Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Telangana 9th state to declare drought as rural distress worsens - Livemint

Telangana 9th state to declare drought as rural distress worsens - Livemint


Most newspapers this morning lead with an Intelligence report that says ISIS considers its Indian fighters inferior to Arabs. The Asian Age writes " ISIS uses its Indian recruits as expendables". Pioneer quotes US Ambassador to India, Richard Verma as saying, "Inclusiveness keeps Indian Muslims from joining ISIS"

"Terror kills economies, Modi says in Singapore " notes the Hindustan Times.

The paper also reports " Silence rules Brussels as lockdown continues " with Belgian Police continuing their hunt for a fugitive suspect in the Paris attacks.

" Army's new strategy in anti-terrorist operations in Jammu and Kashmir paying dividends " writes the Pioneer.

Most papers report of the Chopper crash in Katra, with photographs.The Tribune informs, the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau will probe the crash.

Sheena Bora murder case also receives front page attention. "Peter told Rahul to 'move on' "is the lead in the Hindustan Times. The Hindu cites, e-maill trail shows Peter evaded son Rahul's questions. Times of India reports, " Peter flown to Delhi, may face lie-detector test".

Under the headline," The Great Indian Dal scam " Mail Today cites a special probe revealing a hoarding cartel across Asia and Africa.

After having gone viral of the image of Arvind Kejriwal embracing Lalu Prasad Yadav, Delhi CM Kejriwal sought to defend his anti-graft credentials saying "Lalu pulled and hugged me" quotes the Tribune."

Joining the debate over "rising intolerance" Actor Aamir Khan says his "wife feared for son, asked if they should leave India" writes The Times of India on its front page.

And finally, Hindustan Times, in a box item on its front page, reports on the  busting of a fake path lab next to AIIMS, which had been doing roaring businesss over the past seven years, handing out fake reports with forged signatures.

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