Friday, May 25, 2012

Jagan: After arrest, what? By K. Ramachandra Murthy


::The Hans India::: "So, the die is cast. YS Jaganmohan Reddy is most likely to be arrested this week. The law and order machinery is gearing up to face any eventuality. The question on top of everybody’s mind is not whether the Kadapa MP would be arrested, but when and how the arrest would take place. Is it going to be on the 25th or the 28th as expected earlier? We have no information about the apprehensions of the police warranting such measures as Section 144 in the twin cities."
It is, therefore, for the Congress high command to review the situation. If putting Jagan behind bars is an option, it should have been exercised long ago. Jagan’s arrest has no surprise element today. People are waiting for it to happen and Jagan’s adversaries have given him enough time to organize himself. Trying to get Sakhsi newspaper and channel closed before taking Jagan into custody would create more problems and the national media would get polarized. No one is prepared to buy the theory that the Congress high command is very particular about curbing corruption. 

It would not hesitate to allow its ministers like Venkataramana to be sent to jail to make out a case that Jagan is being treated like a criminal because of allegations of corruption and not for political reasons. These are extremely critical moments where a single wrong decision would cause irreparable damage. The powers that be have been cautioned. It is for them to decide.

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Gina Rinehart crowned world's richest woman | Mail Online

Gina Rinehart crowned world's richest woman | Mail Online:

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reebok alleges 8,700 crore rupee fraud by sacked MD, COO


The official function to mark the completion of three years of the UPA-2 Government dominates the front pages of most papers of the day. "Govt. praises itself but admits 'uncertainty', 'difficult decisions' ahead" reports the Indian Express.
All the papers report about two horrible accidents that took place yesterday. "25 perish, 43 hurt as Hampi Express hits goods train" writes the Pioneer. The Tribune reports "26 Badrinath pilgrims die in bus mishap".
The CBI's arguments in the special court in the Arushi Talwar-Hemraj twin murder case are prominently noticed. "CBI charges Talwars with murder, destroying proof," reports the Hindustan Times. The Pioneer quotes the CBI as saying, "Talwars killed Arushi, Hemraj".
Most papers take note of the passage of the Copyright Act (Amendment) Bill, 2012 in Parliament. "Copyright Bill cleared: artists now entitled to lifelong royalty," reports the Hindu. The Tribune writes on its front page "No Bismillah Khan will now die in poverty".
The Asian Age, the Pioneer and the Indian Express report that alarmed by the recent killings of two tigers by poachers in the Vidarbha region, the Maharashtra government has issued shoot-at-sight orders against poachers stalking eastern Maharashtra's forests.
In a special story, the Hindu writes that the Supreme Court has said that rapists should be awarded a minimum sentence of seven years, which can be reduced only in special circumstances. The Indian Express reports that the Delhi High Court has ruled that a complaint of domestic violence by the victim is enough for a magistrate to act without seeking a report from a protection officer.
A big-ticket corporate fraud case gets prominent attention in the press as the Times of India reports on its front page "Reebok alleges 8,700 crore rupee fraud by sacked MD, COO". This story is also noticed by the Hindustan Times and the Pioneer.

Jaganmohan writes to PM, says moves afoot to trigger riots - The Times of India

Jaganmohan writes to PM, says moves afoot to trigger riots - The Times of India: " YSR Congress president Jaganmohan Reddy on Tuesday charged that the state Congress, TDP and the CBI have together hatched a conspiracy to arrest him in the next three to four days, engineer large scale violence and put the blame on him and ultimately get the bypolls postponed. "

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Government. paper white washes black money claims - Pranab tables 108 page white paper, but doesn't reveal names of Swiss account holders


The dailies today write extensively on the white paper on Black Money, tabled by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in the Lok Sabha. "Government. paper white washes black money claims - Pranab tables 108 page white paper, but doesn't reveal names of Swiss account holders", says the Tribune while, The Business Standard says, "white paper  Blank  on size of black money, moots immunity".
The move to refer the Lokpal bill to a fresh house panel for further scrutiny has been reported as the lead headline in many papers. "UPA pushes Lokpal bill into deep freezer", opines the Hindustan Times. "Lokpal bill hits a new roadblock-referred to panel towards fag end of session", says  the Hindu while the Pioneer writes, "Govt. wins again in Rajya Sabha".
The downward movement of the rupee has also been highlighted by many papers. "Rupee plummets below 55 level", says the Indian Express while the Tribune says "Rupee at life time low".
"Obama delivers snub to Zardari in Chicago", is a headline in the Asian Age, with the paper adding, US President refused to meet Pakistan President after failure to strike deal over restoring NATO's Afghan supplies.
Registration of Marriages will soon become mandatory in Delhi, writes the Statesman, adding that couples who fail to do so within 60 days of tying the knot will have to pay a fine of 10 thousand rupees.
And finally, a red alert for red meat eaters. The Times of India writes that eating too much of red meat and butter can cause Alzheimer. The papers says that research indicates that the total amount of fat intake did not really matter, but the type of fat did".

Monday, May 21, 2012

Assaulted for exposing graft, whistle-blower dies


Many dailies of the day have highlighted the story of a Karnataka Administrative Service Officer S.P. Mahantesh, who was brutally attacked five days ago for exposing scams in co-operative housing societies in and around Bangalore. 'Whistle blower pays with life', reports the Hindu. 'Assaulted for exposing graft, whistle-blower dies', reads the Hindustan Times headline.
Reporting on the summit of G-8 leaders at Camp David, the Economic Times says, 'G-8 backs Greece, vows to combat financial turmoil'. The Financial Express notes, 'G-8 in favour of keeping Greece within eurozone, leaders want to balance austerity with growth'.
"Buying property, jewellery?, Government may ask for receipts', under that headline, Hindustan Times reports that government may make mandatory, disclosure of high value purchases to curb proliferation of black money.
The Indian Express reports on its front page, 'Coming, a tourist VISA to Pakistan, easier travel for businessmen, elderly, kids - liberalized regime proposes VISA - on - arrival at Wagah - Attari'. The newspaper says, this ground breaking relaxation of rules will be finalized on May 24th-25th in the Home Secretary level talks of both the countries.
Hindustan Times reports the Finance Minister as saying that the falling rupee is a matter of great concern, and that the Centre was watching the situation and was working to check the steep fall, which was due to the prevailing fiscal situation in the Euro zone. 
According to the Economic Times, the Union Government has approved an assistance of 575 crore rupees to Maharashtra towards drought relief work in 15 drought-hit districts.
And finally, the Times of India reports that scientists at the University of Cambridge claim to have developed a new technique that can remove ink from printed papers so that we can unprint and reuse the paper in printers and photo-copiers and save trees.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

After failed bail bid, Italy wages diplomatic war


Developments in the case involving the alleged molestation of an American national by IPL player Luke Pomersbach in Delhi dominates the front pages. 'Luke gets bail, suspense remains', writes the Hindu on its front page. The Hindustan Times reports the police as saying "Enough proof to nail Luke".

BSP chief Mayawati's first interaction with the media after she lost the UP assembly elections is widely reported. The Statesman quotes her as saying, 'BSP not keen on Third Front'. Regarding the party's position on a Presidential candidate, the Hindustan Times reports, 'We will wait and watch, Maya says on Prez polls'.

Another media interaction that is prominently noticed is that of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee, who reportedly got upset with some of the questions asked by students in a studio interface organised by a national television channel. 'Mamta calls students Maoists', reports the Asian Age. The Hindu writes in its front page lead, 'Mamta sees reds in TV studio, wants probe'.

Most papers take note of former Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa's unhappiness with the BJP central leadership. The Times of India quotes him as saying, 'BJP national leaders spineless'. The Pioneer writes, 'Yeddyurappa to shun BJP national executive'.

The papers report that a diplomatic friction seems to be developing between Italy and India over the arrest of two Italian marines for allegedly shooting dead two fishermen off the Kerala coast. 'Italy summons India envoy, court rejects bail plea', reports the Indian Express. The Pioneer writes, 'After failed bail bid, Italy wages diplomatic war'.

Girls outperforming boys in the ICSE Class 10 and ISC class 12 results is highlighted in most papers. But another exam success that catches the eye in the papers today is the story of 12 year old Satyam Kumar from Bihar who cleared the IIT joint entrance exams. 'Home schooled 12 year old cracks IIT', reports the Hindustan Times.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cost of living hits the roof, shop and prices rise 10.3 percent


The IPL woes, continue to hog the headlines today as well. Close on the heels of the fracas over Shah Rukh Khan, the IPL was rocked by another controversy yesterday by allegations of molestation by a Royal Challenger Bangalore player. "First the rude, now the crude", exclaims the Indian Express. "Indian Peril League", rechristens the Mail Today for the beleaguered Premier League. The Times of India headlines, "IPL hat trick: fixing row, brawl, and now molestation charge."
While the Financial Express reports that a policy package to shore up the falling rupee is on the cards, the Hindustan Times informs us "Cost of living hits the roof, shop and prices rise 10.3 percent". Adds the Times of India, "Retail inflation hits double digits in April" and notes that spiralling prices of vegetables, oils and fats, milk and milk products pushed consumer price inflation.
The Tribune highlights a story on the report of the Parliamentary panel on the land acquisition issue for private businesses and says "Land acquisition: Ramesh rejects panel's suggestions" while the Business Line reports "Land bill : Anand Sharma opposes barring industry from "Public purpose" purview". 
The Asian Age notes in a lead page story "Rome recalls envoy to Delhi", and adds that the move comes after two Italian marines were charged with the fatal shooting of two Indian fishermen. 
The much hyped social network Facebook IPO is also highlighted by the newspapers. "Friday Block Buster : The Social Network" exclaims the Financial Express. However, the Mail Today observes "Facebooks 16 billion dollar pubic offer fizzles on debut". The Times of India adds "Facebook shares fizzle on NASDAQ's debut after opening eleven percent higher.
And finally, the Pioneer reports that death due to a mosquito bite is an accident and is covered under accidental death insurance, a consumer forum in the national capital has said.

Afghanistan war cost to taxpayer revealed as £20billion - Mirror Online

Afghanistan war cost to taxpayer revealed as £20billion - Mirror Online:

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Govt. plays humour less cyber cop


Actor and Kolkata Knight Riders owner Shahrukh khan's ugly spat after an IPL match has been widely reported as the lead Headline on the front pages of most dailies today." IPL's hottest fight SRK vs MCA" exclaims the Times of India. "True lies", reports the Mail today over the incident while the Hindustan Times adds "Defiant Shahrukh  wants apology, says was provoked".
In another twist leading up to the Presidential poll , the Pioneer reports "Sangma  Prez bid gathers steam" while the Indian Express adds "Naveen and Amma throw Sangama hat in ring, NCP stays away."
Many dailies have also reported on the right of a woman in her husband's immovable assets, in case of a divorce in a new bill. "Wife's position made stronger" observes the Statesman.
The Times of India reports that Internet Service Providers have blocked top torrent file sharing web sites on High Court orders, it also adds that online hackers blanked out web sites of the Supreme Court and the Congress on Thursday to protest Internet Censorship. While the Mail Today notes in an article "Govt. plays humour less cyber cop".
Road rage continues to beleaguer Delhi roads, and many dailies like the Hindustan Times have reported how three judges became victims of road rage, in South Delhi's Dakshinpuri area yesterday when they were attack with bricks and stones by four men on motorcycles. 
In a significant lead story The Hindu reports that slain terrorist Mohammed Merah who was shot dead in France had planned to attack the Indian Embassy in Paris, which was the target given by the Taliban which prepared him for Jihad according to the French Newspapers Le-Monde.
The Death of Disco Queeen Donna Summer with hits like 'Last Dance', 'I Feel Love' and 'Love to love you', at the age of 63 has been reported by many newspapers. 
And Finally, The Times of India reports that a Chinese restaurant in Britain is offering an - all - you - can - eat buffet, but fines customers 20 pounds if they leave food on their plates as "wastage". 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Auditor confirms Devas got pie in sky on a platter


Former Telecom Minister A Raja stepping out of Tihar Jain after 15 months - to a rousing reception from family and friends is highlighted by the Press. The Times of India writes "Raja released to royal reception, but could face graft charges. The CBI is, allegedly, oming in on him in a fresh case of corruption concerning Unitech wireless. 
The Hindu reports - worried over declining growth rate, the PMO has proposed setting up of a Special Purpose Vehicle for accelerating investments in the infrastructure, mineral resources and the Oil and Natural Gas exploration sectors.
"Auditor confirms Devas got pie in sky on a platter", headlines Mail Today - reporting on the much awaited audit report on the Antrix Devas Deal. "CAG rips into ISRO for Devas Deal, clears PMO, writes the Times of India.
The BCCI suspending five IPL cricketers after a sting operation also covers the front pages. "Cricketers to appear before inquiry commission today", writes Hindustan Times.
The Statesman informs us - Fancois Hollande took over as France's President yesterday, only to have his plane struck by lightning - shortly after take off for Berlin. He had to return to an air base and travel in another aircraft.
Monsoon to hit Kerala on time on June 1st, writes the Asian Age.
Fourteen tigers have been felled by poachers in four months of thie year, while 18 other big cats died of natural causes during the same period, writes the Pioneer.
And finally, Economic Times writes, the world has been waiting for a peek into the largest private residence in this planet, Antalia, the Mumbai home of Nita and Mukesh Ambani. They have, apparently, moved in last year to their much speculated about home, with its fabled terrace gardens and silver clad railings.

Attacked, PC feels stab of pain


Most Papers, On their front page have written about the Rajya Sabha uproar over Aircel Maxis. deal "Attacked, PC feels stab of pain" writes the Asian Age . The Mail Today says "Daggers Drawn - PC fights Jaitley charge over sons alleged role in Aircel-Maxis deal", While The Hindu  reports "No favor was shown in Maxis deal: Pranab."
The Air crash in Nepal has received headline coverage today. "13 Indians killed in Nepal plane crash" writes the Statesman adding that 2 young Indian girls survived the crash. The Asian Age adds that the Dornier aircraft crashed into a mountain in the Himalayas while trying to land at Jomsom airport in Northern Nepal on Monday.
The Hindustan Times in an exclusive story writes ,"Doctors find 'Sick'  Air India pilots missing from home", elaborating that Air India pilots who called in sick and have not reported to work for a week, were not found at home by doctors sent by the airline and nor have they reported to doctors empanelled by the national carrier. In a related story, The Hindu writes ,"Passenger woes mount as pilots stir continues".
"Veggie prices surge 61%, fuel 7.2% inflation in April" leads the Times of India where the Hindustan Times writes "Rupee hits historic low as rate cut hopes fade, prices shoot up.  
"Public Procurement Bill introduced in Lok Sabha: proposals stringent ", headlines the Business Line, further adding that this legislation is meant for containing corruption and the provisions of this bill will apply to the procurement of goods and services exceeding 50 lakh rupees.
"A genius who divides and rules" writes the Hindu saying that Amit Garg of Haryana went on to set a world record in mental calculation in division at Record setter USA.
In a story titled from lips to hips: It takes just 3 hours to put on weight", The Times of India writes that scientists have found that once eaten, fat is stored on the waistline within hours, - faster than previously thought.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Indian women: One dishonourable step backwards | The Economist

Indian women: One dishonourable step backwards | The Economist: "Despite laws against sex-selective abortion (or even finding out the sex of your unborn child), in many places the child sex-ratio is growing dangerously skewed."

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BBC News - Rattlesnake bites customer in Wal-Mart

BBC News - Rattlesnake bites customer in Wal-Mart: "A Wal-Mart customer is recovering after he was bitten by a rattlesnake in a garden department of the store chain."

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BBC News - India steps up battle against rising cyber crime wave

BBC News - India steps up battle against rising cyber crime wave: "As Ankit Fadia, 28, works on his laptop, his fingers furiously tapping away, there is silence in the packed auditorium in central Delhi.

His projector throws images of codes and symbols onto a white wall, and then suddenly, the crowd bursts into spontaneous applause.

Another website has been successfully hacked and unlocked."

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4 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Einstein

4 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Einstein:

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Dalai Lama reveals warning of Chinese plot to kill him - Telegraph

Dalai Lama reveals warning of Chinese plot to kill him - Telegraph:

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Rebel Yeddy's Sonia Gambit

Celebration  and introspection on the 60th anniversary of Parliament is the lead in most dailies  today. Hindustan Times says,  "Promising a House in order, MPs say Parliament supreme.'

A Statesman headline reads, 'Parliament's dignity on MPs' minds', while another headline in the same paper says, 'PM  flags disruptions, lack of decorum'. The Tribune says, "MPs  vow to perform better".

"Rebel Yeddy's  Sonia  Gambit", under that headline Mail Today reports, that the former Karnataka Chief Minister looks all set to switch loyalties. A Times of India headline wonders, "Unwelcome praise? BSY  hails Sonia,  blasts BJP". The Pioneer writes, "BSY praises Sonia to arm-twist BJP for support."      

Papers also report the ongoing impasse in Air India. The Times of India and Hindustan Times highlight Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh admitting that the Air India-Indian Airlines merger hasn't work out as planned. The Hindu writes, "Now senior Pilots too back stir." The Tribune reports of a possible breakthrough ' soon ' as the management is working to identify and separate hardliners.

While reporting that the Gurgaon Police's probe into the case of a rashly driven BMW ramming into another car moving at a    snail's pace after nine days. Hindustan Times, under the headline "Cops declare war on speedsters",   highlights that the Delhi Traffic Police focus now is going to be on curbing over speeding.

The Tribune among other papers reports of the Dalai Lama speaking of a threat to his life, with Chinese agents allegedly training Tibetan women to poison him with poisoned hair and scarves while seeking his blessings.

Hindustan Times says, that raising serious questions over the casual manner in which many High Court judges record the Annal Confidential Reports of District level judicial officers, the Supreme Court has called for a revamp of the system.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The faith of a fighter | Ramnath Goenka | | The New Indian Express

The faith of a fighter | Ramnath Goenka | | The New Indian Express: "Is Kalki the Only Hope?’ (May 9, 2012, The New Indian Express) was intended as a teaser to provoke the reader to think whether God is the only response to the all round decline. To many, it seems to have signalled loss of hope, because it said that people look to God because they have lost hope in leaders, judiciary, Parliament, even the media. This has raised another profound question: does faith in God conflict with hope? Whether the faith of ordinary people that ultimately God will ensure that right will prevail over wrong means loss of hope or hope of deliverance?"

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Goa will start paying 1,000 rupees to stay at home Moms with an annual household income of below 3 lakh rupees

Today's Newspapers Headlines

Air India Pilot's strike has been widely reported by the media. The Hindustan Times and the Tribune show pictures of fliers left fretting on day 5 of the pilots strike yesterday. "Sacked AI pilots may not be taken back" is the Hindustan Times headline. The Sunday Tribune writes Air India cancellations continue, fliers fret.

Three years after 26/11, BCCI invites Sialkot Stallions for champions league, writes the Hindustan Times. The paper adds that Pak T20 team will play in India. The Times of India has taken this as its lead story and its headline reads "India, Pakistan pad up for bilateral cricket ties".

The Business Standard writes that "Punjab National Bank wants to go to Pakistan in search of its roots', where it was founded 118 years ago.

The Indian Express shows the ransacked office of Sushas Palshikar. "Day after Cartoon row, NCERT ex-adviser's office vandalized" writes the paper. "outrage in Pune in the wake of cartoon ban" says the Hindu.

"Commanding Officer relieved of charge, unit to be disbanded" writes the Times of India, of the clash between officers and jawans. " Behind Army Leh clash, breach of rules, failure of command' is how the Indian Express puts it.

Was last evening like a typical May day in Delhi yesterday? Of course not! Strong winds and rain lashed the city. The Hindustan Times and the Pioneer show people at India Gate and vehicles with headlights on at 5 P.M. But papers report of power cuts and traffic snarls too.

Many newspapers report of Mothers Day being celebrated today. While many dailies feature Celeb Moms and their kids, a report in the Times of India stands out. Titled "recognize housework, recognize home maker', it says, in a radical step, Goa will start paying 1000 rupees to stay at home Moms with an annual household income of below 3 lakh rupees. "Will others follow suit ? asks the paper- Well, we certainly hope so!

Photo of the day (the Hindu)


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Saturday, May 12, 2012

'Acelor - Mittal Orbit' is London's tallest structure - at 114.5 meters


An Ambedkar cartoon in a class XI NCERT text book rocking Parliament yesterday, is given top slot in this morning's Press. "60 year old Ambedkar cartoon halts Parliament" is a Hindustan Times headline. The paper adds it was sketched by noted cartoonist - Keshav Shankar Pillai (popularly known as Shankar).

Air India strike has been noticed on front pages by many papers. Business Line reports as stir continues, "Air India draws up contingency plan".

"Raja doesn't deserve bail" - writes Mail Today, adding that the CBI called for former Telecom Minister A Raja to be kept behind bars - because of his outsized role in the multi crore 2G spectrum scam.

"Supreme Court order CBI inquiring into 'Yeddyurappa-JSW Steel', in the Karnataka mining scam" - headlines the Financial Express for, allegedly, granting undue favors to JSW Steel in lieu of donations to a Charitable Trust run by his kin.

Quoting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Bannerjee, a Statesman headline reads - "Early Lok Sabha polls likely: Mamta". She told her party leaders she had information that Lok Sabha elections (due in 2014) may be advanced to 2013.

A scuffle between officers and Jawans of an army artillery unit near the Sino-Indian border last evening, also receives front page coverage in many dailies.

AND FINALLY, The Asian Age carries a photograph of a giant steel sculpture after it was unveiled at the 'Olympic Park' in London, yesterday. Designed by Mumbai born artist Anish Kapur in collaboration with Cecil Balmond, it is called the 'Acelor - Mittal Orbit' and is London's tallest structure - at 114.5 meters.

Gabbar Singh

Milestone for @shreyaghoshal #ShreyaToAMillion

Sabarmati Central Jail: Inmates become fathers despite no bail or parole - The Times of India

Sabarmati Central Jail: Inmates become fathers despite no bail or parole - The Times of India:

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Friday, May 11, 2012

SC move may nix Balakrishnan's NHRC tenure


The deepening crisis in the aviation industry dominates the front pages of most papers. With many pilots of Kingfisher Airlines reporting sick even as Air India pilots continue with their strike, the Hindustan Times observes "Kingfisher catches AI bug, fliers suffer as fares jump". The Asian Age writes "No end to AI strike in sight, stir in KF too".

Union Home Minister P Chidambarm's denial that he had misused his office as Finance minister to help his son acquire business interests in telecom operator Aircel is widely covered in the press. "PC rebuts charges against son as BJP screams scam" writes the Times of India. The Statesman says "Uproar in LS, PC dismisses Opposition charge".

Most papers highlight the fresh attempts being made by the government to evolve a consensus on the Lokpal bill. "Looking for lokpal consensus, govt opens fresh talks" reports the Hindustan Times. The Asian Age states "Govt reaches out to Opposition over Lokpal".

Highlighting the Supreme Court's refusal to order a Presidential reference against National Human Rights Commission chief K G Balakrishnan for his alleged misconduct as Judge in the Supreme Court, the Times of India observes "SC asks centre to examine allegations against ex CJI". The Pioneer writes "SC move may nix Balakrishnan's NHRC tenure".

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lessons learned from an entrepreneur electrifying rural India — Cleantech News and Analysis

Lessons learned from an entrepreneur electrifying rural India — Cleantech News and Analysis: "The co-founders of two-year-old startup Mera Gao Power are about a month away from generating enough revenues from their solar-power microgrid service in villages in rural India to cover all of their company’s costs. Well, all of their costs except their own salaries, which is about another year away, co-founder Nikhil Jaisinghani tells me in an interview. And Jaisinghani means that in a good way."

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Jagan in trouble: Govt stops ads for Sakshi newspaper, TV

Jagan in trouble: Govt stops ads for Sakshi newspaper, TV: "The Andhra Pradesh government has stopped all its advertisements to the Sakshi newspaper and television channel owned by YSR Congress party leader Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy."

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pilots hijack Air India again


The Finance bill which was passed by the Lok Sabha yesterday figures  prominently in the dailies. 'Pranab's voda message for MNC's - India no tax haven' is the Hindustan Times headline.
The Centre seeking to withdraw the 2G review petition in the Supreme Court is covered prominently by the Hindu and the Indian Express.
'Pilots hijack Air India again' is the Indian Express headline, which shows stranded passengers at the Delhi airport, as a result of 13 flights which were cancelled.
Most papers have a picture of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna. ' Threat of US curbs on Iran oil import still looms over Delhi' writes the Asian Age, of the US giving no firm assurance to India on the issue. 
Supreme Court striking down Haj subsidy finds place in almost every paper.  'Quotes from the Quaran, says pilgrimage should be at one's own expense, wants subsidy to end in 10 years is the Tribune headline.
'How safe is the new medicine which the doctor prescribed? asks the Hindustan Times. 'Swallow this - drugs being sold without safety tests and trials' writes the paper.
Irom Sharmila, the Iron lady of Manipur who has been fasting for the last eleven years against the Armed Force Special Powers Act has been featured in Ripleys Believe it or not, informs the Times of India.
The Economic Times writes of an unusual hobby of the rich - collecting rate whiskey bottles. 'Antique whiskey gives investment high to Indians' writes the paper. With only 3 bottles of a rate single malt in the world, which is priced at 100,000 pounds each, two are with people of Indian origin.
Guess what's the biggest phobia in the world? asks the Times of India. It's nomophobia - the fear of being  without your mobile phone, writes the Times of India, according to a study in the UK.

The Hindu : States / Andhra Pradesh : Parents in A.P. are opting for private schools, says study

The Hindu : States / Andhra Pradesh : Parents in A.P. are opting for private schools, says study: "A preference for English-medium teaching and growing dissatisfaction with government schools have led to a “dramatic” rise in the number of parents in Andhra Pradesh, including those on low-incomes, opting for private schools over state schools, according to new research by Oxford University."

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

US wants India to further slash Iranian oil imports

Today's Newspapers Headlines

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee announcing a roll back on some taxation proposals (made in the 2012-13 Budget) receives front page coverage. "Markets, Rupee cheer Finance Minister's Budget Course Correction" is the top headline in the Hindustan Times. "Pranab soothes frayed FII nerves, defers Tax Avoidance Rules by a year", writes the Business Line, with the Sensex up - 400 points.

On the Tatra trucks row, the Hindustan Times headline read "Tatra was NDA deal, says Antony" adding that Defence Minister AK Antony on Monday said, the UPA Government had not bought a single Tatra truck and current deliveries were part of the contract signed by the NDA government in 2003.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's visit to India also receives front page coverage. "PM, Hillary share Pakistan terror concerns" - Hindustan Times. "US wants India to further slash Iranian oil imports" writes the Tribune. "Al-Qaeda chief Ayman-Zawahiri in Pakistan says Hillary", reports the Times of India.

The Hindu writes that the Supreme Court's amicus curiae in the Zakia Jafri case has concluded that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi can be proceeded against for various offences during the 2002 riots, including promoting enmity among different groups.

And finally, The Economic Times writes that the 6th century Gilgit Manus, believed to be one of the oldest records on Buddhism (written on birch bark - and discovered by cattle grazers in undivided India's Gilgit - 80 year ago) are still awaiting proper preservation - in Srinagar's SPS Museum.

Bottled Water with Tap Water - Impact of Bottles - The Daily Green

Bottled Water with Tap Water - Impact of Bottles - The Daily Green: "Nearly half of all bottled water sold in the United States is tap water, which companies put in plastic bottles and sell at huge profits, according to a new report by Food & Water Watch. Tap water's share of the bottled water market grew from 32.7% in 2000 to 47.8% in 2009 (the rest is spring water), according to the group, which based its analysis on of the bottled water industry's own data. In all, 2.5 billion gallons of municipal tap water, which taxpayers pay to treat, is bottled and sold for $1 (or often much more) per gallon, when the same municipal tap water typically costs a penny or less per gallon ... and is conveniently delivered to your home."

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Passport details under RTI law


Socialist challenger Francois Hollande becoming President of France, ousting conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, landing on Sunday in Kolkata for a three days visit to India, are two stories widely reported by most papers of the day.

The derailing of the Punjab Mail near Rohtak has also been carried by papers. The Tribune writes, "Punjab Mail derails near Rohtak, 26 hurt" and adds "8 bogies jump off track 50 m track fracture may have caused the accident and railways order probe".

"Advani must face conspiracy charges in Babri Case: CBI to Supreme Court" writes the Times of India in its lead story.

In a special report, the Hindustan Times writes that Adopting a child is set to get easier and quicker with a simplified procedure, time bound approvals and specialized centres in every district being among a series of steps planned to speed up the procedure.

Referring to the crisis in the BJP's Rajasthan unit, the Asian Age writes, "BJP facing a Raje storm in Rajasthan" The Indian Express says "Raje tightens the screw, MLA's 'resign', want her as CM candidate".

"I am in the Dark", says Pranab on choice as President", writes the Hindustan Times. The Asian Age, the Indian Express and the Times of India have also carried this story on their front pages.

"Passport details under RTI law", says the Times of India, and further writes that in a decision that could kick up a controversy the Central Information Commission recently said that information provided by a person while applying for a passport could be disclosed under the RTI act.

AND FINALLY, last night was surely not a dark one - Papers write that a super full and extra bright Moon dazzled the night Sky on Sunday as the lunar body came 50,000 km closer to earth. The moon was seen 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than other full moons in 2012.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

This year's IPL most nail-biting of them all


As the race for electing a new President for the country speeds up, the Statesman writes "More back Pranab as President". "Mamta links presidential vote to debt relief", writes the Times of India.

"Make-or-break meet on anti-terror body today", reports the Tribune, adding that well-wishers of the National Counter-Terrorism Centre will be hoping that the Center and the States overcome their political differences and allow the setting up of the anti-terror body.

The Mail Today, writing on the aftermath of release of collector Alex Paul Menon - quotes Raman Singh, Chief Minister Chhattisgarh, who talked tough and pitched for a national hostage policy, in which a swap deal would not even be an option, even if it involved the abduction of the Chief Minister.

"Free fall before Budget debate" - is the top headline in the Indian Express, as a statement made by the Minister of State for Finance, SS Palanimanikam - triggered fresh concerns over the Mauritius Tax Treaty Review, sending the Sensex down by 320 points to below the 17,000 mark.

"This year's IPL most nail-biting of them all" - writes the Times of India, adding that barely past the 'half-way stage', this year's IPL has already emerged as the most exciting season in the League's history, in terms of 'close matches'.

"Stephens shows the way with men's quota', writes the Pioneer, with a reservation of 40 per cent seats for male students to preserve what was once an all male bastion.

AND FINALLY, Hindustan Times tells us that after being blind for over 20 years, a British man is regaining the gift of sight - thanks to a pioneering bionic eye implant. He is the first British patient to be fitted with a digital chip, similar to those used in mobile phone cameras - and can presently see a rough outline of simple shapes and will learn, with practice, to see again.

For Eden Gardens' Fans, Ganguly Trumps All -

For Eden Gardens' Fans, Ganguly Trumps All - "Fans of the city’s favorite son, Sourav Ganguly, had turned their ire on the national team because their “Dada” (literally “elder brother” in Bengali) had been axed from the team. The Indian captain at that time, Rahul Dravid, tried to play down the incident, but the team’s coach and Mr. Ganguly’s bĂȘte noire, Greg Chappell, was angry enough to reportedly point his middle finger at the crowd."

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Rupee Sinking - large Trade Deficit and Capital out flows driving rupee down

Sukma collector Alex Paul Menon walking free, after being released by Maoists in the Bastar forests on Thursday, is the lead story in most papers today. 'I'm tired, shattered.... I want to go home : Menon after release', writes the Indian Express. 'Collector handed over to mediators', writes the Statesman, while the Hindustan Times opines, 'Maoists give in to public opinion, release collector'.
With the Presidential race hotting up, papers have written extensively on the run up to the nominations. 'Pranab has edge over Ansari, as Presidential race hots up', writes the Tribune. 'Didi, others ready to support Pranab', says the Asian Age, while the Pioneer writes, 'Congress unwilling to 'spare' Pranab - spreads confusion on President choice.'
"UK Court orders extradition of Tiger Hanif', writes the Hindu. The paper reports that after nearly 2 decades the law has finally caught up with 'Tiger' Hanif", an alleged associate of underworld don Dawood-Ibrahim, and also wanted in 2 cases of terror attacks in Gujarat.
The Times of India writes, 'Setting a new record, Edvard Munch's iconic painting, 'The Scream', considered one of the most recognizable in the art world, was sold for nearly 20 million dollars, the biggest price ever paid for a work of art at any auction'.
'All power of attorney property deals banned', writes the Times of India in its lead story. The paper adds that in an order that puts thousands of property transaction in Delhi under a cloud, the revenue department has made all realty sales through transfer of general power of attorney null and void with retrospective effect from October last year.
The Mail Today writes, 'Rupee Sinking - large Trade Deficit and Capital out flows driving rupee down'. The paper adds that this downward movement would primarily affect Indian Travellers flying abroad, students studying abroad and importers who pay in dollars. 
And finally, The Times of India writes that Black Pepper and its plant, which have been used for centuries in traditional Eastern medicine, have now got researches offering a long sought explanation for the beneficial fat fighting effects of Black pepper. Research suggests that the pungent tasting piperine, found in Black pepper can also block formation of new fat cells.

When men are sexually harassed - Rediff Getahead

When men are sexually harassed - Rediff Getahead: "Last week a male friend of mine told me that he felt sexually harassed.

He thought I had reacted quite casually. It raised a storm -- when men face harassment, it's just not the same. It doesn't make headlines. "Why is it atrocious when a woman feels harassed and almost a joke when a man gets molested?" he asked me angrily. Quite naturally, I began wondering about it."

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Only car windows that have been tinted by manufacturers are allowed


The lack of consensus within the NDA on the issue of Presidential candidate, is covered on the front pages of today's papers. "NDA develops Presidential election strategy rift", reads the headline in the Asian Age. The Hindustan Times headline says, "Sushma remark on Ansari lacking stature, splits NDA".
Newspapers carry photographs of the capsized boat's wreckage being pulled out from the river Brahmaputra. Hindustan Times writes that the local authorities struggle to ascertain the death toll, as bodies could have been washed down-stream to Bangladesh. 
The Indian Express reports that the Supreme Court has given the Army full 'discretion' to choose between a court martial and a criminal trial for the seven officers, accused of killing five persons in an encounter in Pathribal over 12 years ago.
The Supreme Court has directed that the writ petitions filed by three convicts facing the death sentence in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, be transferred to itself from the Madras High Court, for a fair hearing, reports the Hindu.
'I'm not joining politics, says Sachin', reports Hindustan Times. The paper further says that breaking his silence on the controversy over his nomination to the Rajya Sabha, batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar said, "I want to make it clear that I am not a politician. I am a sports person and will continue to be one."
Peel off the tinted film on your car windows by Friday as the Supreme Court has banned black film of any percentage of tint, writes the Times of India. Only car windows that have been tinted by manufacturers are allowed. 
AND FINALLY, the Hindu writes that a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace features 87 detailed 'anatomical' drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. Had these been published during his life-time, they would have been placed him as a scientist on par with Galileo and Newton.