Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'swearing is good for you' - a study reveals that cursing can relieve pain - but only when practised in moderation


The 9 month old battle between the government and Team Anna seems to be ending soon. "Lokpal panel completes report but asks House to decide on PM" is the Hindustan Times headline. Papers have reported that the final meeting of the Parliamentary committee will take place today.

Kapil Sibal taking on networking sites over foul content is the lead in the Hindu and the Times of India. The Tribune, quoting the minister writes 'Google, Facebook, Twitter must self regulate'.

Most dailies have reported the blasts in Afghanistan. Hindustan Times, the Hindu and the Asian Age have pictures showing the devastation.

There's good news for users of public transport. Hindustan Times reports that the government has launched a common mobility card. Once this becomes operational, you can use this one card for different modes of transport like buses or the metro.

The Hindu says that you can witness a total lunar eclipse, incidentally the second this year, on the 10th of December.

Science fiction becoming a reality? Well, maybe. 'Enter, earth 2' writes the Statesman. The Times of India is more explicit, as it says 'a habitable, super earth' has been found. Called Kepler 22-b, with a temperature of 22 degree celsius and presence of water, it could just be another place to live!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, there's 'sweet news' says the Times of India. Scientists have come up with a new type of sweetener, a seleno sugar compound, which helps protect hearts.

And finally, we thought gossiping was therapeutic, but the Statesman goes a step further. It says 'swearing is good for you - a study reveals that cursing can relieve pain - but only when practised in moderation.

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