Wednesday, December 25, 2013

School kids at risk as city air is most toxic at dawn


Referring to rumblings in the Congress over supporting the Aam Aadmi Party growing louder, the Times of India headlines - "Swearing at before swearing in" - "Congress mistake? General Secretary admits some opposed to supporting AAP".
"India limits US diplomats immunity to bring it at par" - "Revokes privileges for their kin", says the Pioneer.
The Hindu reports that at the meeting yesterday in Wagah the DGMO's of India & Pakistan reiterated the resolve of commitment of both sides to continue efforts for ensuring ceasefire, & tranquility on the LOC.
In a report titled 'school kids at risk as city air is most toxic at dawn', the Hindustan Times writes that children going to school in the early morning hours have become innocent victims of Delhi's worsening air pollution & smog problem with a 25% surge in the number of kids suffering from breathing problems.
And finally, with Christmas cheer here & it being the season of giving, The Times of India questions "Toys as gifts? Actually now, even 3 years old want gadgets like cellphones, i pads and notebooks as gifts!

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