Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boy declared dead wakes up in Mortuary


Government the biggest gainer from petrol price hikes, writes the Hindustan Times in a front page story. According to the paper, its cheaper to tank up cars in Washington, New York, Karachi, Dhaka, Beijing and many other cities than in Delhi as about 40% of what you pay for petrol goes to the government as taxes and duties.
The Economic Times reports that by the end of this year, one in every 10 Indian will be an Internet user making the country the third largest Internet market in the world after China and the United States. The country is set to log in 121 million users by December, adds the Hindustan Times.
The thrill of catching a glimpse of the black and yellow striped cat in the wild is posing a unique problem for the Tourism Industry writes the Economic Times. The Pioneer adds that the controversial issue of banning tourism in critical tiger habitats has intensified ahead of the Supreme Court hearing on the 9th of November pressing for responsible tourism across National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries for protecting the tiger population.
The Pioneer headlines the fact, that China plans to deploy three aircraft carriers to dominate the Indian Ocean. In a related story the Hindustan Times writes about China creeping up in Ladakh by setting up at least 2 missile facilities just across the line of actual control in that area.
And Finally, Mail Today reports the story of a dead man walking out of a UP Mortuary. According to the paper, 20 year old Chintu was taken to the district hospital in Muzzafarnagar where he was declared brought dead and dispatched to the Morgue. After 12 hours in the Mortuary when the body was taken out for a postmortem examination, Chintu opened his eyes and walked out of the Morgue. "Boy declared dead wakes up in Mortuary" reports the Times of India.

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