Thursday, November 24, 2011

43-year old Cyrus Mistry to take over the 83 billion dollar Tata Empire


43-year old Cyrus Mistry to take over the 83 billion dollar Tata
Empire is the headline in all papers this morning.

The other major story covered by all newspapers is, Supreme Court's
decision to grant bail to the 5 Corporate Executives who were jailed
for the 2G scam, giving hope to Raja and Kanimozi who are lodged in
Tihar for the same case.

The Hindu and the Indian Express have highlighted the Centers decision
to split the Municipal corporation of Delhi into three agencies. The
North Zone, South Zone, and East Zone Municipalities. Each
Municipality will have a separate Mayor and Deputy Mayor and a
Commissioner who will report to the head of a new Directorate of Local
Bodies. " Center okays MCD 3 way split" writes the Times of India.

In a surprise move seen as a prelude to a major shake-up in Rupert
Murdoch's crisis hit British Media Group, News International, his son
James Murdoch quit as director of the companies that publish the
Times, The Sunday Times and the Sun.

A day after the sacking of Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan's Ambassador to
the United States, the Pakistani Government has named Sherry Rehman
former Information Minister as Pakistan's new Envoy to the United
States. All news paper has reported this story.

The Financial Express and the Indian Express have highlighted the
likelihood of the government approving a 51% FDI in multi brand retail

And finally, the Pioneer writes that an overdose of Paracetamol can be
fatal. According to the paper, if you have the habit of popping
Paracetamol every time you suffer from cold, fever or flu, beware. A
study conducted by a researcher at the Edinburgh Royal infirmary found
that excessive amounts of Paracetamol can accumulate in the liver and
lead to toxicity including damage to the lungs and death.

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