Mallya buys Rs 750 cr Monte Carlo island (Economic Times)

Karunanidhi ultimatum to UPA on Sri Lanka Tamils issue (NTV)

England stars clear for IPL deals (BBC)

Bond Babe Olga Kurylenko goes nude for ‘Maxim’ (spicezee)

PM may undergo heart surgery at AIIMS tomorrow (Times of India)

Pranab could stand in when Manmohan Singh goes for treatment (Times of India)

The Ukranian girl discovered on Moscow's metro who grew up to become Bond's sexiest co-star yet (dailymail)

Vitamin D may help avert aging related-mental slide (ANI)

Smoking scenes in films allowed, rules Delhi High Court (Times of India)

Maytas Metro rail agreement to be cancelled after March 18:sources (Andhra Jyothi)

Eva Mendes crowned "most desirable woman" 2009 - poll (reuters)

Ramalinga Raju admits to diverting Satyam money (Economic Times)

Obama: Let's Remake America (slate)

Will Raju get bail? Court to decide today (NDTV)

Will 'Slumdog Millionaire' bag an Oscar nomination? (Timesnow)

Obama 'set to close Guantanamo' (bbc)

Paes, Bhupathi in round two, Sania's doubles campaign ends as well (rediff)

L&T says not making presentation to Satyam (livemint)

Smoking linked to most male cancer deaths (ANI)

What an opportunity to change the country, says Obama (IANS)

Katie Green: I need a man (sun)

Keira Knightley to star in film based on 'Sunset Boulevard' (newkerala)

Obama Inauguration Ratings: Highest Since Reagan (huffingtonpost)

Obama to World: 'We're Ready to Lead Again' (newsweek)

Press Review: World hails 'United States of Obama' (cnn)

Obama's Speech Links Economy, Broad Change (business week)

Barack Obama brings hope to millions of Americans and billions of people around the world. Heed his inspirational words and take action. Hope has arrived here in the UK too. Yes we can. (

Obama's Indonesian connection (aljazeera)

Obama summons a nation's spirit (thestar)

Let us hope that Obama the president can match Obama the orator (canada)

Obama speech stirs American spirit (freep)

Snubbed, Pakistan warns Obama it can review ties (ibnlive)

Rise of Obama signals energy shift (canada)

Another techie from Andhra Pradesh dies in US (ibnlive)

Gwyneth Paltrow to bare all for a raunchy phone sex sequence (spicezee)

President Obama retakes oath of office (Times of India)

Gutsy babe Kareena Kapoor quashes all sissy claims (spice zee)

Virginity auction girl confesses to having sexual experiences with men (ani)

Miss USA Kelli McCarty to star in porn movie (zimbio)

Satyam staff may turn renegades (Economic Times)

Defamation case against Rahman, Anil Kapoor (rediff)

Seat sharing poses stumbling block for ''Grand alliance'' (UNI)

No govt move to sell Satyam: PC Gupta (moneycontrol)

We don't want Satyam or Maytas: Premji (rediff)

Mulayam Singh: Ex-BJP leader Kalyan Singh's son Rajbir Singh joins SP (mid day)

Aubrey O'Day Does Playboy, Gets Mad at the Mormons (foxnews)

Sibal suggests Satyam to set up body for auditors` functioning (myirish)

JPMorgan, Goldman shortlisted for Satyam: Sources (Economic Times)

Tough to guess size of Satyam scam: SEBI (Financial Express)

Six members of Satyam top brass involved? (NDTV)

Aishwarya Rai in the `Top 50 Most Desirable Woman in the World` list (spicezee)

U.S. celebrates as President Obama vows new era (cnn)

Obama inauguration lifts troubled nation (ap)

Obama to step into history as 1st black president (washingtonpost)

Massive crowds head to National Mall to witness history (latimes)

President Obama Pledges a Remade America (nytimes)

Middle East responds to Obama with hope, skepticism (Hindu)

Chinese Web Sites Cut Out Parts of Obama Speech (Time)

Obama inauguration: Let the remaking of America begin today (guardian)

Barack Obama’s promise to America (Times)

Obama to Tackle Security Challenges, Cabinet Confirmations on First Full Day (foxnews)

The Most Revolutionary Phrase of Obama's Inaugural Address: Including "Non-Believers" (salon)

Conditional non-military aid to Pakistan: Obama (Times of India)

Troops in Afghanistan, Iraq await Obama's moves (usatoday)

Obama to Address Foreign Policy on First Full Day in Office (voanews)

Judge Obama on Performance Alone (wsj)

New President Barack Obama calls for hope amid cold reality (latimes)

Obama calls for 'new era of responsibility' (dallasnews)

Obama Starts ‘Remaking America” By Tackling Banks, Afghanistan (bloomberg)

Obama Signals Need for a Sharp Break From the Past (washingtonpost)

New President Barack Obama's message is short but right on target (dailynews)

History made, but questions of future (boston)

US President Obama cautions Pakistan (Times now)

Obama Takes Oath, and Nation in Crisis Embraces the Moment (nytimes)

Across the globe, people feel special kinship to the new U.S. president (kansascity)

Economy and war on Obama's agenda (bbc)

The world stands still for Obama (punchng)

Obama makes history, hails new era (sfgate)

Obama pledges new start with Muslims (

A 'Responsibility' Era (wsj)

Obama may face more trouble than acknowledged (

Obama Presidency: Will It Be A Bullseye Or A Bust? (huffingtonpost)


President Barack Obama reaches out to all nations with vow to 'remake America' (telegraph)

Barack Obama and revival of American values (Jakarta Post)

President Barack Obama vows a new day (bostonherald)

Backgrounder: America's first African-American President Barack Obama (xinhuanet)

President Barack Obama Proves ‘Hope’ Is More Than Just A Slogan (mtv)

Change comes to, before Barack Obama is sworn in (smh)

Barack Obama’s High-Tech Parade (csmonitor)

Obama sworn in, seeks unity against 'raging storms' (freep)

Obama offers hope tempered by pragmatism (montrealgazette)

Obama strides into crises on first full day (

Bush describes Obama as "a good man" (Hindustan Times)

Barack Obama's sober speech (economist)


President Obama steps into history, and a world of peril (AFP)

HOPE & HISTORY: Riding in on a wave of goodwill (ajc)

World ready to mark inauguration of Obama as first black U.S. president (hurriyet)

Editorial: Barack Obama, to the mountaintop (

Joy and poignancy in Washington for Obama's big day (AFP)

News Analysis: Obama's presidency to start amid expectations, hopes, challenges (xinhuanet)

What you can expect from Barack Obama's speech today (mirror)

Crowds Gather For Obama's Big Day (sky)

Obama's Inaugural Address: Great Expectations (abcnews)

Obama carries expectations of the globe (theage)

Obama's use of Hussein in oath sends message (IANS)

Know Obama

Washington awakens with inauguration buzz (cnn)

Obama poised to become 44th U.S. president (reuters)

Barack Obama opts for middle ground in ceremony (bostonherald)

Crowds jam Washington (news24)

Barack Obama's speeches: February 2008 to election night

OBAMA DAY (nationnews)

Obama steps to door of White House — and history (iht)

Muslims' hopes for Obama dampened by Gaza (usatoday)

Imagery helps build Obama's political strength (chicagotribune)

Washington Abuzz Ahead of Obama Inauguration (voanews)

Obama had greatness: as child, teen, man (ibnlive)

Bleary eyes as Aussies stay up for Obama (

With hopes and doubts, world awaits Obama (AFP)

Can Obama match Abe Lincoln's gold standard? (independent)

Day the believers came to the Barack Obama inauguration party (theaustralian)

American milestone: Obama inauguration is a moment of celebration, reflection (csmonitor)

Getting back on track (economist)

On this historic day, anger gives way to hope (theglobeandmail)

Obama enters White House today (dailytimes)

Satyam may have inflated employee count: Report (ibnlive)

Sanjay Dutt gets a Rs 3-crore bus for campaign (ibnlive)

Don't expect miracles from Obama: Warren Buffet (moneycontrol)

‘Zardari describes journalists as terrorists’ (IANS)

Satyam Board member Tarun Das confirms possibility of buyout (times now)

Obama is biggest-ever assassination target in US history (rediff)

Obama's inauguration will cost Americans $170 mn (PTI)

Satyam CID probe an eyewash:sources(cnn-ibn)

Govt takes back 50 acres land allotted to Satyam in Vizag (NTV)

Sanjay Dutt's remarks against Samajwadi Party ideology: women activists (IANS)

Britney 'inks 10m pounds deal to pen autobiography' (ANI)

Ramalinga Raju's standard reply to CID is 'I don't know or I can't remember'(cnn-ibn)

The final 24 hours before his historic inauguration (

Barack Obama inauguration: world waits for the 17 minute speech (Timesonline)

Big moment but 'small step' (courant)

Barack Obama's inauguration brings a day of hope in Washington DC (telegraph)

Barack Obama's inauguration will cost an estimated $170 mn (business standard)

It's Barack Obama's day (trinidadexpress)

In with the new, out with the old (yahoo)

Barack Obama’s inauguration - map, FAQ, trivia

Obama readies call for service, unity (boston)

Obama to Call for a New Era of Responsibility (wsj)

Expectations run high for Obama speech as Americans seek hope (freep)

Massive crowd expected for Obama inauguration (belfasttelegraph)

Long cold hours before Obama's inaugural dawn, crowds already gather (latimes)

Inauguration '09: Obama Set For Victory Throng (

Obama’s Inauguration Fulfills Civil-Rights Generation’s Hopes (bloomberg)

Obama poised to become 44th U.S. president (reuters)

Last preparations for the inauguration (

Obama urges US to work together (bbc)

As many as 4 million expected to be at Obama's inauguration (

Hope, Expectations Soar Ahead of Obama Inauguration (foxnews)

200 swept off train''s roof in UP (topnews)

Andhra CM YSR Reddy gave Raju 50 acres for SEZ (Times of India)

Israel 'wants rapid Gaza pullout' (bbc)

Former Satyam chief may have siphoned cash - NYT (reuters)

Anything is possible,' Obama tells crowd (msnbc)

L & T to buy Satyam? (times now)

Raju is hit over Obama in Internet search (financial express)

Citi split raises fear of domestic banks, FIs going bust (economic Times)

No sister gets along with her brother's wife: Dutt (Times of India)

Sex toy industry poised to boom in Australia (

Rajus bail hearing deferred till January 22 (Times of India)

Vedanta terminates Maytas contract in Orissa (IANS)

India will account for 60 percent of world's heart diseases by 2010 (IANS)

Asin takes The 19th Step (NDTV)

Asian-American political profile rising in US (AP)

Satyam board's decision awaited on Gujarat project (indiainfo)

Satyam to go ahead with SEZ plans (myiris)

Now, hit Ramalinga Raju with rotten eggs (Economic Times)

Now, hit Raju with rotten eggs, virtually! (Hindustan Times)

Benami trail may be difficult to trace in Satyam scam (Economic Times)

Satyam not to abandon SEZ plans (doordarshan)

Rivals Mulayam-Kalyan eye alliance (times now)

CID quizes Raju siblings for 2nd day (rediff)

Chandni Chowk to China is a disaster (rediff)

Shoot out in Delhi(cnn-ibn)

Alba, Lohan among stars at 'Declare Yourself' bash (ap)

The Obamas at the Lincoln Memorial for the star-studded concert celebrating Tuesday's inauguration

Warren Buffet Says U.S. In 'Economic Pearl Harbor' (fox news)

2 prisoners escape from Guntur jail(NTV)

Isla Fisher

Cyber experts to help CID in Satyam probe (ibnlive)

Sex sells, defying the slowdown (spice zee)

Cabinet recommends Prez rule in Jharkhand (NDTV)

18 Jan

Kareena to build special school (indiainfo)

I'll keep stripping: Kate Hudson (Hindustan Times)

Drinking coffee reduces risk of Alzheimer's: study (AFP)

Kangana`s ‘Raaz…’ look is worth 75 lakh! (spicezee)

Advani will be the next prime minister, says Modi (rediff)

Court sends Rajus, Srinivas to police custody (DNA)

Photographs of Madonna could sell for $10,000 each (cnn)

Naresh to star in Singeetham’s movie (india glitz)

Obama set to ride rails to historic inauguration (cnn)

17 Jan

Munnabhai bowls Lucknow over (rediff)

I will contest on SP ticket: Sanjay Dutt (Times of India)

Raju supported by followers despite fall from grace (Hindustan Times)

Satyam Probe Could Ensnare Others (wsj)

Satyam’s State-Appointed Directors Meet to Consider Financing (bloomberg)

Hero of the Hudson pilot Chesley Sullenberger is Internet star, too; Facebook fan page draws 2,500 (nydailynews)

Satyam money was siphoned off, not inflated (Hindustan Times)

Border row: Sena warns of snapping ties with BJP (rediff)

Man arrested for Obama assassination plot (Economic Times)

Beyonce To Sing Obamas' Inaugural First Dance (huffington post)

Shilpa sheds tears of joy on first visit to Taj post 26/11 (IANS)

Maytas valuation done by E&Y, says ex Satyam CFO (moneycontrol)

'Neta' Sanjay Dutt promises to practise Gandhigiri (Times of India)

Raju warned 'takeover by IBM' to push for Maytas deal (Times of India)

Mariah Carey to sing Hero for Obama (DNA)

Congress high command summons YSR (Times of India)

CPM MP Abdullakutty defends Modi's development model (ibnlive)

Jeff Monson charged with mischief; ESPN not an accomplice (yahoo sports)

Cruise or no Cruise, Penelope doesn’t stop to sizzle (spicezee)

Maytas Properties To Shut Down 4 Divisions (top news)

Satyam's expanded board to meet today (Hindu)

Music Review:`Billu Barber` album is boring (spice zee)

Satyam Computers has just 7 days to survive (DNA)

16 Jan

Ramalinga Raju's judicial custody extended till Jan 19 (Times Now)

I fear torture of my client in police custody: Raju's lawyer(Timesnow)

Hearing on Raju's sending Raju to police custody on Jan 17(Times of India)

Govinda's daughter to be launched this year (indiainfo)

Mumbai wins38th Ranji title (Times now)

Beer Sales Go Flat in Worldwide Economic Slump (foxnews)

22-Year-Old Sells Virginity Online -- and Feds Can't Do a Thing to Stop Her (fox news)

Satyam subsidiaries owe Rs 2,000 crore to govt-run banks (Economic Times)

Citi posts $8.29 bn loss, splits up company (ET)

Infosys not to poach Satyam clients or customers: Pai (ET)

Talli Telangana merges with TRS (ntv)

Azam bats for Priyanka to project PM (newkerala)

Orissa temple purified after low caste minister visit (reuters)

Gade Innaiah good bye to Talli Telangana (NTV)

Satyam Computer pays salaries to staff in US (ibnlive)

Airbus crashes in New York river (bbc)

SpiceJet CFO Partha Sarthi Basu resigns (ibnlive)

SEBI seeks approval to record Rajus' statements (ibnlive)

71 members of banned groups detained: Pakistan (rediff)

Handful of industrialists can't decide our next PM: Congress (Indian Express)

Satyam denies executives have fled India (Economic Times)

Two Pakistani boats seized off Gujarat coast (India info)

Zimbabwe unveils 100 trillion dollar note (Economic Times)

Kaka in for £243million (sun)

Most Wanted Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda expelled from CPI(Maoist) (breaking news)

Chiru summit in Gannavaram on Jan 18 to support port oustees (suryaa)

Honda cuts Japan production by 56,000 vehicles (huffington post)


Andhra Pradesh govt to take over Maytas? (Times now)

Cop who probed Rajiv Gandhi killing is NIA head (Times of India)

Aus Open: Nadal, Jankovic top seeds (rediff)

Satyam Board to meet again on Saturday (Economic Times)

Satyam to disburse January salary to US associates (Economic Times)

Seize Satyam's assets to pay workers;Marxists (UNI)

Sadness is good for health: Study (rediff)

Satyam has receivables of Rs 1,700 crores: Deepak Parekh (Economic Times)

Satyam employee commits suicide fearing job loss (Economic Times)

Tarun Das of CII, Former ICAI President TN Manoharan, S Balakrishan of LIC taken on Satyam Board

Arundhati fails to hit theatres even on Jan 15 (greatandhra)

Government wasting public money in the name of publicity- Chiru (ETV2)

Film-maker Tapan Sinha passes away (screenindia)

Government rules out bailout package for Satyam (zee news)

Satyam Computer Services Scandal Roils India Tech Industry (huffington post)

Satyam employee from Andhra shot dead in the US (msnindia)

Satyam tanks 36 pc in morning trade on bourses (indiainfo)

Satyam shares sink as govt bailout talk dashed (reuters)

Sachin performs puja in Venkateswara temple at Filmnagar (eenadu)

Slumdog Millionaire gets four BAFTA nominations (ibnlive)

India razes slums, leaves poor homeless (CNN)

Paris Hilton's website gives you a virus (

Victoria Beckham does a David and strips for Armani underwear ads (

Pakistan: 124 arrested in post-Mumbai crackdown (salon)

124 arrested in Pakistan's crackdown, says minister (Times of India)

Brickbats made me richer, says Mayawati (rediff)

Victoria Beckham strips for Emporio Armani women's underwear (spice zee)

Ranbir-Katrina get cozy at a late night dinner date (spice zee)

Slumdog Millionaire bags 11 BAFTA nominations (rediff)

Top Satyam bosses fly out of country (Times of India)

Raju had 50 bank accounts in '02 (TOI)

'More than 1,000 killed in Gaza'(bbc)

No cockfights, no big feast, this village is in mourning(hindustan times)

Steve Jobs' Leave Of Absence, Tim Cook Taking Over Day-To-Day Operations (huffingtonpost)


Vivek Paul to be new Satyam CEO? (rediff)

Bangladesh stun Sri Lanka to reach final(reuters)

Demand for "best job in the world" crashes website (reuters)

Blowing snow and frigid temperatures pound nation (ap)

Anil Ambani, Sunil Mittal endorse Modi as PM (Indian Express)

Satyam will be swallowed by rival: IDC (australian)

Online Verification: Who Can You Trust in the Virtual World?

We are always ready for war: Army chief(TimesofIndia)

Aamir Khan’s 'Taare Zameen Par’ fails to impress the Oscar jury(spicezee)

Priyanka agrees to lock lips with Shahid in new film (spice zee)

KPMG and Deloitte to replace Satyam's previous auditor,PWC (reuters)

Oprah Loves Kate Winslet's Breasts(huffington post)

Bin Laden urges jihad against Israel over Gaza(ap)

SC grants permission to Sanjay Dutt to travel abroad (mid-day)

‘Gayle’ storm sweeps aside Dhoni; claims No 1 spot in ODIs (zeecric)

Bombay HC admits case against Big B for violating tobacco laws (Hindustan times)

Satyam may get Rs 2K cr Govt aid(ibnlive)

Chandrababu blames YSR for Satyam scam(siasat)

Kangana strips completely for Raaz (siasat)


GMR Infra director Prasad resigns (sakshi)

India toasts success of `Slumdog' after awards (ap)

A Big Night for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and Winslet (nytimes)

Brady and Bundchen are engaged to be married (newsday)

Chandrayaan Beams 40,000 Images of Moon Surface (techtree)

Ramalinga Raju had several benami accounts: Report (zeenews)

Power tariff 50% rebate, if voted to power: Chiru

No need to press panic button: Mukherjee on Satyam (Economic Times)

Infosys might acquire Satyam customers (rediff)

YSR had stake in Maytas, alleges TDP

RoC submits Satyam probe report to Centre (livemint)

Slumdog emerges as Bookies' favourite to win Oscars (screenindia)

Satyam scam: Govt orders Serious Fraud Investigation Office probe (mid day)

PM steps in, calls high-level meet over Satyam (NDTV)

Ramalinga Raju's followers rally behind him (DNA)

No bail in sight, Raju seeks solace in Buddha (Times of India)

Local lawyer, ‘face’ of the Rajus’ defence team (livemint)

Soren in Ranchi hospital after chest pain (

Satyam's wake-up call for corporate India (FT)

I suspected that something is going wrong, says Satyam’s former CFO (thaindian)

Satyam: How guilty are the independent directors? (business standard)

Wipro is legally and ethically right, Premji tells staff (msn)

Australia offers 'best job in world' on paradise island (AFP)

From cosy comfort to claustrophobic cell, Rajus fall from grace (thaindian)

Mayawati's dream to become PM never to be realised : Paswan (newkerala)

Deepika Padukone most searched celebrity on Yahoo India! (newkerala)

Balance sheet manipulated for business: Raju (the week)

Kangana gives a glimpse of her assets in Daboo Ratnani's 2009 calendar (spice zee)

Yoga for a ‘Sex’y life

American woman, 22, auctions off virginity for £2.5m...but waiting for a better offer (dailymail)

Ronaldo wins FIFA World Player award (rediff)

‘Hayden’s timing of retirement is right’ (topnews)

Satyam former interim CEO-Ram Mynampati arrested (Times of India)

27 involved in Satyam scam, more arrests likely (ibnlive)

Satyam’s ex-CFO: Auditors did not point out any deficiencies (business line)

World Bank gives much of Satyam projects to TCS (rediff)

Sony To Post $1.1 Billion Loss, Its First Since 1995 (huffington post)

India to tour Sri Lanka in February (NDTV)

Long legged lass Danielle bares all for a hot photo romp (spice zee)

Satyam’s strange obsession with current accounts (livemint)

No bail for Raju, board bails out Satyam (ibnlive)

Satyam's Ramalinga Raju confesses to crime: Report (NDTV)

Police broaden Satyam probe (FT)

Truckers strike called off (Times of India)

Bharat Kumar, a lawyer for the former Satyam Computer chairman Ramalinga Raju, addressing the press in Hyderabad

Satyam stock surges on new leadership (cnn)

Raju bail plea put off to Jan 16 (rediff)

No special favours for Ramalinga Raju in jail (livemint)

Raju's claim of 3% Sept quarter margin finds few takers (business standard)

Satyam officials to request bail (IHT)

Raju sits in prison, his Satyam empire in turmoil (Times)

Arrests shake Satyam (the age)

Nandi Awards (2007)

Best Film - Mee Shreyobhilashi

Best Actor – Venktesh (Aadavari Matalaku Arthalu Verule)

Best Actress – Charmme (Mantra)

Best Director – Krishna Vamshee (Chandamama)

Best Music Director – Micky J Mayor

Best playback singer – Karthik (Happy Days)

Maytas awarded Rs 12,800 cr projects by Andhra govt (Economic Times)

Rajus share jail space with dowry offenders (Economic Times)

Satyam ex-CFO Vadlamani blames PwC, Raju for fraud (Times of India)

Govt may extend financial support to Satyam (Economic Times)

25 lawyers to defend Ramalinga Raju (Economic Times)

Rahman first Indian to win Golden Globe (Times of India)

India appoints new Satyam bosses (bbc)

Raju grilled, confesses to police (Times now)

Kavya's marriage on February 5 (aol)

One Man, 50 Jobs, 50 States (abcnews)

One Man, 50 Jobs, 50 States (reuters)

Manipulated Satyam accounts for 7 yrs, confesses Raju (zeenews)

Raju's bail plea hearing deferred to Jan 16 (Economic Times)

107-year-old decides it's time to wed (

Teacher Christine McCallum charged with rape in the US (news)

Ram Mynampati got more salary than Raju, directors! (Economic Times)

4 Globes for Slumdog: Director, music, screenplay

Mega land deals did Ramalinga Raju in (DNA)

Golden Globe: Boyle wins Best Director for Slumdog (ibnlive)

Raju got Rs 1,230 cr by pledging shares; now worth Rs 66 cr (dna)

Indian government takes control of Satyam's board (computer world)

Satyam of S'pore is possible (straitstimes)

What the world press say

YSR encouraged amassing of wealth the easy way: Naidu (Hindu)

Reddy, Naidu blame each other for fiasco (Times of India)

Indian scandal shakes Silicon Valley (mercurynews)

Indian Government Asserts Itself: Arrests Raju (business week)

Satyam head arrested, board scrapped (reuters)

Raju to be produced before magistrate shortly (Times of India)

Satyam fraud check switches to PwC (atimes)

Indian ministry dissolves Satyam board after fraud (AP)

Chief of fraud-hit Indian IT firm Satyam arrested (AFP)

Chief of fraud-hit Indian IT firm arrested, due in court (AFP)

INDIA: Satyam Scam Questions Corporate Governance (ipsnews)

India Promises Action to Prevent Fraud After IT Industry Shaken by Scandal (voanews)

Indian technology firm chief arrested for billion-dollar fraud (earthtimes)

Investors demand explanation for PwC missing Satyam fraud (accountancyage)

Satyam fraud likely to trigger new regulation (vnunet)

Police question Satyam founders (iht)

Rush to curb Satyam fallout (

Satyam's Raju to Appear Before Magistrate (wsj)

UK Co in $1-bn legal battle with Satyam (economic times)

Satyam Sued by Investors in Three U.S. Lawsuits Over Fraud (bloomberg)

India Rethinking Business Standards (washingtonpost)

AP Govt nothing to do with Satyam scandal: Minister (Hindu)

Rajus questioned throughout night: Raju’s lawyer (mid-day)

Satyam’s Ramalinga Raju surrenders before Andhra police chief (sindhtoday)

Andhra cops seek Raju's custody (rediff)

Malaysia Disturbed Over Satyam Fiasco (bernama)

Sanjay Dutt's wife Manyata may contest from Lucknow on SP ticket (UNI)

Satyam future cloudy as stock is hammered (Gulf Times)

In India, Crisis Pairs With Fraud (nytimes)

Chennai Open: Somdev On Song, Enters Semis Of Tournament (topnews)

Ramalinga Raju, brother arrested (IANS)

Satyam fraud: CID grills Ramalinga Raju, brother (Economic Times)

Two Satyam executives arrested over $1bn fraud (FT)

Satyam's $1-billion fraud shakes India (latimes)

Chandrababu Naidu owns 60 percent of Satyam, claims website(thaindian)

Chandrababu Naidu will soon be arrested, Raju squeals: Naidu owns 60% of Satyam (politicsparty)

New Delhi, Jan 9 (ANI): The political scenario can change overnight in Andhra Pradesh if claims made by a website prove that Telugu Desam party chief Chandrababu Naidu has invested in Satyam, Indias fourth largest software company. claimed that according to a conservative estimate Naidu owns 60 percent of Satyam.

Intelligence agencies are ascertaining Naidus actual investment in Satyam.

Former Satyam chairman Ramalingam Raju is ready to tell everything about Naidus investment in exchange for freedom from being prosecuted

Bitten by greed (Times of India)

Satyam fraud has diaspora question corporate governance (sindhtoday)

The Sad Saga of Satyam Computers (zacks)

The family ties to the Satyam scandal (campdenfb)

Indian IT service multinational faked books (uniglobalunion)

Satyam Scandal is a Huge Blow to Indian Tech (businessweek)

Post Satyam ruckus, experts see mkts dipping (moneycontrol)

Chairman of 'India's Enron' Resigns After Falsifying Financial Data (foxnews)

Satyam aims to continue business, protect staff (Times of India)

India-Satyam chief reveals $1b fraud (menafn)

AP govt goes soft on Raju (Times of India)

In Raju's hometown, big panic for small investors (business standard)

B. Ramalinga Raju, the former Davos Man (FT)

Satyam: Sanskrit for 'Enron' (wsj)

Govt seizes documents from Satyam premises (Timesnow)

Satyam plunges as fraud puts its future in doubt (reuters)

CB-CID probing Satyam fiasco (Hindu)

Shares in fraud-hit Indian IT firm Satyam mauled (AFP)

Regulators Begin Probe of Indian Tech Giant (washingtonpost)

Aberdeen, Fidelity Dumped Satyam as Shares Plunged (bloomberg)

Why Wasn't India's Enron Noticed? (skynews)

Satyam fights for survival amid uncertainty over liquidity position (FT)


Indian shares rattled by scandal (bbc)

Keeping Existing Clients Will Be Immediate Goal (wsj)

Satyam withholds salaries for two months; layoffs feared (Hindustantimes)

B Ramalinga Raju “Gets Off The Tiger” And Joins The Fraud Party (badidea)

India Faces an 'Enron Moment' (wsj)

The incredible vanishing Satyam boss (channelregister)

Trinamool's Firoza Bibi wins Nandigram bypoll (rediff)

Can Satyam pay salaries to staff? (Economic Times)

Satyam CFO Srinivas Vadlamani attempts suicide: (Times of India)

Pressure on Andhra govt to arrest Satyam's Raju (Times of India)

Shirdi Sai Baba temple is 2nd richest in India (rediff)

Divorcing Man Wants Kidney Back After Wife Cheats (AP)

Teasing a friend, costs teenager his life (dnaindia)

Satyam: A new storm in India's cup of woes (ibnlive)

Ghajini crosses the Rs 200 cr mark(buzz18)

Satyam traumatizes Corporate India (littleabout)

India Mints a Madoff-style Scandal (cfo)

Satyam chairman, director resign after admitting to fraud (taipeitimes)

Satyam CAs could be barred for life if found guilty: ICAI (Times of India)

India rocked by Satyam scam (thestar)

Scandal-Plagued Asian Execs (businessweek)

Indian software boss quits, admits faking US$1b in profits (aisaone)

Govt, industry horrified (thestatesman)

Izard Nobel LLP Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against Satyam Computer Services Ltd. (cnnmoney)

Raju's fraud admission sends shockwaves through India Inc. (ibtimes)

ISB dean, Maytas Infra chairman quit (Economic Times)

Maytas Infra also fudged books (Economic Times)

Ramalinga Raju in Hyderabad, claims his lawyer (thaindian)

Satyam chief Raju in Hyderabad: Lawyer (Times of India)

Ramalinga Raju in H'bad, ready to face legal action' (moneycontrol)

'Indian Enron' rocks business world (aljazeera)

Indian stocks and rupee hit by $1bn fraud at IT giant Satyam (independent)

Indian shares plunge 7.25% on Satyam scandal (dailytimes)

Kasav effect: Pakistan's NSA sacked (times now)

PIO professionals can practice in India, PM tells PBD (rediff)

Satyam stripped off Golden Peacock Award 2008 (Economic Times)

Shekhawat fires fresh salvo at BJP (rediff)

Jharkhand Chief Minister Shibu Soren loses Tamar assembly by-election (Times of India)

ISB dean Ram Mohan Rao resigns following controversy over Maytas deal (Times of India


Satyam Revelation Rocks Indian Markets(Forbes)

Ramalinga Raju resigns from Satyam board (business standard)

ICAI moots strong punishment for Satyam CAs, auditors (business standard)

Sensex sinks 7.2%, Satyam crashes 77% (NDTV)

CEO of Indian IT giant Satyam quits over fraud scandal (channelnewsasia)

Satyam cyclone hits Sensex, market tanks (merinews)

Sensex down by 749 pts, Satyam leads the fall (samaylive)

Carmen Electra uses wire coat hangers to ramp up her sex life! (spicezee)

Fraud revelations hit Indian computer company (cnn)

Supermodel Kate Moss’ ‘boob flash’ in Thailand!(spicezee)

CEO of India IT giant Satyam quits over billion-dollar fraud scandal (theage)

CEO of India IT giant Satyam quits over billion-dollar fraud scandal (the australian)

Ramalinga Raju Steps Down At Satyam Computers (Times of the internet)

Satyam heads towards disaster with Rs 8,000 cr fraud (dnaindia)

Indian software CEO resigns, admits to fake profit reports (chron)

Satyam chairman Ramalinga Raju resigns, admits financial wrong-doing (newstrackindia)

Satyam fraud to be probed by CB-CID: Reddy (zeenews)

Satyam Chairman Raju resigns (NHATKY)

'I've only done it with a couple of men'- Paris Hilton (thesun)

BSE Sensex crashes in the wake of "Satyam Fraud", Satyam shares fall by 78% (breakingnewsonline)

Twitter spoof site features Jesus, Gandhi and John Lennon (telegraph)

Satyam chairman resigns, says profits inflated (gulfnews)

Indian software giant admits scam (smh)

Satyam Chairman B Ramalinga Raju resigns (deccanherald)

Satyam chairman resigns amid accounting scandal (zdnetasia)

Satyam chief quits, fraud scandal hammers shares (cnbc)

PIL against 'Ghajini' for showing too much violence (Times of India)

Satyam fraud clouds corporate governance of India Inc (Economictimes)

World markets mixed as Indian stocks plunge (huffingtonpost)

Satyam Computer head quits, admits doctoring books (AP)

India’s Rupee Pares Gain, Stocks Slide as Satyam Chairman Quits (bloomberg)

Satyam chairman resigns amid $1bn fraud (timesonline)

India's Satyam chief quits, says profits inflated (guardian)

Satyam Shares Plunge on Scandal (nytimes)

Satyam: A cleverly crafted scam (monecontrol)

Andhra mulls action against Satyam (NDTV)

India IT boss quits over scandal (bbc)

Satyam promoters’ stake down to 3.6% (Hindustan Times)

Credit Suisse suspends coverage of India's Satyam (reuters)

Indian rupee weakens as shares fall on Satyam (reuters)

Village refuses to abandon Satyam chief(zeenews)

Satyam’s Raju admits irregularities in financial disclosures, resigns (Telecontiger)

Obama Wants Journalist Gupta for Surgeon General (washingtonpost)

His Empire in Tatters, German Billionaire Takes Life (wsj)

Satyam Chairman Resigns after admitting Scam (rttnews)

Satyam's Chairman Resigns After Inflating Profit, Revenue Figures (wsj)

Fraud to take Satyam stock to Rs 10: Shankar Sharma (moneycontrol)

Pietersen quits England captaincy: report (PTI)

Raju stake falls to 3.6% (telegraphindia)

PwC may review its 'continuance' with Satyam Computer (Economic Times)

Satyam chairman Ramalinga Raju, MD Rama Raju quit (Indiatoday)

Hyderabad: Satyam Chairman Ramalinga Raju Resigns, Admits to Enormous Fraud (daijiworld)

Don't blame Satyam's Raju, blame me(livemint)

Satyam founder quits after admitting Rs.40 bn fraud (IANS)

Satyam chief Raju resigns, admits Rs 7,000 cr fraud (NDTV)

Raju a feared man; earlier in US, now in India: Experts (Times of India)

Shocker from Satyam: Corporate India’s biggest fraud as it unveils (msn)

Rs.10-bn loss feared daily following truckers' strike: Exporters (IANS)

Satyam chief resigns over inflated assets (iht)

Australia claim consolation win (bbc)

Satyam sheds 73 pct to decade's low of Rs 48 (financial express)

Raju quits Satyam; admits to fraud (financial express)

Sensex tumbles over 750 pts as Satyam chief resigns (Times of India)

Mkts mayhem on Satyam scam; sectoral indices crash (moneycontrol)

Ramalinga Raju quits Satyam; admits to fraud (indianexpress)

Satyam Chairman Resigns, Stock Plummets Over 65% (

Raju quits Satyam, admits to fraud (dnaindia)

Satyam chief resigns; admits irregularities (CIOL)

Sensex plunges as Satyam goes bust (Economic Times)

Raju may face criminal proceedings and 10 year jail(Economic Times)

Sebi 'horrified' by Satyam fraud (rediff)

Government will refer Satyam case to Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) (livemint)

Satyam irregularities referred to serious fraud probe agency (PTI)

Satyam Chairman Resigns After Falsifying Accounts, Shares Fall (bloomberg)

Raju admits fraud; Satyam books inflated by Rs 5040cr (moneycontrol)

Satyam Chairman Raju resigns (timesnow)

Satyam Chairman B Ramalinga Raju resigns(Hindu)

Ramalinga Raju resigns, reveals shocking details (rediff)

Asatya vachan Raju takes Satyam down; stock falls 62% (Economic Times)

Satyam boss Raju admits accounting fraud, quits(ibnlive)

Raju family’s holding in Satyam falls to 3.64% (livemint)

Satyam chairman resigns, shares plunge (reuters)

Satyam chairman resigns, shares plunge (thaindian)

Satyam founder quits after admitting Rs.40 bn fraud (thaindian)

Market tumbles after Satyam shocker (indiainfoline)

Nifty slips below 3000 after Satyam fiasco (moneycontrol)

To Read Raju's Letter To Board Please Check below url

Sania says she's fit, ready for Hong Kong tournament (ibnlive)


Abhishek and Rani not on talking terms, courtesy Priyanka (zeenews)

Twitter accounts of Obama, Britney Spears hacked (abcnews)

10m to lose jobs by March in export units (Times of India)

Gautam Goswami dies of cancer (Times of India)

Former DM of Patna and flood scam accused Goswami expires (NDTV)

Obama picks Leon Panetta to head CIA (ap)

Jesse Randhawa declares war on Britney over poaching Indian 'beau' (

US First Cat 'India' dies (AFP)

The Bush family's 18-year-old cat, India, has died at the White House, First Lady Laura Bush's office announced Monday.

South Africa: ANC leader Jacob Zuma to wed fifth wife (nowpublic)

Akshaya Patra enters Limca Records (sify)

Akshaya Patra, a Bangalore-based non-government organisation (NGO) has entered the Limca Book Of Records (National) for running the world’s largest school meal programme providing food to almost a million children across six states every day.

Kingfisher flight runs out of fuel midair, almost (DNAINDIA)

Rihanna taking no wardrobe risks for Malaysia show (ap)

Police: Angry Ohio boy, 4, shoots baby sitter (ap)

Pak says evidence given by India insufficient: Report (rediff)

Pakistan official agencies behind Mumbai attack: PM (Times ofIndia)

Pak hackers plan attack on Indian cyber networks (Zeenews)

War on Terror: Israel's the way to go with Pak?(ibnlive)

Poonch encounter shows no sign of ending (NDTV)

Saina Nehwal resolves to make top five (reuters)

Jihad’ mandatory for every Pakistani if India attacks, says Fatwa (topnews)

Study: Teens on MySpace mention sex, violence (cnn)

HCL, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant in fray for Satyam (moneycontrol)

Kashmir: Obama's first foreign policy mistake (rediff)

Child pornography on social networking websites (NDTV)

Daughter of Bhutto records rap on tragedy (guardian)

Priyanka makes her turbulent relationship with Hurman public through internet! (zee)

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard(ONN)


SRK to select IPL cheerleaders through TV show (IANS)

Bangalore on alert after terror threat to IT firms (NDTV)

Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist' impresses Omar (Times Of India)

50 lakh trucks off the roads (rediff)

Tom Cruise says Scientology helped him overcome dyslexia (afp)

Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells(Times)

Orange drinks with 300 times more pesticide than tap water (mailonline)

Deepika turns 23, celebrating birthday with Ranbir and his family! (spicezee)

Air India sacks 10 air hostesses for being overweight (Times of India)

Lalu to feature in animation film (PTI)

Cheryl Cole says her ‘deceitful hubby’ is improving(topnews)

India inks largest-ever defence deal with US (timesnow)

114-year-old U.S. woman to be world's oldest (cnn)

India Hands Pakistan 'Proof' of Mumbai Attack Links (foxnews)

Envoys race to halt Gaza carnage (bbc)

His penis belongs to me - jealous wife (

Sex clinics 'to open' in EVERY school so pupils as young as 11 can be tested... without parental consent (dailymail)

Paris opens door to author fleeing Islamist threats (guardian)

Omar Abdullah takes oath as youngest J&K chief minister (NDTV)

Scores die after consuming bootleg liquor in Kolkata (gulf news)

US bid to reduce Mumbai tensions (bbc)


Jennifer Aniston prefers dogs to men (IANS)

Proteas skipper Smith breaks hand in Test(cnn)

Yahoo to launch ‘made in India’ social site(hindustantimes)

Azharuddin's son hopes to make it big(rediff)

Lankan army advances towards LTTE bastion(inblive)

Curse of IPL' reason for Aus decline: Report (timesnow)

I don't like talking about Sania: Shahid(IANS)

NYT,' Most Others in U.S. Media, Silent as Israel Invades (editorandpublisher)

Israeli troops clash with Hamas(bbc)

Conn. man's last lotto ticket wins $10M for widow (ap)

India plans to hoist tricolour on moon by 2020(ians)

Bachchan's aura built on sheer talent: Aamir Khan(screenindia)

Trisha made the maximum moolah in '08 in South!(

An End, and a Beginning, for the Media,9171,1869219,00.html

Reliance GSM offers Rs 900 free talk-time (rediff)

Analysis: Bush's personality shapes his legacy (ap)

Israeli forces bisect Gaza, surround biggest city(ap)

Good luck getting around D.C. on Inauguration Day(ap)


Wikipedia exceeds $6m donation goal (theregister)

India shall go to any extent to root out terror: PM (rediff)

John Travolta's son dies in Bahamas (reuters)

Narayan Rane set to launch new party (rediff)

Musharraf may visit India this month (Times of India)

British Army learning kabaddi (rediff)

Two AP ministers quit over Cong defeat in local body polls (mid day)

Seattle police fatally shoot armed history buff (ap)

I like the incomplete romance in Ghajini: Asin (ibnlive)

U.S. could be facing debt 'time bomb' this year (washingtonpost)

Keep off dieting' to avoid flu (bbc)

SA edge tight first day in Sydney (bbc)

CAG report indicts Maharashtra CM Chavan, Ex-CM Deshmukh, Minister (outlookindia)

'LTTE chief Prabhakaran on the run' (

Three-fold salary hike for SC, HC judges (Timesof India)

Fox News ticker: 'Let's hope the magic negro does a good job'

Mumbai Muslims send bangles to Arab leaders (IANS)

Cuba celebrates revolution's 50th anniversary (ap)

Omar Abdullah's party set to join UPA (rediff)

Divorcee Kate Hudson gives marriage tips (DNA)

'Safest' seat remarks gets Muslim family kicked off plane (cnn)

Times Square bash left about 40 tons of trash (usatoday)

Market booms for male nurses(tcpalm)

PORT ST. LUCIE: Suspicious wife who demands to smell husband's genitals beaten (tcpalm)


US readying south Afghan surge against Taliban(ap)

Anil Ambani lost $30 bn in 2008: Forbes(indianexpress)

Banned Jamaat-ud-Dawa planning to change name? (zeenews)

Mumbai Congress wants SRK as Govinda fades(dna)

One Woman Rules YouTube: Beyonce(foxnews)

Smith ruled out of S Africa ODIs (BBC)


Malaysian chopper saves Indian tanker from pirates(ap)

Dozens die in New Year's club fire in Bangkok (ap)

US missile strikes kill 5 in Pak(indiainfo)

Smoking ban leads to major drop in heart attacks (ap)

Economic downturn set to widen Asia's rich-poor gap

Praja Rajyam criticises Naidu

Bush has read 186 books in last two years (topnews)

Karl Rove reveals that his friend and former boss, George W. Bush, has read probably hundreds of books over the course of his presidency.

In his column for the Wall Street Journal, Rove says that Bush read 95 books in 2006 alone. In 2007, he read 51 books and as of last week, he had read 40 in 2008.

Premarital Abstinence Pledges Ineffective, Study Finds (washingtonpost)

Stock markets lose over Rs 40 trillion in 2008 (Times of India)

AP acid attack victim dies in hospital (NDTV)

Los Angeles: Sharapova hopes to be fit for Oz defence (zeenews)