Monday, November 9, 2015

Bihar Polls: Paging the real Mr Modi

Bihar Polls: Paging the real Mr Modi


    All the papers cover Prime Ministers rally in Srinagar and his 80,000 crore rupee  economic package for Jammu and Kashmir prominently."No politics, Modi sticks to economics with a 80,000 crore rupees package" writes the Indian Express.
    The Bihar election results to be known today makes for front page news in most of the papers this morning."Bihar wakes to a date with destiny today" headlines the Hindustan Times.
    The media take note of the government notifying the "one rank, one pension"(OROP) scheme implementation on Saturday but the veterans are miffed.
    India's convincing 108 run victory over South Africa in the first test at Mohali is covered with photographs and reports in all the papers.
    The Hindu reports that Delhi's Air quality slipped from very poor to severely polluted on Saturday with reading from five monitoring stations showing the red danger sign. Pioneer too carries this story on its front page.
    The Times of India reports that with the arrival of festive season and as a precautionary measure, Northern Railways has decided to stop the sale of platform tickets from November 10 to 16.
    In another Railway's related story the Hindustan Times reports that in a major FDI initiative the Railways have  attracted foreign investments worth a whopping 40000 crore rupees for setting up electric and diesel locomotive factories at Madhepura and Marhoura respectively in the eastern state of Bihar under the Public Private Partnership mode.
    The Asian Age on its front page carries the photograph of a beaming Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou shaking hands with his Chinese counterpart Mr. Xi Jingping, at the Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore on Saturday. The caption reads "66 years after split, China & Taiwan meet".
    The Hindu reports that Facebook, the 11-year-old social media company founded by Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard dorm room, surpassed the 300 billion dollar  mark in market capitalsations overtaking General Electric along the way, Facebook became the seventh most valuable firm in the US on Friday.
    And finally, The Times of India reports that Scientists in China have decoded the panda language. They have deciphered the meaning of 13 different giant panda vocalisations.

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