Friday, November 23, 2012

Pink is the colour of a man!


'Trinamool move for no-trust motion fails' writes, the Hindu on its front page. On the action packed first day of the winter session of Parliament, the Trinamool Congress's attempt to bring no-confidence against the UPA government in the Lok Sabha failed. A major consequence of the Trinamool's failure to move the motion is that another one can not be considered by the Lok Sabha for the next six months.
Government funding for non-government organisation (NGOs) and autonomous bodies has been halted across the board by the Finance Ministry for the first time. Citing austerity measures, the government has asked all ministries to stop grants to these bodies unless they can show how they have spent past funds writes, the Indian Express. The paper has also carried a story which states that Censured by the Supreme Court for not putting on auction the entire 2 G spectrum cancelled by its February verdict and adopting a 'casual' approach on the matter, the Centre on Thursday defended its decision, saying it had acted on the TRAI recommendations under a 'bonafide belief' that it was obligated to do so as per the judgement.
The Pakistani Taliban on Thursday pledged to attack Indian targets 'anywhere to avenge the execution of Ajmal Kasab, the lone survivor of the terrorist squad responsible for the November 2008 Mumbai attacks', and demanded that Kasab's body be returned to Pakistan for an 'Islamic burial' ,writes the Statesman. The story has also been covered by most other newspapers as well.
The Tribune on its front page, writes under the headline, 'Haryana and HP crack whip on teaching shops' ,adding that these teaching shops operating in the form of study centres, off-campus centres and run through franchise centres  of outside universities, must end the practice or face action.
The Asian Age writes that the Union Cabinet has brought 348 drugs under its price-control mechanism with an aim to check the rising drug prices. This decision would result to drop in prices of around 60% drugs.
Pink is the colour of a man! Men who wear pink colour shirts to work earn more per year than those who favour traditional colours such as white or blue, study has found. Researchers also found men, who wear pink are more confident characters in their office and are also twice as likely to have a Master's degree than those who favour white shirts with one in ten pink shirt wearers having a PHD.

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