Monday, November 7, 2011

Quantum jump in SC/ST officers in government jobs


Former president A P J Abdul Kalam's mission to the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Tamil Nadu - amidst continuing agitation by the locals, appears on the front pages. The Times of India reports, 'The much anticipated visit of APJ Abdul Kalam failed to break the ice between the government and anti-plant protestors.

The other major story is of the Trinamool Congress Party looking to meet with the Prime Minister tomorrow, to discuss the recent hike in petrol price and for not being consulted on the matter.

On the Petrol price front, the Economic Times writes that state run oil retailers are preparing to cut petrol price by around 30-50 paise, for the first time since January 2009. "Government threatens oil companies, says it will snatch their freedom to determine prices' - writes the paper.

"Quantum jump in SC/ST officers in government jobs". The Indian Express reports that thanks to the policy of reservation, representation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in higher government jobs has shown an almost 20-fold jump.

The Asian Age writes- 'finally, good news on the health front. Quoting the journal of the US Centre for Disease Control, the paper says - only one case of polio has been reported in India so far this year, and if no wild polio virus is identified in 2012, India will be regarded as polio free'.

And Finally, the Hindustan Times reports that the Hindujas are set to move into the neighbourhood of Queen Elizabeth II in London, into a substantial property near the Buckingham Palace. Giving an impressive facade of the mansion that was commissioned by King George IV in the 1820s, the Times of India headlines "Hindujas' £100m palace near Buckingham".

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