Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bihar assembly elections: NDTV exit poll predicts a BJP win with 120-130 seats

Bihar assembly elections: NDTV exit poll predicts a BJP win with 120-130 seats


    The exit polls predicting a fierce and close fight between the BJP led NDA and the Grand Aliance in the Bihar assembly elections, another 24 award recepients retruning their national film awards in protest over growing intolerance and the centre hiking the minimum support price for pulses are some lead stories in the papers today.
    "Centre hikes pulses MSP, but experts say, too little too late" writes the Indian Express.
    The Times of India writes that in an unprecedented step, the Supreme Court has decided to seek the views of the general public academicians and lawyers across  the country on how to reform the collegium system.
    The Statesman writes that the Supreme Court has tranferred the disproportionate Assests case against Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister and his wife to the Delhi High Court to protect the institution from embarrasment and to avoid further controversy.
    In a victory for environmentalists the Pioneer reports that the National Green Tribunal has barred the construction of buildings within 200 Meters along the banks of the Ganga in Uttrakhand to protect pollutants from being discharged into the river.
    "Microsoft picks Varanasi for experimental internet pilots" says the Hindu, writing that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's plans for the ambitious Digital India programme to include an experimental technology pilot in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's constituency.
    The Hindustan Times writes that Nursery admission guidelines in the capital could change this year, again. The government may retain the neighbourhood criteria and do away with all others to simplify the process.
    And Finally, in a boost to make the use of renewable energy more viable, The Times of India writes that we may soon have low cost battery that can store wind and solar energy.

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