Tuesday, May 8, 2012

US wants India to further slash Iranian oil imports

Today's Newspapers Headlines

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee announcing a roll back on some taxation proposals (made in the 2012-13 Budget) receives front page coverage. "Markets, Rupee cheer Finance Minister's Budget Course Correction" is the top headline in the Hindustan Times. "Pranab soothes frayed FII nerves, defers Tax Avoidance Rules by a year", writes the Business Line, with the Sensex up - 400 points.

On the Tatra trucks row, the Hindustan Times headline read "Tatra was NDA deal, says Antony" adding that Defence Minister AK Antony on Monday said, the UPA Government had not bought a single Tatra truck and current deliveries were part of the contract signed by the NDA government in 2003.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's visit to India also receives front page coverage. "PM, Hillary share Pakistan terror concerns" - Hindustan Times. "US wants India to further slash Iranian oil imports" writes the Tribune. "Al-Qaeda chief Ayman-Zawahiri in Pakistan says Hillary", reports the Times of India.

The Hindu writes that the Supreme Court's amicus curiae in the Zakia Jafri case has concluded that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi can be proceeded against for various offences during the 2002 riots, including promoting enmity among different groups.

And finally, The Economic Times writes that the 6th century Gilgit Manus, believed to be one of the oldest records on Buddhism (written on birch bark - and discovered by cattle grazers in undivided India's Gilgit - 80 year ago) are still awaiting proper preservation - in Srinagar's SPS Museum.

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