Thursday, April 30, 2015

Debt-ridden Maharashtra farmer feels abandoned: Rahul | Business Standard News

Debt-ridden Maharashtra farmer feels abandoned: Rahul | Business Standard News


    Protests and anger in Nepal on aid not reaching affected areas, Rahul Gandhi's offensive against the government over farmers' distress and the Union Cabinet clearing one of Prime Minister Modi's most favoured project-100 smart cities spread across the country are some lead stories in papers today.
    "Centre plans zero tolerance for graft ", says the pioneer, writing that the proposed amendments to the prevention of corruption will hike the maximum jail term from 5 to 7 years but plans to build in a safeguard for retired bureaucrats.
    "Government plans Bharat Mala, a 5000 km road network" writes the Times of India, adding that the Rs. 50 crore project will connect all untouched areas in the hinterland to push development and economic activities.
    The Asian Age writes that with a string of farmer suicides shocking the country, a Haryana Minister has whipped up a row with comments that farmers ending their lives are cowards and criminals.
    The Indian Express reports that the Bombay High Court yesterday refused to stay the provision of the new beef ban law which restricts people from procuring beef from outside Maharashtra, but directed the State government not to take any coercive action for its possession for 3 months in the state.
    The Hindu opines that in a signal indicating that Afghanistan was upset with Pakistan over its refusal to allow direct trade with India via the Wagah border, President Ashraf Ghani has said that if the deadlock continues, Afghanistan will not provide equal transit access to central Asia to Pakistani trucks.
    And Finally, in interesting news for science and tech lovers, the Times of India writes that Yahoo has unveiled a new technology that would replace finger prints and retina scans or the usual four digit security number to unlock your phone. 

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