Monday, November 19, 2012

Tthere is no going back on FDI in retail


Many papers have a picture of Bal Thackerey's  funeral procession. The Times of India writes that the turnout for Bala Saheb's last journey was one of the largest witnessed in post independent history. 
Commerce Minister Anand Sharma saying that there is no going back on FDI in retail is prominently noticed by most papers of the day. 
The India-Pak peace process is set to change its game, writes the Hindustan Times. In a box item on its front page, titled, 'Golf buddies, the paper writes 'India, Pak soldiers plan tee party for peace'. 
If you thought that the United States of America is the most powerful nation on earth, you may be wrong. "Britain is Now Most Powerful Nation on Earth", reads the headline of a story in The Economic Times, which reports the findings of a new survey which says that US is toppled from No.1 slot as British influence enhances its 'soft power'.
And finally, do you ever think that there was a connection between dengue and frogs?   Yes, there is, say environmentalists, writes, The Tribune - According to the paper, frogs are major predators of mosquito larvae. The Times of India writes on its front page, 'Vaccination against dengue to be tested in India', and the good news is that the vaccine will be available globally by 2015.

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