Friday, November 27, 2015

Telangana govt claims record land prices at Hyderabad auction

Telangana govt claims record land prices at Hyderabad auction


    The begining of the winter session of Parliament, 3 Millitants and a Civilian being killed in a gunfight with Army Soldiers in Kupwara and Actor Aamir Khan clarifying his remark on "leaving India" plans are some lead stories in papers Today.
    "Government warms up to opposition; will discuss intolerance and GST in winter session", writes the Tribune.
    "Day after, protests spur Aamir into clarification-Proud of being an Indian, no plans to leave country, says actor", headlines the Pioneer.
    Many dailies have highlighted the UN weather agency's report stating that 2015 is set to be the hottest year on record. The agency has released this data earlier than usual as it says, it wants to inform negotiaters at the UN climate change conference in Paris.
    Under the headline "Skill India gets 1 Billion Dollars from World Bank", the Hindustan Times writes that this ambitions initiative will be funded by 6,600 crore rupees of World Bank money with activities ranging from improving skill training infra structure in underserved areas to facilitating foreign employment for Indian workers.
    To ensure that Children who run away from their homes or are trafficked can be reunited with their families, the Railway Ministry plans to create a website for children rescued in trains and stations.
    And finally, in eco friendly news, the Indian Express writes "Parliament to go paperless from today; all reports to be uploaded immediately after being tabled". The paper adds that this move was also push by security concerns surrounding bundles of reports getting piled up in corridors and stair cases.

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