Monday, December 31, 2012

out of 635 rape cases reported in 2012 in Delhi, only one has been convicted


Most papers of the day have reported the mourning across the globe of death of 23-year old Delhi gang rape victim. Hindustan Times says that the victim's funeral was held in secrecy. The girl was to marry in February, the friend who was with her on the bus at the time of incident, says the paper, another headline cremated weeks before wedding. The Tribune reports that Congress has proposed imprisonment upto 30 years for rape convicts in a draft bill for a tougher law to check crimes against women adding it could also include chemical castration. The Pioneer reports that amidst this outrage, a teenaged girl was molested on a city cluster bus in Delhi by a conductor. The Asian Age writes that out of 635 rape cases reported in 2012 in Delhi, only one has been convicted. The Times of India writes that the government may look at enhanced punishment for minors - even a waiver of the delinquent's age by six months to a year - keeping in view the severity of the crime.

The Times of India reports that a 31-year old New York woman has been charged with second degree murder as a hate crime after she admitted to pushing an Indian man to his death in a subway train attack, as she hated Hindus and Muslims.

One of the key accused in 2006 Malegaon bomb blasts, Manohar Singh, has confessed to his role in the conspiracy, reports The Times of India.

The Indian Express reports that a Bengal girl who hit the headlines in 2007 when she defied her parents and refused to get married, and even became the poster girl for UNICEF's campaign against child marriage, tied the knot almost two years ago at the age of 16.

Faced with a growing number of financial frauds, the Corporate Affairs ministry is setting up a new intelligence unit that will delve into data mining from all possible sources to detect wrongdoing by companies and their promoters at the earliest possible stage, writes The Statesman.

And finally, Hindustan Times says that an Indian researcher is a part of a team at Purdue University that has created a biosensor for early detection of diseases such as cancer besides assistance in seeking medicine tailored for specific biochemistries of patients.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

India’s culture of rape is endemic

India’s culture of rape is endemic


Angry, but Peaceful protesters taking to the streets of Delhi- as the gangrape victim died - is given full prominence in the Press. "India mourns the unknown victim" - headlines The Asian Age, adding - The Congress Core Group held a meeting to decide swift action against the accused, compensation to the family and allowing the protesters to hold a peaceful march at India gate. Hindustan Times writes, "Opposition Parties push for special session to enact new rape law." The Indian Express reports that the Congress Party is firming up a draft bill to tackle crime against women for submission to the Justice Verma Committee. This will suggest - 30 years for rape convicts, including a provision for chemical castration. The intention is to press the government to issue an ordinance instead of calling a special session of parliament. The Sunday Tribune reports that a maverick paraglider flew close to president Pranab Mukharjee's plane, as the president's boeing 737 took off from Hyderabad for Chennai. He was at an altitude of 4,500 ft, just 300 ft right of the plane. The Financial Express writes that the Labour Ministry has prepared a National Employment Policy that may outline several changes in Labour laws and Industrial Policies to boost employment and ensure good working condition's for workers.
And finally Mail Today writes "S Ramanujan's theory proven correct nearly a century after his death". While on his deathbed in 1920 Ramanujan wrote a letter to his mentor in England - G H Hardy, outlining several new mathematical function's never before heard of. Now, researchers in a US University say they have solved the problems of his last mysterious letter which - could explain the behavior of black holes.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rape & suicide: HC says enough is enough

Today's Newspapers Headlines

While most newspapers have reported the deteriorating condition of the Delhi gang rape victim, the 23 year old braveheart succumbed to her injuries early this morning in Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore.

"Transport department lies through its teeth as bus had no permit". Under that headline, The Pioneer reports that the Delhi Transport Corporation's white lie regarding suspension of the permit of the bus in which the 23 year old paramedic was gang-raped, has been exposed, as it has come to light that the bus was running illegally without a permit.

"Rape & suicide: HC says enough is enough", under that headline, The Tribune reports that the Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court, while taking suo motu cognizance of news reports on suicide by a minor over alleged harassment by police after rape, has issued notices to Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh directing the authorities to fix responsibility on the erring officers before submitting a detailed report on the incident and circumstances leading to the suicide.

The Pioneer under the headline, "Indian in Germany has tongue slashed for resisting Islamists" says that Bonn Police authorities had reason to believe the victim's story that the assailants threatened to cut off his tongue after he ignored their demands to convert to Islam.

The Hindu reports that the two Australian DJs who made a hoax call to a hospital treating Prince William's pregnant wife Catherine are unlikely to face prosecution.

The Times of India writes that Delhi Cricket stars Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli are seen as likely replacements in case selectors decide to relieve Mahendra Singh Dhoni of India's test captaincy.

Finally, Contrary to popular belief, Intensive Care Units in Indian hospitals are teeming with bad bugs, reports The Times of India, adding that infection rate in Indian ICUs is 40% higher than even general wards.

Top news: Delhi gang-rape victim dies

Friday, December 28, 2012

Ratan Tata will hand over his job at India's largest industrial house, the Tata Group today, to his successor, Cyrus Pallonji Mistry


The condition of the 23 year old gang rape victim, now undergoing treatment in a hospital in Singapore, continues to receive prominence in the day's papers. "Rape survivor air-lift was a Government, not a Medical decision", reads The Hindu's headline.
The National Development Council's meeting held yesterday was also covered prominently. In his address to the NDC, the Prime Minister hinted at a phased increase in electricity tariff, and prices of petroleum products' reports the Statesman.
Ratan Tata will hand over his job at India's largest industrial house, the Tata Group today, to his successor, Cyrus Pallonji Mistry, reports Hindustan Times. However, Ratan Tata will continue to head two Trusts, and oversee their numerous philanthropic activities, reports the paper.
The Indian Express reports that the Government is planning to create a 'database' of convicts in sexual crimes in Delhi and put it in public domain to prevent them from getting jobs in places where interaction with women and children is required.
The Gulmarg ski resort is the place to be this winter, especially for winter sports enthusiasts, as the tourist resort would host two national level winter sports events - alpine skiing and snow boarding championships - over the next two months, reports the Tribune.
The Asian Age writes that Bilawal Bhutto, son of Benazir Bhutto, yesterday launched his political career as Chairman of the ruling Pakistan People's Party, on the fifth anniversary of his mother's death.
And finally, the Times of India writes that people who have a hearty breakfast are happier and less nervous. Breakfast breaks the 7-hour no-food spell, revs up your metabolism, and has far-reaching benefits, upholding the traditional wisdom of breakfast being the most important meal of the day, says the paper.

Top story of the day: Ratan Tata

Decision on Telangana within a month: Sushilkumar Shinde after all-party meet - India - DNA

Abhijit Mukherjee Ducks, defends, but won't apologise

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

IIMs trump Harvard, Stanford in GMAT score #TheekHai

I am moved by fans’ love, says Sachin (Deccan Chronicle)


Most papers of the day have reported on their front pages the controversy surrounding the recording of the Delhi gang rape victim's statement by the metropolitan magistrate. A Mail Today headline reads "Dikshits take top cop war to centre court". In a related story, Hindustan Times reports that the death of a Delhi Police Constable may well be the next flashpoint between the Delhi Police and anti-rape protesters, with the police commissioner saying that the constable suffered multiple internal injuries even as doctors said that he died of a cardiac arrest.
The Indian Express writes that the alleged Samjhauta Express bomber Rajender Choudhary has confessed to being behind the firing on a S A R Geelani a Parliament attack accused.
The Times of India says that the government is discussing bringing in a legislation requiring drug companies to mandatorily disclose payments made to doctors for research, consulting, lectures, travel and entertainment saying that doctors involved in ghost writing to promote pharmaceutical products will also be disqualified.
The Tribune writes that creation of white collar job in urban centres in the organised sector has declined by over 21% across various sectors of the economy.
"IIMs trump Harvard, Stanford in GMAT score, Under that headline The Times of India writes that it is students from IIM Bangalore, not from Harvard or Stanford or even MIT, who excel at GMAT, the entrance test for the creme de la creme of B-schools across the world.
Medium pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar made a wonderful Twenty-20 debut against Pakistan with dream figures of 3 for 9 in four overs, reports the Pioneer.
The state-of-the-art technology being put in place to keep an eye on every person entering and exiting the Kumbh Mela area, getting lost in Maha Kumbh in 2013 could pose a giant challenge, says The Times of India.
And finally, Hindustan Times reports that the coming year promises to be a treat for sky-gazers as a rare supercomet is rushing towards the Sun from the outer solar system and at its peak in November 2013 is likely to outshine the Moon.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Cops turn brutal ... #TheekHai #Shinde


Most papers of the day have published pictures showing yesterday's mass outrage in Delhi. 'Public anger against police and an apathetic ruling class rips through heart of nation's capital' is the Times of India headline. 'Battlefield Delhi' says the Statesman, as it shows tear gas shells being fired and clashes between protestors and the police. The Asian Age shows protestors shielding themselves as policemen beat them with sticks. 'Government apologies for police action' writes the Statesman. 'Pressure grows on top cop to resign' says Hindustan Times. 'Ramdev fails to strike a chord', writes the Times of India, adding that many protestors criticise baba's move to politicise the issue.
Sachin Tendulkar quitting ODI's makes front page news. 'Batting colossus quits' writes Mail Today. Most dailies have given the maestro's fact file. 'Will there be another?' asks Hindustan Times, as it refers to Sachin as the 'batting God'.
Protests in Manipur against the assault on a Manipuri film actress taking an ugly turn have been covered prominently by most papers. 'Imphal on boil, DD cameraman dies in police firing' writes the Indian Express.
UK prosecutors considering criminal charges against the two Australian RJ's whose deed has eventually led to nurse Jacintha Saldanah's death figures in Hindustan Times and The Tribune.
'Fog clouds travel plans' writes Hindustan Times, as it reports of flights and trains delayed on the coldest and foggiest day in the capital yesterday, with the minimum temperature being 5.9 degrees Celsius.
Vis-a-vis China exporting drugs to India, the Times of India writes 'India to inspect drug firms in China' and an inspection office will open in Beijing by 1st of March next year.
And Finally, 'Flight to space tourism gets a step closer' says the Times of India, reporting about a space plane, built by Richard Branson's company, which is designed to fly 6 passengers and 2 pilots to the edge of space. The cost? A whopping 200 thousand dollars a trip.

Top 100 Business, Leadership and Technology Twitter Accounts You Must Follow

Top 100 Business, Leadership and Technology Twitter Accounts You Must Follow

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Public ire mounts, protesters brave tear gas and water cannons


Public anger and rage boiling over outside Delhi's symbol of state power, Raisina Hill, protesting last Sundays' gangrape is on the front pages of all newspapers. 'Public ire mounts, protesters brave tear gas and water cannons', writes the Tribune. 'Welcome to Raisina Hell', headlines Hindustan Times. 'Government sees anger, Hints at death sentence', reports the Asian Age.
On the Center's commitment to further strengthen the banking system, Business Line, quoting Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, writes, the centre will infuse over 15 thousand crore rupee new capital before March 2013, for consolidation of the banking system. He said, China has three of the worlds 20 largest banks, and India has none.
On the upcoming India-Pak series, Hindustan Times writes, the cricket series has a lot more riding on it than just pride. For starters, this is the first time Pakistan will play India following the Mumbai terror attacks, and Pakistani cricket officials hope that a successful trip and peace on the political front can pave the way for a full fledged series.
The Russian President and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are to meet on Monday to discuss the delay in the handing over of air craft carrier Admiral Gorshkov to India; the Supreme Court's cancellation of the 2G license granted to Russia-India telecom company, Sistema Shyam and the Indian Nuclear Liabilty Law regarding the Kudankulam Nuclear Plant.
'Rahul Gandhi not in PM race', writes Mail Today. Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh said, Rahul Gandhi will not project himself as the Prime Ministerial candidate in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. He said, the Party's Parliamentary Committee will decide on this.
And Finally, Times of India reports that rising suicides by young men in Tamilnadu villages have shocked villagers into accepting 'Love marriages'. Taking an oath not to oppose marriages outside their tribes, village elders now persuade the Brides' families to voluntarily solemnize the marriages.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One woman raped in the city every day

The shocking news of a paramedic student gang-raped in a moving bus in Delhi and later thrown out is the lead in almost every paper. "Victim on ventilator support' writes the Hindu. In a data released by Delhi Police, 'One woman raped in the city every day' says the Asian Age. The Express Newsline reports ironically that 'the bus crossed 3 PCR vans'.
Exit polls predicting Narendra Modi's hat trick in Gujarat is covered prominently by many dailies. 'Modi to win 3-0. Will he captain Team India?' asks the Economics Times. 'Congress edge in Himachal Pradesh' says the Hindustan Times.
India losing first series in 28 years to England is disheartening news for all Cricket lovers.
'A series of blunders - how Dhoni's gaffes led to yet another demoralising debacle' says the Times of India, listing the issues. 'Time to split captaincy? Gavaskar bats for Kohli' writes the paper, adding that some board members back Gambhir.
India ranked 8 among 150 countries, with a black money outflow of 1.6 billion dollars, writes the Hindustan Times, according to a report by global financial integrity.
Do you like to travel, but deterred by the increasing air fares? There's an alternative. The business line of the Hindu writes 'As air fares soar, the bus is going places'. A world class AC volvo bus from Mumbai to Goa would cost you 1500 rupee or less in sharp contrast to a 7,500 rupee air ticket.

Triple riding


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Monday, December 17, 2012

Aadhar enabled smart phones for around 400 million of India's poor


The government's game changer direct cash transfer scheme will come with a free gift next year - Aadhar enabled smart phones for around 400 million of India's poor writes the Hindustan Times.
The Indian Express on its front page writes that allegations against two high court Chief Justices, whoes name were recently recommended for elevation to the Supreme Court, were found to be baseless and therefore they were to be ignored. The Hindustan Times has also reported this story.
An anonymous bidder has bought the letter written by Mahatma Gandhi in 1922 to Rabindranath's elder brother Dwijendernath at seven times its pre sale estimate, at 49 thousand 250 pounds at a Sotheby's in London. A limited first edition of the Indian Constitution was also sold for 39 thousand 650 pounds to a private collector. The Tribune and Statesman have covered this story.
With fresh snowfall being reported in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, tourists from all over the country are flocking to the hill stations. According to the Times of India, along with freezing pipes and frozen diesel even ATM machines are freezing and can be operated at around noon in Himachal Pradesh.
IPL style auction brings big bucks to hockey writes the Times of India in a front page story. According to the paper, the yet to start hockey India League became the sports most lucrative tournament with the Indian Captain Sardar Singh being the most sought after player. Mail today has also covered this story.
And finally, the Pioneer writes that the sprawling agricultural land in Katarnia Ghat wild life sanctuary, near Dudhwa reserve in Uttar Pradesh, is now home to tigers. The forest department now boasts of a tiger population of 10 tigers per 100 square kilometres. This has set an example of an effective buffer zone management of Tiger reserves in the country.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ghaziabad, a UP town which borders Delhi, licensed guns with people exceed those with cops 4 to 1

Visiting Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik's comments get front page attention in most papers. The Statesman quotes Malik as saying that a Pakistan judicial panel will visit India next week to look into the evidence collected by Indian agencies in the Mumbai terror attack. He is also quoted as saying that a national Intelligence agency team will visit Pakistan next month. On India's demand for action against 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed, the Asian Age, writes "Malik still stonewalls on Saeed".

The Government's decision to request the Supreme court collegium to reconsider the three senior judges' names it had recommended for elevation to the Supreme Court figure prominently on the front pages of the Indian Express and the Hindustan Times. The three names are those of the Chief Justices of the Orissa, Karnataka and Madras High Courts.

Many papers report that Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav is putting pressure on the government over the proposed bill on SC/ST quota in promotions. "Mulayam threatens Congress: Choose between Maya and me" reports the Pioneer. The Asian Age writes "Mulayam threatens to review support".

In a front page exclusive, the Mail Today reveals a shocking statistic. It writes that in Ghaziabad, a UP town which borders Delhi, licensed guns with people exceed those with cops 4 to 1.

In a special front page story, the Times of India reports "Govt plans own channel, real autonomy for DD". The paper writes that the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has asked regulator TRAI for a review of the policy which disallows government ownership of television channels.

The shooting incident in a Connecticut school in the US is widely scrutinised in the papers. "Connecticut killer: Lonely but intelligent young man" reports the Times of India. The Statesman says "motive not established yet". In what is a direct fallout, the Pioneer writes "Pressure on Obama to act on gun laws."

And finally, the education sector has a new buzzword...and that is e-tuitions. The Hindustan Times reports that online tutorials today command a 1500 crore rupee market in the country.

Rahul stole my idea, says Lokesh


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Saturday, December 15, 2012

researchers have developed a new computer chip that operates in the Terahertz range that can penetrate solids like X-rays which could allow you to use your smartphone camera to see through walls


Under the headline, "Malik adds sour note to visa pact", The Indian Express reports that Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik equated 26/11 to Babri and also said weather may have killed Kargil martyr Captain Saurabh Kalia, whose mutilated body was returned by Pakistan in 1999. Hindustan Times writes that Malik began his India visit on an uneasy note as he brushed aside the demand for action against Jamat-ud-dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, allegedly the main plotter of the 26/11 Mumbai carnage, saying not enough evidence has been supplied by India against Hafiz Saeed.
The Times of India writes that the Government will review a circular issued by Employee Provident Fund Organisation that had asked employers to deduct the PF subion from the gross salary including allowances - a move that would reduce the take-home salary of more than five crore workers.
Hindustan Times reports that the Supreme Court has ruled that unless an alleged bigamous marriage is declared null and void in a proper legal proceeding, a man and woman will be treated as a married couple making the man liable to pay maintenance to his wife notwithstanding the presence of a certificate of the woman's first marriage.
The Pioneer under the headline "Miss Munna Bhai MBBS lands in soup" writes that in a bizarre episode of impersonation, Andhra police have arrested a young doctor for using the identity of a young girl for securing admission to a medical college and getting a degree.
The Times of India says the Delhi government has decided to set up biometrics enabled Micro ATMs at all 140 NGO run gender resource centres that will use the UID numbers as proof of identity and disburse withdrawal of the monthly food subsidy of 600 rupees to the seniormost woman of a vulnerable household.
And finally, Hindustan Times writes that researchers have developed a new computer chip that operates in the Terahertz range that can penetrate solids like X-rays which could allow you to use your smartphone camera to see through walls.

Friday, December 14, 2012

A student in USA has developed a smart toaster which can cook bread to a person's exact preferred shade of brown without burning it


All major papers of the day have reported about the promotion quota for SCs and STs Bill having been taken up for discussion in the Rajya Sabha yesterday. Hindustan Times says that the Bill is set to be passed on Monday with all Parties ''except the Samajwadi Party and Shiv Sena'' backing it. The Asian Age states, "Maya 'wins' quota tussle, isolates SP". "UP anti-quota staff on strike", under that headline Hindustan Times says that nearly 18 lakh UP government employees went on a flash strike yesterday after Rajya Sabha took up the quota in promotion Bill.
The Times of India on its front page quotes a study which states that Indians now live longer with the life expectancy of Indian men having gone up by 15 years to 63 years and that of Indian women by 18 years to 67.5 years.
A Delhi court allowed Zee Group Chairman Subash Chandra's plea for undergoing a lie detector test as per the advice of his doctors and in the presence of his lawyer in connection with the alleged Rs.100 crore extortion bid case related to Congress MP Navin jindal's firm.
The Indian Express reports that the Supreme Court has allowed private medical colleges in India to hold their own entrance examinations for admission to under-graduate courses for academic year 2013-14.
The Hindu reports the Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal saying that nationwide mobile number portability will be rolled out February next year, allowing users to retain their numbers even if they move from one State to another.
The Supreme Court has ordered that no new cars will be delivered by auto dealers in the Capital without installing high security number plates reports Hindustan Times.
And finally, if you are looking for your perfect kind of toast at breakfast table you have reason to be cheerful. A student in USA has developed a smart toaster which can cook bread to a person's exact preferred shade of brown without burning it, reports The Times of India.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 - a date few will live to see again


Most newspapers of the day have carried the Walmart story on their front pages. The Indian Express reports that as the issue of Walmart lobbying for access to Indian markets paralysed Parliament for the second day, the government said it was ready for an inquiry.
The Economic Times reports that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has proposed to put guidelines in place to disconnect around 200 million inactive mobile connections in the country and free up bulk of these numbers for reuse.
The Financial Express reports the global rating agency Moody saying that a new finance minister and a flurry of pro-business reforms have improved India's growth prospects in 2013.
The Times of India writes that the National Rural Health Mission has rolled out its door to door contraceptive program that will make available condoms & contraceptive pills to all families in rural India at their doorstep.
The Asian Age has cited a report in the Evening Standard which says that nurse Jacintha Saldanha who was the victim of a hoax call about the health of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, had left a suicide note for her family. The Hindu has reported that the Australian radio station behind the hoax call is to donate 500,000 Australian dollars to an appropriate memorial fund to help Saldanha's family.
"Soldiers get perfect cover: Invisibility cloak", Under that headline, The Times of India reports that a Canadian company has developed a new Harry Potter style camouflage fabric that  could make soldiers completely invisible on battlefield by bending light waves around them. The fabric can even fool night-vision goggles, says the paper.
And finally, Hindustan Times reports that expectant parents are trying to grab the last opportunity of the century to have a baby on 12/12/12. The Times of India under the headline, "12/12/12: City set for last special date of century" writes that on 12/12/12 - a date few will live to see again, people across the globe are geared to greet the day in different ways.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rahul Gandhi will lead Congress from the front


Most papers this morning write about the Congress being in a fix  as the BSP and SP lock horns over the reservation bill. UPA caught between Maya and Mulayam over quota bill writes Hindustan Times.
The Times of India, on its front page, reports that judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts will now have to inform the Government about their foreign visit details.
Tax dodgers put on notice writes Mail Today in a headline story. According to the paper the government has built a database on big spending Indians and will use the information to nail tax evaders.
The Asian Age writes that Rahul Gandhi will lead Congress from the front in the general elections in 2014. This was officially made clear by the party ending all speculation. "Gandhi scion to lead Congress' campaign in 2014 Lok Sabha polls." writes the Pioneer.
The Buddhist chanting of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir has enchanted its way into UNESCO's list of intangible Cultural heritage of Humanity, reports the Indian Express.
And finally, the Indian Express reports that Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza started Forensic Science Truth Labs in Hyderabad in 2007 which has spread to Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai and has been involved in as many as 5000 public and private cases.

Best News Pictures of 2012: Nat Geo News's Most Popular

Best News Pictures of 2012: Nat Geo News's Most Popular

Monday, December 10, 2012

Walmart has been lobbying with the US Lawmakers since 2008


Delhi will become the first Indian City to welcome deep-discount retail chains. The State Government would bring a bill in the winter session of assembly, which starts from tomorrow, to remove hurdles in the implementation of FDI in multi brand retail, reports the Hindustan Times on its front page.
Meanwhile, the Pioneer on its front page states that Global retail giant Walmart has been lobbying with the US Lawmakers since 2008 and has spent close to 25 million dollars since 2008 on its various lobbying activities including on the issues related to enhanced market access for investment in India.
"Soccer mayhem in Kolkata" reads the front page headline of the Statesman. It shows photograph of the injured player Syed Rahim Nabi being taken off the field for treatment. Trailing by a goal and reduced to ten players, Mohan Bagan withdrew at half-time from their 10th round I-league match against arch rival and hosts East Bengal citing security reasons. Disgruntled fans threw missiles on the field which severely injured Mohan Bagan's player.
The Asian Age has carried a story that states the elite criminal investigation wing of the income-tax department, which conducted a number of high-profile actions including raids on liquor baron Ponty Chadha, has been disallowed hence forth, to carry out any search or seizure operations by the Finance Ministry.
In order to keep the common man's faith in the justice delivery system, there must be a self-activating mechanism to create additional Special CBI courts as soon as the pendency of corruption cases reaches an alarming numbers.

Messi breaks goal-scoring record

Messi breaks goal-scoring record

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Will our Selectors and Cricket Board ask the hard questions and find the right answers?


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reaching out to farmers in Punjab after winning the vote on FDI in multibrand retail, is given prominence by news papers. "FDI good for Punjab farmers says PM" is the top headline in The Tribune. The Indian Express writes "House won, PM woos 'progressive' Punjab farmers". The Statesman writes that activist Arvind Kejriwal has demanded a Referendum of FDI in Retail.
India's abysmal performance in the current Test series against England is highlighted by the Press. "Can Team India get any worse"? writes Hindustan Times. The paper adds - 'Will our Selectors and Cricket Board ask the hard questions and find the right answers?
"BJP cracks the whip ahead of Yeddyurappa Rally" - headlines The Hindu. The paper writes, 'On the eve of BS Yeddyurappa's rally on Sunday - where he will take charge as President of the Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP), the bjp made it clear that legislators and MP's would have to resign from the Assembly or Parliament if they wanted to attend the rally or associate with the K.J.P.
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will meet his West Bengal counterpart Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata on Dec 14 - fueling speculation of a non-BJP non-Congress alliance in the works, report The Indian Express.
The Hindu writes that even three weeks after the death of Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thackerey, there has been no move to dismantle the elaborate makeshift memorial where he was cremated.



What Editors Do

What Editors Do

Bright Flash, Small City

Bright Flash, Small City

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Example of slant


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Sons of Soil to guard China border in Sikkim

Today's Newspapers
Most newspapers have prominently carried on their front pages the story of government winning the vote on FDI in retail. Under the headline, "1-2-3 Go: FDI vote gives UPA the reforms edge", The Times of India reports that eventually, it turned out to be a stroll for the Congress rather than a tough climb as the UPA government at the centre humbled the opposition in the vote on allowing FDI in retail in the Rajya Sabha.
The Hindu reports that an English newspaper has claimed it has documentary proof that the BJP government in Chhatisgarh had paid a host of national and local television channels for favorable news stories and regular live coverage.
The Tribune, under the headline "Sons of Soil to guard China border in Sikkim", reports that the Cabinet Committee of Security has given a nod to raising a battalion of "Sikkim Scouts" comprising locally recruited soldiers who will guard high passes and portions of north eastern part of Sikkim besides keeping an eye on the routes of ingress.
The Times of India reports that citing difficulties in enforcement, the country's top traffic policemen have urged the legislators to reconsider passing the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill that proposes to impose fines on drivers caught using any hand-held or handsfree device, or any gadget capable of transmitting signs, images or sounds.
The Financial Express reports that to curb the menace of manipulation and weed out ghost accounts, the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation has tightened the rules making it compulsory for companies to list details of employees and prescribed stiff penalties including imprisonment for employers unable or unwilling to furnish details of employees eligible for PF contribution.

Weekend spoiler: Traffic alert


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Julian Assange: the fugitive

Julian Assange: the fugitive

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sexual offences where a minor is a victim will become a non-bailable crime involving imprisonment of up to five years

Today's Newspapers

Almost all newspapers have headlined BSP Chief Mayawati's acerbic attack on the BJP as she announced that she would bail the government out by unambiguously voting with the government in favour of FDI in retail, in the Rajya Sabha today. The Hindustan Times reports it under the headline "Maya backs government on FDI before RS vote". The Tribune carries it under the headline "Government set to clear RS hurdle after Maya's rescue act".

In a severe blow to Indian infrastructure Major GMR, the Singapore Supreme Court ruled that the Maldivian government has the authority to reclaim the male airport from the firm even as India stressed on "fulfillment" of all legal processes regarding compensation, reports the Statesman.

The Hindu Reports that The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board on Thursday gave its clearance for the second heat-up of the first unit of the 2,000-MW Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu, raising expectations that is could go critical (begin the fission process) around December 24, when Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to arrive in India for the 13th annual India-Russia summit.

Sexual offences where a minor is a victim will become a non-bailable crime involving imprisonment of up to five years. The Protection of Children from sexual offences act, notified by the Ministry of Law and Justice, spell out stricter penalties for sexual harassment of minors. Not reporting such sexual assaults could also lead to six months behind bars reports the Hindustan Times.

ABVP meeting at Osmania University


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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oxygen low, plug pulled, 4 die in ICU

Today's Newspapers


"Olympian shame"- "India booked out of Olympic High table" is the lead story in the Mail Today, reporting India's suspension from the IOC has also received front page coverage in almost all papers.

"Oxygen low, plug pulled, 4 die in ICU" writes the Pioneer, reporting that in a case of gross negligence of hospital administration, four critical patients died in an unfortunate accident at the Sushruta Trauma Centre in Delhi yesterday.

Papers Today also report the imprisonment of an Indian Software professional and his wife in Norway, on being held guilty of serious Child abuse. The couple have been awarded imprisonment of 18 months and 15 months.

In an exclusive story, the Hindu writes " Termination of airport deal crucial to our survival: Maldivian Minister". The paper adds that according to Ahmed Adeep Abdul Gafoor, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture of the Maldives, the move by his government to terminate GMR infrastructure's 25 year contract to own and operate the Male International Airport is a "totally Economic decision" that is crucial to its survival.

"Township planned on Delhi-Jaipur e-way," says the Times of India, adding that it has resulted in a fresh real Estate rush along the 265 Km road.

The Pioneer writes that Delhi Metro Commuters are set to feel the pinch as the corporation has decided to hike fares by 40 per cent. According to the proposal, the minimum fare will go up from 8 to 10 rupees and the maximum from 30 to 40 rupees.

And Finally, "23 year old gives J&K, self a new innings" - writes the Indian Express, the paper reports that after the Bangalore nightmare for Parvez Rasool who was detained there in November 2009, and his subsequently being cleared by forensic experts, the 23 year old all-rounder was declared man of the match for leading J & K to their first Ranji Trophy win in over three years.

Asshole APSRTC driver talking while driving


From Metpally to Nizamabad

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Won't allow Chinese naval hegemony


The Pioneer, under the headline "Won't allow Chinese naval hegemony", writes that Navy Chief Admiral D K Joshi has said Indian Navy is carrying out exercises and is prepared to counter any aggression in the disputed South China sea to guard the country's interests.
The Times of India writes that the Government has eased restrictions on tourist visas which had mandated a two-month gap between consecutive visits by foreign nationals.
The Asian Age says that in an unprecedented move, Britain and France are mulling the option of recalling their envoys from Israel in protest against Israel's decision to expand settlements.
The Times of India says that the National Tiger Conservation Authority has issued a guideline to assign a Unique Identification Number to each tiger and to create a national repository of camera trapped photograph to help cut out duplication and have an exact headcount.
The Economic Times writes that the newly minted IITs at Ropar, Patna, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar and Gandhinagar among others have witnessed an average salary increase of 15-20% in comparison to the older IITs which have recorded a 5-10% increase in salaries.
The Indian Express reports under the headline, Bihar MLCs fudge records to cash in on rail benefits: 3 trips in one day" that Bihar's Principal Accountant General (PAG) has found in an audit that 54 legislators claim to have travelled in more than one direction the same day on 142 occasions.
Hindustan Times reports under the headline "Delhi colder than Simla on Monday" that the early morning temperature recorded in Delhi on Monday was 6.6 degrees celsius, colder than even Simla which recorded 7.3 degrees celsius.
The Tribune reports that the first global vaccine for the prevention of Dengue, the outbreak-prone fatal viral disease, is in the final stages of development.
And finally, Hindustan Times reports that soon, even a power grid failure will not be able to disrupt metro rail services with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation going to tap power from the sun to generate electricity.

Forecast: Internet ad spend will outstrip all print in 2015

Forecast: Internet ad spend will outstrip all print in 2015

Monday, December 3, 2012

Besieged BJP rallies behind Modi


With the Government gearing up for debate and voting in Parliament this week on allowing FDI in multibrand retail, most papers of the day highlighted the issues involved. The Statesman reports the Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath as saying that the Government was confident of its numbers to win the crucial vote.
"Cash transfer: Govt asks banks to expand rural reach", under that headline Hindustan Times' Business page says that as the government prepares to roll out the direct cash transfer scheme, the public sector banks have been asked to focus on branch network expansion to bring all rural households under the banking net.
National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon's arrival in China for talks on the boundary question and strategic issues of common interest is widely covered. "Menon hold's key talks in Beijing today", reads a headline in The Asian Age.
To ensure fair and transparent use by India Inc. of their Corporate Social Responsibility funds, an independent mechanism may be put in place, with the Corporate Affairs Minister Sachin Pilot proposing an entity for monitoring the use of CSR funds, reports the Financial Express.
"Besieged BJP rallies behind Modi" says Mail Today. Hindustan Times writes that a day after Sushma Swaraj endorsed Narendra Modi as a possible Prime Ministerial candidate, more senior BJP leaders have come out in support and praise of the Gujarat Chief Minister.
'Are you ready for the new Cheque Regime?, quizzes Hindustan Times. Come January 1st, a new system will kick in, in which cheques will be cleared electronically, in a day. This will do away with the need for physical movement of cheques from a bank branch to a clearing house, reports the paper.
And finally, The Pioneer reports the findings of an intercontinental team of scientists that the forefathers of the European Roma gypsies were 'Doma' - a collective term for the ancient aboriginal populations of North Western India, also known as the 'Dalits'.

Signal jump jilanis


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Hyderabad traffic police...


have luxury to chit-chat in an autorickshaw (on duty) ;)

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To-let for Brahmins


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Sunday, December 2, 2012

'Modi capable, competent, fit to become PM'


I.K. Gujral cremated with full state honours yesterday.  The Statesman writes 'Farewell to a gentleman politician" while The Hindu carries a picture of top dignitaries paying their tribute to the departed leader.
The Indian Express shows Sushma Swaraj at an election rally in Vadodara yesterday. The Asian Age quotes her as saying 'Modi capable, competent, fit to become PM'. 'Leader of opposition in Lok Sabha, seen as a potential contender herself, supports Gujarat Chief Minister for first time' reads the Hindustan Times headline.
The Andhra Pradesh couple facing arrest in Oslo for trying to discipline their 7 year old son finds place on the front pages of most newspapers. 'India will not intervene' writes the Hindustan Times. 'Khurshid says pvt citizen, Norway law' says the Indian Express.
The Arcelor Mittal and the French government striking a deal, under which the Florange plant will not be nationalised, is covered prominently by the business dailies.
Some papers have reported about the fireworks over the Eden pitch. 'MS Dhoni wants test to end in 3 days' writes the Times of India, quoting a miffed and hurt Prabir Mukerjee, curator of Eden gardens.
Mail Today shows former cricketer Andrew Flintoff, who got off to a roaring start in his new career - boxing.
How bad can the pressure to do well in academics get for school kids? Strange but true. Even class 6 students prepare for IIT' writes the Hindustan Times, on its front page.
And finally, "Planning to buy a car?  Good timing."  Car prices may fall as an outcome of significant drop in sales this Diwali, report The Financial Express and The Hindu Business Line.

Ratan Tata’s legacy

Ratan Tata’s legacy

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Growth of 5.3 per cent, worst since to 2002 -03


The passing away of Inder Kumar Gujral, Former Prime Minister of India in the United Front Government - occupies centre stage. Mail Today reports that two interlinked foreign policy measures are associated with him - the beginning of the composite dialogue with Pakistan and India's 'good neighbour policy' - or the "Gujral doctrine". The Times of India explains - as the more mature and confident democracy, with cultural and economic dominance, India needed to reach out to Pakistan and other neighbours without waiting for reciprocal gestures.
India's slow growth rate during the July - September quarter is also highlighted. The Economic Times headline reads "Growth slips to 5.3% but hope floats". Hindustan Times writes "Growth of 5.3 per cent, worst since to 2002 -03". Mail Today quotes Montek Singh Ahluwalia - "I feel the next half should be better - we can say it has bottomed out and is beginning to go up again".
"Government gearing up for FDI vote" - reports the Statesman. The debate-cum-voting would take place on 4 or 5 December in the Lok Sabha and on 6 or 7 December in the Rajya Sabha. Five amendments have been tabled to FEMA regulations, to seek the approval of the Lower House, the paper adds.
BS Yeddyurappa quitting the BJP - (the party he helped make a power house in the southern state of Karnataka), receives prominence. "BJPs Southern foray stalls as BS Yeddyurappa quits", reports the Times of India, adding that Yedyurappa will now work on building his Karnataka Janata Party.
The 193-nation UN general assembly overwhelmingly approved the de facto recognition of the State of Palestine - writes the Asian Age, comes as a setback for the US and Israel. "World embraces Palestine, snubs US, Israel", writes Times of India.
And finally, Times of India writes that the fabled Grand Canyon of the US - one of the 7 natural wonders of the world - is actually 65 million years older than thought, dating back to the era when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Justice Leveson accused the British media of putting sensationalism above public interest wreaking havoc on the lives of innocent people for many decades


Most papers this morning report that the two Houses of Parliament agreeing to a vote on the FDI in retail debate, breaking the logjam that kept Parliament from functioning.
All railway passengers in reserved compartments will have to carry identity proof from tomorrow says The Hindu. The Railways have ruled that those found without an identity card will be treated as 'travelling without a ticket', reports the paper.
Most economic dailies report the Sensex jumping to a 19-month high after Goldman Sachs gave Indian bourses a shot in the arm by upgrading its rating.
Lord Justice Leveson calls for independent regulation of the press in Britain. According to The Hindu, Justice Leveson accused the British media of putting sensationalism above public interest wreaking havoc on the lives of innocent people for many decades. The Tribune and most other papers have also reported this story.
A 12-year old boy from Sudan underwent a successful kidney and liver transplant in Delhi after his two sisters donated the organs to save him. Hindustan Times and most other papers have reported this story.
Three new tigers have been sighted in unexpected ranges in the Dudhwa Reserve Forest in Uttar Pradesh writes The Pioneer in an exclusive story.
And finally, the Economic Times reports an exclusive story about the Ministry of Personnel considering a proposal to allow a government pensioner to grant a part of his pension to a child born out of wedlock. A pensioner can also nominate any person, even a non-family member, to be entitled to his pension amount after his death.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Government hunts for elusive bug


The government making it clear that it is not averse to debating the FDI issue in Parliament and the Launch of the ambitious Direct Cash Transfer scheme in 51 districts spread across 16 states from 1st January are the lead stories in most papers.
"Facebook arrests; 2 cops suspended, magistrate shifted" writes The Tribune." 2 Zee editors arrested for Rs. 100 crore extortion bid", writes The Times of India, reporting that Delhi Police's crime branch arrested 2 editors of the Zee group on Thursday, acting on a complaint by Congress MP Naveen Jindal who had accused the two of trying to extort Rs. 100 crore worth of advertisements from his company in return 
for dropping stories linking the Jindal Group with Coalgate.
Under the headline "Government hunts for elusive bug" The Mail Today writes that the DoT wants hundreds of sophisticated phone interceptors with the private sector to be surrendered.
On the row between the BJP and its suspended party member, MP Ram Jethmalani, The Indian Express headline quotes the veteran lawyer saying: "Will throw notice in dustbin if it has no merit"
Sachin Tendulkar's remarks on his batting performance are the lead story in The Hindustan Times. "I am not getting runs, now its your call : Sachin to selectors", writes the paper.
"Bangalore sets an example in SMS Gateway" reports The Statesman, writing that the Karnataka police became the first security force in the country to launch an SMS status information about service requests and stage of FIR's.And finally good news from the stock markets. The Financial Express writes that Indian stocks soared on Tuesday rallying to their highest level in nearly 3 weeks, with markets rejoicing in the wake of an affirmation by Moodys investors service that the outlook on 
India is stable.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Four years later, Mumbai still vulnerable to sea attack


BJP Rajya Sabha MP, Ram Jethmalani's suspension from the party dominates the front pages of most papers. In the background of the recent dissenting voices in the party, the Mail Today describes the party as the "Bharatiya Disjointed Party".
On the fourth anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, many papers scrutinise the country's preparedness to meet future security challenges. "Four years later, Mumbai still vulnerable to sea attack" reports the Asian Age on its front page.  The Tribune writes "Mumbai CCTVs stuck in red tape".  The Hindustan Times however observes "Silver lining:Systems in place, weapons upgraded".  
Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde's remarks on the death penalty, just days after the hanging of Ajmal Kasab, are the front page lead in the Indian Express.  The paper writes "Need to rethink death penalty, says Shinde ; says eminent persons want ban on capital punishment".
The bilateral Strategic Economic dialogue between India and China starting today is highlighted in many papers. "India looks to China to put high speed trains on track" reports the Indian Express. 
In a special front page story, the Hindu reports that an expert group set up by the Irish government to review the country's anti-abortion regime has recommended legislation for the 'limited provision' of abortion.
The Hindu's Business Line highlights a report by Morgan Stanley which states that India is expected to register a gradual recovery in growth to 6.1% in 2013 driven by positive impact from policy actions.
The Times of India tells us that scientists have  developed a new drug which they claim can put cancerous cells to sleep to stop them from multiplying.

India Facebook arrests: Shaheen and Renu speak out

India Facebook arrests: Shaheen and Renu speak out

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tomato peel is the ideal solution to clean drinking water.


The role of the former chief of the Uttarakhand Minorities Commission, Sukhdev Singh Namdhari in the shootout at a Delhi farmhouse in which liquor baron Ponty Chadha and his brother Hardeep were killed comes under front page scrutiny. The Times of India quotes the Delhi Police as saying "Namdhari shot at Ponty's brother".The Indian Express writes, "Namdhari admits shot Hardeep, charged with attempt to murder".

The formal launch of a political party by anti-corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi is keenly noticed on the front pages of most papers. " Team Kejriwal is now 'Aam Admi Party' reports the Hindu. The Hindustan Times says, "Kejriwal hijacks Congress's aam admi".

Most papers mention that the country's top intelligence agencies are to get new chiefs. "Asif Ibrahim tipped to be new IB chief" reports the Indian Express. Referring to the appointment of Alok Joshi, the Mail Today writes "RAW gets new chief".

The Hindustan Times, in its front page exclusive, writes that the IIT's are verifying the identities of all first year students after they found that two aspirants has secured seats in 2012 without clearing the admission tests, using digitally doctored admit cards of successful candidates.

In a front page story, The Hindu reports that Chongqing, a city in southwest China plans to open a special museum. Under the caption, "China city plans Nehru museum, 50 years after war", the paper reports that the museum intends to commemorate Nehru's visit to the city in 1939.

Most papers reports that the body of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat will be exhumed on Tuesday to undergo poison tests. This story finds mention in the times of India, the Asian Age and the Pioneer.

And finally, research shows that tomato may do more than just add a tangy taste to the palate. The pioneer writes that a team of scientist at the National University of Singapore laid by Indian born professor V. Suresh has found the tomato peel is the ideal solution to clean drinking water.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Government may agree to FDI vote, is wooing allies


With commencement of the Winter Session of Parliament, papers extensively cover details of Parliamentary proceedings. The Tribune writes "FDI paralyses Parliament on Day 2". "Government may agree to FDI vote, is wooing allies", reports Hindustan Times.

The Statesman reports, "A full scale war of words broke out between the ruling Congress and the Principal Opposition BJP yet again, over the 2G Spectrum scam". Times of India writes - "Sonia Gandhi waded into the controversy saying that the audit report quoting a 1.76 Lakh crore rupee loss to the exchequer was doctored - pointing a finger at PAC chairman and BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi.

The new CBI Boss Ranjit Sinha walking into a political storm is also highlighted. A Times of India headline reads, "PM rejects BJP demand to put CBI Chief appointment on Hold.

The Hindu reports, 'India has started stamping Its Map on visas issued in China - in response to China's decision to stamp its passports with maps depicting Arunanchal Pradesh and Aksai Chin as parts of Chinese territory. The Philippines and Vietnam have already lodged strong protests over China's inclusion of disputed Islands and waters of the South China Sea as its own.

Another life crushed


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Yeah Hindu, that definitely is the IKEA showroom in Hyderabad.

Yeah Hindu, that definitely is the IKEA showroom in Hyderabad.: Yeah Hindu, that definitely is the IKEA showroom in Hyderabad.

Welcome to the post-Orwellian Indian nightmare: 2 men spend 12 days in jail for Facebook comments against Cong : West, News - India Today

Welcome to the post-Orwellian Indian nightmare: 2 men spend 12 days in jail for Facebook comments against Cong : West, News - India Today

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pink is the colour of a man!


'Trinamool move for no-trust motion fails' writes, the Hindu on its front page. On the action packed first day of the winter session of Parliament, the Trinamool Congress's attempt to bring no-confidence against the UPA government in the Lok Sabha failed. A major consequence of the Trinamool's failure to move the motion is that another one can not be considered by the Lok Sabha for the next six months.
Government funding for non-government organisation (NGOs) and autonomous bodies has been halted across the board by the Finance Ministry for the first time. Citing austerity measures, the government has asked all ministries to stop grants to these bodies unless they can show how they have spent past funds writes, the Indian Express. The paper has also carried a story which states that Censured by the Supreme Court for not putting on auction the entire 2 G spectrum cancelled by its February verdict and adopting a 'casual' approach on the matter, the Centre on Thursday defended its decision, saying it had acted on the TRAI recommendations under a 'bonafide belief' that it was obligated to do so as per the judgement.
The Pakistani Taliban on Thursday pledged to attack Indian targets 'anywhere to avenge the execution of Ajmal Kasab, the lone survivor of the terrorist squad responsible for the November 2008 Mumbai attacks', and demanded that Kasab's body be returned to Pakistan for an 'Islamic burial' ,writes the Statesman. The story has also been covered by most other newspapers as well.
The Tribune on its front page, writes under the headline, 'Haryana and HP crack whip on teaching shops' ,adding that these teaching shops operating in the form of study centres, off-campus centres and run through franchise centres  of outside universities, must end the practice or face action.
The Asian Age writes that the Union Cabinet has brought 348 drugs under its price-control mechanism with an aim to check the rising drug prices. This decision would result to drop in prices of around 60% drugs.
Pink is the colour of a man! Men who wear pink colour shirts to work earn more per year than those who favour traditional colours such as white or blue, study has found. Researchers also found men, who wear pink are more confident characters in their office and are also twice as likely to have a Master's degree than those who favour white shirts with one in ten pink shirt wearers having a PHD.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mamata's trust vote plan finds no takers


Hindustan Times reports under the headline, 'Mamata's trust vote plan finds no takers' that with the BJP and the Left keener to force a Parliament vote on Foreign Direct Investment in multi brand retail, TMC chief Mamata Banerjee is unlikely to find the necessary support to move a no trust vote against the government.
The Hindu Business Line says that the Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Centre and the CBI on a plea for a probe by a special investigation team into the alleged irregularities in coal block allocations.
The Pioneer says, a select committee of Rajya Sabha's recommendations to bring the Prime Minister under Lokpal and to delink Lokayuktas from the Lokpal Bill will give far reaching powers to the ombudsman.
The Hindu writes that India and China will make one last attempt at making progress on the border question before a new leadership takes over in Beijing.
The Times of India reports that researchers have claimed to have designed the fastest and most accurate mathematical algorithm yet, with speed, accuracy and natural movement close to those of a real arm, that can help disabled people manoeuvre computer cursors with their thoughts.
And finally, The Pioneer writes that the South Delhi Civic Body's plan to bring a proposal to allow plying of horse buggies near famous tourist areas and monuments will give tourists a taste of Victorian royalty.

Where is vehicle number?


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Congress MPs face dilemma at Telangana junction

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tthere is no going back on FDI in retail


Many papers have a picture of Bal Thackerey's  funeral procession. The Times of India writes that the turnout for Bala Saheb's last journey was one of the largest witnessed in post independent history. 
Commerce Minister Anand Sharma saying that there is no going back on FDI in retail is prominently noticed by most papers of the day. 
The India-Pak peace process is set to change its game, writes the Hindustan Times. In a box item on its front page, titled, 'Golf buddies, the paper writes 'India, Pak soldiers plan tee party for peace'. 
If you thought that the United States of America is the most powerful nation on earth, you may be wrong. "Britain is Now Most Powerful Nation on Earth", reads the headline of a story in The Economic Times, which reports the findings of a new survey which says that US is toppled from No.1 slot as British influence enhances its 'soft power'.
And finally, do you ever think that there was a connection between dengue and frogs?   Yes, there is, say environmentalists, writes, The Tribune - According to the paper, frogs are major predators of mosquito larvae. The Times of India writes on its front page, 'Vaccination against dengue to be tested in India', and the good news is that the vaccine will be available globally by 2015.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cartoonist who redrew Maharashtra's politics

Today's Newspapers Headlines

The passing away of Bal Thackeray is the lead in most newspapers. 'Sena Supremo Thackeray dies' is the Hindustan Times headlines. 'Last rites today, body will be kept at Shivaji park for final tribute', writes The Indian Express. 'Ek tha tiger' is how The Pioneer puts it. 'Cartoonist who redrew Maharashtra's politics' says The Tribune. 'Tiger gone, uphill task for Sena' feels the Times of India.

The second big news of the day, which is also not good is another death. 'Liquor baron Ponty Chadha shot dead by his brother in Chhatarpur farmhouse' writes Mail Today, adding 'PSO guns down killer in grisly finale of property feud'. 'Sudden end of a rags to riches story' says the Times of India, and adds this his network cut across party lines. 'Chadha's Rs 6000 crore Wave group has interests in real estate, paper and sugar' writes the Business Line of the Hindu.

Moving on to sports - something to cheer. The Hindustan Times features Pragyan Ojha and R Ashwin on its front page. The duo worked in tandem to rout the visitors and forced England to follow on. The sports pages of many dailies show Ojha celebrating after dismissing  Pietersen.

Politics in sports too. 'World of IOA gets murkier' writes Mail Today, as loyalties are divided between Chautala and Randhir Singh for the presidential elections of the Olympics Association. The Statesman writes 'IOA election thrown into uncertainty' because of S.Y. Qureshi's resignation.

'Trinamool Congress to bring no-confidence motion against UPA government' is the Financial Express headline today. 'Seeks support of Left, UPA allies, ready to talk to BJP' adds the paper.

In international news - '180 Israel airstrikes on Gaza is one night' informs the Asian Age. 'Israeli air raids batter Hamas headquarters, kill 10' writes the Times of India.

And finally - 'Pi's boat up for grabs' writes Mail Today. The makers of the movie 'Life of Pi' are set to auction the iconic lifeboat. Want to bid? The going rate is 22 lakh rupees!

Mega opportunist!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

India continues to top global pneumonia mortality list - nearly 1,100 children die of pneumonia every day in the country


The dinner hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for UPA allies yesterday ahead of the winter session of Parliament dominates the front pages of most papers. "To ensure support, PM hosts allies" reports the Tribune. The Indian Express highlights the Prime minister's efforts to reach out to the Opposition as it writes "PM reaches out to BJP, invites top party leaders to dinner today".
The controversy over the tragic death of Indian dentist Savita Halapannavar in Ireland after being denied abortion is prominently noticed on the front pages of the papers today. "India summons Irish envoy, tells Dublin to keep it informed on Savita probe" reports the Indian Express. The Times of India writes "Ireland to clarify abortion norms, says deputy PM".
Most papers take note of the condition of ailing Shiva Sena leader Bal Thackeray. The Hindustan Times quotes the party as saying "Thackeray still critical but improving". Highlighting the easing of tension in the city, the Pioneer writes "Balasaheb improves, Mumbai breathes easy".
The controversy over certain unsavoury remarks about non-vegetarains contained in a CBSE book is widely noticed in the papers today. Focussing on the intervention by Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha in the matter, the Pioneer reports "remove anti-Nadar chapter from CBSE book: Jaya to PM".
In a special story, the Tribune quotes UNICEF statistics to write "India continues to top global pneumonia mortality list". The paper reveals a shocking statistic - nearly 1100 children die of pneumonia every day in the country.
And finally, if you have wondered how Albert Einstein became the genius that he was, we now may have an answer. The Times of India reports that recently discovered photographs of Einsteins brain helped scientists in America compare it with 85 normal human brains. They found that Einstein's brain had an extraordinary prefrontal cortex which may have contributed to his remarkable genius.

A picture is worth a thousand words


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IIT's are looking at a controversial proposal that will pick girl candidates over boys, if their scores in the entrance examination are tied


The Congress Party yesterday constituting its Election Co-ordination Committee for the 2014 Lok Sabha Election, with Rahul Gandhi as its head, is given prominence by this morning's Press. Rahul to lead Congress's 2014 Poll charge, reads the headline The Times of India. Rahul to head Congress's poll panel, set to be PM candidate, says The Pioneer.

Mr. Xi Jinping assuming control as the most powerful man in China, to take over as the Communist Party General Secretary, also received prominence. Xi takes over party, to lead government from March 2013, reports Hindustan Times.

The Hindu writes that the UPA government went on the offensive on Thursday, questioning the CAG's estimate of a 1.76 lakh crore rupee loss to the exchequer in 2001, after the latest flop auction of 2G spectrum that yielded only 9,407 crore rupees, barely a fourth of the amount expected.

Lucknow's globe-trotting clerics in demand for Muharram sermons, writes The Indian Express. With the beginning of Islamic New Year, several Shia clerics of Lucknow have packed their bags and gone abroad, says the paper.

Hindustan Times writes that the male-dominated IIT's are looking at a controversial proposal that will pick girl candidates over boys, if their scores in the entrance examination are tied.

The national capital is experiencing one of the worst phases of 'Solar Dimming', a phenomenon in which less and less direct sunlight reaches the earth, say the scientists of the Indian Meterological Department, report the paper.

And finally, The Times of India informs us that this year, of the 21,600 people challaned so far by the Delhi Police for drunken driving, only five were women. Are women really responsible drivers?, wonders the paper.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Govt. mulls multi-member CAG, comes under fire


Today's papers have highlighted, The Government saying that a former CAG's suggestion (for making the official auditor a multi-member body) - is 'under consideration, and the  reactions to that. "Govt. mulls multi-member CAG, comes under fire", headlines The Tribune. Hindustan Times's headline of the story reads, "CAG setup not be be touched: says minister".
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh holding a lucheon meeting yesterday with BSP supremo Mayawati, after hosting Samajwadi boss Mulayam Singh Yadav earlier, is seen as a bid to firm up the support of 'outside' allies with an Opposition geared up to put the Government on the mat over issues like FDI in multi-brand retail and capping the number of subsidised LPG cylinders, says the papers. 
Anna Hazare yesterday launched a direct attack on the Prime Minister for not passing his version of the Jan Lokpal Bill and said that their fight for the Bill will continue till it is passed, reports Hindustan Times. Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal has decided to forgo the term 'India Against Corruption' and let his 'guru' Anna Hazare's group use it instead, says the paper. 
The Indian Express reports the Afghan President Hamid Karzai saying that with the overall improvement in relations between India and Pakistan, it could be possible for Pakistan to let India use its territory to trade with Afghanistan.
And finally, citing a Bombay-based research paper, The Times of India informs us that though the vulture population in the country had started to fall dramatically in the early 90's, it had shown a marginal increase in the last year but they are still very few in number and extremely vulnerable, reports the paper.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

bone fractures will now heal faster


The PM batting for reforms at an impressive gathering of business leaders in Mumbai, is extensively covered by the Press. The Economic Times writes - "Declaring that the ongoing economic downturn is an opportunity to correct weakness, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has made a strong pitch for reforms.

The Government's response to Arvind Kejriwal's remarks on governmental in-action over HSBC's alleged money laundering operations in India, is also given prominence. The Hindustan Times headline reads "government claims it is hot on black money trail".

The Asian Age reports that the Union Ministry of Home Affairs will be writing to the Finance Ministry - seeking a through probe into allegations that militant outfits were using HSBC bank to pump money into the country for terror activities.

"Anna announces fresh campaign against corruption" which he will launch next year on 30th January, death anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi with a nation wide tour, writes the Hindu.

At a function in Delhi, Defence Minister AK Antony reiterated that there would be no hasty decision on revoking the much debated Armed Forces Special Powers Act from Jammu & Kashmir as infiltration attempts are on the rise, reports the Sunday Tribune.

Hindustan Times informs us that Aung San Suu Kyi - Myanmar's opposition leader, will travel to India on Diwali at the invitation of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi. She will deliver the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Lecture on November 14.

And finally Asian Age reports that bone fractures will now heal faster, thanks to a drug molecule developed from a tree found in the Himalayas. A Lucknow based team of Scientists who made the discovery says it is a compound from the bark that stimulates bone formation.

Open bar


People here drink close to main road just behind bus stop without any fear

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General David Petraeus’s Rules for Living

General David Petraeus’s Rules for Living

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Elderly people who consumed the highest amounts of milk and dairy foods in childhood were able to walk faster

Today's Newspapers Headlines

"Jinping, the new face of China" reports the Hindustan Times. The paper adds China's old guard begins formally making way for the new, by issuing a warning.

President Hu Jintao opened the 18th National Party Congress by talking about corruption and the man who will be responsible for tackling corruption for the next 10 years will be Xi Jinping.

The Cabinet approval of a levy of about 31000 crore rupees as one time fee on telecom spectrum held by incumbent telecom companies to create a level playing field between old and new operators has widely been covered by almost all newspapers.

Under the headline "IT Noose tightens around Gadkari'. The Mail Today on it's front page reports that the Income Tax Department  which had recently raided and searched the premises of various companies that invested in BJP President's Purti Group has said that these offices and companies do not exist.

Satyam Yadav, a councilor from Nangloi (East) in the capital was found dead along with her baby daughter at her home, even as her parents said she was killed for dowry. The Pioneer reports it under the headline "Dowry whiff over woman councilor, baby's death".

The Hindu reports with US President Barack Obama locked in four years at the White House, the guessing game on who will succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is turning out to be a big question. The names of potential successors include Senator John Kerry, UN Ambassador  Susan Rice and National Security Advisor Tom Donilan.

The Times of India reports researchers from Bristol University have found that elderly people  who consumed the highest amounts of milk and dairy foods in childhood were able to walk faster and were much less likely to suffer problems with balance and lived longer.

Diwali effect: Drastic reduction in city bus occupancy ratio


Bus from Dilsukhnagar to Secunderabad

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

INFOGRAPHIC: The Science Of Facebook Engagement - AllFacebook

INFOGRAPHIC: The Science Of Facebook Engagement - AllFacebook

Brahmins V Denikaina Ready


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Obama, buoyed by election win, faces new battles

Obama, buoyed by election win, faces new battles (reuters)
Record 32 million tweets on US Election Day (Economic Times)
Obama nation exults after election win (AFP)
Bollywood cheers Obama's re-election (Times of India)
Romney concedes defeat, calls Obama to congratulate him (ibnlive)
US election results: Barack Obama says 'best is yet to come' in victory speech (Times of India)
For Barack Obama, a second chance (Reuters)
US election: Americans hand Barack Obama a second term, challenges await (NDTV)
Barack Obama's victory 'in 140 characters' sets a record (Times of India)
Obama fends off Romney, economy to win second term (The Hindu)
Obama re-elected as US President (Businessline)
Barack Obama re-elected; Indians cheer (Zee News)
Barack Obama thanks supporters, says 'This happened because of you' (NDTV)
Asia Sees Stability in Obama Re-Election (WSJ)
Victorious Obama 'more determined' in face of challenges (KVTB)
Given a 2nd term, Obama still confronted by a divided Congress, challenging economic times
(Washington Post)
Barack Obama: It was women wot won the election (Telegraph)
'Forward': Barack Obama again rewrites history (Zee News)
World reacts to US President Barack Obama's re-election (Herald Sun)
U.S. Stock-Index Futures Decline as Barack Obama Wins Election (SFGate)
Kremlin welcomes Barack Obama re-election (The Australian)
US election results: A divided America gives Barack Obama more time (Times of India)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

13 Haryana men rape 17-year-old


Indian Express under the headline, "BJP leader quits citing Gadkari taint" reports that BJP's national executive member Mahesh Jethmalani has resigned saying he could not serve there as long as Gadkari remained BJP President. Under the caption, "Gadkari in a deeper hole after IQ test", The Asian Age says Gadkari faced more flak for drawing a comparison between the IQ levels of Swami Vivekananda and fugitive don Dawood Ibrahim.
Hindustan Times, under the headline, "13 Haryana men rape 17-year-old", has reported that 13 suspects gangraped a 17 year old girl at a railway station near Karnal. The Indian Express has reported another shocking incident where a 27 year old Spanish national living in Mumbai's upmarket suburb of Bandra was raped by a thief.
The Pioneer writes that Union Minister Srikant Jena has sought Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik's resignation and demanded he be charged with criminal conspiracy for a mining ore scam of 4 lakh crore rupees.
The Times of India under the caption, "DoT tightens rules for mobile connections" reports that from November 9, mobile phone connections will be issued only after physical verification of subscribers and police inquiries will be instituted against those submitting forged documents.
The Asian Age says that Delhiites will have to settle for a smog-ridden Diwali this year as the thick haze that has settled over the city is not expected to dissipate in the coming week.
The Times of India reports that the final Pew Research Poll released showed Barack Obama huffing to a 48 to 45 lead after previous surveys showed them deadlocked or having miniscule leads.
Under the headline, "IITians to fork out 1.6 lakh rupees more", The Pioneer reports that the standing committee of the IIT Council has decided on an 80% hike in the annual fee structure for the undergraduate programmes across all IITs.
And finally, The Times of India writes that scientists have developed a new promising device that uses energy from a beating heart to power a pacemaker, eliminating the need for surgeries to replace batteries.

6 social media mistakes to avoid this Election Day | Poynter.

6 social media mistakes to avoid this Election Day | Poynter.

Blame it on the met #India #news


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Monday, November 5, 2012

Race is virtually tied, but Obama has edge


Yesterday's Congress rally in Delhi, is the lead in most papers of the day. 'Congress takes corruption war to Opposition, defends reforms', writes Hindustan Times.
Elections are in the air as most newspapers report of a record turnout in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly poll. The story's headline in Hindustan Times reads, 'Record 75% turnout may spell BJP trouble.' 
Tomorrow's US Presidential poll is also noticed prominently. 'Race is virtually tied, but Obama has edge', says the Asian Age. 'Lull after storm: Obama, Romney teams clutch at straws in the wind', writes the Indian Express.
'India leads life insurance race', under that headline, the Asian Age reports that according to the latest report of the 'World Economic Forum', India is the world's top-ranked country in terms of life insurance density.
'Surgeons from West may head for OTs here', reads the headline of the Indian Express story which reports that trainee surgeons from the West could head to private hospitals in India to sharpen their skills. 
Delhi University is going to introduce a bio-metric system for recording teachers' attendance by January, reports Mail Today.
A story in the Hindu says that the news of fresh sighting of the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard near Bellary has brought cheer to bird-watchers and wildlife activists.
And finally, Hindustan Times reports about a village school which is a class apart. An all-girls government school in a village near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh uses YouTube videos in class, makes kids meditate, and gets great results too. The school boasts of a fully computerized  database of students and staff. Despite charging a humble fee, it has well-paid teachers, and it has inspired eight schools in Bhopal to replicate its teaching model, reports the paper.