Saturday, November 23, 2013

BJP MPs, Amar Singh let off cash hook


    The slapping of rape charges against Tarun Tejpal, the editor-in-chief of the Tehelka magazine by the Goa police dominates the front pages of most papers today. Tracking the developments, the Indian Express quotes Tejpal as saying "It's a lie, I am being framed..." in response to questions e-mailed to him by the paper. The Times of India reports him as saying "Examine CCTV footage for exact version". The Mail Today writes that the Goa Chief Minister told the paper over the phone that there were "no CCTV cameras in the hotel lift". The Times of India highlights another incident of sexual harassment, this time at the International film Festival at Goa. The paper reports a JNU student as saying "Harassed at IFFI by I&B official".

    The sting operation carried out by a web portal against some Aam Admi Party leaders allegedly showing them raising funds through illegal means is widely reported in the papers today. The Times of India writes "Stung AAP says it will sue portal".The Hindustan Times reports "Party refuses to withdraw or expel candidates unless indicted by the Election Commission".

    Most papers highlight the Prime Minister's address to the Combined Commanders Conference in New Delhi. The Tribune reports him as saying "US push in Indo-Pacific region fraught with risks". The Indian Express writes "PM: Economic growth slow, be prudent in defence acquisitions".

    The dropping of all criminal charges against those accused in the sensational cash-for-vote scandal where a stunned nation had watched wads of currency notes being displayed on the floor of the Parliament is noticed by all the papers. "BJP MPs, Amar Singh let off cash hook" writes the Pioneer.

    And finally, the Times of India and the Indian Express report that the Earth nearly got toasted. The papers write that the biggest and brightest cosmic explosion that took place in a far off galaxy in April this year would have singed the Earth  if it happened closer to our planet.

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