Monday, December 24, 2012

Cops turn brutal ... #TheekHai #Shinde


Most papers of the day have published pictures showing yesterday's mass outrage in Delhi. 'Public anger against police and an apathetic ruling class rips through heart of nation's capital' is the Times of India headline. 'Battlefield Delhi' says the Statesman, as it shows tear gas shells being fired and clashes between protestors and the police. The Asian Age shows protestors shielding themselves as policemen beat them with sticks. 'Government apologies for police action' writes the Statesman. 'Pressure grows on top cop to resign' says Hindustan Times. 'Ramdev fails to strike a chord', writes the Times of India, adding that many protestors criticise baba's move to politicise the issue.
Sachin Tendulkar quitting ODI's makes front page news. 'Batting colossus quits' writes Mail Today. Most dailies have given the maestro's fact file. 'Will there be another?' asks Hindustan Times, as it refers to Sachin as the 'batting God'.
Protests in Manipur against the assault on a Manipuri film actress taking an ugly turn have been covered prominently by most papers. 'Imphal on boil, DD cameraman dies in police firing' writes the Indian Express.
UK prosecutors considering criminal charges against the two Australian RJ's whose deed has eventually led to nurse Jacintha Saldanah's death figures in Hindustan Times and The Tribune.
'Fog clouds travel plans' writes Hindustan Times, as it reports of flights and trains delayed on the coldest and foggiest day in the capital yesterday, with the minimum temperature being 5.9 degrees Celsius.
Vis-a-vis China exporting drugs to India, the Times of India writes 'India to inspect drug firms in China' and an inspection office will open in Beijing by 1st of March next year.
And Finally, 'Flight to space tourism gets a step closer' says the Times of India, reporting about a space plane, built by Richard Branson's company, which is designed to fly 6 passengers and 2 pilots to the edge of space. The cost? A whopping 200 thousand dollars a trip.

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