Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Coldest December Day in 17 years in Delhi


The Economic Times reports that at the end of 2013, the RBI has warred of a lurking loan contagion.  The paper says, higher than normal bank loan exposure to corporate groups may end up putting the entire financial system at risk as a loan default could spiral out of control.
"Time is up for Service Tax Evaders" cautions The Hindu. The paper writes that with the Voluntary compliance and encouragement scheme coming to an end today, the Union Govt has warned service tax evaders of "arrest and prosecution" from January 1st.
In a report "Indian staff at US Mission have pay issues", the Asian Age writes that even while the complete salary details of the Indian employees of the US embassy and its consulates are still awaited, complaints from these employees have started trickling in.
Brand Amul to spread to America, "writes The Hindu's Business Line. The paper says that come February, the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing federation which owns and markets the Amul brand will start manufacturing its products from a plant near New York.
"Coldest December Day in 17 years in Delhi", says the Times of India, adding that at just 2.4 degrees Celsius, Delhi not only recorded its lowest December temperature, it was colder than many European cities like London, Copenhagen, Brussils and Amsterdam.
And finally, the Indian Express reports of a Cinderella story for a govt girls school in Kerala, patronised by students from poor families seeking free education. The paper writes that a group of unlikely benefactors - a CPM MLA, a Dubai based NRI, IIM kozhikoda, ISRO and Infosis have helped the Government Vocational Higher Secondary School in Kozhikoda become one of the 10 best schools in the country.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Delhi dares to hope


Almost all papers carry on their front pages the news of Delhi's new Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. "AAP arrival forces BJP rethink." "Delhi dares to hope", says the Asian Age. "Succor in 10 days - Chief Minister", reads the Pioneer's headline.
The Hindustan Times reports that former Prime Minister late Lal Bahadur Shastri's grandson Adarsh, pop star Remo Fernandes, and former Samajwadi party leader Kamal Farooqui, have lined up to join Aam Admi Party.
Narendra Modi blamed the UPA Govt for lack of development in Jharkhand and launched a veiled attack on Rahul Gandhi for playing the role of 'an akashvani' instead fo dealing with the mess of price rise and corruption wrought as a result of wrong UPA policies, says Hindustan Times.
Most papers carry pictures of the observation of the 1st death anniversary of the rape victim of December 16, 2012 by the civil society by way of candle light vigils.
Ironically, in the Hindu next to the December 16 braveheart story is the report that after Congress leader Sushil Sharma, and former Haryana Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala, Manu Sharma is the third high profile convict to be released from jail this month on different grounds.
On a positive note, over 5,000 Tihar jail inmates were trained by the Art of Living Foundation in a course from 26th December to 29th December, leading to a soothing effect on them, reports the Hindu.
We all know Farooq Sheikh as a fine actor, but he was also a quiet philanthropist. The Indian Express carries a story on Shruti Kamble, whose two sons' education had been funded by the late actor after she lost her husband in November 2008 terror attack. She found only now that it was Farooq Sheikh who was their benefactor.
And finally, the Times of India reports of a 24-year old Ram Lal from Tohana in Fatehabad who scaled Mount Everest in May this year. Today, he sells vegetables to fend for family as he awaits the five lakh rupee award announced by the Haryana Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda, which is yet to come.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Simple Simon Kejri snubs show. Red beacon, PSO Culture go, call on 700 litres of free water by Monday and power tariff cut by Wednesday


"Simple Simon Kejri snubs show. Red beacon, PSO Culture go, call on 700 litres of free water by Monday and power tariff cut by Wednesday" reads the Sunday Pioneer headline. The papers adds that Arvind Kejriwal Delhi's new Chief Minister who is the catalyst for heralding a new era of politics of governance, cautioned his party workers to ensure that their feet should be kept on the ground even as he said that AAP did not have magic wand for all ills.
The Hindu reports the gruesome tragedy in which 26 passengers of Bangalore -Nanded Express were burnt alive may have been caused by an electrical short - circuit. The paper has shown picture of the burning coach captured by an eyewitness on his mobile camera.
Multi faceted actor Farooq Shaikh's death due to heart attack in Dubai has been reported, along with his photograph, by almost all newspapers. The Sunday Times covers it under the headline "Farooq Shaikh, aam aadmi of Indian Cinema, dead".
The Prithviraj Chavan led Maharashtra government is finding itself increasingly cornered on its decision to a judicial panels scathing report on the Adarsh scam. After Rahul, Sonia Gandhi has indicated that Maharashtra government will reconsider its decision writes the Mail Today.
And finally, according to the Times of India 87 year old Hedge fund multi - millionaire Robert Wilson leapt from the 16th floor of his apartment building in New York, after giving away his 800 million dollars fortune to not-for-profit environmental advocacy group - the Environmental Defence fund.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

NDMC top brass gets a feel of new govt - Kejriwal questions them, in public


Arvind Kejriwal's swearing in ceremony to be held today is splashed across the front pages of most dailies. "Kejriwal comes to power riding on Aam Aadmi's transport" writes the Pioneer, as the chief minister designate intends to go in the metro to Ramlila Maidan. The Indian Express shows Kejriwal at a Mohalla sabha in Delhi, with the NDMC secretary in tow . "NDMC top brass gets a feel of new govt - Kejriwal questions them, in public" writes the paper. The Asian Age reports a sting operation which showed some govt files being burnt in fear of Kejriwal, as the new CM intends to open all corruption cases "AAP over Apple" writes the Economics Times, as it reports of Lal Bahadur Shastri's grandson, leaving a cushy corporate job to join the Aam Admi Party.
"Modi bares his heart on riot pain - blogs about anguish after 2002 violence but stops short of an apology" is the Mail Today headline. "Modi says that he was shaken to the core by the riots" writes the Hindu.
Rahul Gandhi's press conference yesterday figures in all dailies. "Rahul slams Maharashtra govt for rejecting Adarsh report - tells CM to reconsider decision" is the lead in the Times of India.
"Congress unleashes wholesale reform of fruit and veggie mandis" is the Financial Express headline, adding that removing these items from APMC act will slash inflation.
As a consequence of the Devyani episode, subsidy to all US diplomats withdrawn is reported by the Economic Times "Devyani fire turns off supply of cheap gas  to foreigners", writes the paper.
Do you know which is the most prosperous city in India?  Well, a credit rating agency has concluded that it is Gurgaon, says the Times of India.
Nursery admission guidelines relaxed for admission in Delhi schools is reported by many papers. "Nursery distance rule revised to 8 km" writes the Hindustan Times.
And finally, though laughter is supposed to be the best medicine, the Times of India writes, "its possible to die laughing", as uncontrolled laughter can lead to cardiac rapture and can prove fatal.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Modi's march clears riot hurdle


Restrictions imposed on the American Embassy and its staff by the Indian Foreign Ministry in the aftermath of the Khobragade issue are highlighted by the Press. "Tough talking Delhi denies diplomatic privileges to Ambassador Powel. India sets Taxmen loose on US Embassy", under that headline Mail Today writes that US Ambassador in India Nancy Powel cancelled her scheduled trip to Nepal after she was refused special privileges at the airport.
 Narendra Modi getting a 'clean chit' in the Gulbarg Massacre case after a protest petition by Zakia Jafri, widow of slain leader Ehsan Jafri, in a Metropolitan Magistrate court in Ahmedabad, is also covered by the Press. Hindustan Times writes "Modi's march clears riot hurdle".
The Indian Express reports that three days after Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav remarked that those in relief camps in Muzaffarnagar were not riot victims but people instigated by the BJP and Congress, a committee appointed by the Uttar Pradesh Govt has found that as many as 34 children have died in relief camps since September 7.
 Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi's Chief Minster To-be Arvind Kejriwal has called upon 'honest' and 'dynamic' bureaucrats to contact him through SMS or e-mail for future assignments in the Delhi govt, writes the Hindu. "I don't have a magic wand to solve all the problems in one go, but if good, honest and dynamic people join us, nothing is impossible." That is what the paper quotes Mr. Kejriwal as saying at a Janta Darbar outside his residence yesterday.
Hindustan Times reports that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has decided to address a press conference in early January; ahead of the all India Congress Committee session on Jan 17 that will see the clamor for formally naming Rahul Gandhi as the Party's Prime Ministerial candidate.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Most Surprising Photos of 2013

The Most Surprising Photos of 2013


    Indian Army initiating court-martial proceedings against six of its men in the Machchil encounter case figures prominently in newspaper headlines today. A military court will try six soldiers including a Colonel and a Major for gunning down three civilians in North Kashmir's Machhil are a in 2010, reports Hindustan Times.
    Aam Admi Party's convener Arvind Kejriwal scheduled swearing in as the seventh Chief Minister of Delhi this Saturday at the Ramlila Maidan is a prominent headline story in almost all papers. The Indian Express and other papers say that AAP promises 700 liters of free water daily to every household within 24 hours, and passage of Jan Lokpal Bill within 15 days of assuming office.
    The Times of India writes that although inflation has been an area of concern for some years, a study has shown that school fees have seen the most dramatic spike in the last nine years, of  about 433 per cent.
    From a barren piece of land in 2004, to a lush green sanctuary hosting birds, mammals, reptiles and rare Ayurvedic plants, butterflies and insects, the Aaravali Biodiversity Park  is the most incredible transformation that Delhi has seen so far says Mail Today. Spread across 692 acres in Vasant Kunj area, the park has been rejuvenated by the DDA writes Mail Today.
    The Tribune has a unique story about a village in Haryana where in smoking has not been allowed for the past 400 years. The village Bulla Kheri in Jind has excommunicated many of its residents along with their families  for smoking adds the paper.
    The Delhi Police on Tuesday evening traced a group of six minor children hours after they went missing from West Delhi's Uttam Nagar. The Asian Age, Tribune and Hindu have reported that the children left their homes in the morning without informing their parents, visited India Gate and some cine malls in the New Delhi area, had dinner at a Gurudwara and spent the night in a park. A mega search and photographs posted on Zipnet helped in the recovery of these Children.
    And finally, the Indian Express writes about the world's first standing classroom launched in Australia. As part of an experiment by the heart and diabetes Institute in a unique effort to combat childhood obesity and Type-II diabetes, a primary school in Melbourne has been fitted with adjustable desks that allow children to sit or stand says the paper.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

School kids at risk as city air is most toxic at dawn


Referring to rumblings in the Congress over supporting the Aam Aadmi Party growing louder, the Times of India headlines - "Swearing at before swearing in" - "Congress mistake? General Secretary admits some opposed to supporting AAP".
"India limits US diplomats immunity to bring it at par" - "Revokes privileges for their kin", says the Pioneer.
The Hindu reports that at the meeting yesterday in Wagah the DGMO's of India & Pakistan reiterated the resolve of commitment of both sides to continue efforts for ensuring ceasefire, & tranquility on the LOC.
In a report titled 'school kids at risk as city air is most toxic at dawn', the Hindustan Times writes that children going to school in the early morning hours have become innocent victims of Delhi's worsening air pollution & smog problem with a 25% surge in the number of kids suffering from breathing problems.
And finally, with Christmas cheer here & it being the season of giving, The Times of India questions "Toys as gifts? Actually now, even 3 years old want gadgets like cellphones, i pads and notebooks as gifts!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kejri's power trip begins


"Kejri's power trip begins" reads the lead headline of today's Mail Today.  Arvind Kejriwal bit the ballot, finally. But it could be more than the former revenue officer can chew. The poll promises made by AAP, have raised expectations sky-high among supporters and fulfillment of the same is eagerly awaited, add the papers.
India's very own national emergency response number, on the lines of 911 in the US, is likely to be operational by January 2014. The toll - free number will be a single point contact for assistance in case of any kind of emergency reports, The Hindustan Times.
Archaeologists have discovered remains of a 2000 year old mud fort at a place called Damroo, about 85 KM from Raipur. The excavation of the site may throw light on the "dark period" of Chhattisgarh - the missing historical link between the 1st and 5th Century AD, reports the Asian Age.
According to the Pioneer Indian-American Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is planning to run for the 2016 US Presidential elections.
Farmers will be able to switch on their water pumps through their mobiles, contractors will know the status of their tenders through mobiles and  government employees will get to know their leave balance through their mobiles - all this is set to happen in Karnataka writes the Statesman.  The paper adds that Karnataka government is set to introduce mobile governance over 50 government services for the common man that will encourage paperless administration and transparency and reduce corruption.
And finally, according to the Hindu, the famous lines of acclaimed Urdu Poet Sardar Jafri: "Tum Aao Gulshan-e-Lahore Se Chaman Bardosh" emphasised that India and Pakistan share similar language, cultural heritage, challenges and the desire to bring peace in the sub-continent reports the paper.

Monday, December 23, 2013

China intrudes Indian Territory again

The probability of Govt. formation in Delhi is to be seen all over the front pages today. "AAP all set to form govt. in Delhi with Congress support", writes The Tribune. Mail Today reports - its all set to be official before noon, with Arvind Kejriwal declaring that some issues in the manifesto can be implemented within hours of govt. formation.
   Former Minister of State for Environment Jayanti Natarajan has strongly refuted reports that she was forced out of the govt. for allegedly blocking major projects, writes The Asian Age.
 The Indian Express, reports that M. Verrappa Moily, who has been given additional charge of the Environment and Forests Ministry, said that though our forests and environment  are to be protected, the India Growth Story cannot  be put on hold. He said all cases should be decided in a time bound manner.
'China intrudes Indian Territory again' - reports The Pioneer, with about 20 Chinese soldiers intruding into Chepzi in Ladakh and pitching seven to eight tents in the area.
 With less than five months left for general elections, there is little chance of any meaningful legislative business being transacted by the 15th Lok Sabha, reports The Indian Express, which effectively means that a whopping 70-odd Bills will get lapsed.
 Hindustan Times reports that the Election Commission has written to the Govt. to give it the power to disqualify and send a candidate to jail for up to two years, if they provide false information in their affidavits.
The Pioneer informs us that an artificial heart - made from a range of bio-materials including bovine tissue to reduce the likelihood of the body rejecting it - has for the first time been successfully implanted in a 75 year old french man in Paris. It is powered by an externally worn battery, and is intended to replace a real heart for as many as five years.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kejriwal to take CM oath on Wednesday


    With 80% Delhi-ites wanting an AAP govt in the national capital, the Hindu says 'Chorus for AAP forming govt gets louder'. 'AAP all set to say yes as public gives it go ahead, Congress still sulking' writes the Hindustan Times. The Asian Age simply says ' Kejriwal to take CM oath on Wednesday'.

    Congress revamp exercise to make itself 'battle ready for 2014' as the Statesman puts it, most papers have reported of Jayanthi Natarajans resignation. 'Minister exits as part of Congress rejig' says the Tribune, while the Pioneer reports that Jairam Ramesh may also follow suit.

    The Indian Express, The Hindustan Times and Mail Today show Rahul Gandhi addressing the annual general meeting of FICCI. 'Rahul woos India inc, but  asked tough queries' writes the Times of India.

    'Be careful, US tells citizens in India' writes the Hindustan Times, as a consequence of the Devyani incident. Mail Today writes 'A shady spy spin to envoy saga', going to the extent of reporting Devyani's father as alleging, that the domestic help is an agent of the CIA.

    With the maximum temperature dipping to 15.9 C, Delhi- ites experienced a cold, chilly and hazy day yesterday. 'Rain, chill ahead' warns the Hindustan Times. Apparently, there was dense fog in Agra too. The Hindu shows visitors at the Taj Mahal - the picture has a caption - 'Where is the Taj ? - obviously not visible because of fog.

    "Bringing South Africa to their knees' is the caption of the picture in the Hindustan Times, as India pushed for their second victory at South Africa. "Test poised for engrossing, grandstand finish" says the Hindu, adding that Dhoni's men hold the aces, despite South Africa's steady start.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

AAP ready to form government, run it better than others


Indication that the National Capital's wait for a new government could soon be over, is given prominence by the Press. Quoting Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal, The Times of India top headline reads - "AAP ready to form government, run it better than others".
The Hindu writes - the response received to the AAP's referendum was overwhelming support from the public. However, a final call would be made on Sunday evening.
Mail Today writes "Envoy Devyani Khobragade case stuck in a Tug of War", between two arms of the US government - the Department of Justice and the Department of State. The Times of India writes that the Indian government feels the role of the State Department is under serious scrutiny.
Papers highlight the Central Government asking the Supreme Court to recall its December 11 ban on gay sex that enables the jailing of homosexuals. Hindustan Times writes "Drop gay sex ban, government urges Supreme Court".
The stage is set for the ouster of Justice A.K. Ganguly, accused of sexual misconduct, as Chief of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission. The Times of India reports that Attorney General G. E. Vahanavati has okayed the Centre's move to start the process of his removal.
Two Indian army soldiers on United Nation's duty were killed in an armed militia attack on a UN mission in Sudan. The Indian Express reports that India's rowing star - Subedar Dharmesh Sangwan - an Asian Games Silver medalist, was one of the two soldiers killed.
And finally, in a bid to make good quality bank notes available to the public under its 'clean note policy', the RBI has asked banks to stop circulating soiled currency notes, after collecting them from customers, with effect from January 1, 2014. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Jaya says she has Red Fort in her sights


The Hindustan Times on its front page reports that in a move with far-reaching consequences, students at Delhi University will evaluate their teachers from the next semester starting in January 2014. The evaluation will be made a part of the teachers files and influence their promotions.
Almost all papers have carried reports on Salman Khurshid raising rhetoric on Khobragade case. The Tribune writes that the Ministry of External Affairs has now alleged a "Larger conspiracy" and "irrational behavior" by US authorities in the case of Indian Deputy consul general in New York. MEA has pressed Washington for dropping of all charges against Devyani Khobragade plus tender an unconditional apology.
Under the headline " Jaya says she has Red Fort in her sights". The Mail Today writes that AIADMK Supremo and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalitha made her Prime Ministerial ambitions clear. In a general party meeting in Chennai, it was resolved that there have been PMs from other states and now somebody from Tamil Nadu must lead the country.
The Law Ministry has referred to Attorney - General G. E Vahanvati the papers it received from the Home Ministry relating to the letter West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee wrote to the president, seeking his intervention for the removal of Justice AK Ganguly from the post of Chairperson of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission reports the Hindu.
According to the Times of India, Sanyog Jain has found ways to shield insulin from digestive enzymes and get it into the bloodstream, the effect of which could last longer than the shot of insulin.
The Hindustan Times writes that your pet dog can recognize your photo from a variety of other pictures by tracking or looking at yours eyes, a new study has found, suggesting the canines may have facial recognition skills similar to humans.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Can't blame anyone for the spilt with Hrithik Roshan: Sussanne

Can't blame anyone for the spilt with Hrithik Roshan: Sussanne

    Front-page headlines of most papers this morning are on Lok Sabha passing the historic Lokpal Bill yesterday. The escalating diplomatic row between India and the United States over the Devyani Khobragade episode; the RBI maintaining status quo on both interest and cash reserve ratio for now; and the two Houses of Parliament adjourning sine die two days before schedule are the other stories noticed prominently.
    "India moves diplomat to secure immunity shield" under that headline Hindustan Times reports that India has shifted Devyani Khobragade to the UN permanent mission to ensure diplomatic immunity for her.
    The Centre has decided to play along with the Aam Aadmi Party and hold back the move to bring Delhi under President's Rule till early next week when the 10-day deadline set by Arvind Kejriwal to decide if his party wants to form a minority government ends, says Hindustan Times.
    Hindustan Times' reports that an RTI activist, abducted from Gautam Budh Nagar on Dec 13, was tortured by burning with cigarette butts and beaten with iron rods before being dumped in the neighboring district few days later.
    A Harvard University student was charged with masterminding a bomb hoax to get out of an examination, he allegedly sent several anonymous e-mails to the university police, forcing the cancellation of a series of examinations in several buildings, report the Asian Age, the Hindu, Hindustan Times and other papers.
    And finally, a kind of rock that often contains diamonds has been found in the Antarctica for the first time reports the Times of India, and the Hindu adds that Antarctica is protected by a treaty that bans mining there for 50 years.

Beyond Telangana

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ties between world's largest democracies turn frosty


The Lokpal bill which was passed in the Rajya Sabha yesterday is the lead in almost all the papers - 'Lok Sabha to take it up today' writes the Hindustan Times.
'Ties between world's largest democracies turn frosty' writes the Times of India, following the Devyani Khobragade case. 'In a rare display of aggression, government hits back at US for humiliating diplomat  - Strip search shows India's spine' is the paper's headline. 'Government strips American diplomats of privileges' says the Statesman.
The Aam Admi Party seeking people's views on government formation figures on the front pages of many dailies. 'Delhi voters to take final call' writes the Tribune. 'AAP at janata's darbar' says the Statesman, adding that the party will decide on government formation by Monday, the 23rd of December.
Were you out on Delhi roads yesterday morning? Well, then you must have experienced the infamous Delhi fog and the poor visibility. The Hindu has a picture showing this. The Pioneer reports of a bad accident on the Yamuna Expressway which left 5 people dead and 25 hurt.
'Tesco to enter Indian retail space through joint venture with Tatas - to be first foreign multibrand chain to enter the country's market' writes the Business Standard. The Financial Express gives the list of products to be traded by the world's third largest retailer.
The Hindu reports of the Supreme Court's concern over sexual exploitation of children and lack of preventive action by states. The paper adds that the bench warns Chief Secretaries of contempt action.
Many major real estate projects in Mumbai may be affected as the Indian Express writes 'Supreme Court says builders must stick to norms on open recreational space'.
And finally, a cheaper kit to diagnose Thalassemia and sickle cell disease' writes the Hindu, of the new apparatus which was launched yesterday, costing 400 Rs, as opposed to the test which costs 15,000 Rs.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Upbeat Lalu out on bail, trains guns on Modi, BJP


Near unanimity among most political parties - on passage of the Lokpal Bill today - is prominently noted by the Press. Mail Today writes 'Backed by the BJP and all other key Opposition parties', the Congress hopes to walk the last mile in getting the controversial Lokpal bill passed in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, over-coming opposition by the Samajwadi Party.
"One year later, Delhi remembers the horror of Dec 16" writes the Asian Age on yesterday's marches, prayers, candlelights vigils, street plays and musical performances across the city, in memory of the victim of the Dec 16 gangrape. The family is to set up a trust for rape victims.
The Tribune writes "AICC session in Jan, Rahul's big coronation likely, adding that the Congress in a generational shift, would nominate Rahul Gandhi as its Prime ministerial candidate, thereby addressing the leadership issue.
All eyes on Rajan as inflation hits 4 month high, writes Business Line of the Hindu, as the Central Bank is expected to raise interest rates further.
Mail Today writes that India has reacted with 'unconcealed anger' against the US -  after Deputy Consul general Devyani Khobragade was publicly handcuffed and strip searched in custody. Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar and National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon refused to meet a US Congressional Delegation following this 'unacceptable' action.
In an exclusive, Hindustan Times writes that India is set to receive its first Foreign Direct Investment in multi-brand retail by the end of this month, more than a year after government allowed retailers to setup deep discount stores in the country.
And finally, Hindustan Times writes "Upbeat Lalu out on bail, trains guns on Modi, BJP''. Incarceration has not blunted the edge of his humor - he said - a jail is no bad place, Lord Krishna was born in one.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill introduced in State Assembly #Telangana

Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill introduced in State Assembly

Most newspapers have noticed, on their front pages, the controversy around the Lokpal bill. Hindustan Times says that the breakdown of relations between Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal has taken a turn for the worse with the Aam Aadmi Party leader expressing disappointment with his one-time mentor for supporting the government's Lokpal Bill.
The Election Commission has issued new guidelines to create cleaner electoral rolls without duplication, with new instructions to put the onus on the voter to provide correct and full information to the poll officers and if the information given turns out to be false, the voter can face upto one year in jail, writes Hindustan Times.
"A teardrop that became a tsunami" - under that headline, The Asian Age recounts the tumultuous winter of 2012 when enraged crowds poured on to the streets of national capital Delhi, protesting against the brutal gangrape and death of Nirbhaya, setting in motion a chain of events.
Chinese troops have apprehended five Indian nationals in the Chumar area of Ladakh, well inside the Indian territory, and taken them to their side of the border - perhaps the first incident of this kind along the Line of Actual Control, notices The Hindu.
The Pioneer says that a four-year-old boy Sherwyn Sarabi from the United Kingdom is believed to have the same IQ as famed physicist Albert Einstein after he scored a record breaking 160 in intelligence tests.
The Tribune writes that flayed by his critics as a divisive figure, Narendra Modi led a marathon 'run for unity' organised by the BJP across the country to mark the death anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, whose legacy he has espoused in the campaign for the 2014 General Election.
And finally, The Times of India writes that researchers, including an Indian-origin designer have developed a new breed of hi-tech toys for children, Mailmen called that connect wirelessly with the home wi-fi network to receive audio messages sent from parents' smartphone and play them out to the kids, enabling a two-way conversation allowing children to record their replies.

Gangraped in moving bus, girl fights for life in Delhi hospital

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rahul makes big push for Lokpal, Jaitley says - Pass bill on Monday


    Rahul Gandhi asking parties to sink their differences & pass the Lokpal Bill, is highlighted by the Press. Hindustan Times top headline reads - 'Rahul makes big push for Lokpal, Jaitley says - Pass bill on Monday'.

    Meanwhile, The Asian Age writes that Anna Hazare, who has been fasting for the last five days for passage of the Lokpal Bill, has said that he was happy with the amended Bill, and would call off his hunger strike the moment the law is enacted.

    Reporting on the complex issue of government formation in Delhi, Mail Today writes that though Arvind Kejriwal has set an 18 point charter of demands for the Congress and BJP to accept their support, it seems that Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung is in no mood to waste the electorate's time any further and wants to set the administration process rolling as soon as possible "Jung is Nawab of Delhi" headlines the paper.

    The Indo-US diplomatic stand off following the arrest in New York of India's Deputy Consul General Devyani Khobragade who was handcuffed in public - is covered by the Press. Sunday Times writes - Washington is attempting damage control as India urges US officials to resolve the matter at the earliest.

    The Asian Age writes that Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal yesterday urged the government of India & Pak to open trade through the Hussainiwala border to herald a new era of economic development & people-to-people contact.

    Indian Express writes - 'Ending the BJP's silence over the Supreme Court's much criticised verdict to once again criminalise gay sex, party president Rajnath Singh has said that the BJP is with the Apex Court on this, as it could not justify unnatural acts'.

    A story from the Times of India. According to marine archaeologists from the National Institute of Oceanography - the barren Rann of Kutch was covered by sea in Harappan times and was actually navigable. Infact, they claim that the little Rann of Kutch was navigable even as late as the 16th century AD.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

AAP's tone on government formation changes ahead of meet with LG


The uncertain post poll situation in Delhi continues to dominate headlines of most dailies today. " Congress throws dice, lends outside support to AAP" reports the Times of India. The Hindustan Times adds "AAP won't form government too, President's rule almost certain". The Economic Times says "AAP's tone on government formation changes ahead of meet with LG".
The Drift between Anna Hazare and the Aam Aadmi Party has also made it to the headlines of many newspapers "Spat at Anna's an-shan - Hazare asks AAP leader to leave for interrupting V.K Singh's speech". The Indian Express adds "As Anna fasts, cracks between his team and AAP take center stage".
The passing of the  Lokpal Bill in the Rajya Sabha invites this headline from the Hindustan Times "After government, BJP shake hands, Lokpal Bill caught in SP jam". The Times of India says "Government tables stronger bill on Lokpal, SP holds it up" while the Pioneer adds "SP spanner in Rajya Sabha Lokpal bill debate - Mulayam puzzles, may support no trust in Lok Sabha".
In a front page story the Indian Express reports "Congress goes "buying" reporters in Chhattisgarh" and adds that the party made a list of a hundred journalists, and earmarked rupees 5,000 to rupees 50,000 each.
The Mail Today in its lead story reports that YSR Congress leader Jagan Mohan Reddy has set the tone for a big political realignment ahead of the Lok Sabha elections by indicating that he is not averse to an alliance with the BJP.
And finally, The Times of India reports, that the Hubble space telescope has identified two huge plumes of water as high as 200 kilometers which occasionally erupt on Jupiter's moon Europa, making the moon one of the main targets in the search for habitable worlds away from earth.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sonia, P. Chidambaram root for gay rights, law may change


The Congress and the UPA government going all out against the Supreme Court's controversial judgement re-criminalising gay sex between consenting adults, finds front page coverage. The Indian Express's top headline reads - "To undo Supreme Court verdict, govt. says it will change law and file review". Hindustan Times writes 'Sonia, P Chidambaram root for gay rights, law may change."
Aam Aadmi Party's stunning electoral debut, Anna Hazare's ongoing fast and the approaching Lok Sabha elections have brought the Lokpal bill back to political centre-stage says, the Times of India. The Asian Age writes, that government managers have made contradictory statements about the date, with Kamal Nath saying the measure will be listed on Friday and Harish Rawat telling reporters that Monday is the day.
"Rahul gets reality check from Delhi Congress MLAs", writes Mail Today. When Rahul Gandhi asked the party's 8 winning MLAs about the Congress humiliation in the polls - he was told that "they did not get the required support from the Delhi leadership, and that there were only leaders, no followers in the Delhi Congress"
The Times of India writes that investigative website Cobrapost has exposed 11 Members of Parliament across the political spectrum as willing to write letters of recommendation for a fictitious foreign oil company, in exchange for money.
Paving the way for Nokia to sell its business in India to Microsoft Corp, the Delhi High Court has lifted the income tax department's order attaching Nokia's assests in India, including a major facility in Chennai reports HT Business.
The Pioneer informs us that the Archeological Survey of India will soon restore Rabindranath Tagore's home "Kuthibari" in Bangladesh's Kushtia district, where the Nobel laureate lived a part of his life and penned some memorable poems. The 1890's house, a tourist hot spot now, will get its original off white colour, obtained by mixing shell powder in the plaster material.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Will not support no-confidence motion, says BJP #Telangana

 Will not support no-confidence motion, says BJP


    Most newspapers this morning headline the Supreme Court's ruling, terming Gay sex illegal. Photograph of gay activists protesting against the ruling dominate the front pages.
    The Aam Admi Party's Victory rally at Jantar Mantar in Delhi to celebrate their success into mainstream politics is the other major story covered by most newspapers with photographs.
    The Hindu and Mail Today headline the statement made by the Finance Minister and Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. According to Raghuram Rajan Governor Reserve Bank, it will be dangerous to postpone the passage of key economic bills in Parliament as a stable government post elections can not be taken for granted.
    The Finance Ministry in principle has agreed to a proposal to allow Reliance Industries Ltd to raise gas prices from April, provided it gives a bank guarantee to cover liability in case gas hoarding charges are proved writes the Hindustan Times and the Business Standard. The Hindu adds that the UK based BP and its Indian partner Reliance Industries will quadruple natural gas output by 2020.
    Over two hundred thousand people including more than twenty thousand Indians have applied for an ambitious private mission that will send four men and women on a one way trip to Mars in 2023 to establish a permanent space colony there. The Asian Age and Tribune have covered the story. The Indian Express adds that the largest number of applicants are from the United States.
    And finally, if you are a teetotaller the chances of your dying are higher, says a study published in the journal Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research. The study has found that those who consumed alcohol in moderate quantities lived longer than those who abstained. The study conducted in the university of Texas has been reported by the Pioneer, Times of India and Hindustan Times.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mother at 64, woman delivers baby girl after trying for 41 years


The stalemate in Delhi after the assembly election results continues to figure prominently on the front pages of most newspapers. The Hindu writes that the Aam Aadmi Party's national convener, Arvind Kejriwal, has asserted that there was no question of his party taking support from either the Congress or the BJP.
As social activist Anna Hazare began his indefinite fast yesterday, the government said it is serious on passing the Lokpal Bill in the current session of Parliament, reports The Indian Express.
At Soweto in South Africa Sanskrit shlokas from the Hindu ures were read out in a moving ceremony as over 100 world leaders including President Pranab Mukherjee and US President Barack Obama gathered to pay homage to Nelson Mandela, calling him a "giant of history" reports The Asian Age.
Mail Today says the Supreme Court will pronounce today its verdict on an array of petitions challenging the Delhi Court judgment decriminalising gay sex among consenting adults in private.
"Mother at 64, woman delivers baby girl after trying for 41 years" - under that headline. Hindustan Times reports that 64 year old Sarala Srivastava's wait for 41 years for the miracle ended making her a proud member of a select 60-plus mothers' club from across the world.
11.12.13 wedding rush in the city, brace for monster jams - under that caption, Hindustan Times says that thanks to the hype of couples wanting to have their wedding on a peculiar or fancy date, several thousand nuptials have been scheduled for today to make the last sequential date of the century a special part of their lives.
And finally, The Times of India writes that scientists have developed an App that allows an ordinary smartphone to capture and display three-dimensional models of real-world objects, giving a third dimension to portraits and profile pictures.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sensex at lifetime high as investor see lotus bloom


"Politics of pahle AAP may propel L-G to power" reads the Pioneer front page headline. The paper adds as the 2 leading parties in Delhi-BJP and AAP are reluctant to stake claim to form a government in Delhi, the focus is now shifting to lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, who according to the rule book can call for the President's rule.
The Hindustan Times on its front page writes that Sharad Pawar has attacked the Congress saying, its dismal show in the assembly elections is due to weak leadership. Quoting him the paper writes "People need strong, decisive and result oriented leaders, they don't need weak rulers".
Stocks indices surged to close at record high and the rupee strengthened further against the U.S. dollar following poll results of four states writes almost all papers. The Financial Express covers it under the headline "Sensex at lifetime high as investor see lotus bloom".
The Tribune's front page story reads that the progressive Punjab Investor Summit got off to a flying start with 21 companies signing agreements with Punjab government entailing an investment of Rs. 55,000 crore and creation of an estimated one lakh jobs.
The Indian Express on its front page writes that Iran wants a high-level business delegation from India to test for HIV before issuing Visas, angering New Delhi as such a demand is seen as discriminatory and politically incorrect.
The Times of India reports that a powerful icy storm system is sweeping across the US, resulting in temperatures dropping to minimum 29 degrees Celsius and lower resulting in deaths, power cuts and massive travel disruption with nearly 3200 flights being cancelled.
Facebook is considering giving its users a less cheery alternative to the "LIKE" option - a "Sympathise" button. If a user were to tag his or her status with a negative emotion, the "Sympathise" button would automatically replace the "like" button writes the Asian Age.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Aapocalypse buries Congress and BJP in Delhi


 Poll results dominate the front-pages of dailies today with interesting headlines. "Aapocalypse buries Congress and BJP in Delhi", writes the Mail Today. The Business Standard says"Gloom for Congress while lotus blooms" the Economic Times comes up with a tongue in cheek lead which reads"Many Netas now Aam Aadmi". The Hindustan Times writes  "Welfare schemes couldn't save the Congress".
 "Sonia vow to introspect and rectify errors", reports the Asian Age and opines "Delhi : President  rule possible if BJP cannot form a Govt". The Hindu quotes Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal saying that the Lok Sabha polls are next on the party's agenda.
 The Times of India writes that bowing to the International Olympic Committee's pressure, the Indian Olympic Association has amended its constitution to bar tainted persons from contesting its elections.
 On the WTO negotiations in Bali Indonesia, the Hindustan Times reports that after 5 days of gruelling negotiations, India, led by Commerce Minister Anand Sharma has won plaudits for successfully piloting the Grand Bargain for drawing up a permanent solution to food subsidies. "Thumbs up - victory for India, food security program intact"; says the paper.
 The Pioneer opines that elated at the BJP's sweeping victory markets are likely to jump to new highs, though the rally in the coming days would be short lived.
 And finally, The Times of India, writes that "Humans are not smarter than Animals". Reporting on a study a paper, the paper says that growing evidence clearly shows that animals often posses different abilities that are misunderstood by Humans and often underrated due to humans' fixation on language and Technology.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nara Chandrababu Naidu makes a U-turn on #Telangana | Siasat

Naidu makes a U-turn on Telangana | Siasat


Counting of votes for the assembly elections in four states has been given prominence on the front pages of most newspapers this morning. "Semifinal Results today to set pace for Lok Sabha 2014 polls". The Times of India writes that political parties prepared their lines on Saturday, gaming for a range of score lines ahead of the election results to four important states that could set the tempo for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.
The Financial Express reports that the World Trade Organisation overcame a last-minute hitch to adopt the Bali package that could add one trillion dollars to the world economy.
A special anti-corruption court has remanded in ten-day judicial custody, former chairman of Jammu and Kashmir entrance examination panel Mushtaq Ahmed Peer, the prime accused in the alleged scam involving the sale of Common Entrance Test 2012 question papers for selection into medical colleges, reports the Sunday Tribune.
India is expected to be represented by President Pranab Mukherjee at the funeral of iconic South African Nelson Mandela, writes The Asian Age.
Italian prosecutors in the VVIP chopper deal have produced in court, a budget drawn up by two key middlemen, which purportedly lists initials of Indian politicians and designations of bureaucrats, besides those of IAF officers, who it says would need to be handled for the deal to come through, says the Indian Express.
Under the caption, "US hiring raises taper odds, India ripple likely", the Indian Express reports that unemployment in the US has fallen to 7%, lowest since 2008 and the new numbers could nudge the Fed towards easing its stimulus efforts, increasing the urgency in India to repair its economy before the taper comes through probably early next year.
Consuming energy drinks high in caffeine and taurine can make the heart beat faster. Researchers in Germany have found that just one can of energy drink can cause significantly increased heart contraction rates one hour later, reports Hindustan Times.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Mahatma of our times is forever free


    Moving tributes to Nelson Mandela who passed away yesterday dominate the front pages. "The Mahatma of our times is forever free" writes the Times of India. The paper adds "He liberated a Race and a Nation from the confines of his prison". The Hindustan Times highlights Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's deion of Mandela in its caption "He was a giant among men".

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's address at a leadership summit organised by a national daily is keenly noticed by the press. The Asian Age reports him as saying "Anti riots bill not gimmick for vote". The Pioneer caption reads "Modi a challenge, accepts PM".

    India getting its way on providing subsidies on staple food crops at the WTO talks gets front page attention. "Win at WTO, no threat to food security plan" reports the Asian Age.

    Most papers take note of the growing clamour for action against retired Supreme Court judge Justice A K Ganguly after a three judge committee of the Supreme Court indicted him of sexual misconduct. The Hindu reports Law Minister Kapil Sibal as tweeting "SC cant wash its hands off Ganguly issue". Highlighting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee's demand that Justice Ganguly step down as the head of the West Bengal State Human Rights Commission, the Indian Express writes "Pressure up on Ganguly to go: Didi writes to Pranab".

    The outrage over Union Minister and National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah's comments about not employing women as secretaries for fear of being accused of sexual harassment is prominently noticed in the press. "Comments on women cause furore, Farooq apologises later" writes the Hindustan Times.

    And finally, an interesting historical fact about martyr Udham Singh who had shot and killed Michael O' Dwyer in 1940 in London. The Tribune reports on its front page that Udham Singh had acted in two English films in 1937 and 1939 to lend financial support to the Ghadar Party.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Cabinet gives nod for creation of separate Telangana

Cabinet gives nod for creation of separate Telangana

The Hindustan Times on its front page writes that a last minute attempt by the UPA government to revive the 8 year old communal violence bill is headed for trouble despite a move to tone down controversial provisions that give the Centre the power to intervene.

An enquiry by the Supreme Court into the Sexual harassment allegation against Justice A K Ganguly has held the retired judge prima facie guilty of "unwelcome behaviour" and "unwelcome conduct of sexual nature" with the  young lawyer who was interning with him in December 2012 writes the Mail Today.

Quoting the exit poll prediction the Asian Age writes that in Chhattisgarh the BJP will fall short of the half-way mark and will get 43 seats in a house of 90, the Congress will get 42 seats and there will be a neck to neck fight between the two parties.

According to the Indian Express the CBI, which is probing the coal blocks allotment scandal has handed over to the Supreme court a 'Diary' it recovered from the offices of Aditya Birla Group that lists about a 1000 payments purportedly made to politicians and MPs of several parties by a Birla company trust over a 10 - year period. The CBI has recovered the crucial missing files pertaining to Coal block allocations done between 2006 and 2009 writes the Times of India.

The Annual Education development index for 2012-2013, like previous years, betrays a yawning gap between South and North India as the Hindi heartland continued to languish at the bottom of the heap writes the Hindustan Times.

At the time the government was observing austerity, the Election Commission expenses on foreign travel jumped by eight times as compared to just a 10 % jump in the cost of domestic travel reports the Hindustan Times.

According to The Times of India. UNESCO's inter-governmental committee for "Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage" has unanimously declared the craft of making Jamdani saris an 'Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Shutdown brings Telangana to a halt, paralyses transport

Shutdown brings Telangana to a halt, paralyses transport

Sunday's voting in the National Capital bags prominent headlines and front page photographs in the Press. "Young voters push Delhi polling to a record 65%" - headlines The Hindu, The Times of India writes "Over 67% turnout". The paper reports that "Exit polls are 'hung' on Delhi results" and that if President's rule is imposed, Lt. Gov Najeeb Jung will have to head the govt.

Papers are also awash with exit polls in the other states that went to the polls recently - Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and Rajasthan. The paper writes that in Delhi - the Aam Aadmi Party is looking at making an impressive debut.

The Statesman writes of the Draft Telangana Bill, which is to be discussed by the Union Cabinet today. Among other issues, the Draft is believed to have recommended merger of two districts of Rayalseema - Kurnool and Anantpur, with the proposed Telangana. Both districts have a proximity with Hyderabad.

The Tribune writes that "Punjab is positioning it self as the next big IT destination in the country". The Punjab government is aggressively wooing the IT sector and rolling out the red carpet. This will perhaps be the giant leap for Punjab from being an agrarian economy to a knowledge and IT industry based economy, adds the paper.

And finally, Scientists in the University of Adelaide have found the first evidence that nerves in the stomach act as a circadian clock, limiting food in-take to specific times of the day, and signal to our brains about when we're full and when to keep eating.

In for a penny, in for a pounding - The Hindu #Telangana

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Navy Chief fears rerun of 26/11


With Delhi voting for a new Assembly today, most news papers lead with related stories. "Beat that, Delhi" says the Hindustan Times. The paper writes that with the four states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Mizoram having clocked record voter turnout, its now the capital's turn to walk the talk. "Sheila's toughest test today" opines the Indian Express adding "BJP hopeful, Congress has fingers crossed, all eyes on debutant AAP".
"Navy Chief fears rerun of 26/11", says the Mail Today, writing that the Naval Chief Admiral DK Joshi has said that merchant vessels with armed guards on board have been passing too close to the Indian coast. Floating armories, he said were of very serious concern causing security implications for us.
The Times of India reports that the law graduate whose sexual harassment accusation against Justice AK Ganguly was inquired into by a 3 judge committee told the panel that he made advances towards her despite her clear disapproval and said she had evidence to back up her charge.
"Supreme Court rejects Sajjan's plea to quash murder Charge" reports the Tribune, referring to Congress leader Sajjan Kumar's plea for quashing the murder charge framed against him by the trial court in a case relating to the 1984 riots in Delhi's Sultanpuri area.
"US wants exclusive meeting with India at WTO", says the Hindu. The paper writes that all eyes are on the India-US meeting as a package depends largely on whether the two can agree on a common middle ground on the outstanding issues.

Dangerous opportunism #Telangana

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Government committed to Telangana formation: PM - The Hindu

Government committed to Telangana formation: PM - The Hindu


Delhi going to the polls tomorrow makes front page news in most papers. The Times of India headline reads "Last lap - AAP upbeat, BJP hopeful Sheila soldiers on". The Indian Express has a picture of a giant screen at India Gate in Delhi, showing the countdown to the Delhi assembly elections, and urging people to vote. The Express newsline informs that Delhi metro services will begin at 4 AM and that schools and colleges will remain closed.

Narendra Modi's call for a debate on article 370 triggering a political row, is covered prominently by the press. Quoting Arun Jaitley, Mail Today writes "We will always be opposed to article 370". "Nitish, Omar, PDP, Congress, Left start slanging match" says the Pioneer.

The Hindu has taken the Telangana issue as its lead story. "On eve of GoM meet, Minister says bill on Telangana is ready" no clear picture yet on Rayala - Telangana proposal writes the paper.

The Supreme Court writing to the government on juvenile law plea is mentioned on the front page of the Hindustan Times. "Who'll define heinous crimes for above 16?" asks the Pioneer.

The Times of India writes on its front page that women lawyers have sought swift action in the law intern case involving the retired  judge Justice Ganguly.

The Asian Age has a picture of Thai anti - government protestors clashing with the police, during a rally in Bangkok. 'Thai PM rejects calls to quit as clashes rock Bangkok' says the paper.

And finally, the Times of India reports of an eagle, which snatched a video camera that was recording crocodiles in Australia and captured fascinating footage of its 110 KM journey across the country's remote landscape.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mangalyaan propels India into big league


India's space craft to Mars Mangalyaan leaving its earthbound orbit yesterday on its 10 month long journey - is reported prominently in the Press. "Mangalyaan propels India into big league" reads the Pioneer's headline of the story.
In the mother of all election cleanups, the Delhi Chief Electoral Officer has cracked a long overdue whip on violations of the Model Code of Conduct and will act on the 400 already registered FIRs, says Mail Today.
The Indian Express writes that the UPA government is learnt to have got the BJP's support for tabling the Bill related to the Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh, in the winter session of Parliament starting Thursday, signaling its intent to Dhaka to go ahead with the landmark pact.
"Cabinet readies to treat 16+ in heinous crimes as adults", is the Times of India's top headline. The paper writes, Nearly a year after the role of a Juvenile in the Nirbhaya gang rape case, the government has proposed that youngsters above 16 years of age, who are guilty of heinous crimes, be treated on par with adult offenders.
The Pioneer writes of a Guinness World Record. The Indian National Students Organisation has created a world record with 10,450 of its supports pledging  to donate their organs.
And finally citing a New York scientist the Times of India writes that Alzheimer's disease may actually be a late stage of Type 2 diabetes. The researchers suggest that losing weight and exercising may ward off Alzheimer's, at least in the very early stages, adds the paper.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Court says he misused his position as mentor and father figure to outrage victim's modesty


Tarun Tejpal arrested in the sexual assault case is the top story in most papers. While the Pioneer writes 'Fall from grace - Tehelka editor slammed behind bars', the Times of India says that 'police will seek his remand today'. 'Court says he misused his position as mentor and father figure to outrage victim's modesty' is the Mail Today headline.

Most papers have a picture of the Japan royalty with the Prime Minister and his wife at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The Hindu writes that this was a rare gesture by Dr. Singh, who had previously reserved such a reception only for U.S. President Barack Obama and George Bush.

With only a couple of days before polling in Delhi, many papers report of canvassing in the capital & election rallies. Narendra Modi's three rallies have been covered by the press. 'BJP fires heavy artillery, Congress big guns fall silent' is the Times of India headline. In a Hindustan Times Special, the paper has the three top CM candidates commenting on corruption, power and women's safety.

'From today, punch in pin for shopping' writes the Asian Age. Now it is mandatory for all debit card holders to punch in their 4 digit security pin after swiping the card.

The next time you travel by train, you'll be able to choose not only what you eat, but also when and where' writes the Hindu Business line. A Kochi based venture allows you to order food online and gets it delivered at the station of your choice, adds the paper.

Bollywood is continuing to make its presence felt internationally. 'Leela mesmerises Marrakech' writes Mail Today, of the latest hit Ram-Leela, which opened the film festival in the Moroccan city.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Justice is shamed


    Stories of sexual harassment of women in the workplace continue to dominate headlines in the newspapers today. "Justice is shamed" exclaims the Mail Today, adding "Fact finding committee names retired Supreme Court Judge Ashok Ganguly in sexual harassment scandal". The Economic Times enquires "Justice Ganguly named. But will there be justice?"The Hindu reports that the former Supreme Court judge says "he is shocked and shattered".

    In a related story the Times of India reports "Day long drama as Tejpal finally surfaces, flies to Goa". The Pioneer adds "What Tejpal did falls within legal definition of rape, says victim". According to the Indian Express headline "Rape law too harsh: his defence." In another related case the Times of India reports "Nirbhaya's parents move Supreme Court, seeking criminal trial for juvenile" in the Nirbhaya rape case.

    In significant news for the economy the Economic Times remarks "On Friday, GDP at 4.8 percent delivers a small hit" The Hindustan Times adds "Marginal growth in economy, factory output still a worry".

    In international news the Hindustan Times reports that China had launched two fighter jets to investigate flights by a dozen US and Japanese reconnaissance and military planes in its new air defence zone over the East China Sea.

    The Hindu SAYS that the Indian Navy has offered to train Sri Lankan Navy officers, through the four year Bachelor of Technology course, now being offered to Indian Navy officers, following a meeting between the Chief of the Naval staff, Admiral D.K.Joshi, and Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa.

    In a front page story "Omar woos Pandits back with compensation" The Pioneer reports, that the J&K government has announced a spate of measures to facilitate the return of Kashmiri Pandits to the valley.

    The Indian Express reports on timely action taken by constable Kumardatta Shendge and senior inspector Sujata Patil in taking former cricketer Vinod Kambli immediately to the hospital as he suffered a heart-attack.

Friday, November 29, 2013

#Telangana: Giving life to aspirations of a backward region - The Hindu

NASA is planning to grow turnips and basil on Moon by 2015


    In an exclusive, the Mail Today writes that the bhai-bhai days may soon be reborn in bye-bye avatar along the India China border. Foreign Ministry documents on border negotiations reveal that India has signalled its readiness on letting its Aksai Chin region remain in Chinese hands in exchange for recognition of Arunachal Pradesh as part of India's territory.

     According to the Hindu, an internal analysis in the Planning Commission shows that India can eliminate the poverty gap by spending just a fraction of its annual anti-poverty budget instead of inaugurating new anti-poverty schemes.

    Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager shot in the head by the Taliban for campaigning for girls education has been named as Britain's most influential Asian by a publication in UK, reports the Hindustan Times.

     According to the Statesman the Pakistani Taliban have warned their country's media to stop praising Sachin Tendulkar, who retired from cricket after 24 year of glorious innings as it was against Pakistani nationalism and against loyalty to the country.

     The Hindustan Times on its front page under the headline "Sheila opens door to AAP, shuts it" writes that hours after she hinted at a possible post poll alliance with the debutant Aam Aadmi party, Delhi's Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said that the Congress would win a fourth consecutive term on its own even as she ruled out a tie-up.

     India is planning a new tiger sanctuary inside the Sundarbans, a forest that straddles West Bengals border with Bangladesh, to protect the tigers from poachers and try to boost their numbers reports the Asian Age.

    The Tribune on its front page has shown a photograph a Sarabjit Singh's family break down, as they look at his belongings received from Pakistan, at Bhikhiwind, near Amritsar.

     According to the Pioneer NASA is planning to grow turnips and basil on Moon by 2015, to understand whether humans can live and work on the earth's natural satellite.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Telangana Bill in Winter Session of Parliament says Narayanasamy


    The Tarun Tejpal saga continues to make headlines. Hindustan Times writes "No relief, Tejpal faces arrest". Accused of sexual assault by a former colleague, Tehalka founder-editor Tarun Tejpal faces imminent arrest - with the Goa police asking him to appear before them at 3 PM on Thursday. "Times up for Tejpal", is a Mail Today headline.

      "For major crimes 16 is not minor", reports the Pioneer as Women and Child Development Ministry's Draft is against shield for juveniles indulging in heinous crimes.

     "Just one in 10 women whose parents own agricultural land inherit any land", reports the Hindu.

      Hindustan Times reports that the recently held assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh have registered the highest-ever female participation, of 69.77%.

    The Hindu, reporting on the formation of the new state of Telangana, writes, "Telangana Bill in Winter Session of Parliament says Narayanasamy", though the Times of India writes that it is likely to be tabled in the Budget Session, in early 2014.

      In an appointment that is being watched very closely in India and across the world, Pakistan's Prime Minister on Wednesday chose a new 'moderate' Chief for its Army - Lt. Gen. Raheel Sharif, an infantryman who supersedes two senior generals, reports Mail Today. "Nawaz goes for Sharif Chief", headlines the paper.

     In Bihar, every fourth primary and middle teacher failed the Class V-level test in September in a mandatory 'competence test', writes the Indian Express.

     The Asian Age gives us a glimpse into the frenetic world of aspiring legislators who are trying to reach voters ahead of the Delhi polls. They are taking recourse to new age remedies like yoga, meditation or even listening to old classical Hindi songs after long hours of canvassing. New age remedies - with the age old touch.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sushma Swaraj tweets 'Union minister shielding Tejpal', Sibal dismisses charge as lie

A court in Delhi awarding "Life Imprisonment" to Rajesh and Nupur Talwar for murder of their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj, can be seen prominently on the front pages of the the news papers today. "Talwars escape Noose but get Life" reads Mail Today's headline.
"Global Free Trade talks collapse", under that headline the Statesman reports that negotiators from 159 WTO countries came tantalizingly close but failed to clinch a Global Free Trade deal. Disputes between major economics like the US, EU, China and India bogged down the discussions, adds the paper.
With Assembly Elections in five states just around the corner, election-related news is highlighted in the press. "Come December 8, the Election Commission plans to make available for the first time, vote-counting-trends and final results of the elections in real time - on twitter and facebook, repots Hindustan Times.
Business Standard writes that the Finance Ministry has zeroed in on six firms to sell government stakes. The disinvestment is to meet the budget target of raising 40,000 crore rupees this year.
"Goa Police issue flight alert on Tejpal after they get statement from victim" - reads the headline of the Indian Express. "The Times of India writes that the former Tehalka journalist, who has alleged sexual assault by Tarun Tejpal, gave her first detailed account to the police yesterday.
The Times of India corroborates that a top Indian American executive at Citi-group - Neeraj Sahai - has been appointed president of Standard and Poors Ratings Services, the world's largest ratings firm.
And finally, in a wake up call for conservationist, The Pioneer writes that at least 15 species of bird found in India figure under the Critically Endangered list. These include the Great Indian Bustard and various species of vultures and forest owlets.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Looking for a job?, share less information online


    The Aarushi Talwar murder case verdict by a CBI special court is the lead headline in most papers. "Parents killed Aarushi", says the Indian Express, while the Asian Age writes "Talwars held guilty for Aarushi - Hemraj killing". Referring to the parents reaction, the Times of India says "Nupur broke down, Rajesh turned Ashen".
    Reporting on the Tarun Tejpal alleged sexual assault on a woman journalist, the Times of India writes "Journalist quits, set to go to police against Tejpal". In a related story, the Statesman says "Tejpal applies for bail".
    "No arbitration in Agusta Deal" says Antony," writes the Pioneer. The Asian Age says that the MOD does not want to be drawn into any legal battle on arbitration with Augusta Westland.
    "India connect in US-Iran N-deal", says the Times of India, writing that when the US, led by President Richard Nixon cut a deal with Communist China using Pakistan as a conduit in 1970, India was left out of the loop in a detente that changed the geopolitical dynamics of the region. Some four decades later, India is front and centre in the American reconciliation with Iran, an event that is likely to bring about a greater seismic shift in Asia.
    "Dial 1037 if bill suddenly spikes", advises the Mail Today. The paper writes that both mobile and landline telephone subscribers will soon get access to a special toll free number 1037 on which they can lodge complaints concerning over billing & poor service.
    "AAP removes Anna's name from posters, says the Hindustan Times, adding that this is in response to Anna Hazare asking the party not to use his name for campaigning.
    And finally, the Asian Age writes "Looking for a job?, share less information online". The paper says that sharing personal information on social networking sites by job seekers may lead to hiring discrimination, according to a new US study.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tejpal may seek a transfer of the case from the Goa Police to an independent agency, possibly the CBI


    The investigation by the Goa Police into the allegations of sexual assault levelled by a journalist against Editor-in-Chief of the Tehelka magazine, Tarun Tejpal dominates the front pages of most papers.  The Times of India and The Asian Age inform that Mr Tejpal may seek a transfer of the case from the Goa Police to an independent agency, possibly the CBI.
    The fallout of the sting operation carried out by a web portal against some leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party is keenly tracked by the press. And The Indian Express writes "AAP claims sting footage doctored". The Tribune reports "AAP to file defamation suit against web portal".
    Congress President Sonia Gandhi's frontal attack against the BJP at a rally in Delhi is highlighted in all the papers. The Asian Age quotes Mrs Gandhi as saying BJP spreads poison, and lies to 'malign' Sheila".
    In a special report on the Election Commission's directive regarding the use of social media during the assembly elections, The Times of India writes "EC cautions internet service providers on malicious poll content".
    The press keeps the spotlight on the chilling incident of a woman being assaulted inside an ATM cubicle in Bangalore. While the Pioneer reports "Cops claim breakthrough in Bangalore ATM assault", The Hindu informs that the police have shut down 1037 ATMs in Bangalore.
    Pakistan High Commissioner to India Salman Bashir's comments that the 26/11 trial is being speeded up is widely noticed in the papers today.
    The historic deal between six world powers and Iran over the latter's nuclear programme is prominently noticed. Highlighting its impact on India, The Hindu writes "Deal will boost New Delhi's energy ties with Iran".
    And finally, the Hindustan Times and The Times of India report that the world's first noiseless and emission free 'green' helicopter has been successfully tested in Germany.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Goa police begin probe, search Tehalka office, seize editors laptop


    All major newspapers have reported the sexual assault allegedly by Tehalka editor Tarun Tejpal on their front pages today "Goa police begin probe, search Tehalka office, seize editors laptop" reports The Indian Express while the Times of India reports" Journalist says Tejpal trying to "intimidate, harass" her and family."

    Reporting on the ongoing election campaign, The Hindu reports "Attacking Delhi's elite, Modi says Congress  thinks it is born to rule" while The Asian Age reports "Sonia gives BJP taste of its own medicine" adding that Mrs. Gandhi rejected the BJP's allegations that the medicines being distributed by the Ashok Gehlot government under the chief ministers free medicine scheme were poisonous

    The Tribune and The Hindustan Times report on the Prime Minister's warning, that terrorist groups from across the borders may try to disrupt the coming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections and asking the security forces to remain alert.

    In its lead story the Mail Today reports "Speedy Justice given to 30 lakh cases", adding that the mammoth feat, which helped in reducing the huge case backlog in courts, was achieved in the first-ever day long All-India Lok Adalat or Alternative Dispute Redressal Drive held at the supreme court, high courts, and subordinate courts across the country.

    The Hindustan Times reports that suspended Gujrat IAS officer, Pradeep Sharma on Saturday demanded a CBI probe against Chief Minister Narendra Modi and his aide BJP  general secretary Amit Shah for the alleged snooping on a woman architect.

    According to The Pioneer the Intelligence Bureau  has recommended to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to bring foreign content providers including Facebook and Twitter under the ambit of Indian laws as is the practice in many countries.

    And finally if you have suffered the agony of watching your garbage pile up and got no answers from the local civic body  for a long time, there is good news,as soon, a method to ensure responsibility in timely lifting of garbage might be in place after the environment ministry received a rap from the Karnataka High Court, reports The Hindustan Times.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

BJP MPs, Amar Singh let off cash hook


    The slapping of rape charges against Tarun Tejpal, the editor-in-chief of the Tehelka magazine by the Goa police dominates the front pages of most papers today. Tracking the developments, the Indian Express quotes Tejpal as saying "It's a lie, I am being framed..." in response to questions e-mailed to him by the paper. The Times of India reports him as saying "Examine CCTV footage for exact version". The Mail Today writes that the Goa Chief Minister told the paper over the phone that there were "no CCTV cameras in the hotel lift". The Times of India highlights another incident of sexual harassment, this time at the International film Festival at Goa. The paper reports a JNU student as saying "Harassed at IFFI by I&B official".

    The sting operation carried out by a web portal against some Aam Admi Party leaders allegedly showing them raising funds through illegal means is widely reported in the papers today. The Times of India writes "Stung AAP says it will sue portal".The Hindustan Times reports "Party refuses to withdraw or expel candidates unless indicted by the Election Commission".

    Most papers highlight the Prime Minister's address to the Combined Commanders Conference in New Delhi. The Tribune reports him as saying "US push in Indo-Pacific region fraught with risks". The Indian Express writes "PM: Economic growth slow, be prudent in defence acquisitions".

    The dropping of all criminal charges against those accused in the sensational cash-for-vote scandal where a stunned nation had watched wads of currency notes being displayed on the floor of the Parliament is noticed by all the papers. "BJP MPs, Amar Singh let off cash hook" writes the Pioneer.

    And finally, the Times of India and the Indian Express report that the Earth nearly got toasted. The papers write that the biggest and brightest cosmic explosion that took place in a far off galaxy in April this year would have singed the Earth  if it happened closer to our planet.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tejpal creates Tehelka, Goa begins sex assault probe


The papers are agog with Tehelka scandal and the grave charge of sexual harassment against Tarun Tejpal, editor - in - chief of Tehelka. The Hindustan Times covers it with the headline "Tejpal creates Tehelka, Goa begins sex assault probe".
Anand's Book of Destruction, Benyamin's Goat Days and Cyrus Mistry's Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer along with works of 2 Pakistan's and a Sri Lankan are on the short list for the 31.45 lakh rupees DSC prize for South Asian literature 2014, reports the Mail Today.
 The Business Line informs that according to World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, India was looking at good third quarter growth, dispelling some of the global gloom over an emerging economy gone awry and could report better annual results.
 The Tribune writes that the Nepali Congress took a substantial lead in trends in counting of votes to choose an assembly, as Maoist Chief Prachanda, suffered a defeat and rejected the vote count.
The severe cyclone storm 'HELEN' hustling towards Andhra Pradesh coast has been captured by India's Mars orbiter - Mangalyaan, in the first image of the country, beamed back in its maiden mission to the Red Planet, writes the Pioneer.
The Union government began a fresh round of negotiations with leaders of the largest Naga insurgent group, hoping to hammer out a political settlement to the decades old conflict, writes The Hindu.
According to Times of India with cases of mis-selling by banks continuing to come to light, the Reserve Bank of India plans to introduce the concept of 'treat customers fairly' (TCF) for sale of third-party products.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

India winning AIDS war, new infections down 57 %


    In news related to accountability and transparency. The Times of India headlines "CAG questions Rs 3,000 cr of investments by two Tata trusts. Asks govt. to Recover Rs 1,000 cr in Taxes; Trust's Confirm I-T Demand', say they are appealing.
    "India winning AIDS war, new infections down 57 %" is the good news in the Hindustan Times. Lauding India's role in containing the menace, the UNAIDS report says that 7 actions; Leadership, information, focus, thinking big, doing the right things, managed networks and strong systems changed the course of the HIV Epidemic in the country.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Birth control plan no monkey business


An impressive 75 per cent turnout in the second and final phase of polling in Chhatisgarh makes front page news in most dailies.
'Snooping row grows as IAS officer goes to Supreme Court', is the Indian Express headline about the ongoing scandal. 'Girl's father seeks privacy', says the Hindustan Times. 'Swaraj says let Supreme Court probe snoopgate', writes the Mail Today.
India set to cancel the Augusta Westland deal figures in dailies today. '3,600 crores rupees is the worth of the contracts to supply 12 copters to India', writes Mail Today. The Statesman says that the scrapping of the deal could reopen contract to rivals.
'Jailed persons can contest polls' is the Hindu headline. A Hindustan Times exclusive titled 'govt seeks stricter rap for lying on poll papers', writes that if a candidate provides false facts, he could be jailed for 3 years, in addition to being disqualified for 6 years.
Its both good news and bad news for cricketer Sreesanth. His wedding on the 12th of December being good - and the bad being what the Indian Express says 'Supreme Court clears way for police to invoke MCOCA against Sree, others'.
'EVM's to have party names in braille' writes the Times of India, which is definitely great news for the visually impaired.
'No toilet? Can't contest Bihar local body polls' informs the Times of India, about the announcement made by Nitish Kumar on a World Toilet Day function yesterday.
After a draw in game 8 between Carlsen and Vishwanathan Anand, the Economics Times asks 'Will Anand's age checkmate him?' The paper informs that a study shows, chess players are off their peak after 42. We can just hope for the best as the 44 year old Anand fights it out with the 22 year old Carlsen.
And finally, if you live in Delhi, you must be well aware of the monkey menace in the city. In an item titled 'Birth control plan no monkey business', the Pioneer writes on its front page that wildlife officials are planning to control the simian population by subjecting them to birth control measures.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kejriwal in trouble after Hazare blow : Anna queries on funds, misuse of name


A letter written by social activist Anna Hazare to his erstwhile colleague and Aam Admi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal dominates the front pages. "Kejriwal in trouble after Hazare blow : Anna queries on funds, misuse of name"writes the Asian Age. The Hindustan Times highlights how a man claiming to be an Anna and BJP supporter threw black ink at Arvind Kejriwal at a press conference as it reports "Anna, Kejri drop letter bombs, ink flies in smear campaign".
The consultations held by the Group of Ministers or GOM with various stakeholders on the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh are widely reported. The Indian Express draws attention to the Attorney General's view in its headline "Split Andhra and its special status goes : AG to govt." The Statesman reports that the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy as saying, bifurcation will be threat to the national security.
All the papers highlight the growing clamour from various quarters including UPA ministers and the Bihar Chief Minister for awarding the Bharat Ratna to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. "Nitish, Farooq throw weight behind Bharat Ratna for Vajpayee" writes the Pioneer. The Asian Age says even the HRD Minister Pallam Raju has endorsed this demand.
Acting on a PIL challenging former President Pratibha Patil's decision to commute the death sentence of 5  convicts into life sentences, the Supreme Court will now examine the issue, report the papers. "SC notice to Centre on 'casual' pardon by former President" writes the Pioneer. The Hindustan Times says, SC may review Prez pardon to 5 rapists on death row."
And finally many papers report of major initiative against child abuse imagery. The Times of India writes "Google, Microsoft block searches for child porn."