Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sensex touches life high of 21,034 on reform of FIIs and stronger rupee


    The Sensex rising to an all time record on Wednesday marking a stock market turn around, makes the headline in most papers this morning "Sensex touches life high of 21,034 on reform of FIIs and stronger rupee" writes the Economic Times.
    Sensex at all time closing high, but euphoria's missing" writes the times of India.
    The other major story reported by most papers is the uniting of secular parties to project themselves as a national alternative post the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The Pioneer has a front page story with photograph of prominent members in the conclave "Third front broth has UPA flavour writes mail today adding that the leader of 17 parties attended the left sponsored anti communalism convention.
    "14 parties come together, new front on the cards? " asks the Hindustan Times on its front page.
    Photographs of tearful relatives and the burning bus that caught five in Andhra Pradesh. in which 45 passenger were  burnt alive, finds prominent coverage in most papers this morning.
    "SC unsafe and lawless in Delhi" writes mail today adding that the supreme court expressed serious concern over the spurt in crimes against women in the national capital.
    Tech savvy children are using mobile phones, tablets and computers before they  can talk, reveals a U.K study in London. According to the Times of India, the study shows that 70% of the children know how to use gadgets before starting primary school.
    And finally, In a one of its kind of rescue operations, a  marsh crocodile confiscated by the Delhi wildlife department at the Delhi Railway station was finally rehabilitated after it was released into its natural habitat at the National chambal sanctuary.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Andhra: 45 charred to death as Volvo bus catches fire in Mahabubnagar

Andhra: 45 charred to death as Volvo bus catches fire in Mahabubnagar

The verbal duel Over Sardar Patel, the Iron Man of India, between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Prime Ministerial aspirant Narendra Modi is the headlines in all dailies today. "PM, Modi share dais; spar over Patel legacy" notes the Statesman. "Sardar Patel would have made a better PM, says Modi" notes The Hindu. The Indian Express quotes the Bihar Chief Minister : "Nitiesh draws Hitler parallel. Tells Modi: Your's is a language of fascism: why this unnessecary excitement and hurry?"
The RBI's steps to control inflation by raising the repo rate has found mention on all front pages. "No Diwali Cheer, RBI ups rates" says The Hindustan Times; "Home and auto loans to become dearer" reports the Statesman. While the Pioneer opines "Loans may not get costlier. RBI policy gets pro-poor touch" including the launching of inflation Indexed National  Saving Certificates.
The ASI stopping its excavations at Unnao has also been noticed by several newspapers. "ASI quits as Unnao's gold  rush fails to thrill" says the Pioneer. "ASI plans a fresh dig near Unnao, but no gold hunt" reports the Asian Age.
"Infosys to pay 35 million to settle visa fraud" case in US" reports The Times of India adding that the IT major has been "Accused of using B-1 visas instead of the harder-to-get H1-B work visas to bring an unknown number of staff for long-term stays."
The spectre of the abuse of a minor domestic help reared its head once again the capital city New Delhi. "Locked in for 2 days, 13 year-old maid seeks help" reports the Times of India. "Another abused maid rescued from illegal confiment" says The Hindu, "from the residence of an AIR India  empoloyee".
And finally, "Data on SC and STs from 2011 census, released on Monday, showed the child sex ratio among tribals in India was 957, ahead of the 933 among dalits and 910 in the rest of the propulation". reports the Times of India. "The trend suggests that 'backwardness' may actually work in favour of gender justice."

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

IM wanted to trigger stampede at Modi rally


Mail Today's front-page headline today reads, "Nawaz sharif Belittles own army". When the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan met in New York last month on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Mr Nawaz Sharif told Dr. Manmohan Singh that he has less faith in Pakistan Army than India, adds the paper.
According to the ASIAN AGE "IM wanted to trigger stampede at Modi rally". The paper adds that the intelligence agencies and the state police have found important clues about the involvement of Indian Mujahideen in Sunday's serial blasts.
Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma has said that elements in the new US legislation on immigration would undermine the competitiveness of Indian IT businesses, reports the Pioneer and goes on to say that some measures in the Immigration Reform Bill passed by the US senate were discriminatory.
Sugar factories in Satara district of Maharashtra and tennis' most popular event, the Wimbledon, now have a unique "green" link. CNG produced from the sugar factories waste will be used by plants manufacturing tennis nets for Wimbledon, reports Hindustan Times.
Spain on Monday joined a growing group of US allies outraged by NSA's snooping telephone calls of 60.5 million Spanish citizens telephone calls in a single month writes the Statesman.
According to the Times of India there's a slight breather from the usually terrible air pollution scenario in Delhi. Even though we might be emitting as many or more pollutants this year, pollution levels in the next few days are likely to be lower than those in 2012, thanks to the prevailing wind pattern.
The Indian Economy despite the current slowdown remains an attractive destination for global capital. India remains the second fastest growing economy in the world behind China. And so foreign investors still find India more attractive compared to other economies, writes Hindustan Times.
And finally, South Korea's car industry has reportedly come up with a solution to the never ending problem of car parking, with a micro-electric car that folds in half and parks itself by a remote control smartphone app writes the Times of India.

Monday, October 28, 2013

FDI in August dipped 38 per cent to 1.4 billion dollars, the lowest in five years


The serial blasts in Patna yesterday, ahead of BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's rally there, dominate the front pages of all the papers. Highlighting the possible involvement of terrorist group Indian Mujahideen, the Times of India reports, on its front page, '4 held, say it was to avenge Muzzafarnagar'. The Hindustan Times draws attention to the blame game between Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the BJP, as it states 'Conspiracy by vested interests, says Kumar; BJP cries negligence'.
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi's endorsement of Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit at a rally in the capital is widely noticed. The Asian Age quotes him as saying, 'Shiela changed Delhi in past 15 years'. Drawing attention to Shiela Dixit's demand for ending the multiplicity of authorities that govern the city, the Mail Today writes, 'Sheila asks Rahul for unified command'.
The Twitter confrontation between Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh and senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj is keenly noticed in the press. 'Sushma better PM candidate for BJP, tweets Digvijay', writes the Hindu. The Times of India highlights Ms. Swaraj's retort, 'You're better for PM than Rahul: Sushma to Diggy'.
In a special story, the Pioneer reports that in an effort to boost the rail infrastructure on its border with China, 'India plans 14 railway lines near Line of Actual Control'.
Many papers like the Asian Age, the Pioneer and the Indian Express report that Foreign Direct Investment or FDI in August dipped 38 per cent to 1.4 billion dollars, the lowest in five years.
The Times of India informs us that the Andoman and Nicobar Islands have been declared the new 'hope spots' by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. A 'hope spot' is an area of an ocean that merits special protection because of its significant underwater habitats.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Delhi says 99% of proof is available in the neighbouring country itself


India's rejection of Pakistan's claims that it needs more evidence from India to proceed in the case against those accused in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks case is highlighted in all the papers. The Hindu sums up India's position in its headline "New Delhi says 99% of proof is available in the neighbouring country itself"
The stopping of firing at the international border between India and Pakistan is prominently noticed. "Lull after 10 day shelling" reports the Tribune. The Hindustan Times writes "India, Pakistan cool off, border battle stops as restraint kicks in".
BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's comments on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in his rallies are widely reported. Highlighting Mr Modi's response to Mr Gandhi's earlier statements about how he had lost his grandmother and father to terrorism, the Indian Express writes "Modi targets Rahul again: spinning family serials". The Congress' displeasure at the repeated references to Mr Gandhi as 'shehzade' by Mr Modi are also prominently noticed. "Congress warns Modi on shezade barb" observes the Times of India.
Most papers report that the Election Commission's guidelines on how political parties use the social media during elections have come under the scrutiny of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice. "Parliamentary panel questions EC's jurisdiction on web content" states the Hindustan Times.
The Indian Express cites the latest figures released by the National Sample Survey Organisation NSSO to report "Unemployment falls across major towns and cities". The Times of India cites the same survey to write "Patna tops cities in unemployment".
In a sure sign that "the times are changing'',the Hindustan Times informs us that psychiatrists across the country contend that "Facebook, Twitter and TV anchors are replacing black magic and visions of God as the new fear factor for schizophrenics".

Saturday, October 26, 2013

More than 50 years after Tata Airlines was renamed Air India Ltd. and nationalised, the Tata Group will bid for a stake in the national carrier


The top headlines today are of the PMO handing over key 'coal block allocation' files to the CBI. The Asian Age reports that files related to allocation of the Talabira II and III coal blocks in Orissa to Kumar Mangalam Birla's private firm Hindalco in 2005, were, yesterday, handed over to the CBI.
Hindustan Times reports that more than 50 years after Tata Airlines was renamed Air India Ltd. and Nationalised, the Tata Group will bid for a stake in the national carrier if the govt went ahead with privatization of the Airline.
According to diplomatic sources, India will still have to bear with China's policy of issuing stapled visas for people from Arunachal Pradesh, informs the Hindu. China, however, had dropped its practice of giving stapled visas to people from J&K.
Hindustan Times, while quoting J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdulla, writes 'ceasefire violations cannot happen without the consent of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and that talks of friendship and strong relations with India, recently made by Nawaz Sharif were of no use as such LoC violations still continue.
And finally, for lovers of the old-world Steam Engine, The Pioneer writes that one of the last surviving steam locomotives, Akbar - has been renovated at the Amritsar workshop and is now ready for hauling coaches between New Delhi and Alwar in Rajasthan from Saturday.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Supreme Court has directed Kolkata's AMRI Hospital to pay compensation of over 11 crore rupees to a US based doctor of Indian origin for the death of his wife due to faulty treatment


    The Prime Minister's remarks about the Indo Pak relations and coal blocks allocations have been widely covered by most newspapers on their front pages. The Indian Express reports that unfazed by the clamour of allegations against him, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said he has nothing to hide in the coal blocks allotments case and is willing to be questioned by the CBI as he is not above the law of the land.
    Setting a precedent for medical negligence cases, the Supreme Court has directed Kolkata's AMRI Hospital to pay compensation of over 11 crore rupees to a US based doctor of Indian origin for the death of his wife due to faulty treatment, writes The Asian Age.
    Jammu and Kashmir Speaker Mubarak Gul has issued a notice to former Army Chief General V K Singh (retd) to explain in 20 days, his position regarding certain revelations made by him during an interview, about the use of secret funds to make payments to ministers in the state since 1947, reports The Tribune.
    Unabated buying of foreign funds lifted Sensex above the 21,000 mark after three years in early trade yesterday, says The Times of India.
    Most newspapers have reported on their front pages the passing away of Manna Dey, the proverbial last Mohican among the singers who lighted up the Bollywood musical scene in the sixties and seventies. The Pioneer says that it would be commonplace to describe Manna Dey as a legend, as he was the singer who enriched our lives for decades, spanning at least 3 generations, and he was the bridge between the past and present, and between classical and pop.
    And finally, for all the spendthrifts out there, a Japanese company has developed a crafty wallet named "The Living Wallet", to keep your spending in check - if you are short on cash, it rolls away when you reach for it, writes The Times of  India.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Telangana process gathers speed as Governor meets Sonia, others - The Hindu

China and India's dreams are interconnected and mutually compatible, when China and India speak, the world listens


    The successful outcome of extensive talks between the Prime Ministers of India and China - receives prominence in today's Press. The Asian Age writes - Dr. Singh attempted to reset India and China as fellow travellers on the same journey and said - 'China and India's dreams are interconnected and mutually compatible, when China and India speak, the world listens'.
    The Hindu reports that  amidst increasing instances of ceasefire violation along the Indo - Pak border, Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has said that Indian Forces have been asked to give a 'fitting reply' to such unprovoked incidents.
    Hindustan Times writes - as the UPA Govt tries to tame high onion prices, Farm Minister Sharad Pawar has asked all Chief Ministers to invoke the Essential Commodities Act (an anti-hoarding legislation) and stated that onion prices are to stay High. The Statesman writes "Onion hits CENTURY".
    Most papers cover the Union Home Ministry seeking the Maharashtra Govt's opinion on reducing Sanjay Dutt's jail term. The Pioneer reports that Press Council of India Chairman Justice Katju had asked for a Presidential pardon for Dutt and two others on humanitarian grounds.
    Hindustan Times covers the Supreme Court reprimanding former army chief Gen. V K Singh, saying that his contemptuous remarks attributing 'motive' to its verdict in the Age Row, had scandalized the judiciary and lowered the Court authority.
    The Financial Express reports that Swedish furniture maker IKEA is likely to setup its first Indian Store in Noida or Greater Noida, which are attractive for their infrastructure, comparatively lower rentals and proximity to the National Capital.
    And finally, the Statesman, in covering some of India's lost treasures, writes that Shah Jahan's exquisitely carved milky-white jade 'wine cup', as also Maharaja Ranjit Singh's famous octagonal throne - are now in the possession of and can be seen in - the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CBI starts four inquiries into criminality in Radia tapes


    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to China is prominently noticed on the front pages of most papers today. "PM in Beijing, border pact on cards, stapled visa a sore point" reports the Hindustan Times. Highlighting India's decision to hold back on signing a new visa agreement, the Indian Express writes "Visas to trade: Some India-China hardtalk before the talks".
    Fresh moves by the CBI as it continues its investigations in the coal blocks allocation scam get wide attention in the papers today. "CBI asks for PMO's files on Hindalco" reports the Asian Age. The Hindustan Times writes "Agency wants records of correspondence before Talabira coalfield was allocated to Hindalco in 2005".  The Statesman, meanwhile quotes the Union Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, V Narayansamy as saying "PMO has nothing to hide".
    In the backdrop of the Supreme Court asking the CBI to probe alleged criminality in the tapped phone conversations of corporate lobbyist Nira Radia, the Times of India reports "CBI starts four inquiries into criminality in Radia tapes".
    The Supreme Court's directions to the authorities regarding the alarming levels of pesticide and insecticide residues in food items is prominently noticed in the press. "SC: Ensure food items are free of pesticide" reports the Tribune. Highlighting the fact that the court has ordered periodic inspections of all cola manufacturing facilities, the Mail Today observes "SC takes fizz out of colas".
    And finally, in what would be a major green initiative, the Times of India reports that the government is planning to set up the world's largest solar power plant with a staggering capacity of 4000 megawatts near Jaipur. Do we have a new saying in the making...."make electricity while the sun shines"

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pak Militants ignored ISI peace directive


"Pak Militants ignored ISI peace directive", reads the headline of today's  Mail Today. The paper adds the cat was out of the bag but now the tiger has escaped from its cage. Pakistan based terror groups who are known for taking orders from Pakistan army went against the advice of Inter Service Intelligence to plan and execute suicide attacks in Jammu, says the paper.
The Tribune on its front page writes that Rajya Sabha member Rasheed Masood was disqualified from the Upper House after he was found guilty of criminal conspiracy, cheating and forgery in allocating seats in a Medical College.
France and Mexico have angrily demanded prompt explanations from the United States over new spying allegations leaked by former US Security contractor Edward Snowden reports The Asian Age.
The Hindu on its front page writes that the government will place before the cabinet and Parliament, a fresh G-33 proposal. As per the proposal according to which, developing nations must be allowed to factor in the much higher inflation rate occurring in their economics to justify higher procurement prices offered to farmers.
According to Times of India,  Tamil Nadu has halved its infant mortality rate IMR in the past decade while Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka - have shown significant decreases of around 40 per cent and the overall IMR for the country has gone down by a third.
As Unnao's Ground Zero digging is proceeding slowly, no gold yet but shards of pottery, which may belong to the Kushan Dynasty of the 2nd and 3rd century AD have been found. Reports Hindustan Times.
And finally, the Charkha used by Mahatama Gandhi while he was in Yerwada Jail in Pune during India's freedom struggle, will go under the hammer at a prestigious British Auction on Nov 5 reports the Statesman.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Rote learning a closed chapter, CBSE to begin open book era


Many papers have a picture of the PM who reached Moscow yesterday for the 14th Indo Russia annual summit. 'India, Russia to sign 5 deals but Kudankulam N-pact unlikely' writes the Hindustan Times.  'Citing liability clause, Russia set to stall deal on 2 new nuclear reactors' is how the Indian Express puts it.
The CBI to file status report on the Coalgate scam tomorrow gets front page coverage in many dailies. The Times of India has taken this as its lead and writes "CBI mulls option of closing Coalgate case against Birla', adding that the statement by the PMO has left the agency in a bind.
The Tribune and the Hindustan Times have prominently covered the Army FIR's contradicting its versions of the Keran sector operation. 'Security agencies pick holes in Army's version' writes Mail Today.
Rift in the Delhi BJP and Vijay Goel threatening to quit if not made the CM candidate is covered widely by the press.
Haven't we all complained, some time or the other, about the education system in our country ? Well, that might change now. "Rote learning a closed chapter, CBSE to begin open book era' writes the Express news line, adding that this format will be implemented from 2013-14.
And finally fasting tomorrow on Karva Chauth ? And your'e tech savvy too ? Well, there's a new app created for this saas - bahu festival, which has the ability to turn your phone into a channi, by giving its camera a net effect.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

PM comes clean on Coalgate


The PMO justifying coal block allocation to Hindalco is the lead in most newspapers. 'PM comes clean on Coalgate - clears the air ahead of Supreme Court hearing after Parikh wanted PM named conspirator'  is the Mail Today headline. While the Asian Age writes that 'Parikh allocated blocks at a loss to PSU's, the Hindustan Times says that the 'ex-coal secretary insists he did no wrong'.
Pakistan troops targeting 26 Indian posts with mortar shells, leaving 2 BSF jawans injured, is reported prominently by the Hindu and the Tribune.
The Asian Age and the Tribune have a picture of Dhoni in action at the match in Mohali. 'Dhoni's ton goes in vain' writes the Tribune, of the players unbeaten 139, as the Aussies won the match.
'Modi kicks off crucial UP leg of 2014 race' writes the Times of India, about his rally in Kanpur yesterday. The Asian Age and the Pioneer have a picture showing the crowds.
The Supreme Court asking the CBI to probe top corporates in the Nira Radia case finds front page coverage in dalies. 'Big biz houses to face Radia tapes probe heat' is the Times of India headline, adding that 8 deals listed by the supreme court are under the lens.
On the international front - 'Turmoil in Maldives as police block presidential revote' says the Statesman, about the chaos in the country.
Bad news for Delhi University students - 'No second chances as DU does away with re-evaluation' writes the Hindustan Times on its front page.
Have you heard of one biological kid from 2 moms, asks the Times of India. The paper writes about a fertility clinic in Boston which helps female same sex couples to become parents - by mixing one woman's eggs in a lab dish with donor sperm, then implanting this in the other woman. Strange, but true.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

All eyes on India's Gold Rush


The papers have widely covered on their front page the arrest of 33 crew members of a US owned ship, by Tamilnadu police, on charges of illegally carrying arms and ammunition and straying into Indian Territorial waters. The Tribune headlines it as "US ship crew under arrest, arms seized."

The meeting between the DGMOs of India and Pakistan which was meant to ensure that there are no ceasefire violations and agreed upon by the Prime Ministers of the two countries when they met on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly last month has been put on hold by India reports the Asian Age.

According to the Pioneer "All eyes on India's Gold Rush". The paper adds rising gold prices may have led to despair but a seer's dream of gold reserves under the ruins of a fort in Unnao district  has not only perked up a nation but even the media and archaeologists. What's more, courtesy international media coverage for all things exotic, the administration is hoping for a rise in tourist footfalls.

New Delhi intends to seal a new border defence agreement with Beijing to set tighter ground rules for the armed forces along the border during Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's five day 2 nation visit to Russia and China beginning this weekend writes the Hindustan Times. India's liberalised visa agreement with China which was to be signed during the PM's visit to Beijing, has been struck off by New Delhi as a mark of protest against China issuing stapled visas, reports the Indian Express.

Stocks rose to a three year high and the 30-share Sensex rose 467 points to 20,882, its hightest level since November 2010 Economic Times headlines it as "Sensex stays hot in Economic winter".

A wake up call for an estimated 150 million people who don't get enough sleep. According to the Times of India, scientists say sleep is the mechanism through which the body flushes waste from the human brain. This method is called Glymphatic system and is responsible for removing toxins that cause Alzheimer's disease.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Radia tapes:CBI to probe industry-babu nexus now


The Supreme Court's directions to the CBI to probe some serious issues arising out of the taped telephonic conversations of corporate lobbyist Nira Radia dominate front page headlines. "Radia tapes:CBI to probe industry-babu nexus now" reports the Hindustan Times.

The CBI is likely to question some more people as it further investigates the coal block allocation scam case, report the papers. The Tribune writes "CBI may quiz Odisha CM in coal scam". The Hindustan Times reports "Patnaik, PMO officers under CBI scanner".

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi kicking off the party's election campaign in Madhya Pradesh with a rally at Shahdol is highlighted in all the papers. The Indian Express writes "Rahul says Sonia cried when she couldn't vote for food security bill".

Most papers highlight the finalising of the draft Border Defence Cooperation Agreement which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is likely to sign on his visit to China next week. "Cabinet nod for new border pact with China" reports the Times of India.

The Center's poser to the government regarding why private FM radio stations cant broadcast news in a PIL challenging government control over radio news is prominently noticed in the Pioneer, the Asian Age, the Hindu and the Times of India.

The Hindustan Times notices the media coverage guidelines for the forthcoming assembly elections issued by the Election Commission. The commission prohibits the telecast of election related issues on TV and other media 48 hours before polling begins.

All the papers highlight a world Health Organization report that says in 2010 about 223,000 deaths from lung cancer worldwide resulted from air pollution.

The elusive mountain creature ,the Yeti, has always held sway over popular imagination. Now some answers seem to be trickling in about who actually it was. The Times of India writes that genetic testing has led scientists to believe that it was a cross between a polar bear and brown bear.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

PM can't escape coalgate


Most papers this morning have front page photographs of Indian Team youngsters Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma who stunned the Australians by scoring the fastest ton and remaining unbeaten to win the 2nd ODI.
The coal scam with various political and corporate opinions also make the headlines in most papers this morning. "Coal scam fire back at PM's door writes the Business Standard "PM can't escape coalgate" writes the Hindustan Times.
The World bank cuts India's growth estimate to 4.7 percent from the 6.1 percent it had projected in April writes the Hindu. The depreciation of the Rupee and high inflation have been cited as potential reasons for the decline. The Financial Express adds that Fuel prices will continue to add to the inflationary  pressures.
The Economic Times in a front page story writes that the paper conducted a survey ahead of the 2014 elections and its predictions show a clear surge building up in favour of the BJP in the cowbelts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
BJP to be single largest party in 2014: survey, writes the Times of India. The Pioneer has also reported this story.
The Indian Express, the Hindustan Times, the Hindu and other papers writes about a 31 year old man, who allegedly posed as the joint Director of the CBI, to influence an Additional Director General foreign trade to renew a private companies export license. The impersonator was inspired by a Bollywood movie Special 26 about a  group of con men who posed as CBI officials to cheat unsuspecting victims.
And finally, Our taste in music alters and even softens as we get older, according to a new cambridge study in London. The music we like adapts to the particular life challenges we face at different stages of our lives reports the study in the The Times of India and the Hindu.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do not create fear about an individual to win Muslim votes, says Madani


The naming of a top industrialist and a former coal secretary in a fresh FIR filed by the CBI in the coalblocks allocation scam dominates front page headlines in the papers today. "Kumarmangalam Birla, former coal Secretary P C Parekh named in CBI FIR" reports the Pioneer. The Indian Express writes, "Aditya Birla Group offices searched, company says charges preposterous".
The controversy over a remark by Muslim cleric Mahmood Madani gets wide attention. "Do not create fear about an individual to win Muslim votes, says Madani" reports the Indian Express. Highlighting the political reactions to this comment, the Times of India writes, "Congress slams Madani's comments, BJP exults".
After public sector oil firms, the recent Supreme Court order that the Aadhar card is not mandatory for availing the goverment's social benfits schemes has been challenged by another agency, this time the Unique Identification Authority of India. "UIDAI joins forces with Centre, PSUs : files application before Apex court against recent verdict" writes the Statesman.
The possibility of Harshvardhan being named the BJP's chief ministerial candidate for Delhi is speculated upon in the press. "Is Harshvardhan back as BJP's face for Delhi elections?" questions the Hindustan Times while the Mail Today emphatically states "Harshvardhan is BJP's choice for CM's chair".
In what could strengthen India's battle against black money, all the papers report that Switzerland has agreed to share tax information with India and other countries. A  notice issued to singer Adnan Sami by the Mumbai Police is keenly noticed by all the papers. "Adnan gets notice for overstay after visa expiry" reports the Times of India.
And as Eid is celebrated today, the Tribune reports "This Eid, sacrificial animals in Pakistan can cost more than a car". The paper writes that the prices which start at 20,000 rupees can go upto Rupees 16 Lakhs.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Schoolboy struck by javelin dies


The flood situation in the wake of cyclone Phailin has been reported, with pictures, by all dailies today. The Pioneer and Asian Age call it a "Flood of misery". "Lives saved but not means of livelihoods" reports the Indian Express.
"Skyrocketing costs of onion and other vegetables.... spurred the biggest surge in prices across the country" says The Hindustan Times in its top story. The Hindu and other newspapers say "Higher food prices push inflation to 7 month high".
The detaining of the US ship Seaman Guard Ohio by the Coast Guard for suspicious movement in Indian Waters finds mention on the front pages of  most dailies. "Foreign vessel crew booked under Arms Act" report The Hindu, Asian Age and The Pioneer.
The Indian Express in its lead story reports "China set to give Pak 2 more nuclear reactors, India protests" adding at the China is well on track to firm up sale of these to Pakistan raising serious concern in India." In a related story the paper reports "The Union home ministry is working on a proposal to create Lok Sabha seats in Pak-occupied Kashmir..... a potentially controversial move to assert India's right on the territory."
"Monkey Business?" 25 lakh rupees is what the forest department spends every month to feed the monkeys in Asola Sanctuary." reports The Hindustan Times in a front page, investigative story that highlights the clear violation of store purchase rules.
Almost all newspapers carry news of the death of the schoolboy in a freak accident. "Schoolboy struck by javelin dies" after battling for life for 14 days reports The Statesman, The Hindustan Times and The Pioneer.
And finally "Scientists have discovered six new planetary candidates with super fast orbits-- as short as four hours-- and nearly skimming the stellar surface at incredible speeds" reports The Times of India.  It's getting very crowded out there, isn't it?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Govt to invest Rs 9000 cr on weather & cyclone forecasting

Govt to invest Rs 9000 cr on weather & cyclone forecasting 


    The trail of destruction left by cyclone Phailin and the stampede tragedy at the Devi temple in Ratangarh, Madhya Pradesh are the lead stories in most papers of the day. Referring to the cyclone, The Financial Express writes "Storm passes, struggle begins" and the Times of India says "Property worth crores lost, but precious lives saved".
    All the 18 fishermen, of Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu, who were stranded in the sea as the furious Phailin cyclone struck the Odisha coast braved the rough tides and swam to safety, early yesterday morning, writes the Hindu.
    "Big Banking reforms soon Rajan". under that Headline. The Asian Age reports RBI governor Raghuram Rajan saying that the Reserve Bank will soon come out with major reforms in the banking sector, which will allow foreign banks to enter India in a big way and even take over domestic leaders.
    The Indian Express reports that Finance Minister P Chidambaram met his American counterpart Jack Lew yesterday and raised concerns of Indian IT companies on Visa issues in the comprehensive immigration reform bill, that is under consideration of the US Congress.
    "US struggles for Shut down solution", reads the headlines Times of India story which says that the Senate held a rare Sunday session as the world bank chief said that the crisis may spell global disaster.
    "Don't let the elderly grow lonesome", says Hindustan Times. The paper writes that Urban loneliness, especially among the elderly is a common phenomenon now-a -days and the solution starts with the family, which, along with society should get involved with older people and build emotional connect.
    And finally, in cheerful news for women's empowerment, the Pioneer writes "Trend setter : Southern Railway puts women in the driver seat". The story goes on to say that the " black beauties" of Indian Railways might have been edged out long back by modern day locomotives, but the real beauties have taken over the demanding jobs of locomotive drivers.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

60 feared dead in Madhya Pradesh temple stampede, police say death toll may rise

60 feared dead in Madhya Pradesh temple stampede, police say death toll may rise


"Cyclone Phailin pummels east coast" reads a Hindustan Times headline while The Sunday Tribune says "Phailin fury strikes Odisha, north Andhra". Front pages of all newspapers have covered the news related to powerful cyclone Phailin that has resulted in the biggest ever evacuation of over half a million people. Sunday Pioneer says that PM Manmohan Singh has directed that all possible assistance be extended to the states which are on alert. The Hindu reports that 18 fishermen from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu who sailed out of the Odisha coast for deep-sea fishing are feared missing.
The Times of India reports that the CBI questioned Amit Shah, a close aide of BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in the Ishrat Jahan 'fake' encounter case.
"Stop drone strikes, Malala tells Obama" - Under this caption, The Times of India writes that teenage social activist Malala Yousufzai says she told US President Obama during her visit to the White House that refocusing efforts on education in Pakistan would make a better impact than drone strikes.
The Queen's baton of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth games was taken to the historic India Gate by the country's top sportspersons on the first day of its India stop, reports The Sunday Statesman.
The Times of India reports that an Indian woman in the UK was forced to carry a dead foetus in her womb for two days after doctors at the hospital ignored the signs and sent her back home.
The Times of India writes that Durga Puja at the 800-tear-old Dhakeshwari temple in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is unique in many ways in that it is a must-visit for not only the country's estimated 14 lakh Hindus, but also for the vast majority of Muslims with politicians too making it a point to drop by and greet puja revellers there.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cyclone Phailin 80 km off Odisha, death toll goes up to 6

Cyclone Phailin 80 km off Odisha, death toll goes up to 6


The Cyclonic storm Phailin about to make a land fall on the Odisha and Andhra coast dominates the headlines of most major news dailies today. "Monster storm to hit today" announces the Hindustan Times while the Times of India informs "Cyclone half of India size, hits today". The Hindu adds that phailin could generate ocean waves 8.5 metres on the coast. The Pioneer assures with the headline "Steps on to take wind out of phailin's sails".
A boxing match between officers and men of an infantry unit near Meerut turning into an ugly brawl has been reported by many dailies. "Three hurt as army boxing contest comes to blows", reports the Pioneer while the Hindu adds "Army officers, jawans in bust-up, Lt. Col. injured".
In a front page story the Asian Age reports that the centre is likely to dole out a financial package for the development of Seemandhra region which is reeling under protests ever since the union cabinet cleared the decision to curve out  a separate Telangana state.
"Some good news: Farm sector set to grow over 5%" highlights the Times of India, thanks to the most abundant rains in two decades, according to government think tank. If the prediction turns out right, it could help tame food inflation, and boost rural incomes.
"Nobel Peace prize for Weapons Watchdog" reports the Hindu, adding that the UN backed Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPCW, recently thrust into the spotlight by the Syria crisis has won the prize for its work to rid the world of chemical weapons.
In a front page story the Pioneer reports that wildlife NGO's and village councils have stepped up their drives to stop hunting Amur Falcons in Wokha district in Nagaland. These birds have one of the longest migration route of 22 thousand kilometres in a year starting from Siberia, with a stop over at Nagaland for roosting.

Friday, October 11, 2013

‘Phailin biggest cyclone ever generated in Indian ocean’

‘Phailin biggest cyclone ever generated in Indian ocean’

Sachin Tendulkar's decision to retire after his 200th test to be played against the West Indies in India next month has evoked some emotional responses, as reported by many papers. "There will never be another you" says the Hindustan Times, while the Asian Age states "Cricket will need a new God".

"Punjab, Haryana farmers key to food security, (says) Rahul", "Lavishes praise on PM: says Manmohan is his political Guru", writes the Tribune.

 "Person giving bail surety to face action if convict flees".  The Pioneer writes that the Supreme Court has empowered the High Courts to do this to stop abuse of this legal remedy available to an accused.

In news related to global warming but having its effect closer home, the Times of India reports that around 20 years from now, Mumbai and Chennai may routinely start seeing temperatures hotter than they have experienced in 150 years according to an alarming international study  predicting the tipping points of various cities.

82 year old Alice Munro, honoured as "The master of the contemporary short story", has won this year's Nobel prize for literature for her tales depicting the challenges of small town life in Canada, reports the Asian Age.

Reporting on a horrific incident, the Pioneer  writes that Tamil Nadu was shocked yesterday by the gruesome murder of Prof. LRD Suresh, the 53yr old principal of on Engineering College by a group of 3 students including one suspended, who hacked him to death.

In Good news for Juvenile correctional facilities, the Hindu reports that the Chief Justice of India has written to the Chief Justice of all High Courts to ensure inspection and reporting of all the Juvenile homes in the states.

a report that confirms what many already feel - Listening to favorite music can boost learning. The Times of India says that the more we like a song, the more dopamine our brain transmits and consequently, brain signal transmission is aided.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

GoM is to meet in Delhi on Friday to go into the critical issues of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh

Sachin Tendulkar says he will retire after 200th Test. Full text of his letter to BCCI


Even as the crippling electricity storage stretches to a fifth day in Andhra Pradesh, non corporation from the striking power staff, is noticed by the Press. "Congress tells Reddy to clamp ESMA to restore normalcy" writes the Tribune - while the Asian Age reports that a GoM is to meet in Delhi on Friday to go into the critical issues of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

"Cheer - as trade deficit falls to a 30-month low" - is the lead headline in the Hindu. In some encouraging news for the beleaguered Rupee, India's trade deficit (the difference between imports and exports of goods and commodities), fell to a two- and-a-half-year low of 6.76 billion dollars in September.

Rahul Gandhi's prediction - made at a public rally in Rampur - is top headline news in the Indian Express. "Rahul puts old guard on notice: next government of the poor and young". He said, a 'yuvaon ki sarkar' will transform India.

"Meet the woman who'll decide the world's fortunes", writes the Times of India - speaking of Janet Yellen whom US President Barack Obama is most likely to name  Chair of the US Federal Reserve, the second most powerful job in the US after his, and the most powerful position in the global financial system.

"Pakistan temple to celebrate Durga Puja" - is a headline in Hindustan Times. Pakistan's first 'community organised' Durga Puja, at a 150 year old temple on Jinnah Road in Karachi, will be written in Urdu, since Hindus in Pakistan are not proficient in Sanskrit nor Hindi.

The Supreme Court has ruled that guns cannot be used to celebrate marriage and other functions and should be carried with a sense of responsibility, writes the Tribune on its front page.

And finally, The Times of India informs us that around a hundred lion cubs have been sighted in-and-around the Gir Sanctuary over the last few days - elating forest officials, who see this as a 'stamp of approval' on their conservation efforts.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The govt is looking at the option of clamping the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) to deal with the prevailing power crises


The Telangana issue continuing to remain on the boil - is extensively covered in the Press. "To douse Seemandhra  anger, government may go slow on  Telangana", headlines Hindustan Times. The Asian Age writes that the Union Home Minister has ruled out imposition of Presidents Rule in Andhra Pradesh but said that the govt is looking at the option of clamping the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) to deal with the prevailing power crises.    

The Army calling off the military operation in the Keran sector is the other lead story. The Tribune headline reads, "15 day Keran operation ends, Army Chief blames Pakistan". The Pioneer writes that the DG Military Operations has formally raised the issue with his Pakistan counter part and lodged  a strong protest.

The Indian Express writes that a marathon legal struggle for a level playing field brought something to cheer about for at least 4 crore people with disabilities in India - as the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a minimum 3 per cent reservation for the disabled in all Central and State govt jobs.

"India suffered the steepest cut in the IMF revised growth forecasts for the year", writes the Economic Times, adding - "IMF slashes 2013-14 forecast for India from 5.6 per cent to 3.8 per cent".

And finally, The Times of India writes that British pharmaceutical company Glaxo SmithKline has announced that a vaccine against Malaria may become a reality in two years, after results have showed that it effectively protected infants up to 18 months after vaccination.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

43% of MLAs in Delhi Assembly face criminal cases


    The total blackout in Seemandra as well as the Jammu and Kashmir assembly's unanimous resolution to probe into allegations of payoffs to politicians are the main stories on the front pages of almost all the dailies.
    "India rejects Pak denial on incursion" reports the Tribune; New Delhi stands "firm on maintaining LoC sanctity; PM meets chiefs of three services" and "is believed to have discussed the operation to flush out militants in the Keran sector."
     Rejecting the BCCI suggestion for a probe by a special committee into the IPL match fixing scandal, the Supreme Court proposes a three member panel to conduct an independent inquiry into the scam, reports the Asian Age. "Court proposes Mudgal panel to probe spot-fixing" headlines the Hindu. "SC snubs BCCI" says the Times of India.
    Revealing the relationship between crime, wealth and politics, the Mail Today and the Times of India quote data analysed by the Association for Democratic Reforms showing that 43% of MLAs in Delhi Assembly face criminal cases followed by Madhya Pradesh "a poor second with 25% and Rajasthan is third with 16%." Also 69% of Delhi MLAs have crossed the crorepati line, Rajasthan is second with 46% and Madhya Pradesh with 38%.
    SBI gets first woman chief reports all newspapers. Arundhati Bhattacharya is the "first woman" to head the country's largest lender in its 207 year history."says the Asian Age.
    The Statesman reports "Autonomy for 45 top colleges on the anvil" by the end of the 12th plan, a decision taken by the Ministry of Human resource development and UGC. The Times of India adds, "Autonomous colleges to grant degrees", following an amendment in the UGC Act.
    And finally, in what could be a simple step in reducing anemia, the Times of India reports that "delayed clamping and cutting of the Umbilical cord, instead of immediately after birth, as is the normal practice, can lead to significant increase in hemoglobin levels in babies. A matter of seconds can make a huge difference to new born babies."

Monday, October 7, 2013

Telangana LIVE: Chandrababu Naidu denied permission to fast at Andhra Bhavan

Telangana LIVE: Chandrababu Naidu denied permission to fast at Andhra Bhavan


The ongoing crisis in Andhra Pradesh over proposed bifurcation of the State is the lead story in most papers of the day. 'Seemandhra on the boil', writes the Statesman. Hindustan Times's headline reads, 'Shoot at sight order, blackout as Telangana anger spreads'.
Fresh rape cases being filed against Asaram and his son Narayan Sai figure on the front pages of many dailies.
"Is it all over between Bharti and Walmart?", quizzes the Business Standard referring to Walmart's Asia Head's comments that plans with Bharti are not tenable.
Many papers have published pictures of an IAF microlight aircraft which made an emergency landing at an empty ground in Shastri Park in Delhi.
22 juveniles going on rampage and fleeing after setting their home on fire in Delhi is reported widely by the press.
U.S forces capturing a top Al Qaida leader in Libya makes front page news. The Tribune reports that Anas al Libi, who was behind the bombings of U.S Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998, was captured from Tripoli.
'No cooling off, retired babus can be netas', writes Hindustan Times on its front page. Retired officers can now go ahead and contest elections, says the paper.
Vrindavan widows back in City of Joy to inaugurate auspicious  puja", under that headline the Hindu reports that 50-odd elderly women, who were either abandoned by their families or had fled their inhospitable homes in Kolkata, where taken aboard a flight, to inaugurate Puja pandals in the city courtesy an NGO.
Are you fasting this Navratri? Well, you needn't just stick to the boring kuttu pooris and aaloo now. Delhi Times reports that many restaurants in the city are offering not just kuttu nachos and pizza, but even dimsums, pasta and crepes.
Mail Today writes that students of IIT Delhi have set out to light up the lives of the poor this Diwali, literally. They have installed in a city slum water-filled bottle bulbs through which light from outside refracts and lights up the dark rooms.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Seemandhra burns, Jagan will move Supreme Court to stop split #Telangana


    The violence over Telangana decision and YSR Congress president, YS  Jaganmohan Reddy's fast, receive prominence on front pages. "Jagan will go to supreme court against the T-decision", headlines The Asian Age. Hindustan Times writes" Seemandhra burns, Jagan will move Supreme Court to stop split".

    Several papers have noticed yet another Pakistan intrusion bid in Kupwara yesterday. "The flush out operations along the LoC in North Kashmir's Kupwara district continued for the 12th day Yesterday, as troops shot dead four more militants in Fateh Gali area, writes The Tribune.

    A front page story in the Hindu reports on Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav revealing that he would be meeting CPM general secretary Prakash Karat at Talkatora in Delhi on October 30 to hold discussion on the possibility on a third front.

    The Asian Age reports - 'Ushering in a new regime for over seas investments in Indian Capital Markets and bringing in wide ranging changes, SEBI on Saturday announced new 'foreign portfolio investor regulations' to put in place an easier Registration Process and also an easier Operating Framework.

    Sunday Times writes that the career of Jwala Gutta is at the cross roads. The disciplinary committee  of the Badminton Association of India has recommended a life ban on ace shuttler for delaying for almost 30 minutes an Indian Badminton League match.

    Sunday Times writes - There was a time when coconut water was a thing of beach vacations, no body thought that Delhi would become a hub of the tender coconut trade. The massive demand for the fruit has increased on account of growing awareness of the coconut water's health benefits especially during dengue and other viral fevers, claim traders in Delhi.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hospitals give a dose of happy hours to lure patients

•    The Election Commission declaring poll dates for five states is the lead in almost all dailies. "Poll season opens, dates out for 5 states, Delhi votes on December 4th is the Hindustan Times headline.
•    Most papers have given details about seat sharing projections and the contestants. While the Statesman writes 'Sheila confident of fourth victory' ,Mail Today, quoting  Kejriwal says' we are confident of winning 47 seats in Delhi'.
•    The other big story of the day is the aftermath of the center's decision to form  a separate state of Telangana. 'Six union ministers, five congress MPs resign, bandh cripples life in state' is the headline in the Pioneer. The Hindu says "violence, tension, as anti Congress sentiment sweeps the region, government seeks 25 more companies of central forces.
•    The Asian Age has a picture of devotees performing a ritual to pay obeisance to one's ancestors on  the last day of Shraadh yesterday. 'Light rain brings festive nip in city on the eve of Navratras writes the Times of India. " Winter takes a rain check in capital' says the Pioneer, adding that the temperature settled at 26.1 C in Delhi yesterday, the lowest in 5 years.
•    Did you think that happy hours are restricted to restaurants and bars? Well, not anymore. 'Hospitals give a dose of happy hours to lure patients' writes the Business Standard on its front page, referring to a Bangalore hospital and saying that Apollo and Fortis might also do the same.
•    Good news for diabetics who need to check their sugar levels at home. The Asian Age reports that by the end of the year, blood sugar test strips will be available for as little as 5 rupees, as against Rs 30 to 35 now.
•    And now news for frequent flyers. The Economic Time and Times of India write that scientists have found a body clock reset button, which could be a cure for jet lag.

Looking ahead on Telangana - The Hindu

Friday, October 4, 2013

Brushing aside the Prime Minister’s advice, HRD Minister Pallam Raju today decided to resign from the Cabinet opposing the decision to split Andhra Pradesh.

  Brushing aside the Prime Minister’s advice, HRD Minister Pallam Raju today decided to resign from the Cabinet opposing the decision to split Andhra Pradesh. (Businessline)

    The Cabinet clearing Telanagana and Lalu Prasad Yadav being sentenced in the fodder scam case are two stories reported by all dailies on their front page.

    "9 feared dead as boat capsizes in Beas" writes the Tribune, reporting on the incident that took place in Munda village of Tarn Taran district yesterday.

    In a Mail Today exclusive, the paper writes "Delhi Polls a family Biz", "Politicians lobby to corner party tickets for Kin". The story reveals that its not just sons carrying on the family tradition this time for there are many instances of more than one member of a family vying for a ticket, sometimes for even the same assembly seat.

    "Maharashtra plans another city, 80 km off Mumbai", says the Business Standard, writing that as a part of its plan to de congest Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, the  Maharashtra govt will develop a third city in Uran, in Raigad district.

    The Statesman writes that the Indian Railways proposes to use CNG as fuel for its diesel locomotives, in line with the International trend. This will have a substantial effect in reducing carbon emissions and making the railway system environment friendly.

    "Cheaper loans for consumer durables", writes the Hindu, adding that the move is aimed to stimulate demand as Finance Minister P. Chidambaram tries to pull the economy out of the worst slowdown in a decade, ahead of the National Elections due next year.

    The Times of India writes, "Google search is making us forgetful". The paper quotes studies which show that the Internet is fast eroding people's memories of world changing events as they increasingly bank upon Google to provide information.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Telangana gets cabinet nod as 29th state; Chiranjeevi resigns, bandh called in

Telangana gets cabinet nod

Telangana gets cabinet nod

Withdrawal of the controversial Ordinance providing protection to convicted lawmakers by the Union Cabinet, as also the Bill in Parliament is the lead story in today's papers. "Netas no more a protected Species", headlines the Times of India. The paper adds - the UPA government is likely to support the setting up of fast-track courts in the Supreme Court, to try legislators charged with heinous crimes in a time bound manner.

In a related story, Mail Today reports that the decision to withdraw the ordinance will place several tainted leaders 'out in the cold', forcing major players like the Congress and the BJP to change the way they choose coalition partners, and thereby, changing the political landscape across all the states.

The Economic Times writes that Finance Minister P Chidambaram sees the Indian Economy doing better in the second half of the fiscal year, with higher exports and credit expansion to some sectors - buoyed by core sector grow the higher that 5% and closer to 5.5%.

The National Investigation agency is believed to have new leads in the Bodhgaya serial blasts probe, following the interrogation of Indian Mujahidin co- founder Yasin Bhatkal, and suspects that another IM operative Tahseen Akhtar could be behind the July 7 attacks on the Bodhgaya World Heritage Site.

"Onions too expensive even for VIP prisoner Lalu" - writes Hindustan Times. Lalu Prasad Yadav is getting a taste of life of the aam aadmi - no onions with his meals, as the bulb - to which he is very partial, is just too expensive to be on the jail menu.

And finally, Mail Today writes that the 2015 - ICC Cricket World Cup may be 500 days away, but Sachin Tendulkar already rates India as the 'favourites' to retain the crown they won in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. And if they do indeed win, the Indian team will become the third team, after the West Indies and Australia to win back-to-back titles.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rahul power: Cabinet withdraws ordinance, bill on lawmakers

Rahul power: Cabinet withdraws ordinance, bill on lawmakers

Almost all papers have reported Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's assertion that there was "No question' of his resignation over the outburst by Congress VP Rahul Gandhi denouncing the ordinance passed by the Union Cabinet. The Asian Age reports it under the headline "PM will meet Rahul, Sonia and Prez today".

The papers have also widely covered the political deadlock over 'Obama care' which is forcing US shut down. The Tribune says for that first time in 17 years, the Republicans and the Democrats have failed to strike a deal on spending and budget mainly due to Obama's flagship health-care programme.

According to the Business Line, "DoT panel rejects TRAI proposals on spectrum pricing", a panel set up by the Department of Telecom has rejected the telecom regulator's proposal to reduce the reserve price for spectrum auction by 60 per cent.

According to the Hindustan Times, the number of world hungry has dropped to one in 8 people making the United Nations Millennium development Goal of reducing hunger to half in 2015, possible, despite continued problems in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia reports the United Nations food agency - Food and Agricultural Organisation.

In a first step towards providing quota to Locals in Delhi University, the state government has recommended reservation of 90 per cent seats for Delhi students in 12 colleges funded completely by it.

According to the Economic Times, getting better is getting cheaper. The new drug price policy, the first after 18 years, will reduce average middle class household spend on medicines by over 20 per cent and for some crucial medicines, savings could be as much as 50 per cent or more. The policy is expected to fully come into effect over the next 6 months.

And finally, According to the Times of India, scottish experts claim that restrictions around the waist, like wearing a belt which is too tight, especially if someone is overweight , can allow stomach acid to move up into the gullet which can cause damage and increase the risk of developing throat cancer. So, go ahead and loosen that belt.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

17 years after fodder scam, Lalu goes to jail, set to lose Lok Sabha seat


Lalu Prasad Yadav's conviction in the fodder scam case is the lead story in most papers. '17 years after fodder scam, Lalu goes to jail, set to lose Lok Sabha seat' reads the Hindustan Times headline. 'Bihar ex Chief Minister Mishra among 45 convicted, sentencing on October 3' writes the Tribune. The Hindu business line says that this would alter Bihar's political math and open avenues for Bihar Chief Minister Nitish and BJP to woo Yadav votes.

Shinde's letter to CM's of all states to ensure that no innocent Muslim is wrongfully held in terror cases is the other big news of the day. Outrage over his 'anti secular and divisive' comments has been amply covered by the press.

Petrol prices slashed by 3 rupees a litre and the 50 paise hike in diesel prices finds front page coverage in many papers.

Business dailies focus on the current account deficit jumping to 4.9% of the GDP. The Business Standard sounds hopeful as it writes 'market players say gold import curbs, higher exports will help narrow gap in coming quarters'.

General V. K. Singh facing contempt proceedings for questioning the fairness of the Supreme Court, over his age controversy, is covered prominently by the Indian Express. The paper also writes about NC MLA's moving privilege motions against him for his comments on payments being made to J&K ministers.

The Kedar-Badri yatra to resume on Saturday is reported by the Asian Age.

And finally, the Times of India writes 'In Japan, fruit masters grow money on trees'. Well, not literally. A country, where perfectly formed fruit can fetch a fortune, the paper says that good melons actually sell for the price of a new car!