Thursday, December 31, 2015

Facebook fights for free Internet in India, global test-case

Facebook fights for free Internet in India, global test-case


    The Delhi High Court asking the Delhi Govt. why two wheelers and women drivers be exempt from the odd/even curbs that come into effect on Delhi's roads from tomorrow ,the Govt. making the PM's approval mandatory for suspending IAS officers and Delhi Govt. Sr. bureaucrats going on Mass leave today are some lead stories in papers today.
    Referring to the implementation of the odd/even rule in Delhi, The Indian Express says "Big day tomorrow: 3 fold spike in e auction of car numbers", while The Times of India writes "Odd-even violaters won't get to park in the city, says govt.- adding Once challaned, car must go off road in 2 hrs."
    "Top Delhi government Babus to go on Mass leave today" says the Hindustan Times, writing that this is in protest against the alleged illegal" Suspension of two colleagues by the AAP government.
    "Honest Babu's need not fear, as Prime Minister has their back", opines the Pioneer, reporting on the news that the PM's nod is a must for suspending IAS officers working under the Central Government.
    The Times of India writes that according to the CAG, a significant part of the Cesses and other levies have remained un-utilized or have been diverted for other purposes.
    "Sex Ratio dips- Jains and Sikhs buck the trend " says The Times of India. The paper writes that according to fresh census data released yesterday, Hindus show the biggest decline among all religious communities, in a chilling reminder for the continuing need for more robust action to save the girl child.

Bill Cosby charged with indecent assault - BBC News

Bill Cosby charged with indecent assault - BBC News


The odd even formula of the Delhi government,the sacked Indian Airforce man spying for ISI held,Russia selecting Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) as partner for Kamov choppers and the Supreme Court upholding the Kerala  governments ban on liquor are some of the stories dominating headlines this morning.

The Mail Today in a special report on its front page writes that before the Delhi government can pat itself for their odd even formula the statistical fact is only 5.3 lakh cars can be kept off the roads on any day. And thats a meagre 6.27 per cent.

In a related story The Pioneer writes that there will be Ghandhigiri to even odds for erring drivers. NCC cadets to give violators of odd-even scheme roses to drive home the point.

Hindustan Times in an exclusive report writes that in justice that was fast tracked, 2000 cases that were pending for over 5 years were cleared by the Supreme Court in 9 months.

The Tribune reports that Mobile manufacturers have agreed to install a panic button in both existing and new mobiles to enable women in distress send out an alert to police. The new handsets will come with an in-built button, while older phones can be upgraded over 10,000 dedicated centres to come up across the country.

The Papers reports of the passing away of Subir Sen the Hemant Kumar singalike and also of Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister the hell-raising frontman of heavy metal British band Motorhead who died two days after he was diagnosed with cancer on his 70th birthday.

The Times of India reports that the Khan market traders association plans to sue Salman Khan over the name of his new online shopping platform The online shopping portal was unveiled by Salman Khan on his 50th birthday.

In some surprising news The Times of India writes that of India's 3.72 lakh beggars, 21% are literate and have cleared at least a senior secondary certificate exam. In fact, more than 3,000 of them own professional diplomas.

And finally, will you stick to your New Year's resolution ? Well, The Asian Age reports that posing a "simple yes or no" question to yourself, rather than making statements, may help you better stick to it through the year, according to a new study.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Two arrested over rape at Indian IT giant | News24

Two arrested over rape at Indian IT giant | News24


The top story on most front pages this morning is of the Government deciding that the benefit of LPG subsidy will not be available for consumers with a taxable income of more than 10 lakh rupees during the previous financial year, with effect from next month. The Financial Express informs us that the PAHAL Scheme, meant to ensure that the subsidy benefits go only to the targeted group, has already weeded out over 4 crore 'bogus household' LPG connections.

The other story covered extensively is of two articles published by the Congress Party's in-house publication - 'Congress Dharshan'. Hindustan Times headline reads "Mouthpiece leaves Congress red-faced, editor sacked".

Business Standard says that an RBI committee on financial inclusion has suggested that the government transfer cash directly to persons instead of giving subsidies, and also linking credit accounts with Aadhaar to share data.

The Economic Times reports of India planning to establish a high level, Interministerial  panel to help Jumpstart innovation which will be unfolded on January 16th by the Prime Minster.

The Asian Age reports that the controversy ridden Censor Board appears set for a revamp, with Information and Broadcasting Minister saying that the time has come to have a re-look at its functioning. Preferring to call it the 'Certification Board', Mr. Jaitley said the Board should be controversy free.

The Indian Express highlights that the Union Government is set to increase the maternity leave for woman employed in private firms from the existing 12 weeks to 26 weeks, with full pay.

And finally, Hindustan times informs us that despite ranking a lowly 24 among Indian States with regards to sex ratio, Gujarat has crossed a new milestone in matters of gender equality, with 56 percent of newly elected presidents in over 200 Taluka panchayat's, turning out to be women.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hyderabad emerges as global aerospace industry hub | Business Standard News

Hyderabad emerges as global aerospace industry hub | Business Standard News


Newspapers today headline the BJP response to the report of the three-member panel on the alleged irregularities in DDCA. "Delhi Government probe doesn't name Jaitley"-- The Pioneer. "BJP demands Kejri apology" Hindustan Times. "AAP hits back" adds The Statesman.

On the odd-even scheme to be launched from the 1st of January, The Times of India reports "Government halves extra buses for odd-even trial to 3,000 because of the exemption given to two-wheelers". "Bassi warns AAP against vigilantism by volunteers" reports The Statesman. The Hindustan Times quotes the Delhi Police Commissioner tweet "Requesting government, volunteers to assist Delhi Police and act as told. All note: rule of law and vigilantism are in compatible".

On Indo-Pak relations, The Asian Age reports Pakistan foreign affairs adviser: "All issues can be resolved through dialouge" while the Hindustan Times quotes: "Won't be fair to expect instant solutions to all issues, says  Aziz". The Indian Express's lead story is Prime Minister Modi's question to Nawaz Sharif: "Talks will go on, why can't we be like leaders in Europe who meet each other for casual get-together and chats?". The Times of India reports with a photograph Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif donning Modi-gifted turban at his grand-daughter's wedding.

The blaze at the Telangana yagna in Medak and President Pranab Mukherjee canceling his visit in the last minute has been noted with photographs in all dailies.

"Prime Minister  envisions new dawn in 2016" is the lead story in The Pioneer. "Start up India to be unveiled on January 16. Try my new app, says PM," asking people to connect with him, reports The Tribune.

And finally, some relief for heart patients and their families. "Government may cap cardiac stent prices at 28,000 rupees." reports the Times of India. Currently they cost anywhere between 23,000 and 1,20,000.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hyderabad: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to visit T-Hub on Monday | Latest News

Hyderabad: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to visit T-Hub on Monday | Latest News


The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's surprise stopover in Pakistan continues to dominate the headlines this morning. "India, Pak get down to business" writes Hindustan Times. "Drop-in diplomacy wins global kudos" leads The Pioneer. "PM's meet eases path for dialogue" is the lead headline in The Hindu.  In a related story The Asian Age reports that the US media hopes the Prime Ministers visit to Pakistan will give fillip to the relationship.

All the Papers report of three Hyderabad based cousin brothers held at Nagpur on the way to join IS.  The Asian Age reports that after the Nirbhaya tragedy the Union Home Ministry has invoked the stringent provision of the criminal law amendment act of 2013 to rescue the devdasis. "Lodha panel set to propose overhaul of cricket board. Netas and Bizmen may be barred from management" writes The Times of India.

"Kota goes in remedial mode as number of student suicides rises" reports Hindustan Times. The paper writes that the district administration has come up with various guidelines to reduce the pressure felt by students.Writing on the Universal Immunisation Programme The Indian Express writes that to check cervical cancer, govt plan to launch HPV vaccine.

The Financial Express reports that come January 1, loss-making government-run Air-India will not serve non-vegetarian food to its economy class passengers on flights up to 90 minutes duration. And finally The Indian Express writes of an amazing story of how six farmers in Dhundi village of Kheda district of Gujarat village have formed a "solar cooperative". They trap the sun and power the grid. The switch to solar panels to irrigate fields and sell excess power to state discom.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Behind the scenes, Pakistan's military helped revive talks with India | Reuters - Firstpost

Behind the scenes, Pakistan's military helped revive talks with India | Reuters - Firstpost


Prime Minister Narendra Modi's surprise stop-over at Lahore yesterday on his way back home from Kabul, is splashed all over the front pages. " Modi goes the extra mile in search of closer ties", headlines the Economic Times.

While addressing the Afghan Parliament after inaugurating its swanky new building. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the presence of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, that India is in Afghanistan to contribute and not to complete.

200 special barriers are to be set up by the Delhi Police from Jan 1st to 15th, in order to book violators of the rule for the road rationing and Odd-Even plan of the Delhi government, aimed at reducing air pollution levels in the Capital.

"Bollywood star and style icon Sadhana passes away after illness"  reports the Hindustan Times". Sadhana, who was a popular heroine  of the 60's and early 70's passed away on December the 25th.

And finally, in a unique experience for the visually impaired and for their tactile experience, the National Museum in Delhi has created a permanent art show-case which will display replicas of 22 rare exhibits along with an audio guide with details about each art work and neat labels in Braille.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

India PM Modi in surprise Pakistan visit - BBC News

India PM Modi in surprise Pakistan visit - BBC News


The Prime Minister's visit to Russia, the odd-even rule for traffic in Delhi for 15 days, and the BJP elders' meet form the main stories in today's dailies.

In its bid to curb pollution, the Delhi government announced the new rules for vehicles in Delhi from the 1st of January.  "Odd Even: VIPs, women driving alone and with under-12 kids exempt" headlines the Times of India, which adds a rider that "Leaving two-wheelers out may make scheme a flop from start." Hindustan Times report warns of the number game being played in Delhi's motor market: "Fake plates, stickers, embossed numbers available to beat AAPs vehicle experiment."

"Make in India: Modi, Putin ink pact to develop copters" headlines The Tribune. "India, Russia sign 16 pacts" -- Asian Age, whereas The Hindu in a related story notes: "Reliance Defence Ltd. and Almaz Antey, Russia's leading developer of air defence missile system, have decided to work jointly on the entire range of air defence missile and radar system required for the Indian defence forces".

On the ongoing DDCA row, the Business Standard notes: "Kirti Azad seeks PM intervention". " BJP elders meet in shadow of Azad suspension" reports Hindustan Times.

And, finally, in news that brings cheer to all throat cancer patients: "Bengaluru doctor designs 50-rupee-prosthetic device to give patients their lost voice back. The device weighs 25 gm and is seen as a boon for the poor."

Friday, December 25, 2015

Hyderabad is for Hyderabadis: Owaisi | Business Standard News

Hyderabad is for Hyderabadis: Owaisi | Business Standard News


The Suspension of BJP MP Kirti Azad from the party, PM Modi's Russia Visit and the charge sheet in the Dadri Mop lynching being filed are some front page stories across papers today.

Referring to a shooting incident in a city court in Delhi, The Times of India writes "Cop killed, judge almost hit as gang opens fire in court."

With 8 days to go for the odd/even rule for vehicles to be implemented in Delhi, The Indian Express reports "20 categories exempt; two wheelers, women drivers, hybrid cars, VVIP's except Delhi CM "adding that the Delhi govt. has written to the Lt. Governer  for authorization to issue challans and that rule will also apply to all cars entering Delhi.

Writing about a verdict from the Delhi High Court that will benefit thousands of land owners, The Times of India says "Property can be registered below circle rate, rules High Court".

"Kirti suspended; defiant. Party action fails to silence BJP MP on DDCA; says will reveal more", writes The Tribune.

The Statesman says that Russia's bombing of Syria may amount to a war crime because of the number of civilians it's strikes have killed, on Amnesty International has presented evidence, that the air raids had violated humanitarian law.

The Asian Age writes that in fresh trouble for Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, the Maharashtra govt. has decided to move the Supreme Court to Challange his acquittal in the 2002 hit and run case.

And finally in good news for the Environment, The Pioneer writes that Surface cleaning of the Ganga will start in Jan 10 major cities in the country.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

BJP suspends Azad for taking on Jaitley

BJP suspends Azad for taking on Jaitley


The crashing of a BSF aircraft in New Delhi's Dwarka area killing all 10 personnel on board is the front page news in all the papers this morning.Papers carry reports and photographs of the crash.

Parliament passing the juvenile bill that will allow trial of offenders aged 16-18 as adults in heinous crimes like rape and murder also dominates headlines this morning.

Another major story covered by all the papers is that of Prime Minister Modi defending Mr. Jaitley in the DDCA controversy. "Modi backs Jaitley, says he'll prevail like Advani in the 90s." writes the Hindustan Times. In a related story the paper writes that the Delhi High Court issued notice to Kejriwal and five other AAP leaders in  Civil Defamation case filed against them by Arun Jaitley.

"Modi off to Moscow today for annual Putin Summit", reports the Asian Age.

Most of the newspapers, report that the husband of artist Hema Upadhyay, Chitan Upadhyay being held by the Mumbai Police for her murder.

Another shocking news that finds mention in the papers is that of a Telangana techie going berserk attacking his parents and civilians with a sword and eventually being shot dead by the Police.

The Indian Express in its bottom spread carries the story that the All India Institute of Medical Sciences is set to lead the first large-scale study in nearly 18 years on links between respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, and air quality in the capital.

The Times of India reports that recently released  Census 2011 data shows that nearly 120 million people were "seeking or available for work". That's nearly 11% of the population excluding under-5 children, suggesting a worryingly high number of job-seekers aged between 20-29.

The Times of India quotes the Telecom Regulatory of India (TRAI) telling Reliance Communications "put Facebook's free basics on hold. Have to decide if it conforms to Net Neutrality.

And finally, it is going to be a full moon Christmas after 38 years. Well, the Times of India reports that not since 1977 has a full moon dawned in the sky on Christmas. This rare event won't happen again until 2034, says NASA.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

‘Depressed’ man attacks parents, 18 others with sword, shot dead | The Indian Express

‘Depressed’ man attacks parents, 18 others with sword, shot dead | The Indian Express


The Finance Minister suing the Delhi Chief Minister on Monday is the top story of all newspapers today. "Jaitley files libel case against Kejriwal" headlines the Hindu. "Opposition banks on opposition within, Jaitley takes them on" reports the Tribune; "From street to court all-out war between BJP and AAP" says the Times of India; whereas the Stateman leads with "DDCA issue rocks parliament."

In the ongoing protests by the public about the release of the Nirbhaya rape case juvenile, Hindustan Times headlines "Supreme Court rejects petition to block release of 2012 rape convict". "Bound by Juvenile law, rues Supreme Court" reports the Pioneer; "Rajya Sabha to take up juvenile bill today" says the Hindu. "Fresh push to juvenile amendment likely today" reports the Asian Age.

Newspapers have also highlighted the outcome of the Rohtak rape case. "Nepali rape murder: 7 sent to gallows. "Nirbhaya II: Rohtak court sentences 7 to hang for brutalising, killing Nepalese woman" reports the Times of India.

External affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj directing the Indian Embassy in Dubai to help workers from Uttar Pradesh forced to live inside a bus after a placement agency duped them has been reported, with a photograph, by the Times of India. The paper quotes the minister's tweet: "I will ask UP government to register the case against this unscrupulous agent".

The Indian Express, on its front page, says, "Kabul foils attack plot for Modi's Xmas visit". "Afghanistan intelligence service has prevented a suicide bomb assault on India's consulate in Jalalaba" planned during Prime Minister Modi's visit on 25 of December.

And finally, fame is fickle, indeed. Papers carry reports, with photographs, of the "Miss Universe goof-up that gave Miss Colombia minutes of fame before the crown was removed and placed on the head of a mystified Miss Philippines. The ceremony host mixed up the winner's names at the event.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DDCA issue: Questions of law, ethics hang over Delhi govt probe panel | cities | Hindustan Times

DDCA issue: Questions of law, ethics hang over Delhi govt probe panel | cities | Hindustan Times


The top headline in the Times of India reads Nirbhaya  juvenile opts to stay with city NGO as term ends adding that the Village doesn't want its rapist son to return. "Let down, victim's parents seek meeting with Prime Minister", writes Mail Today.

The Indian Express reports of the next set of  crucial state polls in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Assam and Puducherry, which are likely to be held in April-May next year according to the Election Commission. This rules out any possibilities of delaying polls in Tamil Nadu in the wake of the recent floods, says the newspapers.

The Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Yojana, or 'Mudra', a new financial system launched by the  Narendra Modi government to offer financial assistance to the non-corporate small business sector in the country, will  be helping the victims of the recent floods in Chennai by extending loans to flood victims, reports The Pioneer.

"Jaitley threaten defamation cases against Kejriwal and others" headlines the Hindu, even as AAP leaders continued their attack against Mr Jaitley over the alleged Delhi District Cricket Association irregularities.

The Asian Age reports the Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the concluding session of the three day DGPs conference, emphasising that sensitivity should be a vital element of policing.

HT Business reports that the government plans to come out with a set of measures to incentivise credit and debit card transactions as part of a broad strategy to wean people away from using cash and to curb black money flow.

And finally, the Economic Times tells that in his drive to implement prohibition in Bihar, 'Nitish plans to turn liquor vendors into milk vendors'. The Chief Minister said - there is going to be a revenue loss, but I am ready for that.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Delhi juvenile gang rapist freed amid protests - BBC News

Delhi juvenile gang rapist freed amid protests - BBC News


Most newspapers have focussed on the National Herald case hearing held yesterday. The Asian Age headline reads - "Sonia, Rahul get bail, vow to fight". The Indian Express reckons that Congress extracted mileage from the 7-minute-event in the story captioned - "Gandhis get bail, Congress a handle". "Cong projects routine bail as a win for Gandhi, tears into PM" is the Times of India headline. The Pioneer quotes the BJP as saying "Accused mustn't act like freedom fighters".

The Sunday Tribune reports that the Pravasi Divas - one of the pet projects of the government that was scheduled to be held in January next year - stands cancelled. Quoting sources, the paper adds that external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj was extremely unhappy with the preparations.

The Financial Express lead story quotes the Finance Minister as saying that the GST was unlikely to get passed in the current session of Parliament as a delayed GST is better than a flawed GST. However the government is all set to introduce the insolvency and bankruptcy Bill in this session, the paper adds.

Another Financial Express front page story captioned "Lingering Layoffs" raises concerns about large scale layoffs of staffers of startups, and says that according to a survey, 3270 employees lost their jobs in start ups in the last six months. The Economic Times also has a similar story captioned "Living with pink", which highlights that sackings are an inevitable part of start ups.

"Hackers route city firm's cash to `IS a|c" - the Times of India reports that suspected Islamic State  hackers may have routed a south Delhi-based firm's payments from a London client to the terror outfit's bank accounts in Turkey .

And finally, the Times of India reports that 17-yr-old Bengaluru boy Ishan Pandita, who once took a break from studies to pursue his passion for football, is on the verge of making it to a big European club. Ishan has taken baby steps towards international glory by becoming the first Indian to be part of the under-18 team of Spanish second-division club UD Almeria, which played in La Liga last season.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Delhi gangrape case LIVE: DCW chief Swati Maliwal reaches Supreme Court : Delhi, News - India Today

Delhi gangrape case LIVE: DCW chief Swati Maliwal reaches Supreme Court : Delhi, News - India Today


The Delhi High Court's refusal to stop the release of the juvenile convicted in the December 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape case dominates the front pages of most papers. "Unlawful to keep him in jail, says HC, juvenile convict free on Sunday" reports the Indian Express. The Hindustan Times highlights Nirbhaya's parents reaction as it writes "Crime has won but our fight will go on, say parents".

All the papers take note of the all-party meeting called yesterday by Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari. The Tribune reports "GST can wait, Rajya Sabha to clear six bills". The Pioneer observes "Rajya Sabha to work overtime to pass six other bills".

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor's inability to introduce a private member's bill in the Lok Sabha is noticed by the Times of India which writes "BJP votes out Tharoor's bill on gay rights".

Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi are to appear in court today in the National Herald case.  "Herald case : Sonia, Rahul to seek bail today" reports the Times of India. The Indian Express highlights a notice issued by the Associated Journals Ltd, the publisher of the National Herald, for an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held in January. Regarding the agenda of the meeting, the paper says "Herald firm calls meeting to become a non-profit".

The controversy over Gujarat High Court judge J B Pardiwala's comments on the reservation policy in the Hardik Patel case is widely noticed. "58 Rajya Sabha MPs move petition to impeach Gujarat High Court judge" writes the Asian Age.

BJP MP and former cricketer Kirti Azad's meeting with BJP president Amit Shah in the backdrop of Mr Azad's decision to go public with evidence against alleged corruption in Delhi's cricket body DDCA tomorrow is prominently covered in the press. "Shah asks Azad to not hold DDCA presser" observes the Hindustan Times.

And finally....confirmation by the Vatican that Mother Theresa will be given Sainthood after Pope Francis recognised a second miracle of the late Nun is prominently noticed in the press. The Pioneer writes "Miracles make Mother Teresa a Saint".

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Review: Dilwale is an absolute dud - movies

Review: Dilwale is an absolute dud - movies


The escalating of the BJP-AAP verbal duel, the Defence Acquisition council clearing Defence procurements and the Gauhati High Court stepping into the deepening crisis in Arunachal Pradesh are some lead stories in papers today.

"AAP tries to bowl a googly" writes the Pioneer and adds "Jaitley hits back at Chief Minister-says free speech as Fundamental Right does not mean right to speak only falsehood."

The Indian Express writes that with seesaw politics in Itanagar deepening the crisis in Arunachal Pradesh, the Gauhati High Court has stepped in, providing temporary relief to the shaky Congress government of Chief Minister Nabam Tuki.

Refering to the WTO meet, the Hindu writes, "Nairobi dead locked over draft deal on Agriculture. Developing Nations say text favours rich nations.

"All India Pre Medical Test Exam will go high tech to stop mass cheating replay", says the Hindustan Times writing that the measures would include hand held metal detectors, mobile jammers and finger print scanners, to prevent a repeat of the test's notorious 2015 Episode.

"With Three Runway Visual Range devices for the IG Terminal being introduced, the Pioneer reports that the Airport is all ready to battle peak Winter Blues.

"Government defers  2 per cent hike on air tickets" says the Asian Age.

And finally, the Economic Times says Beating Retreat to have Shastriya Sangeet March. Sitar Santoor and Tabla to be heard for the first time at ceremony.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

'India building top secret nuclear facility in Karnataka, seeking to upgrade weapons to unsettle Pakistan'

'India building top secret nuclear facility in Karnataka, seeking to upgrade weapons to unsettle Pakistan'


    The Supreme Court cracking down on diesel vehicles in Delhi is the lead in most papers this morning.
    "SC orders big capital cleanup" is the headline in the Hindustan Times. Business Standard says "SC cracks the whip;  Red light for high-end diesel cars in Delhi."
    The Hindu Business Line reports on its back page that Japan's car-sharing business could be a model for pollution control, as cars can be rented for just 15minutes for 200 yen and bookings can be made by a PC or Smartphone.
    Kejri was aware of charges against Principal Secretary" reports the Hindustan Times. " DDCA files seized, says CM; don't lie, tells CBI" headlines the Pioneer.
    Times of India writes "Congress joins AAP in demanding that Jaitley quit."
    The Asian Age informs, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi will appear in a Delhi court on Saturday amid speculation that they may not apply for bail.
    "Its miscarriage of justice, cry Nirbhaya's parents," on the imminent release of the juvenile involved in the crime, writes the Pioneer.
    The Hindu on its front page states, "Maneka renews plea to amend Juvenile Justice Act", saying 'those accused of heinous crimes should be treated as adults.'
    The Asian age quotes Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj as saying "War with Pak not an option"
    Papers also cover Google CEO, Sundar Pichai's visit to India. The Hindu Business Line writes "Pichai comes calling , unveils slew of Google products for India"
    Financial Express quotes him as saying "Indian innovation will pick up as there is a market for it now"
    And finally, How did dogs come to be such loyal companions to humans!
    One of the largest studies of its kind has used dog genomes to trace the friendship back 33,000 years, reports the Hindustan Times.

Indian innovation will pick up as there is market for it now: Google CEO Sundar Pichai | The Financial Express

Indian innovation will pick up as there is market for it now: Google CEO Sundar Pichai | The Financial Express


The tussle between the Centre and the Opposition especially AAP over a CBI raid at the office of principal secretary to Delhi CM finds mention on front pages of all Papers. "Delhi CM tweets out at Modi, calls him a psychopath, coward, targets Jaitley too" is the Asian Age headline.

In order to curb black money, the government has made it mandatory to produce PAN for buying goods and services over 2 lakh Rs. from Jan. 1, 2016 has been reported in most newspapers.

The Supreme Court has proposed that no fresh registration of diesel run SUV's and luxury sedans above 2000cc will be done in Delhi for next 3 months reports The Pioneer.

The Nirbhaya case finds prominence in almost all newspapers as an event that changed Delhi. Nirbhaya Chetna Divas today says The Tribune. "Numbers paint a grim picture of Rape Capital" says The Hindu.

A Unique endeavour of a helpline to report rampant illegal mining being launched in Mahendergarh has been reported in Tribune. The No is 18001801050.

Isro to launch 6 Singapore satellites today / a traditional  folk art Thappu from Tamil Nadu making a come back / Actor Arnold Schwazenegger proposing a vegetarian diet as the best option in these days of climate change / an editor from Vivekananda International foundation to head IIMC and an African soccer star wearing fairness team logo on his jersey. are some of the other stories covered by Papers today.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

CBI ‘raid’ at Kejriwal office: ‘Sealing of a CM’s office unprecedented, I am shocked, says Mamata Banerjee | The Indian Express

CBI ‘raid’ at Kejriwal office: ‘Sealing of a CM’s office unprecedented, I am shocked, says Mamata Banerjee | The Indian Express


Most papers lead with the Hope for the GST Bill's passage in parliament receeding with the Congress continuing its aggressive stance against the government.

Referring to the Shakur basti demolition drive in Delhi to free encroached Railway land, the Indian Express writes "Children suffering in cold, you don't care, High Court tells Railways". The paper also quotes the railways as saying that 47,000 jhuggis are holding up projects worth 260 crore rupees in Delhi.

"India set to discuss Pak-controlled Kashmir only, says diplomat "writes the Hindustan Times, referring to the upcoming peace talks between the two countries. In a related story, the Asian Age writes that two Hurriyat conference leaders met the Pakistan High Commissioner in Delhi and told him that Islamabad should maintain consistency and firmness over its Kashmir Policy.

Raising a red flag to highlight global warming, the Times of India writes that by 2100 global temperatures may rise by 8 degres centigrade, with Billions of people at risk from flooding, drought and food shortages.

"Centre Plays Santa, Slashes Flight prices" says the Mail Today, writing that Delhi Flights will be cheaper now as the government plans to slash user development fee for domestic and international flights.

"FCRA services for NGO's go online", writes the the Economic Times adding that once the NGO has applied, the Intelligence Bureau gets a 3 month deadline for its verification report, else the permission will be deemed to be taken.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rituals in times of drought: KCR’s expensive thanksgiving to cost Telangana Rs 6 cr - Firstpost

Rituals in times of drought: KCR’s expensive thanksgiving to cost Telangana Rs 6 cr - Firstpost


The Paris Climate accord, the slum demolition in Delhi and the murder of an artist and her lawyer in Mumbai are major stories in papers today.

Hindustan Times headlines "How Paris pact was won" with a late-night switch in the text. The Indian Express states "All is well for India in deal, expect coal line", which could be used to arm-twist India.

"Congress may blunt attack on GST" is the lead in the Pioneer. The Asian Age says, "Fresh push on GST, but government has 'red lines'."

The Statesman leads with "Delhi government, Railways face-off over demolitions.

The Pioneer reports "Artist, lawyer's bodies found in cardboard boxes in drain".

"No Secrecy, just precaution", the Hindu quotes Pak Prime Minister Sharif rejecting criticism over the sudden resumption of India-Pakistan Talks, and saying, process needed time, so publicity was avoided.

"Buzz over 2017 Presidential race:Pawar in running?" speculates the Asian Age, after his recent 75th birthday celebrations.

The Economic Times leads, "Getting Fed Up? Sensex may rise to 30k in 2016" as Indian equity markets are likely to shrug off worries over a rate hike by US Fed Reserve and the tepid pace of reforms.

The Financial Express reports "Flows into realty at 7-year high".

The Asian Age reports, pay parity dispute may delay the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission by six months to a year.

"No more new vehicles for Delhi babus! "writes the Pioneer, as Kejriwal government plans to encourage use of hired automobiles.

The Hindu Business Line reports, " Visa blues may grip Indian IT firms in US, again" as New Delhi fights attempts to reintroduce bill with increased fees for H-1B visas, which lapsed in September.

"Punjab soap makers feel 'unsafe' as cow vigilantes target buffalo tallow", covers the Indian Express on its front page.

And finally Hindustan Times reveals "Vehicles theft App hits recoveries " as the application meant to hasten the investigation process, sends an 'untraced' report automatically within 21 days.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Climate change

For Indians, Smog and Poverty Are Higher Priorities Than Talks in Paris

Thursday, December 10, 2015



Angela Merkel named Time's Person of the Year

Angela Merkel named Time's Person of the Year


    The National Herald case takes top spot in most newspapers this morning. "Parliament incurs Sonia's wrath" is the headline in the Pioneer, also adding, "miffed over Herald, congress may scuttle GST passage". The Indian Express quips "this heralds a headache".
    On Sushma Swaraj's visit to Pakistan, the Hindustan Times reports "Sharif meets his NSA Janjua, military brass before Sushma" signalling Pakistan military was firmly in the driving seat as far as the country's policy towards India was concerned.
    The Tribune informs, "India-Pak series likely from December 24 to January 5 in Sri Lanka".
    Breakthrough at final stage " the Pioneer quotes the Nepal envoy, as India advises Nepal Government & Madhesis to be flexible.
    The Hindu & the Asian Age report, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump's call to bar "Muslims from entering the US" has triggered sharp responses from different quarters form the White House to Republican leaders.
    On the Delhi Government's pollution control proposal, the Pioneer states, "Even numbered cars on even dates, odd on odd". Hindustan Times informs "CNG vehicles, women may be exempted from odd-even rule.
    "Netaji files released in UK may shed light on the mystery" surrounding his death, notes the Pioneer.
    On the Sheena Bora murder case, the Hindu in a front page story, cites CBDT report, saying "Indrani, Peter laundered 275 crore rupees" .
    "Government to review UPA decision to cancel land given to RSS affiliates" states The Hindustan Times.
    And finally, the Tribune reports among tales of humanity emerging from rain-battered Chennai, is a story of a Hindu couple who have named their newborn after a Muslim saviour, who came to their rescue.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Donald Trump defends proposed Muslim ban from U.S. as outrage mounts | World

Donald Trump defends proposed Muslim ban from U.S. as outrage mounts | World | N

Newspapers Headlines

The upcoming visit of External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to Afghanistan, dominates the headlines of most papers. In a story headlined "K-word sparked Bangkok meet ", Hindustan Times suggests that the warmth in the Indo-Pak relationship visible in Paris - was injected only after India agreed to include the word Kashmir in the joint statement at Ufa.

Most newspapers have also noted the Delhi High Court's rejection of the Gandhis plea, which could result in them, having to appear in person in the trial today. "High Court rejects Sonia, Rahul pleas: conduct smacks of criminality" is the Indian Express headline.

"Supreme Court wants all acid attack victims, to get disability quota" is the Hindustan Times headline. The paper reports that the apex court has ordered all states and Union Territories, to consider acid attack survivors as disabled people, so that they could benefit from government schemes meant for physically handicapped people.

Many newspapers have also published photographs of the victorious Indian cricket team on their front page. The Indian Express has - in a photo captioned "The Winning Moment" - captured the Indian team's celebrations after winning the fourth test against South Africa and clinching the test series 3-0.

"No detention till class 8 : HRD all set to scrap policy". The Asian Age reports that the government is likely to reverse the no-detention policy till class 8, adding that the Class 10 board exams are also likely to be restored.

In a story captioned, "AIR DD archives to go on sale online", the Hindu reports that Prasar Bharati in an effort to monetise its archives has decided to offer its treasure of music, plays and documentaries for sale online.

And finally India will join the league of Europe and the United States by setting up a chain of observatories across the Himalayas, deserts and islands to monitor the impact of climate change, report the Hindustan Times.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

HC rejects Sonia, Rahul's pleas in Herald case | Business Standard News

HC rejects Sonia, Rahul's pleas in Herald case | Business Standard News

Newspapers Headlines

The resumption of India-Pakistan talks dominates the front pages of the papers today. "NSAs, foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan talk J&K, terror in Bangkok". Elaborating on how these meetings came about, the Indian Express writes "Ball was set rolling by PMs in Paris".

The informal interaction of the new Chief Justice of India T S Thakur with journalists yesterday grabs front page attention. The Pioneer quotes the Chief Justice as saying "Intolerance is a political issue, tolerance India's heritage". The Hindu highlights his support for the Delhi government's plan to allow odd and even number cars to ply on Delhi roads on alternate days and reports him as saying "We are ready to walk or even take a bus".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech on the death anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian Constitution is prominently noticed in the press. The Indian Express quotes the Prime Minister as saying "Government making all efforts for inclusive India".

The attack on senior Congress leader Jagdish Tytler, an accused in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots at a wedding party in Delhi is widely noticed. "23 year old hurls abuses, glass at Tytler, detained" observes the Times of India.

In a front page story, the Indian Express reports that the Justice S N Dhingra Commission probing illegal licenses given to land developers in Gurgaon in the previous Congress government is all set to summon Congress President Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Top India politician faces criticism over deadly floods - The Express Tribune

Top India politician faces criticism over deadly floods - The Express Tribune


The Delhi government's scheme to allow odd and even numbered cars to ply on alternate days in a bid to tackle  pollution in the capital is prominently noticed on the front pages. The Times of India quotes Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as saying "Will scrap odd-even car rule if people face problems".

A terror plot alert sounded by the Delhi Police is highlighted in all the papers. The Times of India reports "LeT plot to attack Modi in Delhi foiled with arrests". The Hindu notes "LeT plans suicide bombings in Delhi, other cities". Rain battered Chennai continues to attract front page attention. "Sleepless in Chennai night, residents find home under flyovers, in flooded shelters" reports the Indian Express. The Hindustan Times notes a trend towards politicising of flood relief as it writes "Food packets with Jaya pictures spark controversy in Chennai".

The Congress attack on the government at the plenary session of their trade union arm INTUC is widely noticed. The Asian Age quotes Rahul Gandhi as saying "Modi is weakening labour laws". Taking note of his speech, the Hindu reports Mr Gandhi as saying "Government should not act as lawyer for industrialists".

The Financial Express has a very interesting story on India-Pakistan cooperation. The paper writes "Basmati unites India, Pak in joint heritage claim : Rice variety grown in Indo-Gangetic plain expected to get Geographical Indicator tag soon ; New Delhi and Islamabad to share commercial benefits". On the recent mass shooting in San Bernandino in Californina, the papers suggest that speculation is finally over as to how the US government views the act. The Pioneer says "FBI treats California massacre as terrorism". The Tribune writes "IS claims California killer couple its follower".

And a sign of the changing times, the Times of India in a story captioned "Army goes for online recruitment", writes that from November the Indian army has done away with recruitment rallies and begun recruiting internet literate soldiers through an online process.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Islamic State says California killers of 14 were their followers - | The Star Online

Islamic State says California killers of 14 were their followers - | The Star Online


Most of the newspapers have focussed on the proposed policy of the Delhi government whereby the vehicular traffic is being sought to be halved from 1st January 2016 to combat the menace of air pollution. "Your car'll be off road for half the days" says The Times of India. The paper reports that odd and even numbered registration plates would be allowed to run on the roads on alternate days. Most papers are skeptical about it's success. The Times of India opines that the plan may fail if people buy more cars as a result of this policy. The Pioneer raises similar doubts in its story headlined "Who will bell the cat?" and adds that experts have raised doubt about implementation of the ill-conceived plan. "Action a knee-jerk reaction, says BJP" reports the Asian Age.

Hindustan Times front page focusses on the interactions held during the opening day of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. "Modi defines his vision on reforms" headlines the paper. Quoting the Prime Minister, the paper says that there is no one right way to making economic progress and even small steps like switch to LED bulbs and efforts to curb kerosene use is a success in this regard.

"Chennai struggles to get even the bare essentials" is the Hindu Business Line headline. The paper reports that without power or telecom services, debit and credit cards did not work and many ATMs ran out of cash or did not work. This created a ripple effect as cash, water, milk, fuel were all in short supply in the city. Reporting on another shocking side-effect of the Chennai rain, the Asian Age headlines "18 die in Chennai ICU as power for oxygen fails". Adding that the accident occurred  because the generators in the basement stopped working.

"Small savings may yield lower interest". The Pioneer story under this headline reckons that the government may soon reduce the rates on small savings schemes. However the rates for senior citizen and girl child are likely to be kept unchanged.   And finally, after the Swachh app for ensuring cleanliness, the Delhi government has launched a mobile based application to rescue homeless people during winter. Where Users can initiate a rescue operation by taking a picture and posting it on the app. The server will automatically detect the location of the person and the nearest rescue team will reach the location

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal inaugurates night shelters in Delhi, says will ensure no homeless dies of cold while sleeping | Zee News

Arvind Kejriwal inaugurates night shelters in Delhi, says will ensure no homeless dies of cold while sleeping | Zee News


"Pause in rainfall gives Chennai a breather, relief gathers pace" is the Hindustan Times headline. While the Pioneer states "Chennai reduced to ghost town".

Asian Age writes "Government may accept Congress proposals on GST Bill" while Hindustan Times reports " Congress MPs agree to play constructive role for key bills".

"With 400% hike, Delhi MLAs India's best-paid" is another story in the Hindustan Times.

The Economic Times reports "Defence up in Arms Against 7th pay panel proposals" with the armed forces readying to sound the bugle of protest.

"Government set to reject Indo-Pak series "even in a neutral venue like Sri Lanka, reports the Hindustan Times. Indian Express quotes BCCI secretary, Anurag Thakur as saying "Need to engage, play Pak, social media not sense of the nation".

Times of India leads with,"Pak-origin couple gun down 14 in California could be terror".

"Obama feels Modi honest.. has clear vision for India, says White House" writes the Indian Express.

Hindustan Times reports "NGO to watch over December 16 juvenile". Asian Age informs, villagers of Badaun reach Lucknow to seek help to ensure he does not return to the village.

"Delhi air pollution increases by 600% since October" is a front page story in the Pioneer. Asian Age states "Kids staying indoors also at risk".

Hindustan Times writes " Ageing commercial vehicle to be junked across country".  "2.7 million trucks face red light " from April 1, headlines the Business Standard.

Financial Express says "Multinationals' tax leeway set to shrink" as Government prepares to adopt new regime proposed by OECD & G-20 nations.

"YouTube opens first video production studio in India" covers the Hindu Business Line.

And finally, "Report traffic violation, earn free foreign trip " or bag a car, says the Hindu of a Delhi Traffic Police scheme to reward vigilant commuters & travellers.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Floods turn India's Chennai into an island

Floods turn India's Chennai into an island


    Pictures of the Chennai airport and roads submerged under water, cars floating and people huddled in boats moving to safer places capture the horror of the rain battered city on the front pages of all the papers. In a grim warning the Pioneer reports "No let up in nature's fury for next 72 hours". Highlighting the sheer magnitude of the problem, the Times of India states "345 millimeters in a day smashes 114 year record". Hgihlighting the seriousness of the central government's response, the Hindustan Times notes "PM Modi takes stock of the situation". Meanwhile the Indian Express reports that the National Green Tribunal has sounded an alarm over the pollution levels in Delhi under the caption "Delhi may need stay-at-home warnings for kids and elderly".
    The Supreme Court ruling that limits state governments' power to remit jail terms of convicts in cases of national importance without the Centre's approval is widely noticed in the press. In the backdrop of the Tamil Nadu government wanting to provide relief to the convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assasination case, The Hindustan Times quotes the apex court as saying "Release of Rajiv killers not for state to decide".
    The civic poll results in Gujarat are keenly tracked in the press. Summing up the results, the Pioneer states "Congress gains in rural areas, urban Gujarat stays with BJP". The Times of India analyzes the results to observe "BJP hit by Patel stir".
    As Justice T S Thakur takes over as the Chief Justice of India today. The Hindustan Times reports "Appointment of judges to be biggest challenge, says new CJI". The Times of India writes  "New CJI focuses on clean collegium, faster disposal".
    And Finally, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his joy at becoming the father of his new born child Max, in a very unique way."In Max joy of fatherhood, Mark donates 99% shares" reports the Pioneer. These shares are currently valued at a mind boggling 45 billion dollars.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

#chennairain: Narendra Modi convenes crisis meet amid political row over govt response - Livemint

Narendra Modi convenes crisis meet amid political row over govt response - Livemint


Newspapers today highlight the debate in Parliament on intolerance. The Pioneer quotes the Prime Minister as saying "Unity only way to take India forward". Times of India states "Prime Minister seeks to douse fire, but Rahul blazes away". The Asian Age writes " Rajnath hits out at critics, but vows to protect amity".

The Indian Express reports, a think tank funded by the Defence Ministry has noted that there is an "atmosphere of insecurity and alienation" and "secular" politics may be "key to stop polarisation".

Mail Today exposes how ISI spies used expensive gifts to get secrets out of security officials, on Skype, to avoid leaving any trail.

"Rajan keeps rates unchanged; wary of food inflation risks "leads the Hindu Business Line. Financial Express comments, "After Diwali fireworks, a quiet Christmas for RBI".

Times of India reports, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has backed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's case for India's growth, saying it will be unfair to ask developing countries to shift to low carbon strategies as long as clean energy costs much more than fossil fuels.

Papers also focus on Income tax and Enforcement Directorate raids on firms linked to P.Chidambaram's son Karti. "PC fumes as ED raids firms of son's friends" is how Times of India puts it.

"Sky opens up to deluge Tamil Nadu with woes" remarks the Pioneer on the unprecedented rains in Chennai.

And finally, The Business Standard reports of a reality show to make start-up dreams come true in Bengal", by providing young entrepreneurs their first round of funding.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

34 farmers, farm hands committed suicide every day in 2014 | Zee News

34 farmers, farm hands committed suicide every day in 2014 | Zee News


The opening day of the 12-day Climate Change Summit in Paris - the largest single-day gathering of Head of States or Government in history - that highlighted global commitment to the Climate Fight - is extensively covered by the Papers. "Prime Minister warns against unilateral steps", headlines the Statesman. "Modi to First World: We didnt start fire" reports The Asian Age. "Climate Change is not of our making: says Modi" is the lead headline in Hindustan Times.

Publishing a photograph on its front page - of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan's Nawaz Sharif chatting comfortably on a sofa during the Climate Summit - The Indian Express writes - 'First India-Pak meeting after Ufa talks in July.

The Hindu reports "As Modi-Sharif meet, Delhi Police link spy ring to Pakistan High Commission. The paper further adds that the two men arrested in the espionage racket in Jammu - said that they had been invited to Pakistan by their handler and told that their people at the Pakistan High Commission would help them.

The debate on 'intolerance' in the Lok Sabha yesterday, is also extensively covered. After a CPI(M) member made some remarks against the Home Minister, which were, later, expunged by the Lok Sabha speaker, the Asian Age reports "Rajnath seeks apology on Day 1 of intolerance debate".

The Economic Times top headline reads, "Made in India : Economy grows 7.4% in the September quarter".  The picking-up of economic pace has been helped by strong manufacturing - of 9.3% and signs of revival in investment, that are giving a timely boost to the Government as it makes a case for Reforms in Parliament, reports the paper.

Mail Today writes that Delhi's air quality is getting unhealthier by the day and that the Air Quality Index (AQI) had jumped to twice the hazard mark yesterday.

And finally, The Times of India informs us that in a ground breaking project, Israel is aiming to recreate a wine from the 'Marawi' and 'Jandali' grapes - that are traced to the third century, there by making a wine like the ancient one, that was perhaps, drunk by the likes of King David and Jesus Christ himself.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Outlook apologises to Rajnath Singh, says he never called 'Modi first Hindu leader in 800 years' | Latest News

Outlook apologises to Rajnath Singh, says he never called 'Modi first Hindu leader in 800 years' | Latest News


Newspapers discuss in detail the initiative of Paris to host the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change which begins today. The Hindu writes that there are raised expectations that the participation of nearly 150 Heads of States will bring about a 'good agreement'.

"Modi Sarkar hopes Sherpa Manmohan Singh may help it climb GST mountain", is the top headline in the  Economic Times. The government pins hopes on the wisdom of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to get the Congress to come around on the GST imbroglio.

The Pioneer reports that in his monthly radio program, Mann ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he proposes to put in place the "Ek Bharat, Shreshth Bharat" Scheme, aimed at strengthening the country's unity and harmony, and has invited suggestions in this regard on the portal

The Asian Age writes that India questioned correctness of the report published by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development on a roadmap for a 100 billion dollar a year climate change financing by 2020, which appears to have 'overstated its progress'.

The government could allow states a Say in Centrally Sponsored welfare Schemes, a measure that is in keeping with its promise of cooperative federalism and will enable State governments to focus on programmes that best meet their requirements, reports The Economic Times.

The Times of India reports that the Delhi Government is going to appeal in the Supreme Court against the High Court order on the CAG audit of discoms. The Delhi High Court had quashed on October 30th, the Kejriwal government's decision to get the accounts of three private power distribution companies audited by the Comptroller and Auditor General.

And finally,  Hindustan Times informs us that, the British Library and several institutions in India and Britain have come together for a major project that involves the digitisation of thousands of books.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Espionage racket with ISI links busted in Indian states | Asia Times

Espionage racket with ISI links busted in Indian states | Asia Times


Speculation about the fate of the Goods and Services Tax or GST Bill after Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Congress President Sonia Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh grabs front page attention. The Hindustan Times quotes the Congress as saying "GST demands not cast in stone". The front page lead in the Statesman reads "GST: Govt, Congress send positive signals".

The transfer order of a Haryana police officer after she had an argument with Haryana's Health Minister Anil Vij is highlighted in all the papers. "A day after spat with minister, Fatehabad police officer shifted" reports the Tribune. Drawing attention to the warning issued to the government by Haryana's Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Commission, the Indian Express writes "Dalit woman IPS officer shunted out, panel threatens case aganist minister".

 Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and former Finance Minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambram's comments on the Supreme Court ruling on Section 377 is widely noticed in the press. "SC must review Section 377 ruling, allow gay relationships: FM, PC" is the front page lead in the Times of India. The Hindustan Times quotes Mr Chidambram as also saying "Ban on Rushdie's book by Rajiv govt. was wrong".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's interaction with the media at a Diwali Milan function is prominently noticed with most papers carrying pictures of journalists taking selfies with the Prime Minister.

The spat between senior lawyer and Swaraj Abhiyan leader Prashant Bhushan and the Aam Aadmi Party over the Delhi Janlokpal bill 2015 is keenly tracked by the press. Summing up the confrontation, the Pioneer reports "Bhushan calls AAP's Lokpal Bill 'a big joke' : AAP says Bhushan opposing the Bill at the behest of BJP".

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's reported comments on Indo Pak dialogue during a meeting with his British counterpart David Cameron are keenly noticed in the press. The Times of India quotes Mr Sharif as having said "Ready for India talks without riders".

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ban on Rushdie’s Satanic Verses by Rajiv Govt Wrong: P Chidambaram

Ban on Rushdie’s Satanic Verses by Rajiv Govt Wrong: P Chidambaram - Latest Political News, Business, Sports News, Entertainment News World News, Features, Video and Infographics


The Prime Minister's tone in the Lok Sabha yesterday, which took the sting out of a prolonged Opposition attack on his Government over incidents of 'intolerance', as also the Prime Minister reaching out to the Congress leadership with an invitation to his residence for a meeting over tea yesterday - are the top news stories in the Press. In the Lok Sabha he said, 'India First' is the only Religion of his Government and the 'Constitution' the only Holy Book, reports the Statesman.

Economic Times writes, the Modi-Sonia-Manmohan Singh 'charcha' on Friday over Goods and Services Tax, yielded no immediate outcome but may have 'broken the ice'.

The Hindu informs us that the Government is mulling a new approach to ensure old-age income security for the poor, who have bank accounts but no access to social security schemes such as the Employees Provident Fund.

Asian Age reports that in a major reshuffle in the Congress Party's Punjab Unit ahead of the 2017 Assembly polls, former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh was, yesterday, appointed the new Punjab Congress Chief - after the resignation of Mr Pratap Singh Bajwa. Ambika Soni was made head of the Campaign Committee.

The Economic Times reports that the Government is looking to wind-up some sick Public Sector Enterprises and is also thinking of closing down two more including a unit of HMT and the Tyre Corportion of India Limited.

Hindustan Times writes that the Jharkhand Government's hastily rolled out National Food Security Act has suffered a major blow after several incidents of multiple fake ration cards were found to be issued to the same person. As many as 366 ration cards were inadvertently issued to one Chittranjan Mahto of Ranchi District, which officials termed 'a technical error'.

Why are more and more students drawn to the coaching factories of Kota every year, making these Educational Hubs a mandatory stopover for those chasing a seat in top-notch engineering and medical courses.

And finally, The Times of India writes of US billionaire Manoj Bhargava who has invented 'Free Electric', a human stationary cycle generator, which, when peddled for one hour, can run two lights and one fan all day long, without grid electricity.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

'Li-fi 100 times faster than wi-fi' - BBC News

'Li-fi 100 times faster than wi-fi' - BBC News


Parliament's Winter Session getting off to a heated start on the 26th, with a verbal face-off between Home Minister Raj Nath Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi, receives front page coverage. "Heated Debate Kicks off  Winter Session", headlines The Pioneer. The Indian Express writes " Government vs Opposition starts with Our Ambedkar vs Your Ambedkar", and The Times of India headline reads "Secularism is the most misused word in politics", says Rajnath.

The Financial Express reports that the Government is hopeful of passage of the Goods and Services Tax Bill in the Winter Session of parliament, claiming that 30 of the 32 parties have supported it, and is awaiting the Congress response on the key legislation. Business Line of the Hindu writes, "To meet Congress halfway, Government may accept 18% rate for GST".

Also on the issue of the Winter Session, The Asian Age writes - Giving out a clear signal to the Opposition that the Government is willing to debate all issues during the Winter Session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday said - there cannot be a bigger platform for dialogue than the Floor of the House.

Mail Today reports of banned harmful Khesari dal creeping back into NCR markets  as Arhar prices soar.  The Indian Express writes that the Chairman of The Indian Council for Historical Research - Mr.Y Sudershan Rao, has quit his post just 16 months into his term. Quoting government sources the paper attribute this to his being denied an honorarium of Rs.1.5 Lakh per month.

And finally, Times of India informs us that the Capital is all set to witness a contest of ideas between Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and his immediate predecessor P Chidambaram, as they square-off against a backdrop of books, ideas and literature when they kick-off the high-profile inaugural 'Times LitFest' in Delhi on Saturday.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Telangana govt claims record land prices at Hyderabad auction

Telangana govt claims record land prices at Hyderabad auction


    The begining of the winter session of Parliament, 3 Millitants and a Civilian being killed in a gunfight with Army Soldiers in Kupwara and Actor Aamir Khan clarifying his remark on "leaving India" plans are some lead stories in papers Today.
    "Government warms up to opposition; will discuss intolerance and GST in winter session", writes the Tribune.
    "Day after, protests spur Aamir into clarification-Proud of being an Indian, no plans to leave country, says actor", headlines the Pioneer.
    Many dailies have highlighted the UN weather agency's report stating that 2015 is set to be the hottest year on record. The agency has released this data earlier than usual as it says, it wants to inform negotiaters at the UN climate change conference in Paris.
    Under the headline "Skill India gets 1 Billion Dollars from World Bank", the Hindustan Times writes that this ambitions initiative will be funded by 6,600 crore rupees of World Bank money with activities ranging from improving skill training infra structure in underserved areas to facilitating foreign employment for Indian workers.
    To ensure that Children who run away from their homes or are trafficked can be reunited with their families, the Railway Ministry plans to create a website for children rescued in trains and stations.
    And finally, in eco friendly news, the Indian Express writes "Parliament to go paperless from today; all reports to be uploaded immediately after being tabled". The paper adds that this move was also push by security concerns surrounding bundles of reports getting piled up in corridors and stair cases.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Intolerance issue: Proud to be Indian, won't leave country, says Aamir Khan | Zee News

Intolerance issue: Proud to be Indian, won't leave country, says Aamir Khan | Zee News


The controversy over film star Amir Khan's comments about how his wife had wondered if they should leave the country in the face of growing intolerance gets top billing in most papers. Highlighting Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi's reaction the Indian Express states "No reason for Amir to leave, country wont let him go. The Tribune's banner headline reads "BJP calls Aamir 'co-actor' in Congress's anti-Modi plot". On Aamir getting political support from some quarters, the Times of India says "Rahul, Kejriwal back him...".

The shooting down of a Russian warplane by Turkey is prominently noticed on the front pages of most papers."Turkey shoots down Russian plane for violating airspace" reports the Hindu. The Asian Age takes note of Russian President Vladimir Putin's reaction as it writes "Furious Putin says its stab in back".

With the winter session of Parliament beginning tomorrow the press keenly tracks the government's approach to getting the Goods and Services Tax or GST Bill passed in Parliament. While the Asian Age reports "Government ready to discuss GST with Opposition", the Hindustan Times quotes Finance Minister Arun Jaitley as saying "Congress suggestion on specifying tax rate is preposterous".

The Supreme Court's order on trademark practices is highlighted in most papers. The Indian Express reports the Supreme Court as saying in it's order "Gods, religious texts cant be trademarked".

The Times of India takes note of a significant move by the Supreme Court in a child sexual abuse case where the accused was allowed to bring on record taped telephonic conversations to prove his innocence. The paper states "For the first time, SC admits taped phone chat as defence : for a decade, only prosecution enjoyed the legal privilege".

And finally...the government's plan to increase maternity leave for working women from the existing 12 weeks to 26 weeks is widely noticed in the press. "Government to make new mommies smile with 26 week leave plan" writes the Hindustan Times.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Telangana 9th state to declare drought as rural distress worsens - Livemint

Telangana 9th state to declare drought as rural distress worsens - Livemint


Most newspapers this morning lead with an Intelligence report that says ISIS considers its Indian fighters inferior to Arabs. The Asian Age writes " ISIS uses its Indian recruits as expendables". Pioneer quotes US Ambassador to India, Richard Verma as saying, "Inclusiveness keeps Indian Muslims from joining ISIS"

"Terror kills economies, Modi says in Singapore " notes the Hindustan Times.

The paper also reports " Silence rules Brussels as lockdown continues " with Belgian Police continuing their hunt for a fugitive suspect in the Paris attacks.

" Army's new strategy in anti-terrorist operations in Jammu and Kashmir paying dividends " writes the Pioneer.

Most papers report of the Chopper crash in Katra, with photographs.The Tribune informs, the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau will probe the crash.

Sheena Bora murder case also receives front page attention. "Peter told Rahul to 'move on' "is the lead in the Hindustan Times. The Hindu cites, e-maill trail shows Peter evaded son Rahul's questions. Times of India reports, " Peter flown to Delhi, may face lie-detector test".

Under the headline," The Great Indian Dal scam " Mail Today cites a special probe revealing a hoarding cartel across Asia and Africa.

After having gone viral of the image of Arvind Kejriwal embracing Lalu Prasad Yadav, Delhi CM Kejriwal sought to defend his anti-graft credentials saying "Lalu pulled and hugged me" quotes the Tribune."

Joining the debate over "rising intolerance" Actor Aamir Khan says his "wife feared for son, asked if they should leave India" writes The Times of India on its front page.

And finally, Hindustan Times, in a box item on its front page, reports on the  busting of a fake path lab next to AIIMS, which had been doing roaring businesss over the past seven years, handing out fake reports with forged signatures.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

IS feels Indian recruits inferior to Arabs: Reports

IS feels Indian recruits inferior to Arabs: Reports


    The ASEAN leaders launching an EU style economic bloc ASEAN Economic Community (AEC),a single market with a free flow of goods, capital and skilled labour in the region makes for front page news in most of the papers today.
    The papers also report of the different meetings addressed by the prime minister at Kuala Lumpur.The Hindu quotes him as saying "Give no shelter to terrorists"."Delink religion from terrorism,urges PM" writes the Asian Age.
    The papers take note of Bangladesh executing two opposition leaders on Sunday for war crimes during the countries 1971 independence conflict with Pakistan. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Foundation laid for police command control centre in Hyderabad | Business Standard News

Foundation laid for police command control centre in Hyderabad | Business Standard News


    All the news papers today mention of PM-Modi's call for anti-terror front at ASEAN summit

    "Modi woos investors,call for anti-terror synergy at ASEAN" writes the Financial Express on its front page.

    French President's visit to India as a Republic Day guest is mentioned in almost all the dailies. "Hollande to be 2016R-Day chief guest" writes Sunday Times

    In its lead story on front page, Sunday Times writes "Brussels goes into lockdown fearing a Paris-style attack." Brussels shut the Metros, postpones football matches and warns citizens to avoid shopping centres, airports, train stations and concerts.

    And finally, In Sunday Special Hindustan Times mentions The war on back-breaking school bags has been on for a over a two decades now, but little has been done to reduce the load on the young backs and now soon Schools are going to help kids shed baggage.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Russia and Syria join forces to bomb Isis

Russia and Syria join forces to bomb Isis


     Front pages prominently cover the storming of a deluxe hotel in Bamako in Mali by armed militants, keeping hostage 170 people within the hotel. "27 killed as special forces storm hotel, free hostages" headlines the Hindu. On the fate of the 20 Indian hostages, the Asian Age writes "In Mali 20 Indians evacuated, safe".

    The other major story in the press this morning is of the swearing-in of Nitish Kumar for a third term along with his new cabinet. Hindustan Times reports that the ceremony also saw the complete comeback of RJD Chief Lalu Prasad with 80 MLA's and his son Tejashvi as Deputy Chief Minister and his other son Tej Pratap taking over as health minister in the new cabinet.

    The plot behind the gruesome killing of Sheena Bora thickened on Friday as the CBI accused former media tycoon Peter Mukherjea of playing an active and important role in the elimination of his step daughter and charged him with murder and conspiracy, reports the Pioneer.

    A Delhi court has summoned from Delhi University and the Election Commission - the records and educational qualifications of the Union Minister for Human Resources and development Smiriti Irani after a freelance writer complained that Ms Irani had given different educational qualifications in affidavits filed while filing her nomination for the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha polls reports The Hindu.

    The Times of India writes "Trouble seems to be mounting for Vijay Mallya. State Bank of India - the largest lender to the defunct airline Kingfisher - has declared the carrier, its promoter Vijay Mallya - and United Breweries Holdings as wilful defaulters and is set to launch a money laundering probe against Mallaya and Kingfisher Airline.

    "End Pay Commissions, says Pay Commission Chairman", is a headline in the Financial Express. Justice A K Mathur, Chairman of the 7th Pay Commission said that the Centre could discontinue the practice of appointing Pay Commission's every 10 years to suggest salary revisions, and instead, the government could have a mechanism for annual increments in salaries.

     And finally, Hindustan Times informs us that the Delhi government, in order to ferry more passengers and combat the problem of shortage of drivers, is planning to ply buses double the normal size, on specific identified routes.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mali Attack: 22 dead after Islamist gunmen seize 100 guests at Radisson Blu hotel, 'no more hostages' - Firstpost

Mali Attack: 22 dead after Islamist gunmen seize 100 guests at Radisson Blu hotel, 'no more hostages' - Firstpost:


The 7th Pay Commission report which was presented to the government yesterday grabs the attention of the press. "Massive 23.55% raise for Central govt staff" reports the Asian Age. With the pay panel recommending that the All India Services and other Group A officers should be eligible for empanelment under the central staffing scheme after completing 17 years of service, the Times of India notes "Dissent in panel over IAS losing 2 year edge". The Hindustan Times notices an interesting recommendation as it reports "Good news for single fathers soon, may be granted child leave care".

With Rahul Gandhi challenging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action against him regarding the allegations about his British citizenship, the Indian Express says "Winter session heat : Rahul dares PM, BJP says he is rattled and running away".

News of the CBI having arrested Peter Mukherjea, the husband of Indirani Mukherjea, the prime accused in the Sheena Bora murder case is splashed across the front pages of most papers. The Times of India states "His inconsistent replies, drivers statement led to CBI move".

With the stage set for Nitish Kumar to be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bihar today, the Mail Today reports "Nine CMs to attend Nitish's oath ceremony". Meanwhile the Hindu highlights Lok Janshakti Party chief Ram Vilas Paswan's analysis of the NDA's defeat in the Bihar elections and quotes him as saying "Bhagwat, Dadri did us in".

After the much publicised return of Indian national Geeta from Pakistan to reunite her with her family, the Pioneer notes "Geeta's DNA does not match with Mahatos".

The Business Line has an interesting economic statistic. The paper writes "Only 400 gms in Modi's gold deposit scheme so far".

The death of the mastermind of the Paris terror attacks  in a major police raid is widely noticed. "Paris plotter Abaaoud dead in police raid" states the Tribune. In growing concerns about new forms of possible terrorist attacks the Pioneer caption reads "French PM warns of risk of chemical, biological attack".

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

ISIS are preparing a CHEMICAL attack, warns French PM, as US security sources confirm the terrorists are working on producing the deadly weapons

ISIS are preparing a CHEMICAL attack, warns French PM, as US security sources confirm the terrorists are working on producing the deadly weapons


    The story of Paris hunting down its attackers gets top billing in almost all the newspapers this morning."Paris hunts suspects down" writes the Indian Express."Paris hounds mastermind"leads the Pioneer."Two killed in Paris raids"writes the Statesman.
    Another story that is covered prominently by the papers is that of Pakistan born LeT David Coleman Headley who conducted a recce of targets for the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai will be tried by a special sessions (TADA) court for his role in those attacks ater a hiatus of nearly seven years.
    The Statesman quotes the prime minister Narendra Modi as saying "Global efforts needed to choke terror funds."
    All the papers have reported of Justice Tirath Singh Thakur who had led the Supreme Court Bench which delivered a verdict on reforming the Indian Cricket Board being appointed the Chief Justice of India. He will take oath on December 3.
    The Pioneer and the Asian Age reports on their front pages that the Union Cabinet  on Wednesday approved more government jobs and doles for Kashmiri migrants.
    "Rahul Gandhi's nationality issue back in focus"writes the Business Line.The Indian Express too carries this story on its front page.
    The Hindustan Times reports that a proof of identity may soon be a must for joining a matrimonial website with the government working on guidelines to regulate online matchmaking market as complaints of fake profiles, cyber stalking and cheating rise.
    "Government frees mining in non forest areas"reports the Hindustan Times, reversing a UPA introduced rule considered a major roadblock in fast execution  of mining leases for coal and other major minerals.
    Times of India reports that German will now be taught in Kendriya Vidhyalayas as an additional language following the Union Cabinets approval on Wednesday.
    And finally, the Times of India carries a heartwarming and inspiring story of a 95% disabled, JNU scholar Akashansh Gupta or Bunty Dada as he is known on the campus, battling huge odds to get his PhD.

IS shows photo of Russian plane bomb

IS shows photo of Russian plane bomb


    The aftermath of the Paris attacks and Moscow, confirming a bomb downed its plane in Egypt, take top spot in the press today.
    Egypt plane bombed from within" the Pioneer quotes Russia. Hindustan Times headlines "Putin vows revenge for Sinai plane terror strike". Times of India writes, "First since World War-II: Russia and France join hands, pound IS".
    "IS - backed attack possible in India " according to the government, is the lead in the Indian Express. The Hindu reports, "IS posts audio message in Bengali", appeared to have been made for Bangladesh.
    "Colonel martyred in Kupwara encounter ", the second Commanding Officer to fall to terror bullets in 10 months, writes The Pioneer.
    The paper also reports, "Ayodhya movement architect no more", on the VHP leader, Ashok Singhal's demise.
    Hindustan Times informs "Private schools asking for donations face huge fines", also reporting "7th Pay Panel report could be out on Friday".
    "Airfares to go up , 25 percent Aviation Turbine Fuel hike in Delhi ", reports The Asian Age.
    The Pioneer states, "Can reprobe clean chit to Tytler in 1984 riots, CBI tells court".
    "Noodles launched by Ramdev have no approval, says FSSAI" , writes The Indian Express.
    The Hindu reports according to a new study not just their victims, even bullies themselves are at an increased risk for anxiety, depression and eating disorders. While in another first, researchers from the University of Washington, have refrigerated water and other liquids with laser in real world conditions. The team used an infra-red laser to cool water by about 2.2. degree Celsius.
    And finally, Indian Express , in a Page One Anchor, covers the story of a group of Doctors from AIIMS who left Delhi to bring affordable healthcare to Chhattisgarh in 1997, using appropriate technology to reach the poorest of the poor.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Russia Says Bomb Downed Plane in Egypt and Intensifies Attacks on ISIS

Russia Says Bomb Downed Plane in Egypt and Intensifies Attacks on ISIS


    Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address at the G-20 summit in Turkey in the backdrop of the terror attacks in Paris gets top billing in most papers. The Hindu quotes Mr Modi as saying "Delink terror and religion". The Pioneer quoting Mr. Modi writes "Some nations use terror as foreign policy".
    Probe into the terror attacks in Paris is keenly tracked in the press. The Indian Express reports "Paris cracks down: 23 arrested in 168 raids". The Tribune says "27 year old Belgian plotted attacks". Highlighting the warning contained in a new video released by ISIS, the Times of India reports "IS threatens to hit Washington, says more attacks are coming in Europe".
    President Pranab Mukherjee's comments on the occasion of the National Press Freedom Day in the backdrop of writers and artistes returning their awards against what they call growing intolerance in the country are prominently noticed in the press. The Asian Age quotes the President as saying "Debate issues but cherish honours"."
    In a special story captioned "Modi govt. finalizes fresh policy on farm insurance" the Hindustan Times writes that the new policy proposes lower premiums and simpler norms for prompt payments.
    BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy's allegation about Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi's foreign citizenship gets traction in the press. "Swamy claims Rahul a British citizen" reports the Asian Age. Highlighting the Congress's reaction the Pioneer writes "Congress rejects allegation as dirty tricks".
    New guidelines have been formulated for groundwater extraction in the country. The Hindustan Times reports "No extraction of water where piped supply exists, industries banned in zones of scarcity".
    Passing away of veteran actor Saeed Jaffrey is prominently noticed in the press. The Indian Express in its obituary observes "Nawab to paanwala, East to West, he straddled roles, regions with ease".
    And finally....there's been a great surge in the number of Indian students enrolling in American colleges. The Financial Express states US FDI in India is half the amount that Indians students pay to American colleges and universities.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paris attacks: 'France will destroy IS' - Hollande

Paris attacks: 'France will destroy IS' - Hollande


    The Paris attacks continue to dominate headlines this morning.The papers are abuzz with reports and photographs of the carnage and its aftermath."Paris picks up the pieces the day after bloodbath"writes the Hindustan Times."5 nations join hunt for culprits,France says some still at large"leads the Asian Age.
    The G -20 meet in Turkey is also covered prominently by all the newspapers on their front pages. The Times of India reports that it turned into an anti-terror meet with all the leaders calling for joint action. The Indian Express quotes the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as saying "Let's unite against terror now" at the meet.
    The Hindustan Times reports that India will take a tough stand at the climate talks in Paris next month. The paper reports that New Delhi is looking for a pact that is "balanced, comprehensive" and under the "principles of the two decade old United Nations climate convention."
    The Hindu, in its bottom spread, reports of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha observing  Nathuram Godse's day of hanging as Balidan Diwas. The Pioneer on its front page reports, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) condemning Mahatma Gandhi's assassin Nathuram Godse  under the head "Murderer Godse must not be honoured: RSS"
    The Times of India quotes Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav as saying "Bihar-like grand alliance possible in UP".
    The Pioneer in a bizarre story reports that an owner of a small tyre repair shop in Haryana's Faridabad was handed over an electricity bill of over 77 crore rupees leaving him utterly shocked. The officials blamed the bill on technical and computer glitches, officials were suspended.
    A major sports story covered by the papers this morning is that of Mitchel Starc bowling the quickest delivery recorded in tests to New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor at the WACA on Sunday.
    The Hindustan Times reports that the Swachh Bharat Cess kicks in. The 0.5 per cent to fund the clean India initiative came into effect on Sunday. There are now 27 such levies, with one dating back to 1953.
    The Times of India reports that under the Amrit programme launched by the Health Ministry over 200 cancer drugs, 186 medicines to treat Cardiovascular diseases and 148 stents and Cardiac implants will now be available at Central Government hospitals at prices 50 to 60 per cent lower than the open market.
    And finally, The Times of India reports that feeding birds in parks may not only negatively affect their health and behaviour but also help spread diseases in humans, a new study suggests.

Monday, November 16, 2015

French launch "massive" anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria

French launch "massive" anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria

Newspapers Headlines

    Friday night's orchestrated and co-ordinated terrorist assault at diverse locations in Paris, prominently covered by Papers. "France savaged, world shocked", headlines Hindustan Times, adding that the French President called it An act of war that was prepared, organised, and planned from abroad, with internal help. Times of India reports that 29 persons have been killed and Islamic State has claimed  responsibility for the act.
    Hindustan Times notes that Indian security agencies have asked their US, European and West Asian counterparts with technical or human surveillance in Islamic State-held territories in Iraq and Syria, to help estimate the number of Indians fighting for the so-called Caliphate of Abu Bakar Baghdadi.
    "Prime minister and Rajnath Singh pay glowing tribute to Pandit Nehru" writes the Times of India, at his 126th birth anniversary on Saturday,with glowing tribute to his role in the Indian freedom Struggle.
     The Statesman writes that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to raise issues related to terrorism, climate change and global cooperation to unearth black money, during the two day G-20 Summit, that begins today at the Turkish resort town of Antalya. Leaders from 20 top economies of the world are expected to attend the summit.
     President Pranab Mukerjee, while inaugurating the 35th India International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan on Saturday, asserted that the India Economy has withstood Global challenges and has the  potential of becoming a 10 Trillion Dollar economy by 2030-35. "President says Make in India key to Growth."
    "Come December, Documentation in Delhi will become easier", writes The Hindu. In what is seen as a significant paradigm shift in the way its departments currently deliver various services and documentations to the citizens of Delhi, the AAP government has decided to make a dozen of the most sort-after documents accessible, with minimal hassle, and at the shortest possible time frame. As an example, third party attestation is to be replaced by self-attestation.
    And finally, The Indian Express quotes Prime Minister Narendra Modi -as saying 'My Hindustan is in Alwar's Imran Khan', to a packed audience in Wembley Stadium in London. The Prime Minister had praised Imran Khan, a humble tailor in Alwar who studied as a child under a lantern in his village home.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris terror attack: Syrian passport found on terrorist's body belonged to refugee smuggled through Greece

Paris terror attack: Syrian passport found on terrorist's body belonged to refugee smuggled through Greece


    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with his UK counterpart David Cameron figure on the front page of most dailies. 'Pulao, power hand shake and a Wembley bow' writes the Times Of India. While the Financial Express shows the Indian Prime Minister with top CEO's, the Hindu, the Pioneer and the Economic Times show him with Queen Elizabeth at the Buckingham Palace. 'After breaking bread with queen, Modi rocks Wembley' writes the Economic Times.
    But back home, there are rumblings within the BJP as more people back veterans, informs the Asian Age. 'BJP firefights amid growing party dissent' headlines the Tribune.
    Nitish kumar all set to lead the grand alliance is reported by the Asian Age and the Tribune.
    A slump in commodity prices is highlighted by the business dailies. 'Sensex sheds 256 points on weak macro data' says the Hindu business line, while the Business Standard writes 'Commodities' crash, stocks feel the heat'.
    A landslide win for Suu Kyi's party in Myanmar polls is widely covered by the press. 'Finally democracy wins in Myanmar' writes Mail Today.
    The death of Islamic states dreaded masked executioner finds place in almost all papers. Jihadi John killed by US drones writes the Statesman.
    An elderly couple found murdered in their South Delhi home, reported by many dailies, brings our attention to how unsafe the national capital can be.
    The VHP holding protests across Karnataka over the state Government observing the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan and the recent violence in Madikari is reported by the Tribune.
    And finally, in a welcome move, the Indian express writes on its front page "Delhi sweepers to fly to Japan and South Korea for hygiene lessons". Can we then expect a cleaner India? lets hope so!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

PM Modi reaches out to NRIs, says headlines not the barometer to assess India

PM Modi reaches out to NRIs, says headlines not the barometer to assess India


    Prime Minister Narendra Modi's three day visit to the United Kingdom dominates the front pages. "Nuclear to finance, cities to skills : Modi and Cameron draw out 9 billion pound roadmap" states the Indian Express. Highlighting his interaction with the media in London, the Pioneer quotes Mr Modi as saying "No room for intolerance in India". On India's concerns about Sikh radicals in the UK, the Mail Today reports "Section of Sikh diaspora in England funding Khalistani terror groups, India shares dossier with Cameron government".

    The press keenly tracks developments within the BJP after some party veterans including L K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi demanded that responsibility be fixed for the party's performance in the Bihar assembly elections. "Rajnath against punishing veterans for Bihar remarks" reports the Times of India. The Indian Express writes "Bihar defeat setback, will hear seniors out says Ram Madhav".

    The controversy over Girish Karnad's remarks at the birth anniversary celebrations of the 18th century Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan continues to be tracked by the papers. "Karnad, BJP MP get death threats, Tipu row escalates" reads the headline in the Asian Age.

    The Hindustan Times in a special story reports that the Supreme Court has held that a wife becomes the absolute owner of property willed to her for maintenance by her husband and the rights to the property would not go back to male heirs of the deceased husband.

    Some not so good news on the economic front. "Retail inflation rises to 5% in October on dearer food items, industrial output slackens to a 4 month low of 3.6% in September" states the Pioneer. If you are a frequent traveller some important news for you. The Asian Age says "Rail ticket cancellation charge doubled". Some good news for air travellers. The Tribune and other papers report that if you fly with only hand baggage you may get cheaper tickets according to a new policy approved by the DGCA.

    In a story captioned "India tops Facebook's list of content restriction requests" the Hindu writes that India restricted 15,155 pieces of content from January to June,2015. And of a unique resolution to the man-animal conflict. The Statesman reports that residents of a KArbi Anglong village in Assam have emptied their village and shifted elsewhere to provide a safe passage for elephants.