Sunday, December 30, 2012

India’s culture of rape is endemic

India’s culture of rape is endemic


Angry, but Peaceful protesters taking to the streets of Delhi- as the gangrape victim died - is given full prominence in the Press. "India mourns the unknown victim" - headlines The Asian Age, adding - The Congress Core Group held a meeting to decide swift action against the accused, compensation to the family and allowing the protesters to hold a peaceful march at India gate. Hindustan Times writes, "Opposition Parties push for special session to enact new rape law." The Indian Express reports that the Congress Party is firming up a draft bill to tackle crime against women for submission to the Justice Verma Committee. This will suggest - 30 years for rape convicts, including a provision for chemical castration. The intention is to press the government to issue an ordinance instead of calling a special session of parliament. The Sunday Tribune reports that a maverick paraglider flew close to president Pranab Mukharjee's plane, as the president's boeing 737 took off from Hyderabad for Chennai. He was at an altitude of 4,500 ft, just 300 ft right of the plane. The Financial Express writes that the Labour Ministry has prepared a National Employment Policy that may outline several changes in Labour laws and Industrial Policies to boost employment and ensure good working condition's for workers.
And finally Mail Today writes "S Ramanujan's theory proven correct nearly a century after his death". While on his deathbed in 1920 Ramanujan wrote a letter to his mentor in England - G H Hardy, outlining several new mathematical function's never before heard of. Now, researchers in a US University say they have solved the problems of his last mysterious letter which - could explain the behavior of black holes.

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