Monday, December 2, 2013

Mangalyaan propels India into big league


India's space craft to Mars Mangalyaan leaving its earthbound orbit yesterday on its 10 month long journey - is reported prominently in the Press. "Mangalyaan propels India into big league" reads the Pioneer's headline of the story.
In the mother of all election cleanups, the Delhi Chief Electoral Officer has cracked a long overdue whip on violations of the Model Code of Conduct and will act on the 400 already registered FIRs, says Mail Today.
The Indian Express writes that the UPA government is learnt to have got the BJP's support for tabling the Bill related to the Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh, in the winter session of Parliament starting Thursday, signaling its intent to Dhaka to go ahead with the landmark pact.
"Cabinet readies to treat 16+ in heinous crimes as adults", is the Times of India's top headline. The paper writes, Nearly a year after the role of a Juvenile in the Nirbhaya gang rape case, the government has proposed that youngsters above 16 years of age, who are guilty of heinous crimes, be treated on par with adult offenders.
The Pioneer writes of a Guinness World Record. The Indian National Students Organisation has created a world record with 10,450 of its supports pledging  to donate their organs.
And finally citing a New York scientist the Times of India writes that Alzheimer's disease may actually be a late stage of Type 2 diabetes. The researchers suggest that losing weight and exercising may ward off Alzheimer's, at least in the very early stages, adds the paper.

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