Thursday, December 31, 2015

Facebook fights for free Internet in India, global test-case

Facebook fights for free Internet in India, global test-case


    The Delhi High Court asking the Delhi Govt. why two wheelers and women drivers be exempt from the odd/even curbs that come into effect on Delhi's roads from tomorrow ,the Govt. making the PM's approval mandatory for suspending IAS officers and Delhi Govt. Sr. bureaucrats going on Mass leave today are some lead stories in papers today.
    Referring to the implementation of the odd/even rule in Delhi, The Indian Express says "Big day tomorrow: 3 fold spike in e auction of car numbers", while The Times of India writes "Odd-even violaters won't get to park in the city, says govt.- adding Once challaned, car must go off road in 2 hrs."
    "Top Delhi government Babus to go on Mass leave today" says the Hindustan Times, writing that this is in protest against the alleged illegal" Suspension of two colleagues by the AAP government.
    "Honest Babu's need not fear, as Prime Minister has their back", opines the Pioneer, reporting on the news that the PM's nod is a must for suspending IAS officers working under the Central Government.
    The Times of India writes that according to the CAG, a significant part of the Cesses and other levies have remained un-utilized or have been diverted for other purposes.
    "Sex Ratio dips- Jains and Sikhs buck the trend " says The Times of India. The paper writes that according to fresh census data released yesterday, Hindus show the biggest decline among all religious communities, in a chilling reminder for the continuing need for more robust action to save the girl child.

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