Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Railways to blame for poor passenger safety


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Monday, July 30, 2012

ND Tiwari says


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5-year-old girl raped by relative


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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Point of view | TJS George


As our nation faces grave challenges, leaders only think of themselves

PM visits riot-hit Assam, calls for healing touch


The Prime Minister's visit to violence hit Assam is highlighted on the front pages of most papers. The Hindu writes in its front page lead, "PM visits riot-hit Assam, calls for healing touch".
The Samajwadi Party or SP's swift reaction to Urdu journalist Shahid Siddiqui's interview with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is widely noticed. "SP disowns Siddiqui for interview" reports the Pioneer. The Indian Express writes "Post Modi interview, SP disowns Siddiqui - he alleges SP-BJP deal".
Home Minister P Chidambram's comments on a possible role for Rahul Gandhi are keenly noticed. The Indian Express quotes him as saying "Rahul will do very well in govt, Congress".
Even as social activist Anna Hazare begins an indefinite fast against corruption today, most papers report about how his supporters protested outside the Prime Minister's residence. "100 Anna supporters detained outside PM's residence" informs the Tribune.
The papers signal that the differences between the HRD Ministry and certain IIT's over the common entrance test for all engineering institutes may be resolved for now. "IIT Kanpur backtracks, to take part in JEE 2013" reports the Times of India.
And finally, all the papers carry pictures of the opening extravaganza of the London Olympics calling it 'utterly British". But what catches the attention of all the papers is the presence of a woman in a red track top and blue jeans who marched along with the Indian official contingent. Highlighting her in a photograph, the Hindustan Times wonders "Who's that girl?"

Fight club


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Friday, July 27, 2012

Arrogant bosses are poor performers... What about asshole bosses?


Most papers of the day carry pictures of actor Amitabh Bachhan carrying the Olympic torch on its relay leg between the city of London and the borough of Southwark on Thursday. Accompanying the picture are exciting headlines like "Olympic fever hits London" - The Asian Age; and "The Olympics are here, fasten your seatbelts" - The Times of India.

"Forest officer held in US for 'sexual assault", under the headlines the Indian Express reports that a senior Indian Forest Service officer of Orissa-cadre, 52 year old Surendra Prasad Mohapatra, who is in the US for a two-week training course, has been arrested by the police in Pennsylvania following a complaint of "sexual assault" by a maid at the hotel in which he was staying. Other papers also carried this story.

Papers reorted about Team Anna's campaign losing steam on its second day.

"Marans got 549 crore rupee bribe in Aircel-Maxis deal: CBI" that is the lead headline in The Times of India.

"With 73 per cent rainfall deficit, Haryana stares at drought", under that headline the Tribune says that the sowing of the Kharif crops has already been affected. In a related story The Hindu writes, "Elusive monsoon forces contingency plan".

"Gogoi does a Nero?" wonders the Pioneer and says, Blames media, claims Assam is not burning.

"Every Olympian will get a 40,000-rupee job", reads a Hindustan Times's headline. The paper reports that the Govt. has decided to offer all the 81 athletes participating in the London Olympics coaching jobs with the Sports Authority of India.

The vandalising of former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati's statue by activists of the UP Navnirman sena has been reported by many papers. "UP tense as Maya statue vandalized", writes the Asian Age. The Indian Express says, "Statue broken, govt makes amends."

And finally, "Arrogant bosses are poor performers," says the Times of India. They can drain the bottom-line because they are typically poor performers who cover up their insecurities by disparaging subordinates, leading to organisational dysfunction, reports the paper citing a research.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

just two slices of cheese a day or 55 grams of yoghurt, cuts the risk of Type-II diabetes by 12 per cent

Most papers of the day covered the increasing violence in Assam and the arson and curfew in Kokrajhar. 
Supreme Court banning the core area tourism in Tiger Parks is the other major story noticed by the papers. 
"India staring at drought", reports Hindustan Times in a front page story. In a related story, the Economic Times says that farmers stare helplessly at parched fields and are furious with the Indian Meteorological Department for predicting a normal monsoon. 
"Pranab takes austerity drive to Rashtrapati Bhavan", under that headline Hindustan Times writes that according top government sources, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, who maintains a simple lifestyle, has already issued instructions against large-scale decorations or buying of whole new furniture for the presidential household.
"Time's almost up for the UPA, warns NCP", under that headline the Pioneer writes about the tension between the UPA and NCP. The Economic Times, however, says that the NCP is likely to remain a part of the UPA but will bargain for more clout in the ruling coalition.
Anna Hazare will sit on an indefinite fast at Jantar Mantar along with his team from Wednesday write most papers. 
A Hindustan Times's headline reads, "File FIR on missing kids, High Court tells cops". Another story in the paper says, "Voice on 26/11 tapes is mine confirms Jundal."
And finally, a study carried out by British and Dutch researchers found that just two slices of cheese a day or 55 grams of yoghurt, cuts the risk of Type-II diabetes by 12 per cent. The Hindu, the Asian Age and the Times of India have reported the story. 


Hindu says 1.7 lakh people moved to camps. TOI says over 70,000 flee their homes. Just 1 lakh difference!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Denver shooter was a loner, brilliant student


The ties between the Congress and its UPA allies the NCP and the Trinamool Congress are scrutinised in all the papers. "Maharashtra turf wars at root of Congress-NCP friction" reports the Times of India. The Pioneer writes "NCP opens Maharashtra front, but wont walk out of UPA". Highlighting what it calls a 'deepening rift' between the Congress and the Trinamool Congress, the Asian Age observes "Mamta to go it alone in Panchayat polls".

The arrest of three teachers of a private school in Tamil Nadu is widely noticed. "Three TN teachers arrested for beating 14 year old student" reports the Hindustan Times headline. The Statesman writes "Boy says he was made to drink urine, 3 teachers held". Most papers add that a police probe has found that the student was not forced to drink urine.

In its front page banner headline, the Mail Today writes "Shadow of drought : Agriculture Secretary raises red flag as monsoon proves elusive". The Asian Age reports " Centre, 6 states impact of poor rainfall".

Madhya Pradesh Industries Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya's remarks on the way women should dress, in the backdrop of the recent cases of molestation of women, is highlighted in all the papers. The Times of India reports him as saying "Women's safety depend on their dress".

In a special front page story the Hindustan Times writes that in reply to an RTI application the Reserve Bank has said that there has been a five fold rise in fake currency notes in the last five years in the country.

And finally, details about the suspected shooter involved in a mass shooting incident in a cinema hall in Denver in the United States are widely noticed. " Denver shooter was a loner, brilliant student" writes the Times of India. The Statesman says that the suspect had coloured his hair red and identified himself as the "Joker', the villain in Batman comics.

Monday, July 23, 2012

India stares at drinking water crisis - The Economic Times

India stares at drinking water crisis - The Economic Times
This year's frail monsoon has depleted Indian reservoirs to alarming levels last seen during the devastating drought of 2009, threatening even winter-sown crops and making the country vulnerable to drinking water scarcity by February as India's grossly inadequate storage capacity magnifies the impact of weak rainfall.

Friday, July 20, 2012

an egg today is better than a hen tomorrow reports a survey conducted by Britain's health department


Most newspapers this morning report the statement of Rahul Gandhi saying he will assume a larger role in the party and government.

Rajesh Khanna's funeral is also extensively covered by newspapers on the front page. In death Rajesh Khanna gets a second chance that life denied him writes the Pioneer reporting on the thousands of fans, undeterred by the rain, filling, rooftops, roads and pavements during the funeral procession,

Another prominent story covered by the papers this morning is the killing of Maruti's HR Manager at the Manesar plant. "99 maruti workers arrested for arson", writes the Tribune. Maruti's Manesar Plant faces lockout writes the Economic Times

The Pioneer reports the growing rift between the Congress and the NCP Ministers Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel. "Pawar, Praful skip cabinet meeting", reports the Hindu.

The Tata group chairman, Ratan Tata has come out in strong defense of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying that the Architect of the 1991 reforms should not be singled out for the current economics woes. He also said that now was the time for the Prime Minister to break convention, restore government credibility and place the country on the growth path. The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Financial Express and other papers have reported this story.

The Indian Express and Times of India report that the Samajwadi party Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav added some excitement to the presidential poll proceedings by mistakenly marking his vote for P.A. Sangma. He realised his error tore up the ballot paper and voted for UPA's Pranab Mukherjee.

And finally, an egg today is better than a hen tomorrow reports a survey conducted by Britain's health department. The Times of India reports this study which claims that eggs are lower in fat, cholesterol and calories and contain more vitamin D than they did 30 years ago. The Asian Age also reports the story.

Mayer gets $70 million pay package to lead Yahoo | Deccan Chronicle

Mayer gets $70 million pay package to lead Yahoo | Deccan Chronicle

Top 6 Magazines That Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Bangalore based HashCube technologies; a social gaming platform provider has received funding from Indian Angel Network and Blume Ventures.
World's foremost mentor for technology startups, Y Combinator has recently added two more fledging Indian startups to its incubation programme.
Shantani Proteome Analytics; a chemical proteomics technology platform has procured investment from Blume Ventures and India Innovation Fund.
Venture Capital firms have invested $363 million across India, in 100 deals during the first six months period ending in June 2012.

Every minute has a new update and every update has its own secret, these secrets are well analyzed, cracked and written in style only by magazines.
People love it when it is short and sweet, it must be thoughtful in meaning, hence immense care must be taken while naming a company.
Most of the ideas and inceptions behind the startups are great but young entrepreneurs often find it a nightmare to raise funds.
No business has a graph which has the arrow always pointing upwards, risk is common and also uncertain.

Founder: Kaushal Sarda
Uhuroo allows businesses to easily exchange content internally with their clients and partners through It's lightweight content management system.
Founder: Vishnu G S and Swaraj Kumar Bont
Interchain is primarily focused towards providing Location Based Services to the Consumer as well as Enterprise clientele.

By Somak Chattopadhyay, Vice President, Greenhill SAVP
The soaring costs of higher education provide fertile grounds for entrepreneurs who can offer new educational tools to a value-conscious consumer.
By Mukul Singhal, Associate, Cannan Partners
Since last six to nine months, there is early adoption in B2B Internet ventures that are trying to organize fragmented businesses.

Aug 25, 2012, Delhi
The brightest minds in mobile technology will discuss the future of mobile technology, gathering over 800 of the most interesting mobile developers, investors, executives, entrepreneurs, marketers, carriers, content developers and aggregators.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Groundwater set to be made public property


Mamata Banerjee's 'Yes' to Pranab Mukherjee as Presidential candidate, is the lead story in most newspapers today. 'Mamata gets off her high horse, will back Pranab', writes the Hindustan Times. The Pioneer says, 'Dada factor works on Didi'. The Hindu reports, 'All's well with UPA as Mamata blinks'. The Times of India says, 'Out of options, Didi backs Pranab with 'heavy heart' ", adding she will also toe UPA line on Ansari as Vice-President.
The death of an Indian Fisherman in firing by an American warship is also noticed prominently by many papers. The Hindu headline reads, 'U.S. firing was a mistake, says UAE official', reporting a survivor as saying 'Unprovoked, they rained bullets for five minutes'. The Asian Age reports, 'Indian death in US Navy firing: Delhi seeks action', adding, 'Fishermen deny 'warnings' by warship'.
'Carve up Uttar Pradesh', under that headline, the Pioneer reports, Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh has suggested splitting of Uttar Pradesh, to end, what he called 'administrative nightmare'.
 The Times of India reports, 'CNG losing out to diesel' in Delhi, spelling bad news for the city's air, with dealers reporting a 60-80% drop in sales of CNG kits for private vehicles this year, as car owners are moving to diesel vehicles.
'Groundwater set to be made public property', is another story in the Times of India. The paper says, groundwater, a precious natural resource, is for all practical purposes, private property in India, and a law that ensures it is treated as public, and not private property, is long overdue.
The same paper also reports data thrown up by a Labour Bureau Report, revealing India's ironic peculiarity where 'Higher the degree, less is the chance of getting a job'.
And finally, In a breather for broadcasters, 'TRAI softens its stance on TV ad diktat', reports Mail Today, saying the Telecom Regulatory Authority told TDSAT on Tuesday, it is ready to hold discussions with TV channels to consider amending its directions on limiting advertisement time for their programmes.

Higher your education, harder it is getting a job - The Times of India

Higher your education, harder it is getting a job - The Times of India: "India's official unemployment rate last year was 3.8%, data released recently by the Labour Bureau shows, but, as always, averages hide many stories. A closer look at the numbers shows that unemployment rises with education level to 10% among graduates, and higher still for backward castes."

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RIP Stephen Covey: Social media celebrates self-help guru's life - latimes.com

London 2012 Olympics journey planner: TfL unveils its social media strategy - Telegraph

London 2012 Olympics journey planner: TfL unveils its social media strategy - Telegraph: "With approximately one million more people than usual expected to be in the capital during the forthcoming Olympic Games, London commuters and incoming visitors are being warned that the city’s transport network will be under unprecedented strain. Today TfL has announced the full list of social media platforms and planning tools it is making available to those who will be travelling through the city during Games time."

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Four ways social media could transform conflict in Africa – Global Public Square - CNN.com Blogs

Four ways social media could transform conflict in Africa – Global Public Square - CNN.com Blogs: "When Kenya invaded Somalia in October 2011 to oust destabilizing Al Shabaab insurgent elements there, the international community paid scant attention. Apparently more newsworthy was the “Tweet-off” a couple of months later between the Kenyan Army’s spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir and a spokesman for Al Shabaab that touched on issues as mundane as goat killings and as contentious as the ethical permissibility of war tactics. The episode was a reminder not only of the prevalence of the internet even in the world’s failed states, but, more importantly, it underscored how social media might be used as a tool in the conduct of international wars – or in the pursuit of peace."

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Monday, July 16, 2012

7 Things Journalists Can Learn From New Media Startups - Forbes

7 Things Journalists Can Learn From New Media Startups - Forbes: "After a few days at MIT’s Media Lab, the future of news reporting and production seems fun as well as scary: Fun, if you know how to write code and are keen on testing prototypes; scary if you just want your news printed on thin paper and prefer proven solutions."

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

20 women to watch : CJR

20 women to watch : CJR: "Molly Bingham (@4GJournalist) Descended from a venerable newspaper family, Bingham is an intrepid photojournalist and filmmaker who’s now launching ORBmedia, which plans to sift data from various nations on basic human needs and then use what it gathers to create a daily multimedia story for global consumption."

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Friday, July 13, 2012

8 Eye Opening Entrepreneurial Teachings from Dalai Lama

Weekly Newsletter for Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and To-Be Entrepreneurs
Jul 13, 2012

The online footwear store, BigShoeBazaar has bagged 100 Crore for a Series C funding led by Fidelity Growth Partners and Qualcomm Ventures.
The investors recently invested undisclosed amounts in an unnamed internet startup and game developer Twist Mobile.
Mobile phone application developer, Twist Mobile India has raised series A round of funding from Matrix Partners.
The leading Indian ecommerce apparel store Myntra.com is to be funded with $25 Million by Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management.

The teachings of Dalai Lama have always been a great source of enlightenment for many successful personalities around the globe.
Malcolm Gladwell compared Gates and Jobs, and said that entrepreneurs should be respected for their services towards humans and not for making money.
It's hard to start a company and an entrepreneur requires guidance and advice. Young entrepreneurs have many questions always buzzing in their head.
James Cameron has emerged as one of Hollywood's hottest director and his entrepreneurial ideas are being skillfully used in 3D business.

CEO: Sagar Gaikwad
Foresight's services include healthcare marketing planning and consulting, complete outsourcing of verticals, Branding Solutions and Customer Care.
MD : Montu Makadia
The company was founded in April 2000 with the goal of developing a totally new approach to hardware-assisted verification, only possible with specialized hardware

By Sasha Mirchandani , Managing Partner , Kae Capital
You must have persistence and the will to see through your plan to move it from dream to reality. Always hire people who are better than you. Always look for positive people to hire in your team.
By Parag Dhol, Director, Inventus Capital Partners
Many entrepreneurs prioritize VCs over their prospective customers, this is a big mistake.The key focus should be to set up a good business.

Aug 25, 2012, Delhi
The brightest minds in mobile technology will discuss the future of mobile technology, gathering over 800 of the most interesting mobile developers, investors, executives, entrepreneurs, marketers, carriers, content developers and aggregators.

BBC News - Hobson-Jobson: The words English owes to India

BBC News - Hobson-Jobson: The words English owes to India: "In 1872 two men began work on a lexicon of words of Asian origin used by the British in India. Since its publication the 1,000-page dictionary has never been out of print and a new edition is due out next year. What accounts for its enduring appeal?"

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Britain tightens visa guidelines to check bogus students from India


The Bombay High Court, acquitting five accused and upholding life imprisonment for four, in the Gujarat riot related "Best Bakery Case", is highlighted in the Press - The Hindustan Times writes - 'Court slams police for serious lapses in investigating one of the worst killings'.
"Ansari set to get second term as Vice President", writes the Times of India, with the Congress supporting his candidature and initiating consultations with allies.
"SM Krishna set to visit Pakistan despite 26/11 mistrust", writes Mail Today. The SM Krishna - Hina Rabbani Khar meeting is on course, for the first half of September.
"Air India passengers get a taste of Pakistani hospitality; with Biryani and kebabs", writes the India Express. Pakistan went out of its way to help the 132 Indian passengers and crew stranded at Nawab Shah Airport in Sindh province, as it made an emergency landing, yesterday. 
"Soon, a course in rainwater harvesting at Jamia Hamdard University", writes the Time of India, after the success of its own rainwater harvesting system that recharges under-ground aquifers every year, thereby eliminating government water connections or tankers, each summer.
Indian Express writes "Britain tightens visa guidelines to check bogus students from India", with a targeted interview system that would ensure that only genuine students from non-EU countries, including India, get its student visas.
And finally, The Times of India writes, "Scarless operations via Spider Technology". The humble navel or belly button in the body is set to don a more responsible role, with surgeons in Delhi using a single flexible instrument through the belly button for conditions like appendix, gall bladder stones and weight loss bariatric surgery.

Startups Founded By Former Apple Employees - Business Insider

Startups Founded By Former Apple Employees - Business Insider: "If you need proof that Apple is full of insanely talented people, just consider some of the companies that employees went on to start after leaving the company."

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Is the Time magazine correct in calling PM Manmohan Singh an underachiever?

Is the Time magazine correct in calling PM Manmohan Singh an underachiever?
Time magazine call PM an underachiever- Deccan Chronicle
Time Fuels PM Attack - The New Indian Express

Manmohan an underachiever: Time magazine - DNA

The sixth W : CJR

The sixth W : CJR: "Forty years ago in July, Ms. debuted as a stand-alone magazine. Thanks to the efforts of Gloria Steinem, Suzanne Levine (a former editor of this magazine), and their colleagues, a woman is now, by default, addressed without reference to her marital status. It is hard to overemphasize how important (and to be blunt, how unlikely to succeed) this campaign seemed at the time. And Ms. is still on the stands, having staved off a few near-death experiences."

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spineless netas a cause for concern

The BJP's decision to replace Karnataka Chief Minister Sadanand Gowda with Jagdish Shettar dominates the front pages of most papers. "BJP names Shettar new Karnataka CM" reports the Times of India. The Asian Age says " Shettar may take CM oath on July 11".
Most papers take note of the successes notched up by the BJP in the civic polls in UP. "BJP sweeps UP civic polls as SP and BSP stay away" writes the Hindustan Times. The Mail Today reports that the BJP has won over half a dozen mayoral seats in the polls.
The bailable warrant issued against former health minister Anbumani Ramadoss for failing to appear in court in a case involving grant of illegal permission to a medical college for admitting students is noticed in all the papers.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's comment about political leaders on her facebook account gets wide attention. The Pioneer quotes her as saying "Spineless netas a cause for concern". The Indian Express reports "Mamata slams 'spineless leaders', Congress protests".
The forthcoming Presidential election is dogged by another controversy with P A Sangma leveling fresh charges against UPA nominee Pranab Mukherjee report the papers. "Pranab holds 2 more offices of profit, says Sangma" informs the Tribune.
In a front page exclusive, the Hindustan Times reports that as compared to a 166 member official delegation which went to the Beijing Olympics, this year only 10 persons, mostly former sportspersons will go to the London Olympics.
The Times of India in its front page lead, cites the UN's Millennium Development Goals Report as it writes "Globally women MPs on the rise, but not in India". However, in what is a welcome change, the Tribune carries a story on an interesting development in villages in Sirsa district of Haryana. The paper writes that many villages here have started performing 'kuan poojan' traditionally held to celebrate the birth of boys, to celebrate the birth of a girl child.

Time magazine dubs Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as 'underachiever' : Americas, News - India Today

Time magazine dubs Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as 'underachiever' : Americas, News - India Today: "Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has long been lauded for his pivotal role in liberalising the Indian economy, has been dubbed as an "underachiever" by a top US magazine which says he appears "unwilling to stick his neck out" on reforms that will put the country back on growth path.

79-year-old Singh is featured on the cover of Time magazine's Asia edition, which will be out next week. With his portrait in the background, the title on the cover reads 'The Underachiever - India needs a reboot'."

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

scientists have called for categorising 'exercise' as the fifth vital sign of the condition of the human body, after temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rate

The National Capital getting its first taste of pre-monsoon rains,  after days of scorching heat, is splashed over the front pages. "Here comes the Rain, showers push down temp 10 degrees ", writes  The Times of India - The Tribune writes "Finally monsoon hits region" bringing relief to Chandigarh, parts of Punjab, Haryana,  Jammu & Kashmir and east Rajasthan.
The Supreme Court questioning a 'disproportionate assets' case against former UP Chief Minister Mayawati is given prominence in the Press. "Supreme Court junks CBI Mayawati Probe"- headlines The Indian Express. 
"P. Chidambaram  to take Hot Seat of Telecom EGoM" - headlines The Economics Times. Hindustan Times reports that  he will head the new EGoM which will decide on the controversial issue of  auction of telecom spectrum. He will be the third chairman of the body in 11 days - after Pranab Mukharjee resigned  to contest presidential election and Sharad Pawar stepped down.
The Tribune reports - "Bowing to unrelenting pressure from the ruling 
AIADMK, the Centre has decided to move Sri Lankan Air Force trainees form the Tambaram Air Force station near Chennai, and the nine trainees have been shifted to the Yalahanka base in Bangalore. 
"Salman Khurshid suggests Guidelines for judges remarks in court", is seen on the front page of The Asian Age. 
The Mail Today reports that intelligence Bureau has unearthed a major scam  involving big players such as Ketan Parikh, ostensibly banned from trading till 2017 by SEBI.
And finally The Indian Express informs us that 
University of California scientists have called for categorising 'exercise' as the fifth vital sign of the condition of the human body, after temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rate.  

"It’s easy to make money chasing your dreams", says Chris Guillebeau, author of The $100 Startup - The Economic Times

"It’s easy to make money chasing your dreams", says Chris Guillebeau, author of The $100 Startup - The Economic Times: "Thirty-four-year-old Chris Guillebeau believes anybody can start a business with $100. To test this belief, Guillebeau has been living out of a suitcase since he was 24. So far, he has been to 185 countries, and he wants to visit all the 195 UN member countries before he turns 35."

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India - ‘Disgusted’ by Her Dating, Man Beheads His Daughter, 20 - NYTimes.com

India - ‘Disgusted’ by Her Dating, Man Beheads His Daughter, 20 - NYTimes.com: "A man in northwestern India was unrepentant on Tuesday after beheading his daughter with a ceremonial sword in a rage over her relationships with men, the police said. The father, Oghad Singh of Dungarji village in Rajasthan State, surrendered at the Charbhuja police station, carrying the head of his 20-year-old daughter in one hand and the bloodied sword in the other. "

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sangakkara on a record breaking spree, beats Bradman : Cricket, News - India Today

Sangakkara on a record breaking spree, beats Bradman : Cricket, News - India Today: "Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara has been on a record-breaking spree in the second Test against Pakistan here at the SSC Grounds in the capital.

Sangakkara scored his 30th career Test century and ninth against Pakistan in the rain-hit Test match on Tuesday and was involved in a 200-run partnership with opener Tillakaratne Dilshan, reports Xinhua."

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And the people's choice is... - The Times of India

And the people's choice is... - The Times of India: "Last week, just for fun, i ran a simple poll on my public Facebook page. The question i asked was simple. Who should be India's PM? The choices were simple too - Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi and none of the above. There was no intention to imply any bias. Over 10,000 votes were polled. Rahul Gandhi received 5% of the votes. Narendra Modi had 82%, beating the crown prince an astonishing 16 times; 13% of the voters wanted neither."

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Spain Erupts in Joy After Historic Euro 2012 Win - WSJ.com

Spain Erupts in Joy After Historic Euro 2012 Win - WSJ.com: "Spaniards are jumping for joy and blasting off fireworks from all corners of the country to celebrate their football team's historic 4-0 win against Italy in the European Championship."

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

8 tips on writing — Paulo Coelho's Blog

8 tips on writing — Paulo Coelho's Blog: "Ok, the idea was not mine. A Filipino blogger, Jerome, collected a series of my comments on writing – and I found his page by chance.
Here are my “tips”:

On Confidence: You cannot sell your next book by underrating your book that was just published. Be proud of what you have."

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