Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rebel Yeddy's Sonia Gambit

Celebration  and introspection on the 60th anniversary of Parliament is the lead in most dailies  today. Hindustan Times says,  "Promising a House in order, MPs say Parliament supreme.'

A Statesman headline reads, 'Parliament's dignity on MPs' minds', while another headline in the same paper says, 'PM  flags disruptions, lack of decorum'. The Tribune says, "MPs  vow to perform better".

"Rebel Yeddy's  Sonia  Gambit", under that headline Mail Today reports, that the former Karnataka Chief Minister looks all set to switch loyalties. A Times of India headline wonders, "Unwelcome praise? BSY  hails Sonia,  blasts BJP". The Pioneer writes, "BSY praises Sonia to arm-twist BJP for support."      

Papers also report the ongoing impasse in Air India. The Times of India and Hindustan Times highlight Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh admitting that the Air India-Indian Airlines merger hasn't work out as planned. The Hindu writes, "Now senior Pilots too back stir." The Tribune reports of a possible breakthrough ' soon ' as the management is working to identify and separate hardliners.

While reporting that the Gurgaon Police's probe into the case of a rashly driven BMW ramming into another car moving at a    snail's pace after nine days. Hindustan Times, under the headline "Cops declare war on speedsters",   highlights that the Delhi Traffic Police focus now is going to be on curbing over speeding.

The Tribune among other papers reports of the Dalai Lama speaking of a threat to his life, with Chinese agents allegedly training Tibetan women to poison him with poisoned hair and scarves while seeking his blessings.

Hindustan Times says, that raising serious questions over the casual manner in which many High Court judges record the Annal Confidential Reports of District level judicial officers, the Supreme Court has called for a revamp of the system.

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