Monday, December 16, 2013

Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill introduced in State Assembly #Telangana

Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill introduced in State Assembly

Most newspapers have noticed, on their front pages, the controversy around the Lokpal bill. Hindustan Times says that the breakdown of relations between Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal has taken a turn for the worse with the Aam Aadmi Party leader expressing disappointment with his one-time mentor for supporting the government's Lokpal Bill.
The Election Commission has issued new guidelines to create cleaner electoral rolls without duplication, with new instructions to put the onus on the voter to provide correct and full information to the poll officers and if the information given turns out to be false, the voter can face upto one year in jail, writes Hindustan Times.
"A teardrop that became a tsunami" - under that headline, The Asian Age recounts the tumultuous winter of 2012 when enraged crowds poured on to the streets of national capital Delhi, protesting against the brutal gangrape and death of Nirbhaya, setting in motion a chain of events.
Chinese troops have apprehended five Indian nationals in the Chumar area of Ladakh, well inside the Indian territory, and taken them to their side of the border - perhaps the first incident of this kind along the Line of Actual Control, notices The Hindu.
The Pioneer says that a four-year-old boy Sherwyn Sarabi from the United Kingdom is believed to have the same IQ as famed physicist Albert Einstein after he scored a record breaking 160 in intelligence tests.
The Tribune writes that flayed by his critics as a divisive figure, Narendra Modi led a marathon 'run for unity' organised by the BJP across the country to mark the death anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, whose legacy he has espoused in the campaign for the 2014 General Election.
And finally, The Times of India writes that researchers, including an Indian-origin designer have developed a new breed of hi-tech toys for children, Mailmen called that connect wirelessly with the home wi-fi network to receive audio messages sent from parents' smartphone and play them out to the kids, enabling a two-way conversation allowing children to record their replies.

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