Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rahul Gandhi wants half of the All India Congress Committee to be women


    With rescue efforts in flood ravaged Uttarakhand almost coming to the last phase today, the focus is now shifting to rebuild shattered roads and infrastructure, writes The Sunday Pioneer - with a headline - "Uphill task of Rebuilding hill state commences."

    Along with a satellite photograph, writes that the formation of a huge lake in the Dhauladars, reportedly on account of recent flash floods and landslides has been confirmed - becoming a cause of concern for residents of six villages near Palampur.

    Reports that Bangladesh is likely to deport jailed ULFA founder general secretary Anup Chetia to India, after 16 years in jail, though the time schedule is not yet known.

    B S Yedyurappa - former BJP Chief Minister of Karnataka, who had earlier stormed out of the BJP, seems set for a home coming, reports The Sunday Times. The paper writes that an emissary of Yedyurappa met several BJP leaders in Delhi on Friday to convey his 'willingness' to return to the party.

    "Rahul wants half of the All India Congress Committee to be women" - says Mail Today. At a formal introductory meeting at the AICC office with the new team of officer bearers, he said the presence of women is less, but it will definitely be 50 % in the coming 2-3 years.

    'Shakeel' threatens to kill betrayer Salem is a headline in The Sunday Statesman. The paper writes - 'owning up to the recent misfired attempt on gangster Abu Salem's life, Karachi based don Chota Shakeel has virtually thrown a challenge to the Mumbai Police - of liquidating Salem for ditching Dawood Ibrahim and joining hands with Chota Rajan'.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Judges may be fined for frequent adjournments


Newspapers continue to report on the Uttarakhand disaster. The Times of India writes that Uttarakhand CM Vijay Bahuguna has said that a new Kedarnath will come up from the rubble of the devastated town using modern technologies. Hindustan Times says with most pilgrims rescued, the Uttarakhand government now faces the challenging task of telling the genuine from false cases of compensation claims.

The Statesman writes that China has said it is ready to break new ground with India to strive for the settlement of the China-India boundary question and to make greater progress in the strategic and cooperative partnership.

The Financial Express says that the government's bold decision to double the price of natural gas from the next fiscal is set to attract investments into the country's gas sector not only from the domestic majors but also from abroad.

The Pioneer reports that Gold prices have tumbled to a 23-month low losing Rs. 1150 to close at Rs. 25,650 per 10 grams.

Hindustan Times says that Delhi CM Sheila Dixit has proposed setting up of dedicated housing for migrant labour to curb the proliferation of slums in the city.

Under the headline "Judges may be fined for frequent adjournments", The Times of India reports that the government has suggested that the higher judiciary may impose fines on judges for allowing frequent and too many adjournments in a move to ensure swift punishment of those guilty of heinous crimes.

And finally, The Hindu reports that Britain is set to become the first country in the world to allow doctors to use a controversial IVF technique aimed at eradicating inherited genetic defects that would lead to the creation of babies with three parents, prompting criticism that it is a slippery slope to producing designer babies.

Friday, June 28, 2013

2500 stranded as rescue operation near end


Almost all newspapers have reported the biggest rescue operation that drew to a close in Uttarakhand where over one lakh pilgrims and local residents were brought to safety. The Tribune headline reads " 2500 stranded as rescue operation near end".

According to Hindustan Times political parties have come together to shut the door on sharing information with citizen and the government buoyed by the near - consensus among the political class, is planning changes to the Right to Information Act.

Most Pink papers have reported that the country's current account deficit (CAD) for the fourth quarter of 2012-13 narrowed sharply to 3.6 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), helping a battered rupee gain some ground against the dollar and pushing the sentiment in equity markets. The Business Standard covers the story under "CAD cheers, but external debt plays spoilsport.

The Centre has cancelled the license of 15 TV channels and suspended license of 7 more for upto 30 days for not complying with licensing conditions reports the Times of India.

The Asian Age front page story carries the photograph of DMK president M. Karunanidhi's daughter Kanimozhi with a report that she along with D. Raja have won a 2nd term in the Rajya Sabha with the help of Congress.

The Supreme Court has refused to entertain a PIL seeking direction to the government to initiate action against Internet companies involved in sharing Internet data form India with US National Security Agency.

CNN Reporter states "Reddit not a reliable news source" : news

CNN Reporter states "Reddit not a reliable news source" : news

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why are Gods so angry that they are even killing the saviours


'Why are Gods so angry that they are even killing the saviours', writes the Hindustan Times, quoting an Air Force officer, referring to the helicopter crash in Uttarakhand.

To help the survivor's overcome their psychological trauma and depression, the Hindu reports that a mental health helpline has been launched.

It's all been about rescuing humans, but what about the 2000 mules stranded in Gaurikund? The Pioneer reports of the army and animal lovers who are working towards this now.

There's good news for students seeking admission to Delhi University. 'Seats in DU's hot courses doubled', says the Mail Today.

The Hindustan Times writes that Delhi Police will now seek feedback from callers who dial 100, to improve their response.

'South tops in bank access, Maharashtra, Gujarat below national average' writes the Times of India, according to a survey by a rating firm.

Young parents who feel a sense of pride when their little ones handle the mobile, their i-pad or i-pod will need to do a rethink. 'Exposure to gadgets hurts kids eyesight' informs the Asian Age.
'Divorced from reality, online unions in trouble', writes the Economic Times on its front page, adding that lawyers say, about half of the break ups involve partners who met online.

A pill to prevent breast cancer? The Times of India writes that a daily dose for 5 years will cut the risk by 40 percent. Definitely seems to be a better choice than a mastectomy.

What Indira Gandhi's Emergency proved for India - India News

What Indira Gandhi's Emergency proved for India - India News

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

US certain Snowden is in Russia, Moscow feigns ignorance


Flood and lanslide ravaged Uttarakhand continues to dominate the front pages of most papers. "As epidemic threat looms, seers clear mass cremation at Kedarnath" writes the Times of India in its banner headline. In the backdrop of speculation about whether the construction of dams contributed to this devastation, the Indian Express reports the Chairman of the Central Water Commission as saying "Dams controlled floods". The Mail Today highlights the fact that the apex disaster management body, the NDMA, "did not meet between 2008 and 2012".

The daring militant attack on an army convoy in Srinagar yesterday on the eve of the Prime Minister's visit to the state is prominently noticed .

The Mail Today carries a report on the proposed National Land Reform Policy which it says the government proposes to unveil soon. The paper says that according to this policy, every rural landless household will be provided 0.1 acre of homestead land. The Indian Express highlights the draft National Water Framework Bill which says that every individual has a right to a minimum of 25 litres of potable water every day.

The Indian Express in a special front page story reports that China has accepted New Delhi's condition that the proposed Border Defence Cooperation Agreement will not amount to freezing current troop levels on the frontier.

There is great speculation in the press regarding the whereabouts of American whistleblower Edward Snowden. "US certain Snowden is in Russia, Moscow feigns ignorance" reports the Hindu. That it could snowball into a diplomatic incident is highlighted by the Hindustan Times as it writes "Kerry warns Russia, China over Snowden issue".

And finally, in a special front page story, the Indian Express writes that Indian and Bangladesh are planning to start retreat ceremonies at four places on their frontier much like the one that takes place at the Wagah border between India and Pakistan. The ceremony however will be devoid of foot stomping or aggressive posturing.

Uttarakhand begins grim task of mass cremation of the dead

Uttarakhand begins grim task of mass cremation of the dead


News about the Kedarnath valley in Uttarakhand being cleared of all stranded pilgrims and the rescue focus now shifting to Badrinath and Harsil, dominate the press. "Rescue goes into Battle Mode" reads the Hindu headline. Quoting the Uttarakhand Disaster Mitigation Center, the paper writes that 94,000 people have been rescued so far and that 9,000 are still stranded.

The Tribune reports that with rain predicted, the third phase of the ongoing rescue efforts is set to roll today. This will involve a unique effort in which brigadier-level officers of the army will lead pilgrims to walk across mountain paths, bringing them to the nearest road head for onward travel.

On John Kerry's India visit Hindustan Times writes that the US Secretary of State has walked half-way in addressing Indian concerns on the proposed 'direct talks' with the Taliban. He also hoped for greater Indo-Pak economic ties and skipping of the contentious Kashmir issue.

Pictures of the Indian cricket team celebrating after beating England in the ICC Champions Trophy, can be seen in several papers. The Tribune shows the Men in Blue in smart white colored blazers.

With an eye on Southeast Asia, Manipur is set to get its first International Airport, reports the Indian Express .

The Power Ministry has set an ambitious target of building the world's largest transmission grid by the end of the 12th Plan period, as per the Indian Express.

And finally, Plants do complex arithmetic to make sure they have enough food for the night informs The Times of India citing a London based study. The paper reports that Plant feed themselves during the day by using energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide into starch and once the sun has set, they calculate how to use their reserves at a constant rate so that they run out of starch almost precisely at dawn.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thousands May Die in India Floods

Thousands May Die in India Floods


The Race Against Time to rescue survivors in Uttarakhand - by multiple Central and State agencies, is prominently written about on the front pages. Hindustan Times top headline reads "Deaths touch 1,000 - killer rain may return in 48 hours". Times of India, quoting officials reports that the threat of epidemic and possible rain will make the task of ferrying the 22,000 persons who still remain out of reach - more daunting.

The Tribune carries a telling picture on its front page of a young jawan propping up a frail old woman in the shrubbery and feeding her water from a plastic bottle.

John Kerry's whirlwind, multi-nation tour - is also noticed by the Press. Hindustan Times writes that he comes to New Delhi to 'realize the full potential of India'.

The Times of India, writing about the ailing Nelson Mandela says that South Africa first black President has been unresponsive for days and that his family may end treatment.

"Lethal Tribal Jungle Unit joins war on Naxals", reports Hindustan Times. India is raising an unnamed jungle commando outfit of young tribal men in Bastar to counter Maoist guerillas, as 'Locals know their habitat best'. The 6 month gruelling course is perhaps the worlds longest training module in jungle warfare.

The Indian Express writes that over 300 young J&K students, with a majority being girls from the Kashmir valley, have stepped out from the comfort of their homes to, literally, sweat it out in the coaching hub of Kota, determined to become Doctors.

The Statesman writes that with the first spell of monsoon and the rise in the Yamuna level, health experts have warned of a threat of vector borne diseases such as Dengue and Maleria in Delhi, since the AEDES mosquitoes breeds in clean water.

June 23, 1985: Kanishka bombing

June 23, 1985: Kanishka bombing


The horrific disaster in Uttarakhand continues to figure prominently on the front pages of all newspapers. Under the headline, "Toll now 556; After rain, hunger now begins to kill", Hindustan Times reports that the scale of this Himalayan tragedy is unfolding as rescuers begin to reach areas that had remained inaccessible so far just as reports are coming in of flood victims dying of hunger. The Tribune quotes NDRF Inspector General as saying that June 22 and 23 may witness heavy showers. A section of Tihar prisoners and staff have decided to donate 13 lakh rupees for the victims of flood-ravaged Uttarakhand, reports The Asian Age.
Newspapers have also noticed the story of the Thane building collapse killing 10 and injuring another 14.

The Times of India reports that two Indian trap shooters have been suspended by the National Rifle Association of India following charges of sexual harassment at the recent international shooting championship in Germany, by a woman teammate. The paper has also reported the shock and outrage in Manipal over the abduction and alleged rape of an MBBS student from Kerala by three men there.

The Indian Express says that consumers may have to pay upto 40 paise more per unit of electricity with the Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs deciding to allow producers to pass on the cost of expensive imported coal to consumers.

The Asian Age writes that the Cricket Association of Bihar has sought termination of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals from the IPL while demanding a proper investigation against Mr. Srinivasan himself.

"2 girls break into IIT's top-10 club". Under that headline, Hindustan Times reports that for the first time in history, two girls have ranked in the top 10 in the Joint Entrance Examination for admission to the IITs.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rescue gathers steam, but over 50,000 pilgrims still stranded

A human tragedy of man's making - DC
Himalayan tragedy: An ominous signal - Hans India
A Himalayan tragedy - Hindu
Himalayan Tsunami - TOI


Hogging the headline in almost all newspapers is the havoc that Uttarakhand is going through after 3 days of torrential rain, cloudbursts and flooding. Rescue and relief operations, being stepped up on a massive scale across the region have been reported by the newspapers. The Indian Express along with photograph, covers it under the headline "Rescue gathers steam, but over 50,000 pilgrims still stranded."

The Statesman writes on its front page that the rupee has fallen 300 percent against the dollar since 1991. The US federal reserve's decision to slow down the current 86 billion dollar-a-month bond purchase programme over the next few months and bring to a complete halt by mid-2014 sent panic waves across global currency markets.

According to the Times of India, MBBS doctors aspiring to pursue post-graduation will now have to compulsorily undertake a one-year rural posting before becoming eligible for such a course.

You can soon buy a fan that will bring down your monthly power bill by upto 50%. A story in the Hindustan Times states that the World Bank is providing 50 million dollars to the government Bureau of Energy efficiency (BBE) to produce 5 million super-energy efficient fans that would help India save 100 MW power every day.

The Asian Age front page story reveals what Indian Women do, online. The study "women and the web" says, of the 60 million women, 24 million logged on to the web daily. Most checked emails, followed by using search engines, social networking, music and video downloads, reading educational content, searching for jobs, hearing music and reading Indian news.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

U'khand toll could be in thousands

The rain and flood fury in Uttarakhand dominates the front pages of all the papers with many carrying pictures of the Kedarnath Temple surrounded by destruction caused by floodwaters. Highlighting the enormity of the devastation the Times of India writes in its banner headline, "Uttarakhand toll could be in thousands". Commenting on the unbridled construction activity in the State that has choked the natural flow of rivers, the Hindustan Times says, "Builder greed led to nature's fury".

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar winning the vote of confidence in the state assembly makes it to the front pages of most papers. "Nitish wins confidence vote, dismisses 'Modi wave' " writes the Tribune.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's address at an election rally ahead of Panchayat elections in the State is widely reported. The Asian Age reports her as saying, "Maoists, media, CPM conspired to kill me".

That all may not be well for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in his own party is evident from the Indian Express's front page headline which reports Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parikkar as saying, "Gujarat riots bad example of governance". The Times of India highlights Advani sympathiser Sudheendra Kulkarni saying, "Modi authoritarian, Rajnath foxy".

Political manouevering in Tamil Nadu ahead of the Rajya Sabha elections is prominently noticed in the press. "RS poll : DMK seeks Congress support for Kanimozhi", reports the Tribune.

The Hindustan Times, citing data accessed through a Right to Information query, highlights a disturbing statistic as it writes, "Millions go hungry but India lost foodgrain worth 45 crore in 5 years".

And finally, the Times of India tells us that a handwritten journal of Vasco da Gama's first voyage to India, dating back to 1497-1499, has been inculded in the prestigious list of the world's greatest documents, the UNESCO's Memory of the World Register 2013.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Don't want package instead of separate Telangana: AP Ministers - The Economic Times

Don't want package instead of separate Telangana: AP Ministers - The Economic Times


Almost all major news dailies have reported with photograph on the trail of destruction left by the rains in Uttarakhand. Many newspapers have shown photographs of the famous Kedarnath temple intact, surrounded by rubble and slush, along with pictures of pilgrims and vehicles stranded en-route.

In continuing coverage of the Coalgate scam, the Indian Express reports "Coal Block probe reaches PMO door", while the Pioneer adds, "All the PM's men under CBI scanner".

In significant news, the Hindustan Times reports that Jamaat-ud-Dawa, the parent body of the banned terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba that carried out the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, has been allocated over 61 million rupees by Pakistan's Punjab Province Government, headed by PM Nawaz Sharif's PML-N party.

According to the Financial Express, "PM and FM chart out 8-week revival plan", adding that a road map with over a dozen action points has been made to give another booster doze to the economy.

Many newspapers have reported that today is the last day for filing application at the Delhi University. The Hindustan Times informs that with the University getting 65,000 more forms than last year, the cut-offs are likely to rise.

The Indian Express reports on a remarkable invention by 2 research scholars Deepak Joshi and Ramandeep Singh from IIT Delhi that will help people who have received below-knee amputations to walk with ease, without disturbing their gait as the prosthetic leg would mimic the action of the good leg.

According to the Times of India, the transport department in Delhi will implement its colour coding policy soon, to check auto rickshaw drivers who refuse to go to a particular place.

And finally, the word "Tweet" in the sense of social networking has entered the hallowed pages of the Oxford English dictionary, reports the Hindu, with the lexicon breaking its rule that a new word need to be in use for 10 years before its inclusion.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rahul's young brigade gets the short shrift in Monday's reshuffle as average age of new cabinet ministers crosses 73 years. Sis Ram Ola


The monsoon rain unleashing havoc across North India and the latest Cabinet reshuffle are 2 lead stories in most papers.

 Reacting to the Cabinet reshuffle, the Mail today opines Young India's Grey leaders 'Rahul's young brigade gets the short shrift in Monday's reshuffle as average age of new cabinet ministers crosses 73 years'.

The Asian Age reports that in view of the tourist potential in Agra, the Akhilesh Yadav government has approved the construction of an international airport in Agra. The proposal already has the approval of the Central Government.

 "China logs on to fastest super Computer", says the Hindu. The paper writes that the development of this Chinese super computer, reported to be the fastest in the world will have far reaching ramifications in the cyber world and is sure to break the US monopoly in the in the field of Strategic technology.

 The Times of India writes that the prices of 652 formulations, including widely used medicines like painkillers, anti-infective, antibiotics, anticancer and cardiovascular drugs are slated to come down by up to 50 per cent by July end. The drug Pricing regulator, NPPA has issued a notification to this effect.

 CBSE has decided to stop publishing the popular sample papers for classes XI and XII from next year. The Times of India quotes the CBSE Chairmen Vineet Joshi as saying that students are increasingly getting selective in their studies and the sample papers seem to have been contributing to this.

And finally, 'Grandpa's rescue act saves 14 newborns from Safdarjung fire', writes the Hindustan Times. The Paper says that the 60 year old grandfather who works as daily wage laborer in Darbhnaga, Bihar and refused to be identified showed great alertness to prevent tragedy at Safdarjang hospital in the small hours of Monday morning.


JD(U) hurdle gone, Modi has free run now. #HypocriteNiKu Nitish Kumar


The formal split in the JD(U)- BJP alliance dominates the front pages of all the papers. Highlighting the impact of this development on the BJP, the Hindustan Times writes "JD(U) hurdle gone, Modi has free run now". Drawing attention to the fact that the NDA now consists of only the BJP, the Shiva Sena and the Shiromani Akali Dal, the Asian Age writes "JD(U) reduces NDA to band of 3".

There is great speculation in the press regarding the Cabinet reshuffle that is to take place today. "Oscar; Meenakshi in Cabinet today?" speculates the Asian Age regarding the possible inclusion of Oscar Fernandes and Meenakshi Natarajan. The Tribune hints at the possibility of Birender Singh, a Rajya Sabha MP from Haryana being inducted into the Cabinet.

The Hindustan Times carries an interview with Food Minister K V Thomas under the caption "Decision on food security bill before the weekend".

Citing the recently released Census data 2011, the Times of India writes that poorer states like Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Bihar created more jobs in the past decade as compared to richer states like Punjab and Haryana.

In a special front page story, the Hindu reports that the government is planning to introduce in the next three weeks a slew of stimulating reforms like the setting up of a railway tariff authority, a new policy on auctioning coal blocks and removing FDI cap in various sectors.

The Times of India reports that India is developing a Ballistic Missile Defence shield which will be able to intercept enemy missiles fired from as far as 5000 kilometers.

In international news, North Korea's offer of high level nuclear and security talks with the United States to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula is widely reported in the papers.

And of an interesting innovation. The Tribune reports that a team of researchers at IIT, Delhi have developed a biodegradable emulsion called 'fruwash' which can be used to wash fresh fruits and vegetables to increase their shelf life.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Chalo Assembly suppression illegal, says Madabhushi Sridhar | Deccan Chronicle #Telangana

498 Indians named in tax haven scoop


    The buzz around the near-certain collapse of the JDU-BJP alliance in Bihar dominates the front pages of most papers. Citing an editorial in the RSS mouthpiece Organiser, the Hindu writes "RSS message for Nitish: Modi is only election panel chief". Hinting that the parting of ways between the two parties may not be amicable, the Times of India reports "BJP snubs Nitish's plan for a cordial demerger".

    Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi's visit to the Kashmir Valley is widely reported. "Rahul keeps quiet on revoking AFSPA" reports the Asian Age. The Times of India quotes him as saying "Modi's elevation not my concern".

    The list of nearly 10,000 account holders who have accounts in tax havens, released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is prominently noticed in the press. "498 Indians named in tax haven scoop" reports the Pioneer. Giving details, the Times of India writes "194 from Mumbai and 113 Delhi residents on database of offshore entities".

    Former West Bengal Chief Minister and CPM leader Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee's views on the possibility of a Third Front are highlighted in many papers. "Forming third alternative not an easy task,says Buddhadeb" reports the Hindu. The Indian Express quotes him as saying "Alternative front should be based on Common Minimum Programme."

    In a front page investigative story "Beware Capital of Fakes" the Mail Today writes that Delhi produces 75% of counterfeit goods and caters to clients in markets across the city.

    The passing away of veteran Communist leader Satyapal Dang, who was at the forefront of the fight against terrorism and secessionism in Punjab, is widely noticed. In its obituary, the Tribune says "An era of principled politics comes to an end".

    The English language gets many new words. The Asian Age writes that "tweet', 'dad-dancing' and 'geekery' are just three of more than 1200 new or revised words in the latest version of the Oxford English dictionary.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Youth ends life for Telangana in OU campus | The Hindu

Iron fist on Telangana protesters, bandh called today - Indian Express

There will be 8.1 billion people on the planet by 2025


Almost all newspapers have covered the daring attack on a Patna-bound train, by armed maoists, that killed 3 people including an RPF jawan. Asian Age covers it under the headline "Maoist girls looted Patna train".
The paper have also reported that the Congress-led UPA has constituted a three-member committee to hold consultation with the opposition and evolve a consensus on convening a special session of Parliament for the passage of the ambitions National Food Security Bill. The Tribune headlines it as "Govt. defers food Bill ordinance".
The contours of a vague non-Congress, non-BJP political formation appears to be taking shape with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar acknowledging that his West Bengal counterpart Mamata Banerjee's talk of a 'Federal Front" was not devoid of merit, writes the Times of India on its front page.
According to Mail Today, Finance Minister literally pleaded with gold-crazy Indians to stop buying the precious metal as its steady import continues to widen the country's current account deficit and weaken the rupee.
A report in the Indian Express states that the power-starved Pakistan has indicated its willingness to hook up a portion of Lahore with the Indian side, enabling the capital of Punjab province to draw electricity from the Indian grid.
Mail Today writes that the capital now has a University only for women. Indira Gandhi Women Institute of Technology in Central Delhi has now been upgraded as a State University by the Delhi Government.
According to the Hindustan Times, in 2028, just 15 years away, India is expected to become the world's most populous country, when it will cross China's population of 1.45 billion according to a United Nation's report on "World Population Prospects" released in New York yesterday. It says, there will be 8.1 billion people on the planet by 2025, with China's population expected to decrease from 2030.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nitish set to walk out of NDA


Most newspapers this morning have carried the story of the impending political realignments in the NDA. 'Nitish set to walk out of NDA, into third front' reads a Hindustan Times headline while a headline in the Pioneer says, "East India Company in the making".

The Times of India reports that with an aim to protect the citizens from undesirable content, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry plans to expand the ambit of the Electronic Media Monitoring Committee from 300 to 800 TV channels. The paper adds that only news vetted by All India Radio will be allowed even after the FM phase III policy kicks in.

In an important ruling, the Delhi High Court has said, a false affidavit by a candidate at the time of filing of nomination papers is a ground for setting aside his or her election, reports the Hindustan Times.

85% of homes in eight Indian cities including Delhi & Mumbai among others lack fire alarm & safety equipment according to a study, reports the Indian Express.

'Final Call: Curtains to come down on telegram service' reads a headline in The Tribune. The paper says that smart phones, e-mail and SMS seem to have pushed the humble telegram service to a quiet corner, with the BSNL deciding to discontinue the 160-year-old telegraph service come July 15.

Two Indian street food vendors Ashok Sah and Vijay Chaudhary have won the critics award at the World Street Food Congress in Singapore, reports the Hindu.

And finally, The Hindu writes that a study has found that 'Active Travel' - walking, cycling or use of public transport, is one of the measures that the WHO recommends to address the growing burden of non-communicable diseases.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sulking Advani quits posts, jolts BJP


BJP patriarch LK Advani's resignation from key party positions yesterday, is the subject of headlines today. 'Sulking Advani quits posts, jolts BJP', is the top Asian Age headline. 'Enter Modi, Exit Advani', writes the Indian Express, and Mail Today reports that this is the third time in the last eight years that Advani has resigned in this manner.

The effect that Advani's resignation has had on NDA allies, is also prominently covered. Hindustan Times says that the resignation has put a question mark on the saffron-party-led NDA, with its second biggest constituent - Janata Dal (U), saying that the NDA was now on "ventilator support".

Business Line of Hindu reports that after Cobrapost expose on violation of RBI rules by some banks, the central bank has penalized three top Private Sector banks, ICICI bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank.

Reporting on the ever-expanding Maoist Red Corridor - Mail Today writes that the country's security apparatus, which has been grappling with the Naxal menace - has been jolted out of its slumber by reports of large scale recruitment of children, some as young as six, by the Maoists. Pictures display children in fatigues and armed with sophisticated weapons, attending a Maoist camp.

The Times of India reports that the BCCI is to quiz Dhoni on his holdings in companies, once he is back home after the Champions Trophy. The board has proposed that all IPL cricketers will have to reveal the sources of their income.

And finally, Mail Today reports of the novel way in which an air passenger smuggled gold, worth 19.64 lakh rupees into India. The paper writes that the Delhi-Dubai passenger used camouflaged staple pins made of gold, which were punched on to the cartons of household goods.

BJP says NaMoskar


The BJP crowning Narendra Modi as Campaign Chief for the 2014 general elections yesterday, and in the process firmly ruling against the 84 year old patriarch - L K Advani, makes for top headlines in the press today. "BJP bets on Modi for 2014", writes the Hindu, and adding to the recent spate of acronyms around Narendra Modi's name, "BJP says NaMoskar", as per Mail Today.

Following worries about US spy agencies snooping into accounts and online data of Internet Users, the Hindu writes, "India gets ready to roll out cyber snooping agency". The government has set the ball rolling for creating its own multi agency body - the National Cyber Coordination Centre that will carry out 'real-time' assessment of cyber security threats.

"Dirty Train toilets? SMS for clean up" - reports the Tribune. The Railways has decided to launch a pilot SMS -based service for immediate response to passenger complaints about housekeeping services in coaches.

Hindustan Times informs us that with futuristic war fare in mind, India is working to develop robotic soldiers to beef up its unmanned fight capabilities by the DRDO. The robots will be developed with very high intelligence to enable them to differentiate between friend and foe.

"Nadal seals eighth win in Paris", writes the Asian Age. Rafael Nadal becoming the first man to capture the same Grand Slam title eight times in a power packed French Open final, is extensively covered.

The 94 year legendary singer Manna Dey is in a critical but stable condition after being admitted to a Bangalore hospital due to chest infection, writes the Pioneer.

And finally, scientists have developed a pill to prevent Delhi Belly, the infamous condition that causes cramps and upset stomach in foreigners travelling to India - on account of contaminated food and water, writes the Times of India.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

India needs to be free from Congress rule: Narendra Modi


India needs to be free from Congress rule: Modi



    The BJP conclave in Goa figures on the front pages of most newspapers. "Despite storm within the party, Rajnath set to anoint Modi" is the Times of India headline. "Modi relishes limelight, awaits his moment" writes the Hindustan Times. The Indian Express has a picture of protests outside Advani's house, who stayed away from the meet.

    Serena Williams, who won her second French Open crown, defeating Maria Sharapova has her picture in the Hindustan Times and the Asian Age. "Sitting pretty" is the caption of her photograph in the Statesman where she is posing with her trophy. "After 11 years, Serena conquers France again" writes the Asian Age.

    In the ongoing spot fixing saga, the Indian Express reports, "Cell mate Kanda counsels Sreesanth, calms him down". The paper also writes that Raj Kundra is likely to be suspended at the cricket board's meeting on Monday. The Hindustan Times says that the 2 embattled teams - Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals are likely to survive.

    Business dailies have given prominence to the Yes Bank's AGM yesterday. "Yes Bank AGM sees high drama, voting" writes the Business Standard, adding that there was disagreement regarding appointment of three directors to the board of the bank.

    In what can be termed as extremely regressive and shocking, papers have reported of a mass wedding in Madhaya Pradesh, where the prospective brides had to undergo a virginity and pregnancy test.

    Mail Today writes of a suicide note recovered by Jiah Khan's parents. "Jilted Jiah blames Sooraj" says the paper.

    How long do you spend on Facebook everyday? According to a study, "Facebook may be good for your social lives but can cause havoc in romantic relationships" writes Mail Today.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

NaMonia hits BJP meet, senior leaders report sick


The front pages of most newspapers this morning are splashed with the story of the conspicuous absence of L K Advani and many other senior BJP leaders from the office bearers' meet before the National Executive Committee Meeting of the party. The Times of India headline reads, "BJP set to name Modi as 2014 campaign leader, LK sulks" while under "NaMonia hits BJP meet, senior leaders report sick", Hindustan Times reports that Advani's absence seems to have cast a shadow on the crucial meeting, and Modi's elevation as the central campaign coordinator for the 2014 general elections is no longer a given.

Another story that is making the headlines is of the IPL spot fixing scandal. The Pioneer reports that the Delhi Police is trying to uncover the money trail to build up a case against Raj Kundra as he was actively involved in betting during the IPL matches.

The Asian Age says the rupee closed below the key 57-mark against the US dollar for the first time in a year casting a shadow on the economy as imports become costlier.

The Indian Express reports that an Israeli pedophile has legally adopted a 4-year-old Indian girl through an agreement with a surrogate mother adding that the Israeli government is seriously looking into the matter and will act to rectify the situation.

The Statesman writes that the Allahabad high court has stayed the UP government's order to withdraw cases against people accused of indulging in terror activities.

The Pioneer says that the US government has admitted to secretly collecting information on people overseas for nearly six years by tapping directly into the central servers of nine Internet giants as part of the national security push to deal with terror threats.

Four apartments on two-storeys, built in just 30 days. Will the building stand? The Hindu Business Line reports it will, built as it is using glass fibre reinforced gypsum panel technology developed by IIT Madras, saying this can provide good quality, rapid, sustainable and affordable mass housing in a short time.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Modi gets thumbs up as BJP goes into huddle

Modi gets thumbs up as BJP goes into huddle


Indian Premier League Cricket remains front page news, with Raj Kundra, co-owner of Rajasthan Royals, admitting to betting on his team's performance. "You bet its' a Royal mess" writes Times of India.

"Nine States to jointly fight Maoist menace" is the top headline in the Statesman. Chief Ministers of the nine Maoist affected states have agreed on a Unified National Policy to fight Left-wing extremism at a meeting with the Home Minister.

"Rupee touches 57 a dollar, Finance Minister steps in to calm nerves" - writes Business Standard. HT- Business reports, "The India Rupee on Thursday touched a one year low of 57 against the US dollar". The RBI said it will take all steps to check the slide, though experts have signaled more worries ahead.

Quoting Pakistani official the Asian Age writes that Pakistan's new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has directed his diplomats to progressively pursue normalcy in relations, while actively seeking solutions for all outstanding issues, including Kashmir.

Myanmar Opposition leader and Nobel Prize winner Aung San Sun Kye yesterday declared her intention to run for president "World Economic Forum on East Asia", in 2015, reports Hindustan Times.

The US has exempted India and eight other nations from sanctions, noting that they had significantly reduced their imports of crude oil from Iran - informs the Tribune.

A revival of the humble transistor, which was once popular for bringing news and music, is again on the cards. Business Line of the Hindu reports that with FM stations soon to hit smaller towns, battery major 'Eveready' is soon to bring out transistor sets for Rupees 500, mainly for rural and semi-urban markets.

And finally, Times of India writes that a single 20 minute session of Yoga can significantly improve brain function, the ability to maintain focus and to take in and use new information - according to a University of Illinois study.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Narendra Modi hits Congress for six, Mamata stands ground, set back for Nitish


The recent by poll results for 4 Lok Sabha and 5 assembly seats in 5 states, declared yesterday have been noticed prominently by major Newsdailies today. "By Polls boost Modi, stump Congress and jolt Nitish," headlines the Times of India. " NaMo hits Cong for six, Mamata stands ground, set back for Nitish" reports the Hinudstan Times, while the Economics Times adds, "Modi hits a sixer, in match to become Prime Minister."

The Opposition to the formation of the National Counter Terrorism Centre NCTC also finds prominent space in the front pages of many News dailies today. "Modi, PC exchange fire over terror body" reports the Hindustan Times, while the Hindu adds, "even congress CM's demur at NCTC."

The Indian Express in its lead story reports "Rajasthan Royals owner Kundra questioned for 12 hours" adding that the police may call him again. The Times of India also headlines "Kundra in a spot, questioned for hours in IPL fixing scandal - quizzed on betting, Pal's role in Team".

In a related story the Times of India asks "How did Rhiti get rupees 210 crore to 'pay' skipper Dhoni?" referring to the eye popping deal in which Rhiti Sports Management announced in 2010 that it would pay a minimum of rupees 210 crore to Dhoni in the next 3 years. The Hinudstan Times adds "Rhiti - run Dhoni charity too could be in "conflict zone".

The swearing in of Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister in Pakistan has been reported by the Asian Age with a photograph of Nawaz Sharif inspecting a guard of honour at a welcoming ceremony in Islamabad with a caption, "Nawaz becomes Pak's only 3-time Prime Minister". The Hindu adds "Sharif sworn in, says economy top priority".

In another Pakistan related story the Tribune reports, "ISI reviving militancy in Punjab : Shinde". The newspapers reports that the Home Minister says, that the militants based in Pakistan are under pressure form ISI to further the spy agency's terror plans in Punjab and other parts of the country.

And finally, The Times of India reports that Japan has unveiled its new "levitating" bullet train, designed to travel at speed of upto 500 kilometre per hour which has under gone its first test on tracks.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Truckers gang rape US tourist in Manali


The opposition by most political parties to the Central Information Commission's order bringing them under the ambit of the Right to Information Act dominates the front pages of most papers. Highlighting the possible course of action on the issue, the Hindustan Times writes "Moving High Court against CIC ruling, amendment to Act are possible options".

The invoking of the stringent provisions of MCOCA law against Sreesanth and all the others accused in the IPL spot fixing case and the granting of bail to Gurunath Meiyappan and Vindoo Dara Singh is widely reported. "Gangster law on Sree as Vindoo, Gurunath get bail" reports the Hindustan Times. With the Delhi Police naming Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel as co-accused in the spot fixing case, the Asian Age writes "Cricket becomes gangsters game".

The Chief Ministers conference on internal security that is to take place in Delhi today is noticed in most papers. The Asian Age observes "Mamata, Jaya to skip CM's meet". Highlighting the opposition of some states to the setting up of the National Counter Terrorism Center, the Indian Express writes "Ahead of Chief minister's meeting, government takes NCTC out of IB purview".

Developments within the BJP in the wake of the reported Advani - Modi tussle are widely noticed. "Big push for Modi as campaign head, Gadkari rules himself out" writes the Hindustan Times.

Yet another incident of rape is prominently noticed in the press today. "Truckers gang rape US tourist in Manali" writes the Times of India.

Highlighting the worry over increasing gold imports, the Tribune says "RBI extends gold import curbs to all agencies". The Indian Express reports "RBI to allow gold imports only for meeting exporters needs".

And finally....stinky feet may actually turn out to be a boon. The Times of India cites research in Britian that which suggests that the odour from stinking feet attracts mosquitoes and this could help fight malaria by finding ways of trapping them.

Step down Advani, make way for @narendramodi : A WESTERN JOURNALIST ON LK ADVANI | FRANCOIS GAUTIER


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Joneja, 15, becomes youngest Indian to climb Mount Everest


Reports of Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni's stake in a player management firm, Rhiti Sports Management Pvt. Ltd dominate front page headlines. Highlighting that Dhoni would stand to gain financially as more and more players signed up by the firm played for India or their IPL franchises, the Hindustan Times writes "Dhoni's Rhiti connection casts doubt on fair play". The Hindu, meanwhile reports "Sports firm denies Dhoni has stake in it".

The Asian Age in its front page lead says that the CBI is all set to name BCCI chief N. Srinivasan as an accused in the India Cements quid pro quo conspiracy involving Jaganmohan Reddy's companies.

The controversy generated by senior BJP leader L K Advani's remarks comparing the achievements of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan with those of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi are widely noticed. The Times of India writes "BJP scrambles to play down Modi-Advani rift".The Indian Express quotes BJP chief Rajnath Singh as saying "Advani remarks misread, Modi most popular leader".

Most papers report that former Railway Minister P K Bansal is to be grilled by the CBI soon in the railways cash-for-appointment scandal. "Former railway minister could be asked about his role in bribery scandal involving his nephew Vijay Singla" writes the Hindustan Times.

A scuffle involving a Pakistani diplomat in South Delhi is widely reported. "Pak diplomat assaulted in road rage case, man held" writes the Indian Express.

The 2013 handbook of Swedish arms watchdog, SIPRI is prominently noticed in the press. Citing it, the Times of India reports "With eye on China, India ramps up nuclear arsenal". The Tribune writes "India, Pak, China expanded nuclear arsenal in 2012: Report".

The death of more than a hundred people in a fire in China gets wide attention. "119 killed in China poultry plant inferno" writes the Pioneer.

And finally, a significant achievement by a young Indian. The person in question...Raghav Joneja. "Joneja, 15, becomes youngest Indian to climb Mount Everest" reports the Times of India.

Telangana trouble is back

Telangana impasse - Analysis - DNA

With the Congress there will be only 'Ifs and Buts'. If UPA tables bill to create Telangana, BJP will support it: Rajnath Singh - Firstpost

If UPA tables bill to create Telangana, BJP will support it: Rajnath Singh - Firstpost

Monday, June 3, 2013

Realty bubble set to pop


Most papers lead with the story of BCCI chief N. Srinivasan's stepping aside and not stepping down from his post after yesterday's emergency meeting of the BCCI at Chennai. In a detailed report, the Times of India quotes the BCCI Joint Secretary Anurag Thakur as saying, nobody dared ask Srinivasan to quit, only he spoke for first 40 minutes.

"Indians caught up in Kuwait's expat cleansing", says The Pioneer. The paper writes that 1,50,000 Keralites in the Gulf nation are living in fear of persecution. Reports from Kuwait say that a minimum of 10,000 expatriates, of whom over 4000 are Indians, have been caught by the police in the past 2 months in anytime-anywhere raids and have been put into prisons pending deportation.

"Realty bubble set to pop", reads the headline of an exclusive report in Mail Today. The paper says that according to experts, the days of impressive returns in the real estate sector are over, home-buyers are staring at poor returns on their investments and developers are finding it hard to sell their units.

The humble vinegar, it turns out, is a life saver. Hindustan Times reports that a low cost, simple vinegar test has slashed cervical cancer death rates by 1/3rd, in a remarkable study of 1,50,000 women in the slums of India where the disease is the top cancer killer of women.

In a major policy shift, students in CBSE schools will now be told in advance, about passages or chapters in text books from where questions will be asked, says the Asian Age. This pilot project will be introduced for the annual exams of classes 9 and 11 in March 2014, reports the paper.

And finally, "School for the Blind achieves 100 per cent results this year too", says The Times of India. The paper writes that a special school for the visually impaired in Sundararajanapatti has been producing centum results for the last 18 years.

Michael Douglas: oral sex caused my cancer | Film | The Guardian

Michael Douglas: oral sex caused my cancer | Film | The Guardian

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Monsoon arrives in Kerala

The Statesman

Sunday morning papers report prominently on the fast moving BCCI scenario, with all eyes on Chennai today, where according to the Pioneer, an emergency working committee meeting is expected to show some clarity on BCCI President N. Srinivasan's fate. "Srinivasan sets terms for exit, BCCI members unwilling to play ball", is the lead headline in the Times of India.

The Statesman writes - 'seeking to give a renewed push to its priority 'National Food Security Bill', the Congress leadership has initiated fresh moves to work out a consensus with its Allies and Opposition parties that a special session of Parliament be convened on the bill's passage ahead of the monsoon session.

Mail Today and Indian Express reports the debate over BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate looks far from settled, with L.K. Advani stirring up the issue by heaping praise on MP Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan, even comparing him with Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

The next big thing on smart phones would be your favorite TV channels, with India's public broadcaster Prasar Bharati deciding to offer 8 to 10 channels, initially, at 40 locations including the metros and state capitals. 'Mobile Television' will become possible without compromising viewing quality, writes the Hindustan Times.

N.R. Narayana Murthy coming out of retirement at 66 to head Infosys again, is another big story in the Press. The Indian Express reports that Infosys has brought its iconic founder out of retirement to strengthen the company.

And finally, "The Monsoon arrives in Kerala". The Sunday Statesman say that Northern India experienced a slide in temperatures, even as the country's South welcomed the South-West monsoon - which set over Kerala and Lakhsadweep yesterday.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Srini's contdown begins, two board members quit


Most newspapers continue to track the IPL spot fixing scandal on their front pages. Hindustan Times, under the headline, "Srini's contdown begins, two board members quit", says that the resignations of two board members may be the beginning of an exodus in the board over the spot-fixing scandal.The Times of India reports that Sachin Tendulkar has nudged the authorities to take sincere steps to get to the root of the issue.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has rejected reports of a rift between him and Sonia Gandhi asserting that the two worked together almost on all issues, reports The Tribune. The Asian Age says the Prime Minister has hinted at a cabinet reshuffle.

The Times of India writes that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has hinted that the Centre will send a representative to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister of Pakistan, indicating a subtle softening to restore ties with Islamabad.

India is all set to open educational institutions like elite IIT, IIM, National Law School and Indian School of Business abroad, with Qatar likely to be the first destination to have such centre of excellence under India's twinning arrangement system, reports the Pioneer.

And finally, Imagine a transparent sticker on your skin that monitors your temperature, hydration and strain, besides containing passwords to your computer or mobile phone. Yes, a Biostamp - a thin electronic mesh that stretches with your skin and contains some vital electronic records is all set to become a reality.