Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WTF: men spend more time getting ready to go out, than women


"House Arrest : BJP to boycott Chidambaram" screams the headline of
Hindustan Times on its front page. Signaling a stormy Winter Session
ahead , the NDA at its meeting on the eve of the session has demanded
the Home Ministers resignations.
Similar statements have been reported by the Asian Age under its
headline "NDA will boycott PC in Parliament and the Indian Express
says " Boycott PC, don't let him speak : NDA Winter strategy".
The Statesman, The Times of India , The Tribune, The Asian Age and The
Hindu have all reported that in a blow to Narendra Modi's government
the Gujarat High Court- appointed SIT, has concluded that the
controversial police encounter with college girl Ishrat Jehan and
three others was fake as they were killed prior to the incident. This
front page story has been carried in detail along with photograph of
The Hindu on its front page writes "UP assembly votes for split". The
resolution moved by Ms. Mayawati to split Uttar Pradesh into four and
it being passed by voice-vote has widely been reported by almost all
dailies. The Statesman headlines it " Maya pushes through split - UP
resolution " and The Hindustan Times covers it under " Maya trips
opposition with split move"
According to the Times of India its a research that will make the
fairer sex happier - men spend more time getting ready to go out, than
women. The study has found that on an average, men spend 81 minutes a
day on personal grooming while women take only 75 minutes.

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