Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Income -Tax crack down on undisclosed Swiss account holders


The world's population touching another milestone yesterday with the birth of baby Nargis - in a UP village - as one of the world's 7 billionth babies, is given prominence in the Press. As the doctor's were told to wait for the first Girl Child to be born, The Hindustan Times questions "Nargis is India's 7 billionth symbol, or is she? The Statesman writes that the Philippines was the first country to declare a seven billionth baby.

"Income -Tax crack down on undisclosed Swiss account holders". Tycoons, MP's summoned for questioning, headlines the Times of India. The paper adds - under pressure to act against black money & money laundering, the tax department has conducted at least 50 searches over the last two months.

In a balancing act the Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram defended J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdulla's recent announcement over the proposed partial revocation of the Armed Forces Special Power's Act, reports the Statesman.

Papers carry the story of former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda, (in jail on charges of fraud and money laundering), being beaten up by inmates with a laathi. The Indian Express writes " Koda beaten in jail - hand fractured".

The Asian Age writes of the Pakistan 'Tehrik e- Insaaf' Party Chief - Imran Khan- largely regarded until now as a political light weight- bursting spectacularly on the National Stage in a massive show of force at his Lahore rally, held recently. He said " A sweeping revolution is in the making in Pakistan".

And finally, several papers such as the Asian Age and the Pioneer carry moving photographs of the anointment ceremony of the tenth Nawab of Pataudi - Saif Ali Khan - at his ancestral palace in Pataudi in Haryana, yesterday.

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