Friday, July 20, 2012

an egg today is better than a hen tomorrow reports a survey conducted by Britain's health department


Most newspapers this morning report the statement of Rahul Gandhi saying he will assume a larger role in the party and government.

Rajesh Khanna's funeral is also extensively covered by newspapers on the front page. In death Rajesh Khanna gets a second chance that life denied him writes the Pioneer reporting on the thousands of fans, undeterred by the rain, filling, rooftops, roads and pavements during the funeral procession,

Another prominent story covered by the papers this morning is the killing of Maruti's HR Manager at the Manesar plant. "99 maruti workers arrested for arson", writes the Tribune. Maruti's Manesar Plant faces lockout writes the Economic Times

The Pioneer reports the growing rift between the Congress and the NCP Ministers Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel. "Pawar, Praful skip cabinet meeting", reports the Hindu.

The Tata group chairman, Ratan Tata has come out in strong defense of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying that the Architect of the 1991 reforms should not be singled out for the current economics woes. He also said that now was the time for the Prime Minister to break convention, restore government credibility and place the country on the growth path. The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Financial Express and other papers have reported this story.

The Indian Express and Times of India report that the Samajwadi party Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav added some excitement to the presidential poll proceedings by mistakenly marking his vote for P.A. Sangma. He realised his error tore up the ballot paper and voted for UPA's Pranab Mukherjee.

And finally, an egg today is better than a hen tomorrow reports a survey conducted by Britain's health department. The Times of India reports this study which claims that eggs are lower in fat, cholesterol and calories and contain more vitamin D than they did 30 years ago. The Asian Age also reports the story.

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