Saturday, December 31, 2011 India Abroad: The 50 Most Influential Indian Americans India Abroad: The 50 Most Influential Indian Americans: "His card states that he is Dean of Students and Associate Professor at the Columbia Journalism School -- but Sreenath Sreenivasan is much more than that. He is, quite simply, the man who knows everyone. On LinkedIn, the professional networking site, his connections number 500 plus -- 500 being where LinkedIn stopped counting."

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Kill Bill and plead not guilty


"Kill Bill and plead not guilty", screams the headline of Mail Today, a day after the Rajya Sabha was adjourned sine die with the Lokpal Bill battle remaining inconclusive as a no-holds-barred war of words broke out between the UPA government and the opposition. Most papers have headlined similar sentiments after the Lokpal Bill was laid to rest. The opposition and the UPA now blame each other for the Rajya Sabha fiasco. The Asian Age appropriately states "War of the blames begins".
The devastation caused by Cyclone Thane has also been frontlined by almost all newspapers. The Tribune on its front page has shown photographs of a merchant vessel that has run aground on Marina Beach due to gutsy winds trigged by "Thane".
In Economic News, the Business Standard writes that Government loses 5 lakh crore rupees in stock market in 2011 and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Indias top software exporter, has become the country's most valued company by elbowing out the Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) from the top spot.
Bon Voyage Metro man, says The Pioneer to the eminent civil engineer, efficient administrator and firm believer - E. Sreedharan - the architect of the new age transport system, Delhi Metro, as he steps down as Chief Executive  today.
The Times of India has reported that given the size of our population, one would have thought Indians get enough romance. But that does not stop us searching for more. Data collected by Google shows that in 2011, seven Indian cuties were in the list of top ten cities world wide where the "sex" query was most popular.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Faced with a loss in RS, govt avoids vote; Trinamool Congress, Opposition cry foul


The failure of the government to get the Lokpal bill passed in the Rajya Sabha dominates the front pages of all the papers. "No vote on Lokpal; Rajya Sabha adjourns abruptly" reports the Hindu. Highlighting the blame game that has started the Mail Today writes "Govt says 187 amendments to Bill created web of confusion; BJP alleges govt choreographed RS debate to stall bill". The Times of India observes "Faced with a loss in RS, govt avoids vote; Trinamool Congress, Opposition cry foul".
The Prime Minister's address at a conference of the Dalits and Minorities International Forum is widely noticed. The Asian Age quotes the Prime Minister as saying "Dalits still face discrimination". With the Prime Minister rejecting the suggestion that his government hadn't implemented the recommendations of the Sachar Committee, the Hindustan Times writes "Eye on poll, PM talks of minority schemes".
With yet another arrest being made investigation in connection with the murder of an Indian Student Anuj Bidve in Britain are highlighted in most papers. "Fifth arrest in Bidve killing" reports the Tribune. The Hindu writes "Indian student's murder to be treated as racially motivated".
In a special story, the Hindustan Times writes that the CBI investigating the multi-crore National Rural Health Mission scam in UP has found that substandard drugs were sold to government hospitals by pharamceutical firms. The paper reports that the firms made a profit of 500%.
In international news, the escalating tension between the US and Iran over the latter's threat to close the Strait of Hormuz to oil tankers is prominently noticed in the papers today. "US, Iran gear up for strait fight" says the Times of India even as the Hindustan TImes reports "US carrier spotted in Iran wargame zone".
And finally...a did he or didn't he story. The Indian Express reports on its front page on how the makers of a Chattisgarhi film releasing today praised debutante actor Chief Minister Raman Singh at a crowded press conference yesterday but hours later the Chief Minister's Office clarified that he had not acted in any film.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

100 fake docs? Madhya Pradesh hit by Munnabhai scam

Most papers this morning have photographs of Anna Hazare on their front pages. Hindustan Times headline reads, "Anna calls off Mumbai flop show, but still guns for Congress-led UPA." The Hindu writes "Anna gives up fast, but not fight".

Uncertainty looms large as the Lokpal Bill goes to the Rajya Sabha. TMC hurdle for Bill today, writes the Asian Age. The Tribune reports that Mamata adds to the governments woes, ahead of the Rajya Sabha debate on the Lokpal.

"100 fake docs? Madhya Pradesh hit by Munnabhai scam", reads the headline of a Times of India story. The paper goes on to say that 114 students gained admission to 6 government medical colleges by hiring practicing doctors and talented medical students to write the pre-medical test on their behalf.
The Tribune reports that in a first, the Election Commission has banned booths of political parties to be set up outside polling stations during the coming assembly elections. From now on, the Election Commission will issue voters slips carrying details and pictures of voters.

Hindustan Times writes that after much delay, the Delhi Division of Northern Railways has finally launched a real-time train information SMS service. So, now you can get the position of your train on mobile phone by sending a text message with your train number
 And finally, The Pioneer, the Tribune and the Mail Today write that the popular pilgrimage to the Holy Cave shrine of Vaishno Devi set a new record yesterday when it crossed the mark of 1 crore visitors in one year". 

 The severe cyclonic storm Thane lays centred in East Southeast of Bay of Bengal, 350 kilometres off Chennai coast. The Cyclonic Warning Centre in Vishakhapatnam said that the storm is moving in a west ward direction. It is likely to cross the coast tomorrow morning between Nagapatinam and Chennai near Pondicherry. Under its influence, rain or thunder showers are likely to occur in south coastal Andhra Pradesh and North Tamil Nadu during the next 24 hours. Heavy rainfall is likely to occur at one or two places during the same period and fishermen have been advised not to venture into the sea.

Arun Jaitley tears apart Lokpal Bill; terms it weak, hollow - News

Arun Jaitley tears apart Lokpal Bill; terms it weak, hollow - News: "Opposing the United Progressive Alliance government's Lokpal Bill, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Arun Jaitley on Thursday said we do not want a weak and hollow law.

"We do not want a weak and hollow law. We will oppose this with fervour. We are here today with the hope that the government's weak bill will be rejected by this House," Jaitley said.

"But this House should also not leave today without delivering a strong law. So let us accept amendments suggested by other parties, if they make this law stronger. Let us show we can deliver an effective law. Parliament and politics both have great power and strength," he added

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Al Jazeera top 10 2011 - Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera top 10 2011 - Al Jazeera English: "The year saw the rise of a new country, the fall of long-time leaders and numerous tragedies and triumphs in between."

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Green signal for Whistle Blowers' Bill


Predictably, the top headlines in all major newspapers of the day are
on the Lokpal Bill. 'Lok Sabha passes Lokpal Bill with changes, but
without constitutional status', reports the Times of India. The Indian
Express remarks, 'Lokpal: UPA wins one, loses one.' The Mail Today
comments, "Half way to History".

The Pioneer in a front page story reports that the Government has
assured that India will not sign any legally-binding agreement to
reduce emissions that could hurt the growth scenario and development.

The Tribune highlights the passage of another important Bill - The
Whistle blowers' Protection Bill - under the headline, 'Green signal
for Whistle Blowers' Bill".

In significant international news, Hindustan Times reports that a
defiant Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari used the fourth
anniversary of the death of his wife Benazir Bhutto to say he would
not resign in face of numerous crises building around him.

In a related story, the Statesman reports that India and Pakistan have
decided to move forward on proposals to extend two key agreements -
one on pre-notification of ballistic missile tests and the other on
reducing the risk from accidents related to nuclear weapons.

The Asian Age reports that the cyclonic storm 'Thane', which lashed
the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, has left hundreds of tourists
stranded there, most of them from West Bengal.

And finally, the Times of India reports that doctors in a domed
laboratory in Canada are designing a virtual world where they hope to
one-day treat traumatised children with colourful Avatars using toy
like medical gadgets.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Small Nano Big Recall


With Parliament set to begin discussions on it today and Anna Hazare starting a three day fast against it in Mumbai, the fate of the Lokpal Bill grabs front page attention in all the papers. "Last lokpal battle of 2011 begins today" declares the Hindustan Times as it reports that the Opposition wants 56 changes in the bill. The Times of India writes "Govt confident it has numbers to pass bill". The Indian Express quotes Anna Hazare as saying "Don't enjoy fasting, govt forcing me to".
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's praise for his colleague and Home Minister P Chidambram at a speech at Alagappa University in Tamil Nadu is prominently noticed. "Under attack, Chidambram gets PM praise" reports the Indian Express. The Asian Age writes that the Prime Minister complimented Mr Chidambram for performing tasks given to him with "superb aplomb".
The Hindu highlights the Prime Minister's concern about the quality of math education in the country as it writes on its front page "Manmohan concerned at decline in quality of maths teachers". The Prime Minister was inaugurating the year long celebrations of the 125th birth anniversary of legendary mathematician S Ramanujan. The Pioneer says that the Prime minister has declared 2012 as the National Mathematical year.
The death of former Karnataka Chief Minister S Bangarappa is widely noticed. The Pioneer writes of him "This socialist was a king" until he was defeated by B S Yedyurappa. The Hindu quotes the Prime Minister as saying Bangarappa was a widely respected leader in a condolence message sent to his wife.
All the papers take note of Tata Motors decision to recall 1 lakh 40 thousand Nano cars to fix starters. "Small Nano Big Recall" writes the Mail Today.
And  even as the cold wave tightens its grip in north India most papers have published photographs of revellers frolicking in the snow at the popular skiing resort of Gulmarg in Kashmir.

'Mobile networks down in Mumbai, conspiracy against Anna' - India News

Live! 'Mobile networks down in Mumbai, conspiracy against Anna' - India News: "Mobile networks down in Mumbai, conspiracy against Anna"

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2011 News Quiz: Test your knowledge of the year’s biggest stories - The Washington Post

2011 News Quiz: Test your knowledge of the year’s biggest stories - The Washington Post:

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Monday, December 26, 2011

thanks to the Internet and social media, women get a platform to market child rearing techniques from Home


The Hindustan Times writes that with the Rupee weakening against the Dollar, oil companies have proposed increasing the price of auto fuel by almost one rupee per litre from the 1st of January 2012.
Minimum temperature drops to 2.9 degree Celsius with the coldest Christmas being recorded in the capital Delhi in the last 5 years. The winter chill will remain for the next few days, writes The Statesman. Delhi was even colder than London, New York and other European cities write The Pioneer. The Indian Express reports that the mercury fell below 0.1 degree in Gurgaon and was 1.1 degree in Pusa on Sunday morning.
The Times of India reports that the International Watchdogs, Global Financial integrity's report on illicit financial flows says nearly 6 lakh crore was illegally siphoned out of India in the decade spanning 2000 to 2009.
Team Anna's poll position on EC Radar writes Mail Today. The paper adds that the election commission will subject the anti corruption activists to hawk eye scrutiny so that they do not transgress propriety and puncture the victory dreams of any one party.
Thousands of people including women and children converged near the memorial of Pakistan's founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi for Imran Khan's massive Tsunami Rally seeking change in the country. The Asian Age, Tribune Pioneer and other papers have covered this story.
And finally, Business Standard and the Times of India report that thanks to the Internet and social media, women get a platform to market child rearing techniques from Home. The rise of the Internet and social media allows women to exchange ideas and inventions that can be marketed under the mom invented brand seal of approval.

World Champion Masturbator, Masanobu Sato, Expands On His Favorite Hobby (VIDEO, NSFW)

World Champion Masturbator, Masanobu Sato, Expands On His Favorite Hobby (VIDEO, NSFW): "WARNING: Some links contain pictures of explicit, NSFW content."

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

the Indian Air force has cut down flying time for rookie pilots to only 25 flying hours in the first stage, down from the minimum 75 hours that was the norm


The announcement of dates for the forthcoming assembly elections in five states early next year dominates the front pages of most papers. While the Times of India calls the elections "the big game hunt" the Hindustan Times says it will be a "Litmus test for UPA, Opposition, and Anna". Highlighting Uttarakhand Chief Minister B C Khanduri's reaction to the poll schedule, the Pioneer writes "Jan election will repel hill voters, rues Khanduri". Reporting on UP Chief Minister Maywati's expectations, The Mail Today opines "Maya doesn't get her way on April vote".

Even as the papers report on the preparations is being made ahead of Anna Hazare's protest fast and propoised jail-bharo andolan, many of them highlight opinions critical of his methods. The Times of India quotes Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office V Narayansamy as saying "People on streets cant pass Lokpal". The Indian Express reports RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav as saying "Team Anna like dictators, they want lock put on Parliament".

Most papers take note of the orders of a Delhi court to 22 social networking sites. "Delete anti-religious posts: court to networking sites" reports the Hindustan Times. Similarly the Tribune writes "Remove derogatory content by Feb 6, Delhi court tells websites".

In a special front page story the Indian Express reports that faced with an acute shortage of trainer aircraft, the Indian Air force has cut down flying time for rookie pilots to only 25 flying hours in the first stage, down from the minimum 75 hours that was the norm.

And finally, pictures of the festive spirit ahead of Christmas with illuminated cathedrals, children wearing Santa Claus masks and candles being lit at churches bring cheer for all.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Get freewheeling



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snuggling up for the night on the left side makes for a more cheerful, confident and happier person


Bombay High Court declining request for fee concession to Team Anna for use of ground in Mumbai for their protest is on front pages of many dailies. Bombay High Court slams Anna, say's fast can be a nuisance to some" - is the top headline in the Hindustan Times. The Indian Express reports that - The High Court turned down Team Anna's request for fee concessions for the Bandra Kurla Complex as venue of the proposed 3-day fast.

The political row intensifying over the Center fixing a 4.5% share for minorities within the existing 27% OBC quota, appears in several dailies. "Battle lines being drawn over minorities sub-quota" writes the Hindu, The Tribune writes that despite opposition from political parties, the government pushed ahead with formalities to notify the Union Cabinet's decision, so that the quota can come into effect from Jan 1, 2012.

The Election Commission's expected announcement of schedule for Assembly Elections in the five poll-bond states of Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttrakhand, and Uttar Pradesh is also given due prominence by papers.

"Dhoni & Boys loving it" write the Hindustan Times, with Indian Cricketers enjoying unforeseen levels of anonymity in Canberra and passers-bye clueless of the presence of the likes of Sachin Tendulkar doing practices sessions in the midst and R. Ashwin enjoying an evening walk with his bride.

And finally, the Business line of the Hindu writes "Want to know what the key to a happier life is? According to a new UK study, 'snuggling up for the night on the left side' makes for a more cheerful, confident and happier person.

Friday, December 23, 2011

P. Sainath


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Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest test batsman ever, overtaking even the legendary Donald Bradman


The Lokpal Bill and its   introduction in the Lok Sabha yesterday, continues to occupy center stage in the Press. "Lokpal bill tabled amid protests" headlines The Hindu. "Lokpal Bill a Bitter Pill for parties, netas of all hues line up to slam it" writes The Times of India.

Anna Hazare’s reaction to the amended Lokpal Bill is also seen on the front pages of papers. "Anna says Bill weak - can't tackle corruption" reports The Hindu.

The Tribune reports that the advisory Panel of the  Employees Provident Fund Organisation has recommended a lower rate of interest of 8.25 per cent for the current fiscal, compared to 9.5 per cent last year, a move that will affect over 4.7 crore subscribers.

The Times of India writes that in a tacit admission that the present radiation levels from mobile phones are injurious to health; the government will soon issue stringent norms to control the health hazards from electromagnetic frequency radiation and informing the public of the benefits of use of hands free sets, SMSs and brief calls.

"Pak PM fears plot to oust govt. Gilani indirectly attacks Military and ISI as Memogate Crisis snowballs", under that headline the Times of India writes that Pakistan PM Yousuf Raza Gilani on Thursday cautioned against "conspiracies being hatched to bring down his elected government".

Hindustan Times tells us that a Griffith University researcher in Australia, who has compared batsmen from different eras, says Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest test batsman ever, overtaking even the legendary Donald Bradman.

And finally, The Asian Age writes that Stan Lee, the driving force behind some of the worlds the most popular comic book heroes, has introduced the first Indian 'daring and dangerous super hero' called Chakra, a Mumbai teenager. The comic book is expected to be launched in India by 2012. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Family's Christmas Vacation In Hawaii Under Scrutiny Because Of Estimated $4 Million Price Tag | Bossip

First Family's Christmas Vacation In Hawaii Under Scrutiny Because Of Estimated $4 Million Price Tag | Bossip: "Like many families across the country, the Obamas are gearing up for a little holiday vacay back home, which of course, for Barry-O and the gang means Hawaii."

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Credit Ratings And Facebook - AskMen

Credit Ratings And Facebook - AskMen: "You are who you hang out with in real life, and now you’ll have to be more conscious of who you connect with on Facebook (and on other social networks, too). That’s because big banks are planning on analyzing your social profiles to determine whether or not you should qualify for a loan."

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Government bends but Anna wants more: Hazare insists on CBI under watchdog


Provisions of the much-debated draft Lokpal Bill that was finally cleared by the Cabinet yesterday night are analysed and highlighted by today's papers. "Cabinet clears Lokpal Bill: PM in, CBI out", is the Times of India headline. The Hindustan Times headline reads, "Government bends but Anna wants more: Hazare insists on CBI under watchdog".

A second day of protest in the Indian Parliament on a ban on the Bhagavad-Gita in a Russian court also received prominence. "Settle Gita controversy, Krishna tells Russian Government", writes Hindustan Times.

The Times of India reports that in the runup to framing country's first guidelines on the matter of mobile towers, an Inter-ministerial Committee has said that electromagnetic radiation from mobile towers must be brought down to one tenth of the existing levels.

The Asian Age and the Hindu carry impressive photographs of INS Virat and INS Shankush submarine arrayed with smart rows of sailors during the Presidential Fleet Review. The Hindu quotes the President as saying, "Today the Indian Navy is one of the most capable in the region and destined to grow ever further."

Hindustan Times quoting a report in Washington's New York Times writes that President Zardari's return to Pakistan could just be a cameo appearance for his wife Benazir Bhutto's death anniversary on December the 27th, after which he might leave Pakistan for good.

And Finally, The Statesman cautions, "Neglect Parents and go to Jail!". The paper says that the Uttarakhand Government has extended a helping hand to senior citizens and cleared a Bill which provides for maintenance of 10,000 rupees, and a month's imprisonment for children who neglect their parents, despite being financially well off.

Your Use of Pronouns Reveals Your Personality - Harvard Business Review

Your Use of Pronouns Reveals Your Personality - Harvard Business Review: "The finding: A person’s use of function words—the pronouns, articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and auxiliary verbs that are the connective tissue of language—offers deep insights into his or her honesty, stability, and sense of self."

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How a Corporate Change Spurred the Need for 'The Wiki' - Technology Review

How a Corporate Change Spurred the Need for 'The Wiki' - Technology Review: "ive years ago, United Business Media, which owns a number of trade publications and hosts trade shows, reorganized itself as part of a plan to improve the online presence of its properties. The 100-year-old company broke its three divisions into a federation of 15 semiautonomous businesses, each catering to a specialized audience from jewelry makers to the aviation industry"

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Recruiters Change Employee-Hunting Tactics -

Recruiters Change Employee-Hunting Tactics - "As recruiters wade cautiously back into hiring mode, they're throwing out their old playbooks. Rather than sift through mounds of online applications, they are going out to hunt for candidates themselves."

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HSBC India planning to fire 1200 people in 2012


  • "Lokpal Bill before cabinet today' is the Hindu headline. 'CBI role last hitch before cabinet takes up lokpal bill' writes the Hindustan Times, while the Times of India headline reads 'Centre may put CJI on panel to name CBI chief''
  • The center and the BJP reaching a consensus on key issues is headlined in the Indian Express as ' First thaw- government and BJP agree on pension bill'. The paper adds that the government has agreed to the BJP demand of a cap of 26% on FDI in pensions.
  • The Tribune has taken the fall out between Jayalalitha and close aide Sasikala as its lead story. ' Friends no more - serious allegation of corruption force Jaya to throw out Sasikala, her confidante of 29 years, from the party, and the home they shared' writes mail today.
  • The death of North Korea's dynastic dictator makes front page news. " Kim Jong-il, ruler of starving ,N-armed North Korea dead" says the Indian Express. " His 28 year old son Kim Jon-un made successor" writes The Hindu. The Economic Times lists 12 things about the late leader we did not know. These include his passion for pizza, being the world's biggest buyer of Hennessy cognac and him spreading the myth in Korea that he could control weather with his moods.
  • The Times of India has taken the Delhi cold as its lead story. " Life in city all fogged up as travel turns chaotic reads the headline. The Hindustan Times say's " Big Chill -30 dead in UP" and writes that Hisar in Haryana had a temperature of 0.1 degrees Celsius, a new low in 38 years. " No respite in sight, fog grounds flights' says the Pioneer.
  • The Economic slow down is beginning to hurt, writes the Hindustan Times, as it reports of HSBC India planning to fire 1200 people in 2012.
  • And finally, the Times of India reports of a courageous British women, who is attempting to set a record,to ski across Antarctica alone.

Monday, December 19, 2011

From farmer to retailer, he sows seeds of change in Bengaluru market


Cabinet clearing the draft Food Bill and hopes of Lokpal Bill draft being cleared today dominate the headlines in newspapers today. The Hindustan Times highlights it as " Cabinet Nod to Food for all, Despite Pawar objections". Mail Today says " Sonia Gets her way on Food Bill", stating the nod become inevitable after Sharad Pawar softened his stand and Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress also fell in line.

The Hindu headline reads " Cabinet clears Food Bill, hopes to approve Lokpal Bill draft today". The Hindustan Times highlights the Government's latest, and more "flexible", position on Lokpal stating " Government cedes more ground to Opposition ", Ready to give CBI, independent prosecution wing". The Indian Express adds " Government plans to bring Lokpal under RTI, may include PM with safeguards.

Ajit Singh's Induction in the Cabinet is another Prominent story in newspapers today, with the Statesman headlining it "Ajit Singh in Cabinet, gets civil aviation".

Another story in the news today is the issue of sponsorship of the Olympics by Dow Chemicals. The Hindustan Times states " Dow gives in, To drop stadium ads : IOA says not enough". The Hindu says 'Dow " agrees " to remove branding from Olympics following protests over its links to 1984 union carbide Bhopal gas tragedy.

The Indian Express, on its front page, carries a prominent photograph of soldiers showing the victory sign, stating " The Last convoy " of about 500 US troops rolled out of Iraq into neighboring Kuwait on Sunday, ending the nearly 9-year war.

And finally;On the ongoing and impending chill & fog, the Times of India writes "After weekend chill, brace for fog form today". The Hindustan Times carries a box item, titled "Get ready to be fogged out" with a 3 day forecast of the possibility of fog, for the coming 3 days.

The Indian Express carries an interesting page one Anchor "From farmer to retailer, he sows seeds of change in Bangalore market", highlighting the success story of a class X dropout farmer, who opened his "own supermarket" where 50 per cent fruits & vegetables come from his own farm.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Black Money trail : Government may move against the HSBC, Rs 80 crore mopped up


Several papers this morning report the Prime Minister promising all
efforts to get the Lokpal Bill passed in the current session of
Parliament. "Fast tracking Lokpal, Bill in Cabinet today : PM",
headlines the Indian Express. Papers give the information that the
Cabinet is scheduled to meet at 7.30 pm on Sunday to discuss the
amended legislation.

The Hindustan Times writes, 'At a time when experts are wondering
whether the great Indian growth story is over, Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh dismissed the current downtrends as a temporary setback and
asserted that the country could sustain an 8 to 9 percent growth a

"Black Money trail : Government may move against the HSBC, Rs 80 crore
mopped up", writes the Indian Express on its front page. After French
authorities handed over lists of around 700 Indians with accounts with
HSBC Geneva, Income Tax officials revealed that bank accounts were
operated from New Delhi, for both deposits and withdrawals.

Most papers tell us of the US administration naming career diplomat
Nancy Powell as America's next ambassador to India. The Tribune writes
that the appointment of Powell, who was the former US Ambassador to
Pakistan, will take effect once confirmed by the US Senate.

Papers report of the Bhagvad Gita facing a ban in Russia. The
Statesman writes that a Court in Russia is seeking a ban on a Russian
translation of the 'Bhagvad Gita As It Is', written by A C
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada - founder of ISKCON.

The Asian Age quoting a Provincial Minister in Pakistan, writes that
the ancestral homes of Bollywood legends, Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor -
in Peshawar - will be given the status of National Heritage Sites.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

PC pleads innocence


Government considering a fresh draft of the Lokpal Bill makes front page news. 'Government mulling over steps to make Lokpal accountable', is the Hindu headline. 'Graft body to have 50% SC-ST reservation, PM in with riders, CBI out', writes the Hindustan Times.

'Targeting Chidambaram, Opposition stalls House', says the Hindu, referring to the allegation against the home minister that he misused his power to direct Delhi Police to withdraw criminal proceedings against a businessman who had been his client. 'Both house in uproar, PC deeply hurt', writes the Asian Age, while Mail Today says wounded PC pleads innocence.

'Bharat Ratna for Sachin?', asks the Hindustan Times, saying that he and Major Dhyan Chand are now eligible for it, after a modification in the rules.

'Rupee jumps 2% to 52 rupees 70 paisa a dollar as RBI measures pay off', writes the Economic Times. 'Sensex sheds 345 points to end at 2-year low', says the Financial Express.

Rahul Gandhi stepping in to support retail FDI features in many dailies. 'Rahul puts his aam admi card to test in UP'', writes the Times of India. 'Congress general secretary says the move will help farmers', is the Tribune headline.

Senior advocate Rajeev Dhawan alleging that the midnight crackdown on Ramdev was pre-planned, features on the front pages of the Hindustan Times and The Times of India.

'Delhi gets colder, mercury at 4.7 degree celsius', writes the Asian Age. The Hindustan Times says, 'Delhi as cold as Shimla, cold weekend ahead'. The Times of India writes that the temperature in the capital has dipped 12degrees celsius in a week.

And finally, the world's shortest woman is now Jyoti Amge of Nagpur. At 62.8 cm, looking like a doll draped in a saree, her photograph is splashed across most newspapers today.

Friday, December 16, 2011

New norms to hold pharma MDs and CEOs responsible for offering freebies to doctors


The Lokpal Bill continues to enjoy centre stage in the Press. The Hindu reports - "Lokpal Bill may be tabled in Lok Sabha on Tuesday, cabinet to take a call on contentious issues after Manmohan Singh returns from Russia". The Asian Age writes "Anna jail bharo from January 1, may defer fast if bill is tabled.

The RBI stepping in to curb volatility in the rupee also finds prominence in the Press. The Economic Times writes - the RBI has unleashed a series of measures that will end speculation, in a move to arrest its slide.

The Asian Age has a smart picture of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh along side a Russian guard of Honour at the Moscow Airport. The Hindustan Times reports that 'India is committed to providing Russia an alternative site for the next generation of Nuclear Power Reactors, after the local resistance at Koodankulam.

Food inflation fell to a near 4-year low of 4.35 per cent due to a fall in the prices of vegetables, reports the Asian Age. An official in the Finance Ministry said, inflation was winding down and it would fall below 3% in a month.

"New norms to hold pharma MDs and CEOs responsible for offering freebies to doctors" headlines the Financial Express. The Government is in process of formulating ethical marketing guidelines where-in drug firms will be barred from offering free travel tickets, hotel stays, gifts and hospitality to doctors who advocate their products.

And finally, the Times of India writes "Bharat Ratna eligibility bracket widened". The nation's highest civilian award will now be given in recognition of exceptional service or performance of the highest order - "In any field of human endeavor". With this the decks for cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Hockey legend Dhyan Chand and others to get this prestigious award, will stand cleared.

In Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011 | Blogs | Vanity Fair

In Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011 | Blogs | Vanity Fair: "Christopher Hitchens—the incomparable critic, masterful rhetorician, fiery wit, and fearless bon vivant—died today at the age of 62. Hitchens was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in the spring of 2010, just after the publication of his memoir, Hitch-22, and began chemotherapy soon after. His matchless prose has appeared in Vanity Fair since 1992, when he was named contributing editor."

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Its now official


An elusive consensus on the issue of Lokpal at the crucial all-party meeting yesterday, is the subject of top headline in today's papers. The Hindu writes that there is a question mark on adoption of the Lokpal Bill in the current Session of Parliament. The Hindustan Times writes, "Anna isolated, don't rush Lokpal bill, all parties tell Government".

The Government rejecting the opposition parties vehement demand to make public the identity of Indians holding undisclosed bank accounts in foreign tax havens, is also highlighted by the Press. The Tribune writes, "Its now official". The Government has the names of 36,000 Indians holding foreign bank Accounts, but won't disclose them merely to satisfy the inquisitiveness of parliamentarians.

The Hindustan Times writes that the Prime Minister is hopeful of implementing foreign direct Investment in retail after March 2012, when the Assembly elections in states such as UP would be over and Inflation would also have come down.

The Hindu writes that while a decision was deferred on the National Food Security Bill in the Union cabinet meeting on Wednesday, officials indicated the cabinet may meet again on Sunday to discuss the legislation.

Hindustan Times reports that the much awaited Companies Bill that was introduced in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, takes a serious view on insider trading, and an offender may be fined between 5 lakhs and 25 crore rupees or three times the amount of profit made out of insider trading.

And finally, the Times of India writes that Actor Richard Burton had once joked that he wanted to buy his wife Elizabeth Taylor, the Taj Mahal, but it cost too much to transport. Instead, he bought her a Diamond called the Taj Mahal which sold in New York for 47 crore rupees, a record for a jewel mined, cut and polished in India.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

God particle closer than ever

UPA allies forging a consensus on the Lokpal issue at a meeting yesterday and the Cabinet clearing three major anti graft legislation dominate the front pages of all the papers. The papers also report that the government has put on hold the Food Security bill due to differences within the UPA allies.
Ahead of the all party meeting on the Lokpal issue to be held today, the papers highlight UP Chief Minister Ms Mayawati's views on the issue. "Maya wants PM and CBI under Lokpal" reports the Mail Today. The Indian Express writes "Bring PM, Group C,D staff, CBI, under Lokpal".
Most papers take note of how a combined opposition challenged the government's efforts to get some bills passed in the Rajya Sabha. Commenting on the bill for setting up special benches in all high courts to hear commercial disputes, the Hindustan Times writes "Opposition forces govt to defer high court bill". Reproting on another bill, the Pioneer says "Kapil Sibal not allowed to move copyright bill".
Photographs of the debris of the Sukhoi fighter jet which crashed near Pune yesterday can be seen in all the papers. "Sukhoi -30 crashes near Pune, pilots eject safely" reports the Tribune. Highlighting the government's response on the recent spate of crashes, the Indian Express quotes the Minister of State for Defence M M Pallam Raju as saying "Old aircraft, not pilots' inexperience, behind MIG crashes".
The further weakening of the rupee against the dollar dominates economic and financial news. "Rupee at all-time low of 53.23, govt can only wait and watch" is the front page lead in the Hindustan Times. The Financial Express writes "Large, volatile capital outflow to blame for pressure on Rupee".
And finally, the papers report that data from new tests reveal that scientists may be close to finding the basic building block of the universe often referred to as 'God particle'. "Scientists close in on the god particle" writes the Asian Age while the Mail Today reports "God particle closer than ever".

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To weather Anna storm, UPA likely to offer PM, CBI, babus under Lokpal


The spectrum loop gets bigger`writes the Times of India,referring to CBI naming Ruias in a fresh 2G charge sheet, "5 corporate honchos indicted" says the Statesman calling Ruias 'big fish', the Hindustan Times headline reads '$17 billion dollars worth Ruias of Essar now in CBI net'. "Court to consider charges on Dec 17' says the Economic Times.
The second big story of the day is the industrial output falling for the first time in 2 years. "Economy sends SOS as factory output slumps' is the Economic Times headline. "Sensex slips 343 points' says the Times of India. "Rupee falls to lifetime low of 52.84 against the dollar' reports the Indian Express.
The Lokpal logjam continues. 'Cabinet won't clear Lokpal today' is the headline in the Pioneer. "To weather Anna storm, UPA likely to offer PM, CBI, babus under Lokpal' reads the Hindustan Times headline.
'Troubled waters?' asks the Hindustan Times, as it reports of China making inroads into the Indian Ocean. The Asian Age says 'China's first military base abroad to be in Seychelles'.
Kudos for Delhi Police! They have foiled an ISI plan to settle its spies in India. 'Cops nab Pak Duo' writes the Mail Today.
"SRCC boy held for Ramjas admission scam", writes the Times of India and adds that a second-year SRCC student is among four persons arrested for their alleged role in the Ramjas college admission scam, opening the possibility that similar rackets had taken place in other colleges of Delhi University.
Pakistan based outfit Jamiatul Mujahuddin claming responsibility for attack on J&K minister, Ali Muhammad Sagar, features on the front page of the Tribune.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Super Mario leaves his life's canvas aged 85


Most papers of the day have published pictures of Opposition leaders sharing the dais with Anna Hazare, as he observed a day-long fast yesterday. "Left and Right rally around Anna, want CBI free of government", is the Hindustan Times headline. The Times of India, quoting the Congress sources writes, "Jantar Mantar debate insult to House".

India winning the fifth and final ODI against the West Indies makes front page news. The Statesman and the Asian Age show Manoj Tiwary celebrating his century. "Ton-up Tiwary leads the way", writes the Mail Today, adding that Pollard's 119 went in vain.

As the Durban climate talks came to a close, the Times of India says, "India wins battle for equity as Jayanthi gets her way". The Indian Express writes, "Binding cuts for India by 2020".

"Toll climbs to 93 in fiery hospital trap", writes Mail Today, of the Kolkata fire. In a shocking revelation, a Hindustan Times special report says that doctors and hospital staffers had turned off smoke alarms for smoking indoors.

It was this day, a 100 years ago, that Delhi became the capital of India. "Happy Birthday-our city turns 100 today", writes the Hindustan Times on its front page. The Asian Age says that a host of events will showcase the city's rich cultural legacy.

The death of Mario Miranda, who is remembered for creating characters like Miss Fonseca and Rajni Nimboopani, figures prominently on the front pages of many papers. "Super Mario leaves his life's canvas aged 85", writes Mail Today. the Times of India says "Bye Mario, now make the angels laugh".

Delhi government slammed for keeping a woman employee on contract for 10 years, reports the Hindustan Times. "Government practice of hiring on contract under Supreme Court scrutiny", says the paper.

And finally, heard of portable entertainment? Well, the Times of India says, "Soon, TV that can be carried in your pocket"!

Top 10 Huge Stories of 2011 - Photo Gallery - E! Online

Top 10 Huge Stories of 2011 - Photo Gallery - E! Online: "Those who said it wouldn't last were right. But we don't remember anyone predicting that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher would collapse so spectacularly. Their six-year marriage, while it survived a few pockets of turbulence along the way, ended up sailing into the perfect storm of a cheating scandal, TMI via Twitter and A Star Is Born-style role reversal. That and, what was it again—oh, right, the 16-year age difference—ultimately proved too much for the once hot-and-heavy couple to handle."

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Anna sounds poll bugle; Determined to campaign against Govt before Lok Sabha polls


The devastating fire at the AMRI hospital in Kolkata that left 91 people dead is intensely scrutinised in all the dailies. "AMRI thumbed nose at warnings, bent norms in all its basements", reports the Indian Express. The Tribune reveals that two weeks ago the Supreme Court had held the hospital liable for causing the death of a child psychologist and directed it to pay Rs 1.55 crores as compensation. Highlighting the heroic efforts put in by the residents of a nearby slum to save people, the Hindustan Times says "Kolakata's heroes are slumdog brave hearts".

Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare's response to the Standing Committee's report on the Lokpal which was presented in Parliament on Friday is widely noticed. "Anna fumes over weak Lokpal, plans fast today", reports the Asian Age. The Pioneer writes "Anna sounds poll bugle; Determined to campaign against Govt before Lok Sabha polls".

The Statesman, the Asian Age and the Hindu report that the Congress has decided to disqualify 16 party MLAs in Andhra Pradesh who defied the party whip and cross voted against the Kiran Reddy government in the no-confidence motion in the State Assembly on Tuesday last.

The decision by the Oxford University Press (OUP) to start reprinting an essay on the Ramayan by noted scholar A K Ramanujan which it had stopped in 2008 is prominently noticed in the papers today. Highlighting that this move comes in the wake of widespread protests by scholars and the larger academic community, the Times of India says "Shamed, OUP to reprint Ramanujan". Similarly, the Indian Express reports "Oxford press to continue printing Ramayana essay".

In international news, protests in Russia against disputed parliamentary polls are prominently noticed in the press. "Protests against vote fraud begin in Russia, 45 arrested", writes the Hindustan Times.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The United States has said that freedom of expression applies to the Internet as well


The fire tragedy at South Kolkata's AMRI Hospital which killed 90 people due to suffocation, is given prominence in today's Press. "Black Hole of Kolkata" is the Mail Today's headline. The Indian Express reports that a fire ripped through a seven storey hospital building before dawn yesterday, killing 90 people, all patients, barring just four nursing staff who were asleep when the blaze started. "Mamata Banerjee once again led from the front, writes the Asian Age, as she took control of the situation.

Tabling of Lokpal Bill in Parliament has been widely reported in the Press. The Times of India writes - "A fresh face-off between the Government and Team Anna looks imminent, with the Civil Society faction seizing upon the notes of dissent by members of the Standing Committee, to question the sanctity of the report.' The Hindustan Times headline reads "I'll fight toothless Lokpal" says Anna. The Tribune writes Government asks Anna to put agitation on hold.

"Congress seals a deal with Ajit Rashtriya Lok Dal", reports the Economic Times, adding that Congress leaders see their alliance as a 'game changer' in Western Uttar Pradesh.

"India - China under climate deal pressure" writes the Asian Age. Intense pressure is being exerted on Beijing and New Delhi to agree to a new agreement under which all the world major emitters will negotiate a new pact in 2015 to cut emissions from 2020.

The United States has said that freedom of expression applies to the Internet as well and that it is in talks with India over its plan to come up with a regulatory system, reports the Hindustan Times.

Though several papers say that Pak President Zardari is fine and will be back soon, the Asian Age writes "Scared Zardari trying to avoid returning Pakistan, may fly to London".

And finally, we know winter's here for sure, with the Tribune showing pictures of 'winter chill' - with homes covered in snow - in Gulmarg and Manali.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm sure you have been humming Kolaveri di. after more than 20 million hits on You Tube, now the song will be featured in the Time magazine


The man of the moment is undoubtedly Virender Sehwag. "219 – sizzling Sehwag smashes highest ever one day score' writes  the Mail Today. The cricketer's picture is splashed on the front pages of almost all dailies - 'Viru beats Sachin's ODI record' says the Times of India.

'Swamy to testify against PC' says the Times of India, adding that the Janata leader will come up with fresh evidence on 17th December.

Newspapers have reported on Harvard University dropping Subramaniam Swamy as a summer school professor, for an article he wrote advocating demolishing mosques in India.

The Hindu, The Times of India and The Asian Age report of an FIR filed against S.M. Krishna and two other Karnataka ex Chief Minister's in the multi crore mining scam. The Indian Express, quoting Krishna writes that 'he had no role in issuance of licenses for mining as CM'.

"Antony orders probe into the controversial Rs 500 crore contract' is the lead story in the Hindu. The paper adds that this was in connection to procurement of equipment.

Vis-a-vis the FDI and the government attacking the opposition, the Times of India quotes Pranab Mukherjee as saying 'FDI in retail BJP's baby, we are trying to nurse it.

'In parliament, a push that almost came to a shove' writes the Hindustan Times, on its front page, of Congress MP Rashid Alvi accusing BJP leader SS Ahluwalia of trying to snatch his mobile, after an altercation.

Bhanwari Devi's husband being arrested in the sensational abduction case figures in most papers.

And finally, I'm sure you have been humming Kolaveri di. The Hindustan Times writes that after more than 20 million hits on You Tube, now the song will be featured in the Time magazine.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

indigenously developed stent named Avatar, capable of dissolving itself after removing blockages in the heart


With the government putting in abeyance the decision to allow 51% FDI in multi brand retail, the way is paved for resumption of normalcy in parliament. "FDI put on hold as government stoops to conquer" - is the headline in the Tribune. The Hindustan Times writes 'Political rage may have held up FDI in multi brand retail, but a key proposal linked to 100% FDI in single brand retail, seems to have scraped through - with hardly any opposition.

"House logjam Over, government may walk extra mile for Team Anna" writes the Times of India, covering the other major news story on the Lokpal Bill. The paper writes - A parliamentary committee examining the Lokpal Bill finalized and adopted its report on Wednesday, with three congress members submitting notes of dissent- demanding inclusion of the lower bureaucracy and the Central Vigilance Commission under the Lokpal. 

Differing claims on Pakistan President Zardari's health add to confusion report the papers with the Indian Express writing "Zardari in Dubai, Exit rumors swirl". The Times of India says "Reports of a military coup swirled across Pakistan on Wednesday as the president flew out to Dubai, amid a series of crises that put him at loggerheads with the powerful military.

The Asian Age informs us that the defence ministry has given its consent for bringing the armed forces, security and intelligence agencies within the ambit of the whistle blowers bill - currently under consideration of the government.

The Indian Express speaks of an indigenously developed stent named Avatar, capable of dissolving itself after removing blockages in the heart, which is set to revolutionize treatment of heart surgeries by bringing down costs drastically.

And finally, the Times of India gives a photograph and writes that the extent of illegal wildlife trade in Delhi and the brazenness with which it is being carried out became clear when a large monitor lizard (an endangered species) was rescued from the bustling INA market, while negotiations were on to sell it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hamlet with 10 men, thanks to liquor | By Prabeer Sikdar Deccan Chronicle

Hamlet with 10 men, thanks to liquor | Deccan Chronicle
Illicitly distilled liquor, Gudumba, has been ravaging the lives of tribals of several hamlets of Mulug and Mahbubabad mandals, as it has over the years claimed lives of large number of men folk and left the surviving widows not only to fend for themselves, but also face a large number of legal cases filed against them by the Excise department.

'swearing is good for you' - a study reveals that cursing can relieve pain - but only when practised in moderation


The 9 month old battle between the government and Team Anna seems to be ending soon. "Lokpal panel completes report but asks House to decide on PM" is the Hindustan Times headline. Papers have reported that the final meeting of the Parliamentary committee will take place today.

Kapil Sibal taking on networking sites over foul content is the lead in the Hindu and the Times of India. The Tribune, quoting the minister writes 'Google, Facebook, Twitter must self regulate'.

Most dailies have reported the blasts in Afghanistan. Hindustan Times, the Hindu and the Asian Age have pictures showing the devastation.

There's good news for users of public transport. Hindustan Times reports that the government has launched a common mobility card. Once this becomes operational, you can use this one card for different modes of transport like buses or the metro.

The Hindu says that you can witness a total lunar eclipse, incidentally the second this year, on the 10th of December.

Science fiction becoming a reality? Well, maybe. 'Enter, earth 2' writes the Statesman. The Times of India is more explicit, as it says 'a habitable, super earth' has been found. Called Kepler 22-b, with a temperature of 22 degree celsius and presence of water, it could just be another place to live!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, there's 'sweet news' says the Times of India. Scientists have come up with a new type of sweetener, a seleno sugar compound, which helps protect hearts.

And finally, we thought gossiping was therapeutic, but the Statesman goes a step further. It says 'swearing is good for you - a study reveals that cursing can relieve pain - but only when practised in moderation.

Rs 70L released for Muslim youths wrongly held

Rs 70L released for Muslim youths wrongly held: "Perhaps in the first instance of victims of police torture in a terror case being paid compensation in India, Andhra Pradesh has released Rs 70 lakhs for innocent Muslim youths arrested and tortured in the 2007 Mecca Masjid blast case.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the world's most expensive road accident


The Government's initiative to break the Parliament logjam on the 'FDI in Retail' issue, is extensively covered by the Press. The Asian Age writes "Conciliation and not confrontation appears to be the new mantra of the government, as crisis managers call an all party meeting on December 7". The Mail Today writes that the Opposition is insisting on a 'roll back and not a hold back'.
"Rebuilding of Afghanistan must go on: India" - writes the Tribune, covering Foreign Minister SM Krishna's address at the International Conference on Afghanistan. He said, 'The International Community must ensure that as it reduces its military commitment, it increases its economic commitment to Afghanistan.
The Mail Today writes that Sharad Yadav, President of the Janata Dal (United) has alleged that a 'Bellary-like mining scam' is underway in Madhya Pradesh, with rampant mining in mineral rich Jabalpur, Katni, Satna, Sidhi and Singarauli districts.
"France, Germany for new European treaty", reports the Financial Express. The paper goes on to say that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy pushed for a re-write of the EU's governing treaties to tighten economic cooperation.
The Hindustan Times has a photograph of what could be the world's most expensive road accident, with a pile- up in Japan worth 4 million dollars - of super cars including 8 Ferraris, 2 Mercedes Benzes and a Lamborgini.

Monday, December 5, 2011

IIT Delhi student of computer engineering Ankur Dahiya has been hired on campus by Facebook for Rs 65 lakh a year


The front pages of newspapers this morning have carried stories related to the legendary actor Dev Anand's passing away. "Evergreen hero fades away", under that headline, Hindustan Times writes that the Bollywood actor with the longest shelf life died after a heart attack in a Central London hotel on Saturday night at the age of 88. A headline in The Asian Age reads, "The Guide is no more".

"City resounds with Anna chant, team returns with bang" - under that headline, The Times of India reports that showing no let up in their fight against corruption, Team Anna supporters, led by Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan, took out a rally on Sunday in Delhi to garner support for their agitation at Jantar Mantar on December 11.

The Tribune writes that the credit for bringing about a policy change by Australiaon Uranium sale to India, should go to PM Manmohan Singh, who had done some plain-speaking with his Australian counterpart Julia Gillard on the issue.

Hindustan Times reports that in the backdrop of China's increasing assertiveness,Washington will, for the first time, host a trilateral official-level dialogue with Japanese, Indian and US diplomats on December 19 to build convergence over regional maritime security and non-proliferation in East Asia and Pacific region.

The Indian Express says that expressing concern at the stalemate in Parliament, India Inc's prominent leaders have given a call to Corporate India to come out and strongly support progressive measures and reforms with the same spirit and gusto with which we take the liberty to criticise policies or issues we do not appreciate.

The Tribune reports that at least a 100 large dams in India are over 100 years old with South Asia Network for Dams, Rivers and People calling for urgent steps and legal mechanism to ensure safety of people and the structures.

And finally, Hindustan Times reports that an IIT Delhi student of computer engineering Ankur Dahiya has been hired on campus by Face book for Rs. 65 lakh a year.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It is said one woman is a token, two is a presence and three is a Voice


A glimpse at the front pages of newspapers this Sunday morning reveals that the ongoing issue of allowing 51% FDI in multibrand retail, still holds the lime light. "Reformer PM puts retail FDI on hold" - can be seen on the front page of the Mail Today. "Government blinks, FDI held back to calm Mamata" - headlines the Hindustan Times whereas the Asian Age reports - "Govt. to talk to allies before final FDI call".

The Hindu writes that during a public meeting at Imphal, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said categorically that there was no proposal to form a supra-State body - encompassing Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh for Nagas. He promised to do everything within constitutional means for speedy progress of Manipur.

Most papers highlight the decision of an army court - finding former Military Secretary Lt. General Avdesh Prakash guilty in the Sukna Land Scam. "Already retired, officer faces possible loss of rank and pension".

The Hindu highlights the plight of victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy. "In the city where death struck: thousands of Bhopal victims yet to get promised help". The Times of India informs that US based multinational Dow Chemicals has declined to share its wholly owned subsidiary Union Carbide's alleged residual liability towards compensating the victims.

The Asian Age writes, with Pakistan vowing to respond with 'full force' to any future aggression in the wake of the deadly NATO strikes, the Pentagon has said, Islamabad has the right to self defence and so does the United States.

And finally, the Financial Express reports on Indian businesses being slow on getting women on board. The paper writes, 'It is said one woman is a token, two is a presence and three is a Voice. But women may take many years to have their voices heard on Indian Companies' boards, as gender diversity is yet to catch up with Indian businesses.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mamata seeks bailout for bailing out PM on FDI


The issue of 51% FDI in multibrand retail remains on the front pages. The top Hindustan Times headline reads - "Opposition to FDI will cost India a great opportunity says Pranab''. "No retail FDI Rollback, says Anand Sharma" - dares the Opposition to bring No Confidence motion in Parliament", highlights the Tribune. On the issue of support from ally Trinamool Congress, the Financial Express writes "Mamata seeks bailout for bailing out PM on FDI", with demand for a financial package for the State.
The Hindustan writes - the Finance Minister holds hope that the FDI row will not eclipse  the Lokpal bill this Winter Session and that the government will get important legislation passed from Wednesday, when Parliament reconvenes after an extended weekend. 
The Asian Age writes that Pakistan's powerful Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani yesterday ordered his commanders to fire back, if Nato forces violate 'ground or air space' again. The Statesman, however, quoting a report in the Wall Street Journal writes, 'Did Pak officials mistakenly sanction the deadly Nato strikes - unaware that their own forces were in the area.
"Best week for Sensex in more than two years"  says the Times of India, adding that talks of a cut in cash reserve ratio for banks by the RBI boosted investor sentiment, lifting the sensex by 363 points to touch 16,847.
The Mail Today says that the warring Ambani brothers appear to be on the verge of a secret settlement, enough to strengthen the businesses of both brothers. The architect of the impending collaboration is reported to be matriarch Kokilaben.
And finally, the Hindustan Times quotes former Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad - who transformed Malaysia from being a small rubber-exporting nation to one of the Asia's super economics, said India could be China in terms of development, if it was some "less democratic".

Friday, December 2, 2011

a person with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is likely to live longer than the one with severe Diabetes or high blood pressure


Government helps private airports to fleece you", is the front page
headline of Mail Today. It reports the Airport Development fee which
the Delhi International Airport Limited started charging from Thursday
was in circumvention of Supreme Court's order that states that private
companies do not have the right to levy people.
The Pioneer says with an eye on UP assembly elections, the Centre on
Thursday played the minority card by proposing to give reservation to
backward section of the Muslim Community within the 27 percent of the
OBC quota. It is reported on its front page under the headline
"Congress eyes SP, BSP's minority vote".
The Times of India on its front page has carried an appeal by top
sports persons from the Northeast - foot ballers Baichung Bhutia and
Gourmangi Singh, weightlifters Kunjarani Devi and Monica Devi and
boxer Mary Kom - to end the crisis in Manipur. They have bemoaned the
way the rest of India had turned a "deaf ear" to the suffering of
people of the State.
In Business News most of the pink papers have reported that at last
there is some sign of relief and rebound. India's food inflation rate
eased to eight percent. Sensex surges 2.2 percent or 360 points and
the rupee strengthens - 51.5 the closing figure of rupee - all points
towards "Silver linings in economy cloud, at last" reports Hindustan
Times Business.
The Hindustan Times warns on its front page, that a person with HIV,
the virus that causes AIDS, is likely to live longer than the one with
severe Diabetes or high blood pressure.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eating low calorie diet for 4 months can cure diabetes


The FDI face-off dominates most dailies today, with Hindustan Times headlining it as "PM, Opposition firm on FDI stands, House on pause' with a warning, "Manmohan tells allies, impression of divided House, a danger to Govt.'

The Indian Express highlights a different angle under the headline, "Retail FDI benefits our country, States free to not allow it : PM". The paper goes on to say that "10 years ago, NDA had pitched for 100% retail FDI".

The other story covered prominently is of Kanimozhi and 4 other 2G accused being granted bail. The Indian Express says, "Shahid Balwa gets bail, Kani walks out of jail". Hindustan Times carries a photograph of Kanimozhi at home after her release from Tihar jail, with the caption, "Free after 194 days".

Most newspapers also take note of the renewed demand for a strong Lokpal Bill. Hindustan Times headline reads, "Anna on warpath again, gives Govt Dec 23 deadline". The Asian Age, in a box item reports the Congress President reiterating that the Govt. is committed to eradicating Corruption and seeking the opposition's assistance in the passage of the important legislation in the on going Session of Parliament.

The Times of India makes a mention of the CBI being "forced to retract charge against the Gujarat judiciary in the Supreme Court" in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case.

Hindustan Times carries a story, warning travellers, to be prepared for a foggy winter ahead, saying 'Get ready for blinding fog, air chaos'. The paper adds that the MeT department has predicted dense fog from Mid December to January which is likely to disrupt flight schedules at the Delhi airport.

And finally, in good news for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes, The Times of India reports about a study which says "Eating low calorie diet for 4 months can cure diabetes".

Political Affairs Now An Open Book : NPR

Political Affairs Now An Open Book : NPR: "There's a difference between news that's in the public interest and news that the public is interested in. But that difference has been eradicated when it comes to sex scandals involving presidential candidates."

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anna in Foreign Policy's top 100 global thinkers -

Anna in Foreign Policy's top 100 global thinkers - "Software czar Azim Premji, social activist Anna Hazare and writer Arundhati Roy are among the five Indians who figure in Foreign Policy's prestigious list of Top 100 Global Thinkers, which also includes US President Barack Obama."

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Egyptians vote to usher in democracy after revolution


Political positioning over the government's decision to allow 51%FDI in retail dominates the front pages of most papers. With the Opposition and some UPA allies opposing the decision, the Hindustan Times writes "FDI face-off deepens as govt. says no roll back". Highlighting the government's attempts to find a way out, the Asian Age reports "All-party FDI meet today". 
The Delhi High Court granting bail to DMK MP Kanimozhi and four others in the 2G spectrum allocation case is prominently covered in the papers. "High court bails Kani out of Tihar" reports the Mail Today. The Hindu writes that the court granted bail applying the principle of parity with the Supreme Court having granted bail to five corporate executives last week. 
Most papers take note of the expulsion of Babu Singh Kushwaha, former minister in the Mayawati government in UP, from the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). "BSP throws out Kushwaha for anti-party activity" reports the Pioneer. The Tribune writes "BSP expels former minister, blames him for CMO killings".
Citing the recommendations of Parliament's Standing Committee on Law and Order on the proposed Lokpal Bill, the Times of India reports that NGOs and some private companies may also come under the ambit of the Lokpal. Commenting on the draft bill, the Statesman says "Lokpal panel yet to decide on PM issue".
Many papers speculate on the possibility of a further cut in petrol prices. The Hindustan Times says "Another petrol price cut likely tomorrow" while the Asian Age writes "Petrol prices maybe slashed by Rs.1".  
And finally, in international news, elections held in Egypt yesterday are widely noticed in the papers. "Egyptians vote in first post Mubarak election" reports the Statesman. The Pioneer notes "Egyptians vote to usher in democracy after revolution".

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday has been marked as the most auspicious day for solemnizing Hindu weddings and that there will be 60,000 weddings today


The ongoing FDI controversy embroiling various political parties gained prominence in today's papers. " In week-2, Houses to face FDI storm", headlines the Asian Age. " Friend and foe gang up, FDI storm awaits government in House", is the top headline in the Hindustan Times.

Pakistan being enraged after the NATO strikes on two of its military out posts, is another big story. " US, NATO trying to soothe Pakistani nerves, hectic parleys on with Islamabad", writes The Hindu." Among cries of betrayal, Pakistan buries its 24 dead" reports the Hindustan Times.

" Fear of graft taint - stalling decisions: protect officials from being penalized for honest mistakes", reads a Times of India headlines which refers to HRD Minister Kapil Sibal speaking at a discussion in Mumbai on "Agenda for Renewal" .

The Financial Express writes " Rupees 8,861 crore boost for Unique Identification Authority" , which will allow it to develop back-end capacity for serving the entire data base of 1.2 billion Indians.

" At South Africa Climate meet, India fights for right to grow" - writes the Times of India, adding that for India, the battle on Kyoto Protocol at the Durban Climate talks beginning on Monday, boils down to ensuring that the global community does not impose an unjust tax on energy and growth.

Hindustan Times reports that the Parliament panel examining the Lokpal bill is likely to recommend that Parliament pass a law for creating the anti-graft watchdog at the Centre as also Lokayuktas in the States.

And finally, reporting on the wedding season in the National Capital, the Indian Express writes that Monday has been marked as the most auspicious day for solemnizing Hindu weddings and that there will be 60,000 weddings today.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kiran Bedi stung again by graft rap


The NATO air strike in North-Western Pakistan killing 28 Pakistani soldiers, has been reported prominently by the dailies. "After NATO strike, Pak-US melt down" reports the Asian Age, "Kayani vows "Effective response", adds the Indian Express.

The stalling of boundary talks between India and China over the Dalai Lama's address to Buddhist convention next week has been reported by major news papers today on their front pages. "India says can't gag Dalai, China stalls border talks" reports The Hindustan Times, while The Times of India adds "Dalai Dilemma Nixed China talks"

The FIR lodged against former cop and team Anna member Kiran Bedi also finds mention on the front pages. "Kiran Bedi stung again by graft rap", reports the Mail Today. The Indian Express says "Court orders FIR against Bedi for misuse of funds."

The meeting of top airlines bosses with the Prime Minister has also been noticed extensively. The Hindu headlines "Bad operating climate", may ground us, airlines tell PM, high taxes, duties on Jet fuel prices, plague aviation sector".

India snatching a draw, from the jaws of victory by one run has the Times of India commenting "A pulsating stalemate" while the India Express adds "Dramatic day ends in last ball draw".

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh's recovery after battling a benign lung tumour has been reported as the lead story by many news papers.

And finally, good news for bird lovers, the Pioneer reports that after nearly 7 years, the migratory White Stork Crane from Central Asia has arrived at the world famous Keoladeo national park in Bharatpur.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Actual expense on Kasab could be around Rs 50 crore - The Times of India

Actual expense on Kasab could be around Rs 50 crore - The Times of India: "The state government might have spent three times the amount it claims to have incurred on Pakistani gunman Ajmal Amir Kasab. On Monday, the home department led by senior NCP leader R R Patil had submitted that the state government had spent Rs 16 crore on Kasab till date."

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Killing machine Kishanji killed at last


The Govt. clearing 51% FDI in multi brand retail and the killing of Kishanji (chief of Maoist insurgency operations) are amongst the top stories in today's Press.

"Welcome to Walmart" writes the Financial Express". "Coming soon: World's Top Retailers", headlines the Times of India. The Hindustan Times adds that brushing aside political resistance, the govt. has allowed 51% Foreign Direct Investment in multi brand retail to mega discount stores such as Walmart and Carrefour and 100% FDI in single brand retail.

"Blow to Maoists: Kishanji killed in jungle encounter", is the Asian Age headline. "Killing machine Kishanji killed at last, headlines the Pioneer. The Asian Age reports that the country's most wanted Maoist leader was killed by joint forces in the biggest operation launched since the new West Bengal government of Mamata Bannerji assumed office.

Parliament remains paralysed for the third day in a row - reports the Tribune. The Asian Age writes that Parliament stays on the boil on the issue of price rise and Telangana, despite reports of an understanding reached between the governments and the BJP-led opposition, on the black money adjournment motion issue.

"Lokpal draft set to be circulated next week, writes the Times of India, with the Parliamentary Panel reaching a consensus on giving constitutional status to the proposed anti-corruption 'Lokpal'. The Mail Today writes, "No One opinion on PM under Lokpal".

"NRI's home in on property, as rupee crashes" - headlines the Economic Times, with sagging realty getting a boost as Non Resident Indians look for safe investments.

And finally, the Times of India explained" A hundred diamonds for the Lord", with a devotee dropping one hundred diamonds into a donation box at the Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirumala - thereby enriching it by well over a crore of rupees.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Maoist leader Kishenji killed in West Bengal

The Hindu : News / National : Maoist leader Kishenji killed in West Bengal

Elusive Maoist leader Kishenji was on Thursday killed in an encounter with the joint forces at Burisole forest in West Midnapore district, a day after he narrowly escaped from there.

The body of 58-year-old Molajula Koteswar Rao, better known as Kishenji, was found and identified after the “Jungalmahal encounter”, a top counter-insurgency force official said.

43-year old Cyrus Mistry to take over the 83 billion dollar Tata Empire


43-year old Cyrus Mistry to take over the 83 billion dollar Tata
Empire is the headline in all papers this morning.

The other major story covered by all newspapers is, Supreme Court's
decision to grant bail to the 5 Corporate Executives who were jailed
for the 2G scam, giving hope to Raja and Kanimozi who are lodged in
Tihar for the same case.

The Hindu and the Indian Express have highlighted the Centers decision
to split the Municipal corporation of Delhi into three agencies. The
North Zone, South Zone, and East Zone Municipalities. Each
Municipality will have a separate Mayor and Deputy Mayor and a
Commissioner who will report to the head of a new Directorate of Local
Bodies. " Center okays MCD 3 way split" writes the Times of India.

In a surprise move seen as a prelude to a major shake-up in Rupert
Murdoch's crisis hit British Media Group, News International, his son
James Murdoch quit as director of the companies that publish the
Times, The Sunday Times and the Sun.

A day after the sacking of Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan's Ambassador to
the United States, the Pakistani Government has named Sherry Rehman
former Information Minister as Pakistan's new Envoy to the United
States. All news paper has reported this story.

The Financial Express and the Indian Express have highlighted the
likelihood of the government approving a 51% FDI in multi brand retail

And finally, the Pioneer writes that an overdose of Paracetamol can be
fatal. According to the paper, if you have the habit of popping
Paracetamol every time you suffer from cold, fever or flu, beware. A
study conducted by a researcher at the Edinburgh Royal infirmary found
that excessive amounts of Paracetamol can accumulate in the liver and
lead to toxicity including damage to the lungs and death.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SC for special courts for cases of violent agitations


The start of the Winter Session of Parliament yesterday dominates the front pages of most dailies today. "Day 1 washed out, Govt looks to save session", reports the Hindustan Times. Elaborating on what happened, the Tribune says "Day 1 : Interruptions over Inflation, P Chidambram's alleged role in Spectrum scam". The Hindu highlights the Prime Minister's assertion, "There is no case for a boycott" in response to the BJP deciding to boycott Home Minister P Chidambaram in Parliament. Ascribing political motives to BJP's boycott decision, the Economic Times says, "NDA's 'boycott PC' to woo Jaya".

The death of seven persons in a fire that engulfed two air-conditioned coaches of the Howrah-Dehradoon Express is prominently covered in the papers. The Indian Express reports railway officials as saying, "Alarms missing but fire-retardant material averted disaster". The Times of India and the Hindustan Times say that the Railways are not ruling out sabotage.

The Supreme Court indicating that it will order the setting up of special courts for disposal of cases involving damage to public properties in violent agitations is highlighted in many papers. "Special courts to try violence during stir." writes the Asian Age. Similarly, the Tribune reports "SC for special courts for cases of violent agitations".

All papers prominently notice the decline in the value of the rupee which closed at an all-time low of 52 rupees 32 paise a dollar yesterday. "Rupee hits a new low, sparks inflation worry" writes the Hindustan Times. The Financial Express reports the Reserve Bank of India as saying that it can and will intervene when it is consistent with its policy".

And finally, believe-it-or-not, you may get to see emails on your contact lenses. The Times of India informs us that Scientists at the Washington University and Aalto University in Finland have constructed a computerised contact lens which could potentially be linked to the internet.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Through the third eye: Were resignations over Telangana part of a political drama? - The Economic Times

Through the third eye: Were resignations over Telangana part of a political drama? - The Economic Times: "As the Parliament session begins, what happens to those Telangana MPs who'd handed out 'resignation threats'? With the UPA regime and the Congress high command not blinking, the Lok Sabha Speaker has already rejected the resignation letters, offered by 12 Telangana MPs (eight from the Congress and two each from the TDP and TRS) in August. It is learnt that the Speaker's office has found these resignation letters were not in the proper format. "

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WTF: men spend more time getting ready to go out, than women


"House Arrest : BJP to boycott Chidambaram" screams the headline of
Hindustan Times on its front page. Signaling a stormy Winter Session
ahead , the NDA at its meeting on the eve of the session has demanded
the Home Ministers resignations.
Similar statements have been reported by the Asian Age under its
headline "NDA will boycott PC in Parliament and the Indian Express
says " Boycott PC, don't let him speak : NDA Winter strategy".
The Statesman, The Times of India , The Tribune, The Asian Age and The
Hindu have all reported that in a blow to Narendra Modi's government
the Gujarat High Court- appointed SIT, has concluded that the
controversial police encounter with college girl Ishrat Jehan and
three others was fake as they were killed prior to the incident. This
front page story has been carried in detail along with photograph of
The Hindu on its front page writes "UP assembly votes for split". The
resolution moved by Ms. Mayawati to split Uttar Pradesh into four and
it being passed by voice-vote has widely been reported by almost all
dailies. The Statesman headlines it " Maya pushes through split - UP
resolution " and The Hindustan Times covers it under " Maya trips
opposition with split move"
According to the Times of India its a research that will make the
fairer sex happier - men spend more time getting ready to go out, than
women. The study has found that on an average, men spend 81 minutes a
day on personal grooming while women take only 75 minutes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

13 burnt alive in a major East Delhi fire


The dreaded fog season has arrived, writes the Hindustan Times. The
capital and its neighbouring areas were surrounded in dense fog on
Sunday morning throwing air, rail and road traffic out of gear.
Mercury dips below 15 degree Celsius, fog delays trains says the Asian
Age. Season's first fog brings along accidents and delays is the Times
of India headline.

13 burnt alive in a major East Delhi fire. Photographs of the charred
remains at the Community Centre in Nand Nagari are splashed across
most newspapers.

The Pioneer on its front page has a photographs of L.K. Advani
speaking at the end of his 40 day long Jan Chetna Yatra at the Ram
Lila Maidan in Delhi. NDA to raise pressure on the UPA writes the
Asian Age. Senior BJP leader L. K. Advani announced on the final day
of his yatra that all NDA MPs would declare their assets in the Lok
Sabha next week. "Advani asks NDA MPs to come clean on black money" is
the Tribune headline.

The Financial dailies focus on Corporate profits being badly bruised.
The Financial Express, Business Standard and Economics Times write
about heavy debt loans taken by Indian companies in the past to build
mobile networks, power plants and airports coming back to haunt them
with the sharp depreciation of the rupee.

Lokpal to be free to prosecute says the Times of India. According to
the paper, prior sanction for prosecution of public servants, like
bureaucrats and MPs will not be required if the Lokpal is convinced
about the gravity of charges. The prospects of this provision becoming
part of the Lokpal are bright.

And finally, visitors at the India International Trade Fair in Pragati
Maidan crossed the 1 lakh cap on Sunday putting the organisers in a
tizzy. The entry gates had to be closed and metro station tickets were
sold out, writes the Hindustan Times. The Hindu adds that large crowds
throng the trade fair and many had to be turned away. Most papers have
photographs of the record crowds at the trade fair.

SMS-based system helps timely food delivery to Andhra’s poor - Technology -

SMS-based system helps timely food delivery to Andhra’s poor - Technology - "MFoods, a cellphone-based system, is helping deal with delays and management problems faced by a scheme to provide nutritious food to more than 3.5 million poor women and children in Andhra Pradesh."

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Barefoot running or running with basic footwear seems to be making a comeback worldwide


The CBI introducing a fresh twist to the on going 2G scam probe is given prominence in the Press. "CBI casts 2G probe net wider, pulls in the NDA" is the top headline in the Hindustan Times. "Spectrum dirt at BJP door step, raids on Airtel, Vodafone", reports the Times of India. The paper adds that irregularities for allotment of spectrum in 2002, when late Pramod Mahajan was Communication Minister, amounted to a loss of Rs 508 crore to the exchequer.

The Sunday Tribune writes, "Manmohan discusses uranium sale with OZ Prime Minister", adding that Australian PM Julian Guillard made it clear that she would take forward her proposal to lift the ban on Uranium sale to India, as she met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Bali.

The Asian Age writes that the war of letters between Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh and UP Chief Minister Mayawati shows no sign of letting up, with Mayawati sending off another letter to the minister rubbishing allegations of corruption in implementation of NREGA. "Maya returns NREGA salvo", headlines the Statesman.

The Financial Express quotes Prime Minister Manmohan Singh "Despite slow down, still expect 7.5% growth". He said in Bali that though the global economic situation is showing severe signs of stress, emerging market countries in Asia, including India, are contributing to the recovery of the world economy.

And finally, The Sunday Times informs us that according to research conducted at the Harvard University - Barefoot running or running with basic footwear seems to be making a comeback worldwide.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Government to widen Tax base to cover all but 22 services


Most newspapers this morning report that the Pakistani Government is said to have offered to hand over the 26/11 culprits to India in return for Washington intervention in pre-empting any military take over, after the American raid in Abbotabad killed Osama Bin Laden. This memo said to be from President Zardari is alleged to have been sent to the former US Joint Chief of Staff Mike Mullen. "Zardari offered 26/11 suspects feared army coup after operation Osama says secret memo", is the Times of India headline.

Papers this morning have also covered the Prime Ministers' statements on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit. "Assertive India takes on China, US in global game", writes the Hindustan Times.

Economic Times writes that Sukhram is finally convicted for Telecom scam during Rao's regime, he is guilty of granting undue favour to a cable supply company - the Indian Express adds that he is likely to be sentenced today. The Asian Age has also covered this story.

The Hindu, Times of India and other papers write about the move to keep key services out of the Tax net - This includes Non-air-conditioned second class train travel, health facilities, metro monorail and public transport services as well as pre schools and recognised education providers. "Government to widen Tax base to cover all but 22 services", writes the Hindustan Times.

And finally, A metal developed by a team of researchers from the University of California and California institute of Technology has been shown to be resting on a dandelion fluff without damaging it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

India has the highest rate of road accident deaths in the world - one every four minutes


The top headline of today's Hindustan Times reads, "Government Readies for Big Next-Generation Reforms Push". The paper says that 'the UPA government is poised to introduce a slew of long pending second-generation economic reforms such as permitting Foreign Airlines to invest in domestic aviation companies, to put the economy back on a strong growth trajectory, to create millions of new jobs and to protect the country from economic slow down. The Indian Express writes "Government moves a step closer to FDI in Retail, allowing 51% Foreign Direct Investment in multi brand retail."
The Economic Times writes that the Reserve Bank of India declared on Thursday that it may be hard to shore up a falling rupee, suggesting that any attempt to do so was fraught with great risk. The paper goes on to say that the RBI Deputy Governor Subir Gokarn reminded those calling on the central bank to use its foreign currency reserves that the Indian unit was a floating currency and hedging options were available to prevent losses.
"Government, Opposition warm up for winter session", writes the Hindustan Times, along with a photograph of Lok Sabha Speaker - Meira Kumar and leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj caught during a moment of bonhomie at a meeting of leaders of all political parties. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal sought the Opposition's help to pass 21 Bills during the Winter Session, with the opposition leader laying down conditions for allowing peaceful passage of key government agenda.
The Asian Age reports that "Stepping up pressure on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh has shot off a 14 page letter to her, giving details of 'irregularities' in the implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in the State.
The Times of India writes that MPs in the Rajya Sabha who have declared the highest remuneration incomes, include Abhishek Manu Singhvi who tops the charts at 50 crore rupees per annum, Vijay Malaya at 41.4 crore rupees per annum, and Arun Jaitley with 8.41 crore rupees.
And finally, Hindustan Times informs us that as India has the highest rate of road accident deaths in the world - one every four minutes - the Government is one step closer to amending a law that will come down heavily on traffic violation, with hefty fines and even jail terms for offenders.