Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Attacked, PC feels stab of pain


Most Papers, On their front page have written about the Rajya Sabha uproar over Aircel Maxis. deal "Attacked, PC feels stab of pain" writes the Asian Age . The Mail Today says "Daggers Drawn - PC fights Jaitley charge over sons alleged role in Aircel-Maxis deal", While The Hindu  reports "No favor was shown in Maxis deal: Pranab."
The Air crash in Nepal has received headline coverage today. "13 Indians killed in Nepal plane crash" writes the Statesman adding that 2 young Indian girls survived the crash. The Asian Age adds that the Dornier aircraft crashed into a mountain in the Himalayas while trying to land at Jomsom airport in Northern Nepal on Monday.
The Hindustan Times in an exclusive story writes ,"Doctors find 'Sick'  Air India pilots missing from home", elaborating that Air India pilots who called in sick and have not reported to work for a week, were not found at home by doctors sent by the airline and nor have they reported to doctors empanelled by the national carrier. In a related story, The Hindu writes ,"Passenger woes mount as pilots stir continues".
"Veggie prices surge 61%, fuel 7.2% inflation in April" leads the Times of India where the Hindustan Times writes "Rupee hits historic low as rate cut hopes fade, prices shoot up.  
"Public Procurement Bill introduced in Lok Sabha: proposals stringent ", headlines the Business Line, further adding that this legislation is meant for containing corruption and the provisions of this bill will apply to the procurement of goods and services exceeding 50 lakh rupees.
"A genius who divides and rules" writes the Hindu saying that Amit Garg of Haryana went on to set a world record in mental calculation in division at Record setter USA.
In a story titled from lips to hips: It takes just 3 hours to put on weight", The Times of India writes that scientists have found that once eaten, fat is stored on the waistline within hours, - faster than previously thought.

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