Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hyderabad emerges as global aerospace industry hub | Business Standard News

Hyderabad emerges as global aerospace industry hub | Business Standard News


Newspapers today headline the BJP response to the report of the three-member panel on the alleged irregularities in DDCA. "Delhi Government probe doesn't name Jaitley"-- The Pioneer. "BJP demands Kejri apology" Hindustan Times. "AAP hits back" adds The Statesman.

On the odd-even scheme to be launched from the 1st of January, The Times of India reports "Government halves extra buses for odd-even trial to 3,000 because of the exemption given to two-wheelers". "Bassi warns AAP against vigilantism by volunteers" reports The Statesman. The Hindustan Times quotes the Delhi Police Commissioner tweet "Requesting government, volunteers to assist Delhi Police and act as told. All note: rule of law and vigilantism are in compatible".

On Indo-Pak relations, The Asian Age reports Pakistan foreign affairs adviser: "All issues can be resolved through dialouge" while the Hindustan Times quotes: "Won't be fair to expect instant solutions to all issues, says  Aziz". The Indian Express's lead story is Prime Minister Modi's question to Nawaz Sharif: "Talks will go on, why can't we be like leaders in Europe who meet each other for casual get-together and chats?". The Times of India reports with a photograph Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif donning Modi-gifted turban at his grand-daughter's wedding.

The blaze at the Telangana yagna in Medak and President Pranab Mukherjee canceling his visit in the last minute has been noted with photographs in all dailies.

"Prime Minister  envisions new dawn in 2016" is the lead story in The Pioneer. "Start up India to be unveiled on January 16. Try my new app, says PM," asking people to connect with him, reports The Tribune.

And finally, some relief for heart patients and their families. "Government may cap cardiac stent prices at 28,000 rupees." reports the Times of India. Currently they cost anywhere between 23,000 and 1,20,000.

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