Thursday, November 8, 2012

Obama, buoyed by election win, faces new battles

Obama, buoyed by election win, faces new battles (reuters)
Record 32 million tweets on US Election Day (Economic Times)
Obama nation exults after election win (AFP)
Bollywood cheers Obama's re-election (Times of India)
Romney concedes defeat, calls Obama to congratulate him (ibnlive)
US election results: Barack Obama says 'best is yet to come' in victory speech (Times of India)
For Barack Obama, a second chance (Reuters)
US election: Americans hand Barack Obama a second term, challenges await (NDTV)
Barack Obama's victory 'in 140 characters' sets a record (Times of India)
Obama fends off Romney, economy to win second term (The Hindu)
Obama re-elected as US President (Businessline)
Barack Obama re-elected; Indians cheer (Zee News)
Barack Obama thanks supporters, says 'This happened because of you' (NDTV)
Asia Sees Stability in Obama Re-Election (WSJ)
Victorious Obama 'more determined' in face of challenges (KVTB)
Given a 2nd term, Obama still confronted by a divided Congress, challenging economic times
(Washington Post)
Barack Obama: It was women wot won the election (Telegraph)
'Forward': Barack Obama again rewrites history (Zee News)
World reacts to US President Barack Obama's re-election (Herald Sun)
U.S. Stock-Index Futures Decline as Barack Obama Wins Election (SFGate)
Kremlin welcomes Barack Obama re-election (The Australian)
US election results: A divided America gives Barack Obama more time (Times of India)

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