Monday, December 23, 2013

China intrudes Indian Territory again

The probability of Govt. formation in Delhi is to be seen all over the front pages today. "AAP all set to form govt. in Delhi with Congress support", writes The Tribune. Mail Today reports - its all set to be official before noon, with Arvind Kejriwal declaring that some issues in the manifesto can be implemented within hours of govt. formation.
   Former Minister of State for Environment Jayanti Natarajan has strongly refuted reports that she was forced out of the govt. for allegedly blocking major projects, writes The Asian Age.
 The Indian Express, reports that M. Verrappa Moily, who has been given additional charge of the Environment and Forests Ministry, said that though our forests and environment  are to be protected, the India Growth Story cannot  be put on hold. He said all cases should be decided in a time bound manner.
'China intrudes Indian Territory again' - reports The Pioneer, with about 20 Chinese soldiers intruding into Chepzi in Ladakh and pitching seven to eight tents in the area.
 With less than five months left for general elections, there is little chance of any meaningful legislative business being transacted by the 15th Lok Sabha, reports The Indian Express, which effectively means that a whopping 70-odd Bills will get lapsed.
 Hindustan Times reports that the Election Commission has written to the Govt. to give it the power to disqualify and send a candidate to jail for up to two years, if they provide false information in their affidavits.
The Pioneer informs us that an artificial heart - made from a range of bio-materials including bovine tissue to reduce the likelihood of the body rejecting it - has for the first time been successfully implanted in a 75 year old french man in Paris. It is powered by an externally worn battery, and is intended to replace a real heart for as many as five years.

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