Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eating low calorie diet for 4 months can cure diabetes


The FDI face-off dominates most dailies today, with Hindustan Times headlining it as "PM, Opposition firm on FDI stands, House on pause' with a warning, "Manmohan tells allies, impression of divided House, a danger to Govt.'

The Indian Express highlights a different angle under the headline, "Retail FDI benefits our country, States free to not allow it : PM". The paper goes on to say that "10 years ago, NDA had pitched for 100% retail FDI".

The other story covered prominently is of Kanimozhi and 4 other 2G accused being granted bail. The Indian Express says, "Shahid Balwa gets bail, Kani walks out of jail". Hindustan Times carries a photograph of Kanimozhi at home after her release from Tihar jail, with the caption, "Free after 194 days".

Most newspapers also take note of the renewed demand for a strong Lokpal Bill. Hindustan Times headline reads, "Anna on warpath again, gives Govt Dec 23 deadline". The Asian Age, in a box item reports the Congress President reiterating that the Govt. is committed to eradicating Corruption and seeking the opposition's assistance in the passage of the important legislation in the on going Session of Parliament.

The Times of India makes a mention of the CBI being "forced to retract charge against the Gujarat judiciary in the Supreme Court" in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case.

Hindustan Times carries a story, warning travellers, to be prepared for a foggy winter ahead, saying 'Get ready for blinding fog, air chaos'. The paper adds that the MeT department has predicted dense fog from Mid December to January which is likely to disrupt flight schedules at the Delhi airport.

And finally, in good news for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes, The Times of India reports about a study which says "Eating low calorie diet for 4 months can cure diabetes".

Political Affairs Now An Open Book : NPR

Political Affairs Now An Open Book : NPR: "There's a difference between news that's in the public interest and news that the public is interested in. But that difference has been eradicated when it comes to sex scandals involving presidential candidates."

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anna in Foreign Policy's top 100 global thinkers -

Anna in Foreign Policy's top 100 global thinkers - "Software czar Azim Premji, social activist Anna Hazare and writer Arundhati Roy are among the five Indians who figure in Foreign Policy's prestigious list of Top 100 Global Thinkers, which also includes US President Barack Obama."

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Egyptians vote to usher in democracy after revolution


Political positioning over the government's decision to allow 51%FDI in retail dominates the front pages of most papers. With the Opposition and some UPA allies opposing the decision, the Hindustan Times writes "FDI face-off deepens as govt. says no roll back". Highlighting the government's attempts to find a way out, the Asian Age reports "All-party FDI meet today". 
The Delhi High Court granting bail to DMK MP Kanimozhi and four others in the 2G spectrum allocation case is prominently covered in the papers. "High court bails Kani out of Tihar" reports the Mail Today. The Hindu writes that the court granted bail applying the principle of parity with the Supreme Court having granted bail to five corporate executives last week. 
Most papers take note of the expulsion of Babu Singh Kushwaha, former minister in the Mayawati government in UP, from the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). "BSP throws out Kushwaha for anti-party activity" reports the Pioneer. The Tribune writes "BSP expels former minister, blames him for CMO killings".
Citing the recommendations of Parliament's Standing Committee on Law and Order on the proposed Lokpal Bill, the Times of India reports that NGOs and some private companies may also come under the ambit of the Lokpal. Commenting on the draft bill, the Statesman says "Lokpal panel yet to decide on PM issue".
Many papers speculate on the possibility of a further cut in petrol prices. The Hindustan Times says "Another petrol price cut likely tomorrow" while the Asian Age writes "Petrol prices maybe slashed by Rs.1".  
And finally, in international news, elections held in Egypt yesterday are widely noticed in the papers. "Egyptians vote in first post Mubarak election" reports the Statesman. The Pioneer notes "Egyptians vote to usher in democracy after revolution".

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday has been marked as the most auspicious day for solemnizing Hindu weddings and that there will be 60,000 weddings today


The ongoing FDI controversy embroiling various political parties gained prominence in today's papers. " In week-2, Houses to face FDI storm", headlines the Asian Age. " Friend and foe gang up, FDI storm awaits government in House", is the top headline in the Hindustan Times.

Pakistan being enraged after the NATO strikes on two of its military out posts, is another big story. " US, NATO trying to soothe Pakistani nerves, hectic parleys on with Islamabad", writes The Hindu." Among cries of betrayal, Pakistan buries its 24 dead" reports the Hindustan Times.

" Fear of graft taint - stalling decisions: protect officials from being penalized for honest mistakes", reads a Times of India headlines which refers to HRD Minister Kapil Sibal speaking at a discussion in Mumbai on "Agenda for Renewal" .

The Financial Express writes " Rupees 8,861 crore boost for Unique Identification Authority" , which will allow it to develop back-end capacity for serving the entire data base of 1.2 billion Indians.

" At South Africa Climate meet, India fights for right to grow" - writes the Times of India, adding that for India, the battle on Kyoto Protocol at the Durban Climate talks beginning on Monday, boils down to ensuring that the global community does not impose an unjust tax on energy and growth.

Hindustan Times reports that the Parliament panel examining the Lokpal bill is likely to recommend that Parliament pass a law for creating the anti-graft watchdog at the Centre as also Lokayuktas in the States.

And finally, reporting on the wedding season in the National Capital, the Indian Express writes that Monday has been marked as the most auspicious day for solemnizing Hindu weddings and that there will be 60,000 weddings today.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kiran Bedi stung again by graft rap


The NATO air strike in North-Western Pakistan killing 28 Pakistani soldiers, has been reported prominently by the dailies. "After NATO strike, Pak-US melt down" reports the Asian Age, "Kayani vows "Effective response", adds the Indian Express.

The stalling of boundary talks between India and China over the Dalai Lama's address to Buddhist convention next week has been reported by major news papers today on their front pages. "India says can't gag Dalai, China stalls border talks" reports The Hindustan Times, while The Times of India adds "Dalai Dilemma Nixed China talks"

The FIR lodged against former cop and team Anna member Kiran Bedi also finds mention on the front pages. "Kiran Bedi stung again by graft rap", reports the Mail Today. The Indian Express says "Court orders FIR against Bedi for misuse of funds."

The meeting of top airlines bosses with the Prime Minister has also been noticed extensively. The Hindu headlines "Bad operating climate", may ground us, airlines tell PM, high taxes, duties on Jet fuel prices, plague aviation sector".

India snatching a draw, from the jaws of victory by one run has the Times of India commenting "A pulsating stalemate" while the India Express adds "Dramatic day ends in last ball draw".

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh's recovery after battling a benign lung tumour has been reported as the lead story by many news papers.

And finally, good news for bird lovers, the Pioneer reports that after nearly 7 years, the migratory White Stork Crane from Central Asia has arrived at the world famous Keoladeo national park in Bharatpur.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Actual expense on Kasab could be around Rs 50 crore - The Times of India

Actual expense on Kasab could be around Rs 50 crore - The Times of India: "The state government might have spent three times the amount it claims to have incurred on Pakistani gunman Ajmal Amir Kasab. On Monday, the home department led by senior NCP leader R R Patil had submitted that the state government had spent Rs 16 crore on Kasab till date."

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Killing machine Kishanji killed at last


The Govt. clearing 51% FDI in multi brand retail and the killing of Kishanji (chief of Maoist insurgency operations) are amongst the top stories in today's Press.

"Welcome to Walmart" writes the Financial Express". "Coming soon: World's Top Retailers", headlines the Times of India. The Hindustan Times adds that brushing aside political resistance, the govt. has allowed 51% Foreign Direct Investment in multi brand retail to mega discount stores such as Walmart and Carrefour and 100% FDI in single brand retail.

"Blow to Maoists: Kishanji killed in jungle encounter", is the Asian Age headline. "Killing machine Kishanji killed at last, headlines the Pioneer. The Asian Age reports that the country's most wanted Maoist leader was killed by joint forces in the biggest operation launched since the new West Bengal government of Mamata Bannerji assumed office.

Parliament remains paralysed for the third day in a row - reports the Tribune. The Asian Age writes that Parliament stays on the boil on the issue of price rise and Telangana, despite reports of an understanding reached between the governments and the BJP-led opposition, on the black money adjournment motion issue.

"Lokpal draft set to be circulated next week, writes the Times of India, with the Parliamentary Panel reaching a consensus on giving constitutional status to the proposed anti-corruption 'Lokpal'. The Mail Today writes, "No One opinion on PM under Lokpal".

"NRI's home in on property, as rupee crashes" - headlines the Economic Times, with sagging realty getting a boost as Non Resident Indians look for safe investments.

And finally, the Times of India explained" A hundred diamonds for the Lord", with a devotee dropping one hundred diamonds into a donation box at the Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirumala - thereby enriching it by well over a crore of rupees.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Maoist leader Kishenji killed in West Bengal

The Hindu : News / National : Maoist leader Kishenji killed in West Bengal

Elusive Maoist leader Kishenji was on Thursday killed in an encounter with the joint forces at Burisole forest in West Midnapore district, a day after he narrowly escaped from there.

The body of 58-year-old Molajula Koteswar Rao, better known as Kishenji, was found and identified after the “Jungalmahal encounter”, a top counter-insurgency force official said.

43-year old Cyrus Mistry to take over the 83 billion dollar Tata Empire


43-year old Cyrus Mistry to take over the 83 billion dollar Tata
Empire is the headline in all papers this morning.

The other major story covered by all newspapers is, Supreme Court's
decision to grant bail to the 5 Corporate Executives who were jailed
for the 2G scam, giving hope to Raja and Kanimozi who are lodged in
Tihar for the same case.

The Hindu and the Indian Express have highlighted the Centers decision
to split the Municipal corporation of Delhi into three agencies. The
North Zone, South Zone, and East Zone Municipalities. Each
Municipality will have a separate Mayor and Deputy Mayor and a
Commissioner who will report to the head of a new Directorate of Local
Bodies. " Center okays MCD 3 way split" writes the Times of India.

In a surprise move seen as a prelude to a major shake-up in Rupert
Murdoch's crisis hit British Media Group, News International, his son
James Murdoch quit as director of the companies that publish the
Times, The Sunday Times and the Sun.

A day after the sacking of Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan's Ambassador to
the United States, the Pakistani Government has named Sherry Rehman
former Information Minister as Pakistan's new Envoy to the United
States. All news paper has reported this story.

The Financial Express and the Indian Express have highlighted the
likelihood of the government approving a 51% FDI in multi brand retail

And finally, the Pioneer writes that an overdose of Paracetamol can be
fatal. According to the paper, if you have the habit of popping
Paracetamol every time you suffer from cold, fever or flu, beware. A
study conducted by a researcher at the Edinburgh Royal infirmary found
that excessive amounts of Paracetamol can accumulate in the liver and
lead to toxicity including damage to the lungs and death.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SC for special courts for cases of violent agitations


The start of the Winter Session of Parliament yesterday dominates the front pages of most dailies today. "Day 1 washed out, Govt looks to save session", reports the Hindustan Times. Elaborating on what happened, the Tribune says "Day 1 : Interruptions over Inflation, P Chidambram's alleged role in Spectrum scam". The Hindu highlights the Prime Minister's assertion, "There is no case for a boycott" in response to the BJP deciding to boycott Home Minister P Chidambaram in Parliament. Ascribing political motives to BJP's boycott decision, the Economic Times says, "NDA's 'boycott PC' to woo Jaya".

The death of seven persons in a fire that engulfed two air-conditioned coaches of the Howrah-Dehradoon Express is prominently covered in the papers. The Indian Express reports railway officials as saying, "Alarms missing but fire-retardant material averted disaster". The Times of India and the Hindustan Times say that the Railways are not ruling out sabotage.

The Supreme Court indicating that it will order the setting up of special courts for disposal of cases involving damage to public properties in violent agitations is highlighted in many papers. "Special courts to try violence during stir." writes the Asian Age. Similarly, the Tribune reports "SC for special courts for cases of violent agitations".

All papers prominently notice the decline in the value of the rupee which closed at an all-time low of 52 rupees 32 paise a dollar yesterday. "Rupee hits a new low, sparks inflation worry" writes the Hindustan Times. The Financial Express reports the Reserve Bank of India as saying that it can and will intervene when it is consistent with its policy".

And finally, believe-it-or-not, you may get to see emails on your contact lenses. The Times of India informs us that Scientists at the Washington University and Aalto University in Finland have constructed a computerised contact lens which could potentially be linked to the internet.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Through the third eye: Were resignations over Telangana part of a political drama? - The Economic Times

Through the third eye: Were resignations over Telangana part of a political drama? - The Economic Times: "As the Parliament session begins, what happens to those Telangana MPs who'd handed out 'resignation threats'? With the UPA regime and the Congress high command not blinking, the Lok Sabha Speaker has already rejected the resignation letters, offered by 12 Telangana MPs (eight from the Congress and two each from the TDP and TRS) in August. It is learnt that the Speaker's office has found these resignation letters were not in the proper format. "

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WTF: men spend more time getting ready to go out, than women


"House Arrest : BJP to boycott Chidambaram" screams the headline of
Hindustan Times on its front page. Signaling a stormy Winter Session
ahead , the NDA at its meeting on the eve of the session has demanded
the Home Ministers resignations.
Similar statements have been reported by the Asian Age under its
headline "NDA will boycott PC in Parliament and the Indian Express
says " Boycott PC, don't let him speak : NDA Winter strategy".
The Statesman, The Times of India , The Tribune, The Asian Age and The
Hindu have all reported that in a blow to Narendra Modi's government
the Gujarat High Court- appointed SIT, has concluded that the
controversial police encounter with college girl Ishrat Jehan and
three others was fake as they were killed prior to the incident. This
front page story has been carried in detail along with photograph of
The Hindu on its front page writes "UP assembly votes for split". The
resolution moved by Ms. Mayawati to split Uttar Pradesh into four and
it being passed by voice-vote has widely been reported by almost all
dailies. The Statesman headlines it " Maya pushes through split - UP
resolution " and The Hindustan Times covers it under " Maya trips
opposition with split move"
According to the Times of India its a research that will make the
fairer sex happier - men spend more time getting ready to go out, than
women. The study has found that on an average, men spend 81 minutes a
day on personal grooming while women take only 75 minutes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

13 burnt alive in a major East Delhi fire


The dreaded fog season has arrived, writes the Hindustan Times. The
capital and its neighbouring areas were surrounded in dense fog on
Sunday morning throwing air, rail and road traffic out of gear.
Mercury dips below 15 degree Celsius, fog delays trains says the Asian
Age. Season's first fog brings along accidents and delays is the Times
of India headline.

13 burnt alive in a major East Delhi fire. Photographs of the charred
remains at the Community Centre in Nand Nagari are splashed across
most newspapers.

The Pioneer on its front page has a photographs of L.K. Advani
speaking at the end of his 40 day long Jan Chetna Yatra at the Ram
Lila Maidan in Delhi. NDA to raise pressure on the UPA writes the
Asian Age. Senior BJP leader L. K. Advani announced on the final day
of his yatra that all NDA MPs would declare their assets in the Lok
Sabha next week. "Advani asks NDA MPs to come clean on black money" is
the Tribune headline.

The Financial dailies focus on Corporate profits being badly bruised.
The Financial Express, Business Standard and Economics Times write
about heavy debt loans taken by Indian companies in the past to build
mobile networks, power plants and airports coming back to haunt them
with the sharp depreciation of the rupee.

Lokpal to be free to prosecute says the Times of India. According to
the paper, prior sanction for prosecution of public servants, like
bureaucrats and MPs will not be required if the Lokpal is convinced
about the gravity of charges. The prospects of this provision becoming
part of the Lokpal are bright.

And finally, visitors at the India International Trade Fair in Pragati
Maidan crossed the 1 lakh cap on Sunday putting the organisers in a
tizzy. The entry gates had to be closed and metro station tickets were
sold out, writes the Hindustan Times. The Hindu adds that large crowds
throng the trade fair and many had to be turned away. Most papers have
photographs of the record crowds at the trade fair.

SMS-based system helps timely food delivery to Andhra’s poor - Technology -

SMS-based system helps timely food delivery to Andhra’s poor - Technology - "MFoods, a cellphone-based system, is helping deal with delays and management problems faced by a scheme to provide nutritious food to more than 3.5 million poor women and children in Andhra Pradesh."

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Barefoot running or running with basic footwear seems to be making a comeback worldwide


The CBI introducing a fresh twist to the on going 2G scam probe is given prominence in the Press. "CBI casts 2G probe net wider, pulls in the NDA" is the top headline in the Hindustan Times. "Spectrum dirt at BJP door step, raids on Airtel, Vodafone", reports the Times of India. The paper adds that irregularities for allotment of spectrum in 2002, when late Pramod Mahajan was Communication Minister, amounted to a loss of Rs 508 crore to the exchequer.

The Sunday Tribune writes, "Manmohan discusses uranium sale with OZ Prime Minister", adding that Australian PM Julian Guillard made it clear that she would take forward her proposal to lift the ban on Uranium sale to India, as she met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Bali.

The Asian Age writes that the war of letters between Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh and UP Chief Minister Mayawati shows no sign of letting up, with Mayawati sending off another letter to the minister rubbishing allegations of corruption in implementation of NREGA. "Maya returns NREGA salvo", headlines the Statesman.

The Financial Express quotes Prime Minister Manmohan Singh "Despite slow down, still expect 7.5% growth". He said in Bali that though the global economic situation is showing severe signs of stress, emerging market countries in Asia, including India, are contributing to the recovery of the world economy.

And finally, The Sunday Times informs us that according to research conducted at the Harvard University - Barefoot running or running with basic footwear seems to be making a comeback worldwide.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Government to widen Tax base to cover all but 22 services


Most newspapers this morning report that the Pakistani Government is said to have offered to hand over the 26/11 culprits to India in return for Washington intervention in pre-empting any military take over, after the American raid in Abbotabad killed Osama Bin Laden. This memo said to be from President Zardari is alleged to have been sent to the former US Joint Chief of Staff Mike Mullen. "Zardari offered 26/11 suspects feared army coup after operation Osama says secret memo", is the Times of India headline.

Papers this morning have also covered the Prime Ministers' statements on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit. "Assertive India takes on China, US in global game", writes the Hindustan Times.

Economic Times writes that Sukhram is finally convicted for Telecom scam during Rao's regime, he is guilty of granting undue favour to a cable supply company - the Indian Express adds that he is likely to be sentenced today. The Asian Age has also covered this story.

The Hindu, Times of India and other papers write about the move to keep key services out of the Tax net - This includes Non-air-conditioned second class train travel, health facilities, metro monorail and public transport services as well as pre schools and recognised education providers. "Government to widen Tax base to cover all but 22 services", writes the Hindustan Times.

And finally, A metal developed by a team of researchers from the University of California and California institute of Technology has been shown to be resting on a dandelion fluff without damaging it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

India has the highest rate of road accident deaths in the world - one every four minutes


The top headline of today's Hindustan Times reads, "Government Readies for Big Next-Generation Reforms Push". The paper says that 'the UPA government is poised to introduce a slew of long pending second-generation economic reforms such as permitting Foreign Airlines to invest in domestic aviation companies, to put the economy back on a strong growth trajectory, to create millions of new jobs and to protect the country from economic slow down. The Indian Express writes "Government moves a step closer to FDI in Retail, allowing 51% Foreign Direct Investment in multi brand retail."
The Economic Times writes that the Reserve Bank of India declared on Thursday that it may be hard to shore up a falling rupee, suggesting that any attempt to do so was fraught with great risk. The paper goes on to say that the RBI Deputy Governor Subir Gokarn reminded those calling on the central bank to use its foreign currency reserves that the Indian unit was a floating currency and hedging options were available to prevent losses.
"Government, Opposition warm up for winter session", writes the Hindustan Times, along with a photograph of Lok Sabha Speaker - Meira Kumar and leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj caught during a moment of bonhomie at a meeting of leaders of all political parties. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal sought the Opposition's help to pass 21 Bills during the Winter Session, with the opposition leader laying down conditions for allowing peaceful passage of key government agenda.
The Asian Age reports that "Stepping up pressure on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh has shot off a 14 page letter to her, giving details of 'irregularities' in the implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in the State.
The Times of India writes that MPs in the Rajya Sabha who have declared the highest remuneration incomes, include Abhishek Manu Singhvi who tops the charts at 50 crore rupees per annum, Vijay Malaya at 41.4 crore rupees per annum, and Arun Jaitley with 8.41 crore rupees.
And finally, Hindustan Times informs us that as India has the highest rate of road accident deaths in the world - one every four minutes - the Government is one step closer to amending a law that will come down heavily on traffic violation, with hefty fines and even jail terms for offenders.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Facebook: Over 60 lakh accounts have been hacked globally this week with pornographic material being posted by the hackers on several accounts


Most papers this morning headline the government clearing the deck for pension funds. The Cabinet gave its nod to amendments in the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill which seeks to allow foreign player entry in the pension sector, writes the Business Standard and Financial Express.

'Rupees one crore fine proposed for charging capitation fee" writes the Hindu, Asian Age and Indian Express. In a bid to prevent Educational Institutions from exploiting students, the cabinet has approved amendments in "Higher Educational Institutional Bill 2011".

The Indian Express and Tribune write that the Central Information Commission has directed the RBI to reveal the names and details of the top 100 industrialists who have defaulted on loans from public sector banks.

Rare Sikh memorabilia to go under the hammer in the United Kingdom today is a front page story in the Tribune. A Gold Mohar minted during the reign of Ranjit Singh and other heritage items will be auctioned.

Dracula Therapy is the latest technique in medical science, being used to fight ageing with your own blood. According to the Hindu, blood extracted from the patient processed with growth hormones in the laboratory is re-injected in the face with micro needles. The blood with growth hormones then repairs and heals scars and treats wrinkled skin without chemical or surgical procedures. This procedure was first introduced in Britain and is now available in India. The Asian Age has also highlighted this story.

And Finally, The pioneer writes about many Indians in Bangalore city whose facebook accounts have been hacked. The Pioneer reports that over 60 lakh accounts have been hacked globally this week with pornographic material being posted by the hackers on several accounts.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CAG stands by Rs 1.76 lakh crore 2G loss figure


Petrol becoming cheaper across the country after oil marketing
companies slashed prices of the fuel, grabs front page attention in
all the dailies.

UP Chief Minister Mayawati's proposal to split the state into four
smaller states is prominently noticed on the front pages of all the
papers. "Maya moves to slice UP into 4, stumps rivals" reports the
Times of India. Ascribing an electoral motive to this move, the Mail
Today writes "Mayawati's divide UP call sets poll agenda".

The appearance of the Comptroller and Auditor General before the Joint
Parliamentary Committee probing the 2G spectrum allocation scam is
highlighted in all the papers. With the CAG disputing his aide RP
Singh's estimation of a significantly lower loss to the exchequer, the
Asian Age states "CAG contradicts aide on 2G loss" while the Pioneer
reports "CAG stands by 1.76 lakh crore 2G loss figure."

Some recommendations likely to be made by the parliamentary panel
looking into the Lokpal Bill are prominently noticed in the papers.
"CBI may lose its prosecution power, no consensus on PM" states the
Times of India. The Indian Express writes "Lokpal: 5 step mechanism to
separate probe and prosecution".

The Supreme Court's decision to examine bail guidelines in the
backdrop of many accused being denied bail by trial court judges in
high profile cases is widely noticed. "Apex court to take call on bail
rights in high profile cases" states the Pioneer. Similarly, the
Indian Express writes "SC to look at denial of bail in VIP cases".

A likely change in India-Australia relations over the sale of uranium
by Australia to India gets wide attention in the papers. "Australia,
at last, may sell uranium to India" reports the Hindu.

And finally, cardiac patients can literally take heart. The times of
India and the Asian Age report that small scale human trials have
shown promising results in the use of the hearts own stem cells to
battle heart failure.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chief Minister Mayawati plans to bring a proposal for division of Uttar Pradesh in the Winter Session of the Assembly, beginning from 21 November


Rahul Gandhi kick-starting the Congress Party's poll campaign in Uttar Pradesh is extensively covered in the Press. The Hindustan Times reports - Assembly elections are due in Uttar Pradesh in the first half of next year and the Congress, which currently holds a paltry 20 seats in the 403 member house, is banking on Gandhi to improve the tally significantly. "Rahul to Uttar Pradesh: Arise, Awake!'' headlines the Asian Age.

"PM tells Omar: Must address Army Concerns" headlines the Asian Age. The paper adds that J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah's attempts to get the Armed Forces Special Powers Act removed from some areas in the Kashmir Valley, continue to be stonewalled by the Defense Ministry. Sources said - security forces are keen that recent gains should be consolidated rather than conceding ground to militants.

The Indian Express writes that the Parliamentary Standing Committee examining the Lokpal bill is likely to soon finalise its views on the question of bringing the Prime Minister under the purview of the Lokpal. It will discuss, today, giving Constitutional Status to the Lokpal, as suggested by Rahul Gandhi.

The Pioneer writes - Chief Minister Mayawati plans to bring a proposal for division of Uttar Pradesh in the Winter Session of the Assembly, beginning from 21 November, after clearance from the Cabinet.

And finally, The Asian Age informs us that scientists in London claim to have achieved a major breakthrough by creating a 'wonder drug ' that kills off cancer and could wipe out some of the deadly forms of the disease. The drug could be available in as little as 5 years, say the scientists.

Cabinet decides to divide Uttar Pradesh into 4 states | Deccan Chronicle

Cabinet decides to divide Uttar Pradesh into 4 states | Deccan Chronicle: "In a bid to outsmart rivals ahead of the Assembly elections, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati today announced bringing a resolution in the House for carving out four new states in the winter session beginning next week."

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Blog your way to a better career -

Blog your way to a better career - "Do you know why you should have a blog?
Because people who use their blog as a career tool do better in their careers than people who don't.
The evidence for this is strong."

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Monday, November 14, 2011

there is a need for shift governance from 20th century to 21st century decision-making


The outrage over former President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam being frisked in the US and the fate of beleagured Kingfisher Airlines are amongst the most discussed stories in dailies today.

"US 'regrets inconvenience' after Kalam faces double security check" writes The Hindu. The Asian Age quotes a US official as admitting that "appropriate procedures for expedited screening of dignitaries had not been followed."

"Opposition to Government bailout for ailing Kingfisher mounts" writes The Tribune. The Mail Today headline reads, "King of good times deserves no bailout". The Times of India it its headlines quotes industrialist Rahul Bajaj as saying, "Those who die must die". The Economic Times has focussed on Kingfisher considering several measures, including selling property, to cut its debt by more than half.

The Times of India quotes Mukesh Ambani as saying that there is a need for shift governance from 20th century to 21st century decision-making. Government must work at faster pace, says Mukesh, writes The Asian Age. The Economic Times writes, "Mukesh wants speed, government says it'll stay on steady path".

Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah's meeting with Defence Minister A. K. Antony, over removal of AFSPA, from some areas of the state appears prominently in many dailies. "Omar talks to Antony, set to meet PM today" writes The Asian Age.

The Indian Express reports that the interlocutors on Jammu & Kashmir have recommended recognising the 'dual' and 'special' status for the state, as well as allowing Kashmir is to travel freely across both sides of the LoC.

The suicide of cricket commentator, Peter Roebuck, has been widely reported in dailies. "Questioned over 'sexual assault', Roebuck jumps to death" reports The Indian Express.

The Statesman shows a photograph of Italians celebrating the resignation of their Prime Minister. The headline reads, "Cheers burst forth as Berlusconi quits". The paper further writes that the resignation fuels market hopes for Euro zone.

The Hindu on its back page, carries a photograph of the just-married, beaming couple - spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, and his childhood friend, Preethi Narayanan.

Quote of the day by chandrababu naidu


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Type 2 diabetes rise due to stressful lifestyle

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Massive collections in Swiss Black Money Probe


"Framework pact boosts Maldives ties", headlines the Statesman, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announcing a 100 million dollars Standby Credit Facility to the Maldives and a number of other key initiatives like capacity building of Maldivian security forces, and boosting ties with this strategic island nation, in India's outreach, amidst attempts by China to make inroads rapidly in the region.

"PM promises to draw up Kingfisher rescue plan" headlines the Hindustan Times. In an unexpected boost for Kingfisher Airlines, the Prime Minister said that his government would explore 'ways and means' to help the private carrier. The BUSINESS LINE of the Hindu, however, writes that the 13 Bank consortium that has lent to Kingfisher Airlines has decided not to provide a bailout package for the debt-ridden company, as of now.

"Massive collections in Swiss Black Money Probe" headlines the Indian Express.  Investigators say they have already mopped up hundreds of crores as unpaid taxes from among the 700 numbered bank accounts held by Indians in HSBC Bank in Geneva, in the sprawling black money trail.

The Asian Age writes that the Central Government will set up a 500 crore rupee fund under the Public Private partnership model to finance research and development, R&D in India. The plan is to scale up the total spending on R&D from the current 0.24 percent of GDP to at least 1.5 to 2 percent in the course of time.

The Asian Age writes that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has left many surprised when he embraced the 11.11.11 craze and ordered the prosecution of 11 allegedly errant officials at 11.11 a.m on the unique date.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pic of the day


This is my school. On Friday, national education day, a child sits near a garbage...

Biggest Heera from Panna


The government decision to make small saving an attractive investment has invited favorable response from major news dailies today. "Saving grace in time of inflation" exults the Asian Age, while the Financial Express adds "small savings to get big results".
Cancellation of its flights is not the only problem Kingfisher Airlines seems to be embroiled in as its evident from stories reported on it by most major news dailies today. "Kingfisher emergency rescue waits for PM" reports the Indian Express and adds "Airlines withdraws 40 more flights; will talk to PM, says Vayalar Ravi". The Hindustan Times says "Half of Kingfisher fleet sitting idle - No Money to operate 35% of its slots, or even change tyres".
The 2G spectrum trial also finds mention in the front pages today. "Authorities begins to unravel telecom tangle", reports the Times of India. "As 2G trial begin, Raja protests: Probe still on", notes the Indian Express. The Hindu adds "At 2G trial witness identifies Reliance cheques for Swan.
In its lead story on SAARC on the front page the Tribune reports, "SAARC puts trade pacts on fast track - Leaders call speeding up transport connectivity between member countries".
The Supreme Court nods for one lakh more autos in Delhi, has the Mail Today warning "Brace for mayhem on the roads", while the Pioneer asks "Delhi's decongestion plan up in smoke?
And finally, "Biggest Heera from Panna", exclaims the Asian Age and reports that the biggest 37.68 carat diamond has been unearthed by NMDC from Diamond Mines at Panna in Madhya Pradesh.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Australia recorded their lowest Test Score of 47 in the last 100 years, the fourth lowest overall


The Times of India under its headline "Manmohan, 'man of peace' Gilani promise new chapter in ties, "writes that the meeting between the two was low in deliverables but high on a desire to stay engaged and push for normalization of ties ruptured by the 26/11 terror attacks. Similar sentiments have been covered by the Hindustan Times in its headline, "India-Pak dialogue reset to pre-Mumbai attacks".

Army may suspend counter-insurgency operations if Chief Minister Omar Abdullah unilaterally lifted the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from parts of Jammu and Kashmir. This is covered by the Hindustan Times under the headline "Army to stop ops if Omar lifts AFSPA.

The Rajasthan Water Resource Minister Mahipal Maderna was quizzed by the CBI in jodhpur where he admitted he was acquainted with the missing nurse Bhanwari Devi. The story has been covered on the front pages of the Asian Age, the Tribune, the Pioneer and the Indian Express.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar lashing out at Team Anna for criticizing his Lokayukta Bill has been covered by the Times of India under the headline "Nitish Hits Back : Team Anna can't dictate terms".

All major newspapers including the Times of India and the Hindustan Times have covered along with photographs the bizarre and baffling game of glorious uncertainties called Cricket. The first test between South Africa and Australia in Cape Town saw all the 4 innings being played on one day. Australia recorded their lowest Test Score of 47 in the last 100 years, the fourth lowest overall.

And finally, according to the Asian Age, while many people think that today, the 11th November, 2011 or 11.11.11 - a sequence that will happen again only a century later - is an auspicious day, the astrologers however say that fancy numbers don't make a day auspicious in any way and people should treat this day as any other day.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tomorrow 11.11.11


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Telangana: So Near Yet So Far - The Times of India

So Near Yet So Far - The Times of India: " V Venkatesham, an 80-year-old potter from Shampet village near Kazipet, weeps inconsolably each time someone mentions his grandson, V Suman, who allegedly committed suicide for the Telangana cause last year. The 26-year-old intermediate pass out had jumped in front of a running train on January 7, 2010, and almost two years later the wound is still fresh in the memory of his family. "

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Tata Consultancy Services has bagged a 2.2 billion dollar outsourcing contract


The sentencing to life imprisonment of 31 persons, for burning 33 Muslims alive during the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat, forms the main story in many dailies. "First whiff of justice for Gujarat riot victims" headlines The Hindu. The Times of India writes that the Gujarat special court has made history by sending the most people to prison for life in a single case.

Sonia Gandhi's statement that corruption cannot be eradicated by "merely making speeches and pointing fingers at others", has been mentioned prominently on the front pages of many dailies. "Sonia signal to Anna: Look within...why 'hue and cry', we will bring Lokpal" is the headline in The Indian Express, while The Pioneer writes, "Sonia crafts anti-Anna poll plank for Congress".

"Sun, sand and smiles for Manmohan at SAARC" writes The Tribune, referring to the Prime Minister's arrival in Addu for the SAARC summit. "Pakistan proposes Schengen-like visa system for South Asia" reports The Indian Express, while The Statesman reports that both S.M. Krishna and Hina Rabbani Khar have stated that the trust deficit between the two countries is shrinking.

The Times of India reveals that the CBI may charge Essar Group's Ravi and Anshuman Ruia, in the fresh charge sheet the CBI is set to file in the 2G spectrum scam case.

The top news in The Financial Express reports that Moody's has downgraded its outlook for India's banking system. Hindustan Times quotes a finance ministry personnel as saying that India is not worried as domestic lenders are much stronger than their global peers.

Amidst global economic gloom, some good news for India. Hindustan Times reports on its front page that Tata Consultancy Services has bagged a 2.2 billion dollar outsourcing contract - the biggest technology deal for an Indian firm.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time to scrap Press Council | Control Freaking
These are bad times indeed, it seems, for the media. It has been harshly attacked by Justice Markanday Katju (retd), the new Press Council of India chairman, who hit out against journalists, calling them ill-informed and uneducated, and against the electronic media, which he said was partisan. On another front, it faces a government-imposed regulation regime that seeks to curtail its freedom. First, the attack from Katju, as vitriolic as it was unexpected. In a TV interview, Katju spoke of the need for a media council to oversee TV news channels and the print media. In advocating such a council, he wasn’t saying anything that hasn’t been said by his predecessors. In fact, the GoM on the media, too, has been mulling over the feasibility of a media council (see interview). What riled was the way in which Katju, a former Supreme Court judge, made sweeping statements against journalists and decided on his own that self-regulation—through the National Broadcasting Association (NBA)—had failed and was a futile exercise. This has only added to the fears of a restrictive, government-imposed regulatory regime.

Maya plans to divide UP into 4 parts


Talks between the Trinamool Congress and the UPA over petrol price hike, and the stampede in Haridwar, are the two major stories in the dailies today.

"One more hike, we're out" reads the headline in The Hindu. A similar headline appears in The Tribune - "Another hike and support will be off, warns Trinamool". The Times of India reports that the Centre is working on a package for Bengal to pacify Mamata Banerjee.

Newspapers have carried photographs of the site of a mass "yagya" in Haridwar where a stampede killed several persons. The Indian Express quotes the area SDM Harbir Singh as saying that it appears that suffocation due to smoke from the yagya fire killed the people, though the exact cause could be confirmed only after an enquiry.

The Tribune and The Statesman have prominently reported on their front pages, the granting of bail to Yeddyurappa. "Yeddy walks out of jail" headlines The Statesman.

The lead story in Mail Today, headlined "Swamy keeps PC busy in 2G case" reports that the special CBI court has directed the investigating agency to provide a certified copy of a file relating to spectrum allocation to Subramanian Swamy.

The Tribune, The Hindu and The Times of India carry the news of 4 Hindu doctors gunned down in Pakistan's Sindh province, sparking panic in the 50,000 strong Hindu communities living there.

The top news in The Pioneer quotes from an intelligence dossier, revealing that China is taking "intrusive interest" in India's North-East region, arming outfits there with weapons to fight India.

The Times of India, in its lead story, has speculated that Mayawati is soon likely to reorganise Uttar Pradesh, splitting the state into 4 parts.

Quoting from a research, The Statesman writes that growing emissions of black carbon and other aerosols is leading to an increase in the intensity of cyclones over the Arabian Sea.

And finally, The Indian Express carries the heartening story of a Kashmiri youth - Imran Ahmad Bhat - who just fifteen months ago was one of scores of stone-pelters in the state, but is now part of a 6-member team of footballers, heading to Brazil for a soccer training camp.

India can be No.1 market in coming years: Facebook -

India can be No.1 market in coming years: Facebook - "Popular social networking site Facebook expect India to become its No 1 market in terms of number of users, leaving the US and Indonesia. Facebook claims to have over 800 million active users globally. "We are confident that in the coming years, India will be our leading market...Currently, it is at No 3 in terms of number of users. Last announced number was 30 million for India and 45 million for Indonesia. I'm sure India will be No 1 in the coming years," Facebook Vice President (Mobile and Corporate Development) Vaughan Smith said."

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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Boy declared dead wakes up in Mortuary


Government the biggest gainer from petrol price hikes, writes the Hindustan Times in a front page story. According to the paper, its cheaper to tank up cars in Washington, New York, Karachi, Dhaka, Beijing and many other cities than in Delhi as about 40% of what you pay for petrol goes to the government as taxes and duties.
The Economic Times reports that by the end of this year, one in every 10 Indian will be an Internet user making the country the third largest Internet market in the world after China and the United States. The country is set to log in 121 million users by December, adds the Hindustan Times.
The thrill of catching a glimpse of the black and yellow striped cat in the wild is posing a unique problem for the Tourism Industry writes the Economic Times. The Pioneer adds that the controversial issue of banning tourism in critical tiger habitats has intensified ahead of the Supreme Court hearing on the 9th of November pressing for responsible tourism across National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries for protecting the tiger population.
The Pioneer headlines the fact, that China plans to deploy three aircraft carriers to dominate the Indian Ocean. In a related story the Hindustan Times writes about China creeping up in Ladakh by setting up at least 2 missile facilities just across the line of actual control in that area.
And Finally, Mail Today reports the story of a dead man walking out of a UP Mortuary. According to the paper, 20 year old Chintu was taken to the district hospital in Muzzafarnagar where he was declared brought dead and dispatched to the Morgue. After 12 hours in the Mortuary when the body was taken out for a postmortem examination, Chintu opened his eyes and walked out of the Morgue. "Boy declared dead wakes up in Mortuary" reports the Times of India.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Quantum jump in SC/ST officers in government jobs


Former president A P J Abdul Kalam's mission to the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Tamil Nadu - amidst continuing agitation by the locals, appears on the front pages. The Times of India reports, 'The much anticipated visit of APJ Abdul Kalam failed to break the ice between the government and anti-plant protestors.

The other major story is of the Trinamool Congress Party looking to meet with the Prime Minister tomorrow, to discuss the recent hike in petrol price and for not being consulted on the matter.

On the Petrol price front, the Economic Times writes that state run oil retailers are preparing to cut petrol price by around 30-50 paise, for the first time since January 2009. "Government threatens oil companies, says it will snatch their freedom to determine prices' - writes the paper.

"Quantum jump in SC/ST officers in government jobs". The Indian Express reports that thanks to the policy of reservation, representation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in higher government jobs has shown an almost 20-fold jump.

The Asian Age writes- 'finally, good news on the health front. Quoting the journal of the US Centre for Disease Control, the paper says - only one case of polio has been reported in India so far this year, and if no wild polio virus is identified in 2012, India will be regarded as polio free'.

And Finally, the Hindustan Times reports that the Hindujas are set to move into the neighbourhood of Queen Elizabeth II in London, into a substantial property near the Buckingham Palace. Giving an impressive facade of the mansion that was commissioned by King George IV in the 1820s, the Times of India headlines "Hindujas' £100m palace near Buckingham".

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Assam loses it voice, the nation one of its greats


"Centre rules out rollback of Petrol price" is a headline in the Hindu today. The Statesman write that the government appears to be unfazed by sharp reactions of allies such as the Trinamool Congress. The NCP and the DMK as well as opposition parties.

The death of Bhupen Hazarika - music legend, composer, journalist and Dada Saheb Phalke Award winning film maker - is given great prominence in the press. "Assam loses it voice, the nation one of its greats" Headlines the Indian Express.

"Graft expose lands cop in mental ward" headlines the Mail Today, reporting on IPS officer D D Mishra who describe the Mayawati Government as 'Thoroughly Corrupt'.

The Indian Express reports that Nadeem Saiyed - a key witness to the Naroda - Patiya massacre during the 2002 Gujarat riots, was brutally stabbed on a main street this Saturday. The paper adds 'It is not clear why the security personnel were not around at the time of the incident'.

The Times of India writes that the 13,000 crores Kudankulum Nuclear Power Plant might be at risk as a blockade imposed by protesters seeking its closure is making it increasingly difficult for the skeletal staff running the complex to keep systems operational.

The Indian Express writes of the 19 year old Mumbai girl - Sweety Abdul, the 'rare girl who can hit a clean six' out of the cricket ground. Sweety has marked her entry into the Mumbai Senior Team this season.

And Finally the Hindustan writes that all eyes will be on Sachin Tendulkar, who is one short of his 100th international ton when India faces the West Indies in the first test of the series at the Kotla today.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

dil hoom hoom kare [male]- by bhupen hazarika

Bhupen Hazarika no more

Bhupen Hazarika no more

love is eternal


The reaction of the UPA allies to the recent hike in petrol prices dominates the front pages today. "Allies fume, Mamata threatens pullout over price hike" writes the Times of India. The Mail Today reports in its front page lead "Cornered Congress joins Mamata's roll back call". The Hindu, highlighting the Prime Minister's support for the hike quotes him as saying " There should be more deregulation of fuel prices".

All the papers take note of anti corruption activist Anna Hazare breaking his vow of silence and reiterating his demand for the Jan Lokpal Bill to be introduced in the winter session of Parliament. "Vocal Anna issues another threat to Congress" reports the Hindustan Times. Similarly the Times of India headline reads "Anna breaks silence, puts Congress on notice".

The CBI questioning YSR Congress MP Jaganmohan Reddy in connection with the leasing of land to Obalapuram Mining Company owned by mining baron and formerKarnataka minister G Janardhan Reddy is widely noticed. The Pioneer, the Times of India and the Asian Age report that Jaganmohan Reddy told the CBI to question TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu because it was during his tenure as chief minister ofAndhra Pradesh that the land was transferred.

In a special front page story, the Indian Express reports that a Group of Ministers on external security interface chaired by finance minister Pranab Mukherjee has agreed in principles on setting up of a sovereign wealth fund to help companies acquire mineral and energy assets abroad.

And finally, the Mail Today informs us of an interesting archaeological find in Italy. The paper writes that while excavating in an ancient Roman palace in Modena, archaeologist found skeletons of a man and a woman laid side by side holding hands. Did we hear somebody say`love is eternal'?

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Delhiites third richest in country


The rejection of bail plea of Kanimozhi and 7 others, the sentencing to jail of Pakistani cricket players, and the hike in petrol prices are the top stories in most national dailies.

"Kani breaks down as 4th bail plea rejected" writes Hindustan Times. The headlines in The Times of India quote the judge as saying that Kanimozhi's gender was no ground for relief.

"Butt, Asif and Amir jailed in 'spot-fixing' scandal" is the lead story in The Hindu. "Pak trio first cricketers to be jailed for spot fixing" reads the headline in The Times of India. The paper further writes that there is no sympathy for them even in Pakistan.

"Petrol price raised Rs. 1.80 a litre even as oil companies make profits" reads The Times of India headline.

The news of food inflation soaring to 9-month high of 12.21% has been reported on the front pages of many dailies including The Tribune, The Financial Express, The Pioneer and The Economic Times.

The Statesman writes that the Congress has described as "absolutely unnecessary" and "insulting", Arvind Kejriwal's sending the cheque clearing his dues, along with a letter to the Prime Minsiter, asking him not to "trouble" his six friends who have given him interest free loan.

The Hindu reports on its front page that income Tax raids have been carried out on 15 premises of Chairman and Managing Director of the Raymond Group.

The Pioneer reports that the I&B ministry has directed TV channels to be transparent during quiz based game shows, where viewers end up paying huge telephone call charges.

Mail Today has quoted from the Forbes' list of world's 70 most powerful people in 2011. Obama tops the list, up one notch from last year, while Dr. Manmohan Singh drops one notch and Sonia Gandhi drops two notches.

The Hindu and The Times of India have prominently reported figures from the Delhi Statistical Handbook-2011, released by Shiela Dikshit. "Delhiites third richest in country" writes The Hindu.

Telangana refuses all peace overtures

Telangana refuses all peace overtures: " As Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy launched his Rachabanda, or village junction programme, in coastal Andhra on Wednesday, it ran into rough weather in the turbulent Telangana region. Elected representatives at many places kept themselves away."

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Women, Poor worse off in India than in Pak"


Pakistan granting the Most Favoured Nation or (MFN) trade status to India and the draft Citizens Grievance Redress bill' unveiled by the government yesterday dominate the front pages of most papers today.

The Congress highlighting senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi's opposition to the auction of spectrum in a letter he wrote to the Prime Minister as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)in 2007, is widely noticed. " Congress digs out Joshi's 2G letter to attack BJP" writes the Mail Today. The Times of India reports " Joshi opposed 2G auction in 07".

Most papers take note of a horrible incident of medical negligence in West Bengal, coming as it does in the wake of the recent deaths of infants in a hospital in Kolkatta. "In Bengal hospital, woman cleaned with acid after delivery" reports the Indian Express. Similarly, the Hindustan Times says "Newborn's mom washed with acid". The papers report that instead of the anti septic solution that should have been used, the acid led to critical internal and external burn injuries.

The Asian Age, in a special front page story, writes that the Supreme Court has held if the government acquires land from farmers it will have to compensate them as per the latest market price entered in revenue records for any land transaction in the area immediately before the governments acquisition notification.

The findings of the UNDP's Human Development Report are prominently noticed in most papers. "Women, Poor worse off in India than in Pak" reports the Hindustan Times. The Hindu writes that India is ranked 134 out of 187 countries in human development.

And finally, the agreement reached between the four major political parties of Nepal to integrate one third of the former Maoist guerillas into the national army is widely noticed. "Nepal parties set stage for national govt" writes the Statesman while the Tribune reports "Historic peace deal struck in Nepal".

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Draft Citizen's Charter set to be finalized


In a boost for developing entrepreneurship among SCs and STs, the Center has made it mandatory for all Central bodies to make as least 4% of Annual Purchases from small-scale industries owned by dalits and tribals, as part of new Public Procurement Policy- reports the Times of India.

A British court convicting Pakistani cricketers Salman Butt and Mohamad Asif of 'Fixing' parts of a Test match - makes front page news. The Mail Today writes "In a First, Pak Cricketers convicted by UK jury for spot fixing and face up to 7 years in jail."

"Details of Notorious Pakistani scientist A Q Khan's personal role in selling deadly nuclear equipment to Libya have come to light, following discovery of secret files in Tripoli, writes the Tribune.

" Draft Citizen's Charter set to be finalized", reports the Indian Express, with the UPA Govt. in the process of finalising the draft legislation, where-by every citizen will have the right to time-bound delivery of goods and services.

With the Formula 1 extravaganza over, organisers are now looking for ways to sustain the massive infrastructure. The Business Standard writes that the Jaypee Sports International is in talks to bring home other high profile sports events such as MotoGP, which in the Formula 1 equivalent of Motor Bike Racing.

Papers talk of yet another fuel hike. The Hindustan Times writes," get ready to pay 1 rupee 82 paise more for petrol".

And finally, The Asian Age informs us that doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences are looking at ways to turn Dental Pulp - made up of living connective tissue, into Heart cells, as Dental Pulp is a rich source of Stem Cells.

Income -Tax crack down on undisclosed Swiss account holders


The world's population touching another milestone yesterday with the birth of baby Nargis - in a UP village - as one of the world's 7 billionth babies, is given prominence in the Press. As the doctor's were told to wait for the first Girl Child to be born, The Hindustan Times questions "Nargis is India's 7 billionth symbol, or is she? The Statesman writes that the Philippines was the first country to declare a seven billionth baby.

"Income -Tax crack down on undisclosed Swiss account holders". Tycoons, MP's summoned for questioning, headlines the Times of India. The paper adds - under pressure to act against black money & money laundering, the tax department has conducted at least 50 searches over the last two months.

In a balancing act the Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram defended J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdulla's recent announcement over the proposed partial revocation of the Armed Forces Special Power's Act, reports the Statesman.

Papers carry the story of former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda, (in jail on charges of fraud and money laundering), being beaten up by inmates with a laathi. The Indian Express writes " Koda beaten in jail - hand fractured".

The Asian Age writes of the Pakistan 'Tehrik e- Insaaf' Party Chief - Imran Khan- largely regarded until now as a political light weight- bursting spectacularly on the National Stage in a massive show of force at his Lahore rally, held recently. He said " A sweeping revolution is in the making in Pakistan".

And finally, several papers such as the Asian Age and the Pioneer carry moving photographs of the anointment ceremony of the tenth Nawab of Pataudi - Saif Ali Khan - at his ancestral palace in Pataudi in Haryana, yesterday.