Saturday, December 1, 2012

Growth of 5.3 per cent, worst since to 2002 -03


The passing away of Inder Kumar Gujral, Former Prime Minister of India in the United Front Government - occupies centre stage. Mail Today reports that two interlinked foreign policy measures are associated with him - the beginning of the composite dialogue with Pakistan and India's 'good neighbour policy' - or the "Gujral doctrine". The Times of India explains - as the more mature and confident democracy, with cultural and economic dominance, India needed to reach out to Pakistan and other neighbours without waiting for reciprocal gestures.
India's slow growth rate during the July - September quarter is also highlighted. The Economic Times headline reads "Growth slips to 5.3% but hope floats". Hindustan Times writes "Growth of 5.3 per cent, worst since to 2002 -03". Mail Today quotes Montek Singh Ahluwalia - "I feel the next half should be better - we can say it has bottomed out and is beginning to go up again".
"Government gearing up for FDI vote" - reports the Statesman. The debate-cum-voting would take place on 4 or 5 December in the Lok Sabha and on 6 or 7 December in the Rajya Sabha. Five amendments have been tabled to FEMA regulations, to seek the approval of the Lower House, the paper adds.
BS Yeddyurappa quitting the BJP - (the party he helped make a power house in the southern state of Karnataka), receives prominence. "BJPs Southern foray stalls as BS Yeddyurappa quits", reports the Times of India, adding that Yedyurappa will now work on building his Karnataka Janata Party.
The 193-nation UN general assembly overwhelmingly approved the de facto recognition of the State of Palestine - writes the Asian Age, comes as a setback for the US and Israel. "World embraces Palestine, snubs US, Israel", writes Times of India.
And finally, Times of India writes that the fabled Grand Canyon of the US - one of the 7 natural wonders of the world - is actually 65 million years older than thought, dating back to the era when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

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