Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Britain tightens visa guidelines to check bogus students from India


The Bombay High Court, acquitting five accused and upholding life imprisonment for four, in the Gujarat riot related "Best Bakery Case", is highlighted in the Press - The Hindustan Times writes - 'Court slams police for serious lapses in investigating one of the worst killings'.
"Ansari set to get second term as Vice President", writes the Times of India, with the Congress supporting his candidature and initiating consultations with allies.
"SM Krishna set to visit Pakistan despite 26/11 mistrust", writes Mail Today. The SM Krishna - Hina Rabbani Khar meeting is on course, for the first half of September.
"Air India passengers get a taste of Pakistani hospitality; with Biryani and kebabs", writes the India Express. Pakistan went out of its way to help the 132 Indian passengers and crew stranded at Nawab Shah Airport in Sindh province, as it made an emergency landing, yesterday. 
"Soon, a course in rainwater harvesting at Jamia Hamdard University", writes the Time of India, after the success of its own rainwater harvesting system that recharges under-ground aquifers every year, thereby eliminating government water connections or tankers, each summer.
Indian Express writes "Britain tightens visa guidelines to check bogus students from India", with a targeted interview system that would ensure that only genuine students from non-EU countries, including India, get its student visas.
And finally, The Times of India writes, "Scarless operations via Spider Technology". The humble navel or belly button in the body is set to don a more responsible role, with surgeons in Delhi using a single flexible instrument through the belly button for conditions like appendix, gall bladder stones and weight loss bariatric surgery.

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