Sunday, December 6, 2015

Islamic State says California killers of 14 were their followers - | The Star Online

Islamic State says California killers of 14 were their followers - | The Star Online


Most of the newspapers have focussed on the proposed policy of the Delhi government whereby the vehicular traffic is being sought to be halved from 1st January 2016 to combat the menace of air pollution. "Your car'll be off road for half the days" says The Times of India. The paper reports that odd and even numbered registration plates would be allowed to run on the roads on alternate days. Most papers are skeptical about it's success. The Times of India opines that the plan may fail if people buy more cars as a result of this policy. The Pioneer raises similar doubts in its story headlined "Who will bell the cat?" and adds that experts have raised doubt about implementation of the ill-conceived plan. "Action a knee-jerk reaction, says BJP" reports the Asian Age.

Hindustan Times front page focusses on the interactions held during the opening day of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. "Modi defines his vision on reforms" headlines the paper. Quoting the Prime Minister, the paper says that there is no one right way to making economic progress and even small steps like switch to LED bulbs and efforts to curb kerosene use is a success in this regard.

"Chennai struggles to get even the bare essentials" is the Hindu Business Line headline. The paper reports that without power or telecom services, debit and credit cards did not work and many ATMs ran out of cash or did not work. This created a ripple effect as cash, water, milk, fuel were all in short supply in the city. Reporting on another shocking side-effect of the Chennai rain, the Asian Age headlines "18 die in Chennai ICU as power for oxygen fails". Adding that the accident occurred  because the generators in the basement stopped working.

"Small savings may yield lower interest". The Pioneer story under this headline reckons that the government may soon reduce the rates on small savings schemes. However the rates for senior citizen and girl child are likely to be kept unchanged.   And finally, after the Swachh app for ensuring cleanliness, the Delhi government has launched a mobile based application to rescue homeless people during winter. Where Users can initiate a rescue operation by taking a picture and posting it on the app. The server will automatically detect the location of the person and the nearest rescue team will reach the location

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