Friday, December 23, 2011

Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest test batsman ever, overtaking even the legendary Donald Bradman


The Lokpal Bill and its   introduction in the Lok Sabha yesterday, continues to occupy center stage in the Press. "Lokpal bill tabled amid protests" headlines The Hindu. "Lokpal Bill a Bitter Pill for parties, netas of all hues line up to slam it" writes The Times of India.

Anna Hazare’s reaction to the amended Lokpal Bill is also seen on the front pages of papers. "Anna says Bill weak - can't tackle corruption" reports The Hindu.

The Tribune reports that the advisory Panel of the  Employees Provident Fund Organisation has recommended a lower rate of interest of 8.25 per cent for the current fiscal, compared to 9.5 per cent last year, a move that will affect over 4.7 crore subscribers.

The Times of India writes that in a tacit admission that the present radiation levels from mobile phones are injurious to health; the government will soon issue stringent norms to control the health hazards from electromagnetic frequency radiation and informing the public of the benefits of use of hands free sets, SMSs and brief calls.

"Pak PM fears plot to oust govt. Gilani indirectly attacks Military and ISI as Memogate Crisis snowballs", under that headline the Times of India writes that Pakistan PM Yousuf Raza Gilani on Thursday cautioned against "conspiracies being hatched to bring down his elected government".

Hindustan Times tells us that a Griffith University researcher in Australia, who has compared batsmen from different eras, says Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest test batsman ever, overtaking even the legendary Donald Bradman.

And finally, The Asian Age writes that Stan Lee, the driving force behind some of the worlds the most popular comic book heroes, has introduced the first Indian 'daring and dangerous super hero' called Chakra, a Mumbai teenager. The comic book is expected to be launched in India by 2012. 

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