Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Will keep raising farmers’ issues in Parliament, says Congress chief

Will keep raising farmers’ issues in Parliament, says Congress chief


Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address to BJP MP's on the eve of the Parliament session beginning today and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi's speech at an anti- land bill farmer's rally in the Capital dominate the headlines. The Times of India provides a perspective as it writes "Congress, BJP on warpath over land bill, jostle to be seen as farmer's messiah". While the Indian Express quotes the Prime Minister as saying "All decisions I take are for welfare of poor", the Hindustan Times highlights Rahul Gandhi as saying "PM wants to repay industrialist pals with land".

The election of Rajya Sabha MP Sitaram Yechury as the general secretary of the CPI(M) is prominently noticed in the press. Putting the spotlight on what he needs to do as the new party chief, the Tribune states "Pragmatic Marxist Yechury needs to attract youth, middle class". The Pioneer writes "The general secretary hints at CPM-CPI merger, stronger ties with democratic forces".

Most papers take note of the suicide of a 31 year old doctor from AIIMS alleging that her husband was gay and was mentally torturing her for dowry. "Upset by husband's gay relationships, AIIMS doc kills self" reports the Hindu.

Recent amendments in the All India Service Rules that make prior permission necessary for  IAS and IPS officers before they accept gifts including free transportation and boarding and lodging worth more than 5000 rupees is widely reported. The Mail Today writes "Babu's need govt nod for accepting gifts over 5000 Rupees".

In a special front page story, the Indian Express cites statistics compiled by the National Health Mission to say that India is facing a debilitating shortage of health specialists, even in basic disciplines such as surgery, gynaecology and paediatrics.

The name Hari Singh may not strike you as being particularly exceptional. But you just might have tp sit up and take note now because the Times of India writes "At 747 years, Hari Singh is Meerut's oldest voter". The paper states that the electoral roll prepared by the Meerut Cantonment Board has other voters who are 200, 540 and 549 years old.

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