Thursday, November 26, 2015

Intolerance issue: Proud to be Indian, won't leave country, says Aamir Khan | Zee News

Intolerance issue: Proud to be Indian, won't leave country, says Aamir Khan | Zee News


The controversy over film star Amir Khan's comments about how his wife had wondered if they should leave the country in the face of growing intolerance gets top billing in most papers. Highlighting Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi's reaction the Indian Express states "No reason for Amir to leave, country wont let him go. The Tribune's banner headline reads "BJP calls Aamir 'co-actor' in Congress's anti-Modi plot". On Aamir getting political support from some quarters, the Times of India says "Rahul, Kejriwal back him...".

The shooting down of a Russian warplane by Turkey is prominently noticed on the front pages of most papers."Turkey shoots down Russian plane for violating airspace" reports the Hindu. The Asian Age takes note of Russian President Vladimir Putin's reaction as it writes "Furious Putin says its stab in back".

With the winter session of Parliament beginning tomorrow the press keenly tracks the government's approach to getting the Goods and Services Tax or GST Bill passed in Parliament. While the Asian Age reports "Government ready to discuss GST with Opposition", the Hindustan Times quotes Finance Minister Arun Jaitley as saying "Congress suggestion on specifying tax rate is preposterous".

The Supreme Court's order on trademark practices is highlighted in most papers. The Indian Express reports the Supreme Court as saying in it's order "Gods, religious texts cant be trademarked".

The Times of India takes note of a significant move by the Supreme Court in a child sexual abuse case where the accused was allowed to bring on record taped telephonic conversations to prove his innocence. The paper states "For the first time, SC admits taped phone chat as defence : for a decade, only prosecution enjoyed the legal privilege".

And finally...the government's plan to increase maternity leave for working women from the existing 12 weeks to 26 weeks is widely noticed in the press. "Government to make new mommies smile with 26 week leave plan" writes the Hindustan Times.

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